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Mounting and Commissioning 3.

3 Commissioning

Make sure that the protective function does not pick up on this current. It may be necessary to use different excitation states. With the generator running, connect a test resistor (0 - 30 ) between generator shaft and earth using a slipring in the vicinity of the bearing. Reduce the resistance value until the protection picks up. If the pickup condition chatters, increase the holding time slightly at address 5407. This time should not be longer than one second. After the test is completed, activate the sensitive earth current protection by setting address 5401 to = ON.


Creating Oscillographic Fault Recordings for Tests

At the end of commissioning, closing tests may be carried out to assure the stability of the protection during the dynamic processes. A maximum of information on protection behaviour is supplied by fault recordings. Prerequisite Along with the possibility of storing fault recordings via pickup of the protection function, the 7UM62 also has the capability of capturing the same data when commands are given to the device via the service program DIGSI, the serial interface, or a binary input. For the latter event, >Trig.Wave.Cap. must be allocated to a binary input. Triggering of the recording then occurs, for example, via the binary input when the protected object is energised. Such externally started test fault recordings (i.e., without a protection pickup) are handled by the device as normal fault recordings, i.e. for each measurement record a fault log is opened with its own number, for unequivocal allocation. However, these recordings are not displayed in the fault indication buffer, as they are not fault events. Triggering Oscillographic Recording To trigger test measurement recording with DIGSI, click on Test in the left part of the window. Double click the entry Test Wave Form in the list of the window.

SIPROTEC, 7UM62, Manual C53000-G1176-C149-7, Release date 03.2010


Mounting and Commissioning 3.3 Commissioning

Figure 3-40

Triggering oscillographic recording with DIGSI Example

A test measurement record is immediately started. During recording, an indication is given in the left part of the status bar. Bar segments additionally indicate the progress of the procedure. For display and evaluation of the recording, you require one of the programs SIGRA or ComtradeViewer.


SIPROTEC, 7UM62, Manual C53000-G1176-C149-7, Release date 03.2010