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THE ADART COMPANY GIVES BACK TO ILLINOIS ENTREPRENEURSHIP STUDENTS Partners with high school students competing in VEI program. ________________________________________________________________________________ Los Angeles, CA, January 8, 2013 The AdArt Company recently partnered with entrepreneurship students from Crystal Lake South High School in northern Illinois to offer resources and guidance for the Virtual Enterprises International (VEI) Tradeshow Competition. VEI is designed to help students develop business skills in a classroom setting. The students within each school create a company and business plan, interview for jobs and earn a virtual salary. This salary allows them to buy virtual products from other VEI companies across the nation. AdArts Creative and Sales Managers interviewed candidates for their virtual job positions and provided hands-on assistance for product and brand development. They also offered creative support for logo identity and collateral. The annual Tradeshow Competition was held on November 19, 2012 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The students were asked to create a business plan and execute a tradeshow booth with marketing collateral. The Crystal Lake South students business, UnderWrapz, which specializes in custom vinyl graphic wraps, took fourth place in Tradeshow Booth Design out of 90 teams competing. UnderWrapz was also recognized for having the most professional and tradeshow-ready booth. AdArt utilized their creative expertise to give marketing insight for the show to the students. They also utilized their printing capabilities to print banners and decals for the students to use. I have deep gratitude for The AdArt Companys support, said Jim Krol, VEI facilitator at Crystal Lake South. Without AdArt, we certainly would not have been able to accomplish what we have and the students educational experience would not have been as great as it has been so far. According to Joe DeMarco, President of The AdArt Company, he did not hesitate in partnering with these Crystal Lake students. We are always willing to help out our youth and further educational experience for younger generations, said DeMarco. The AdArt Company values meaningful contributions to youth and education because of its lasting impact.

We are always willing to help out our youth

- Joe DeMarco, President

About The AdArt Company The AdArt Company goes beyond putting ink on paper to create powerful graphics that get brands noticed. Since 1944, the AdArt Company has been a convenient one-stop-shop for the food and beverage, cosmetic, entertainment and retail industries, delivering unique point-of-sale and packaging solutions. What started as a lone warehouse has grown to a 230,000 square-foot complex filled with the latest technology and the most dedicated and talented professionals in the business. ### For more information, please contact Emily Amadon, Marketing Coordinator, at eamadon@adartco.com.