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________________ means process and product that make life easy and stress free. a. Engineering b. Technology c. Work d. Power 2. A 90o angle is called a/an ____________________ angle. a. right c. obtuse b. acute d. reflex 3. __________________ is an example of a technology used in the church . a. Voting machine c. Printers b. Microphone d. DVD 4. One technological infrastructure found in our environment is ___________________ a. Railways c. Donkeys b. Television d. Speakers 5. The above line is called______________________ a. Thick long Dashes b. Thick Short Dashes c. Thick chain lines d. None of the above 6. The above line is use to a. Show hidden details b. Show center lines c. Outline d. Show demarcation 7. Which of the following lines is used to show dimensions? a. b. c. d. 8. Which of the following angles is an acute angle? a. 192O c. 34O O b. 123 d. 90O 9. The process of cutting down a tree into log is called. a. Seasoning c. Felling b. Conversion d. Cutting 10. Another name for hard word is _______________ trees. a. Softwood c. Deciduous b. Iroko d. Coniferous 11. One of the following is not an example of Non-ferrous metals. a. Copper c. Steel b. Silver d. Aluminum 12. __________________ wood has needle shaped leaves. a. Hard c. Soft b. Spear d. Omomo 13. _______________ seasoning takes a longer time to dry.


a. Air c. Quarter b. Kiln d. Plane 14. The process of reducing the moisture content in wood is called. a. Conversion c. Felling b. Seasoning d. Preservation 15. _______________________ sawing is cheaper and easier. a. Air c. Plane b. Quarter d. Kiln

16. The above conversion is an example of _____________________ sawing. a. Plane c. Angular b. Cross d. Quarter 17. The part of the tree that absorbs water and minerals for the tree is called. a. Branches c. Trunk b. Leaves d. Root 18. Which parts of the tree makes food for the tree. a. Stem c. Leaves b. Branches d. Root 19. A piece of wood weight 60 N before seasoning and 40 N after seasoning what is the percentage moisture content. a. 33% c. 66% b. 50% d. 20% 20. The two classes of metals are__________________. a. Ferrous/Non-ferrous c. Copper &Steel b. Hard & Soft d. Flat & Thick 21. Iron is gotten from ______________ a. Iron-Ore c. Lodestone b. Stones d. Crystals 22. Tiles are _______________ products. a. Metal c. Wood b. Ceramic d. Stone 23. When the size of a scale is the same as that of the object drawn ______________ scale is said to be used. a. Enlarge c. full scale b. Reduce d. none of the above 24. Compasses are used to draw ____________________. a. Pictures c. angles b. Lines d. circles and arcs 25. ___________________ refers to the division of a line or angle into two equal parts. a. Sharing c. division b. cutting d. bisection

26. Which method of conversion produces wood that are less prone to artificial wood defects. a. Plane sawing c. Quarter sawing b. Cross sawing d. None of the above 27. An angle greater than 180o but less than 360o is called____________ angle. a. Right c. Obtuse b. Reflex d. Acute 28. When two or more lines meet _____________ is formed a. an angle c. a corner b. a Straight line d. a cross 29. The shortest marked distance between two points forms a___________________. a. Straight line c. Wavy line b. Line d. Road 30. A shape having tree sides and angles is called. a. Triangle c. Circle b. Square d. Rectangle.






31. The wood defect drawn above is called. a. Split c. Warp b. Check d. Shake 32. It is classified as a/an ________________ wood defect. a. Artificial c. Main b. Natural d. Simple 33. 5:7 is an example of ____________________ scale. a. Reduce c. Full b. Enlarge d. Small 34. ________________ is combined with iron to form steel. a. Carbon c. Aluminum b. Copper d. Zinc 35. One of the following is not a form in which metals are produced and sold. a. blocks c. bars b. rods d. Sheets 36. One of the following is an artificial defect. a. knot c. Star shake b. Heart Shake d. Twist 37. Which of these is a wood preservative? a. Glue c. Evostic b. Kerosene d. Gamaline 38. One of the following is not a property of Glass. a. Elasticity c. Brittleness b. Transparency d. Hardness 39. Airplanes make our journeys _________________. a. Reliable c. Faster b. Neater d. Easier 40. Which of the following is not a Manufactured board? a. Plywood c. Timber b. Chip boards d. Block Board 41. Which of the following is an example of an enlarge scale. a. 1:1 c. 3:5 b. 7:3 d. 400:1500 42. Which of the following is not a class of steel?

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a. Mild Carbon Steel c. Stainless Steel b. Hard Steel d. High Carbon Steel One of the following is not a method of processing clay for pottery. a. Mixing c. Baking b. Molding d. Carving To be able to clearly show details of a small object on paper which scale would you use to draw. a. Reduce scale c. Half scale b. Full Scale d. Enlarge scale A property of Ceramic products is that they are ___________________. a. Brittle c. Soft b. Good conductors d. Transparent When two or more metals are combined together ___________________ is/are formed. a. Steels c. Brass b. Alloys d. Pig iron Title blocks are located at ______________corner of the paper. a. Top-left c. bottom-left b. Top-right d. bottom-right 9:4 is an example of a/an ____________________ scale. a. Good scale c. Full scale b. Reduced scale d. Enlarge scale __________________ is a drawing instruments use to transfer measurements. a. Compass c. Ruler b. Scale rule D. Divider A combination of Copper and Tin gives ______________. a. Magnesium c. Bronze b. Steel d. Brass ___________________ part of a Tree stores its food. a. Branches c. Roots b. Leaves d. Trunk The age of a Tree can be determined from its_________. a. Height c. Medullary rays b. Size d. Annual ring The first type of iron produced from a blast furnace is called. a. Steel c. Wrought iron b. Cast iron d. Pig iron Which of the following should study Technology or Engineering? a. Girls c. Women b. Boys d. All of the above In artificial seasoning a __________________ is used to dry the wood. a. Wind blower c. Kiln b. Drier d. Oven

56. The Drawing instrument shown above is called___________________ a. Tee square c. Scale rule b. Rectangle d. Ruler 57. It is not used to ______________________ a. Mark lengths b. Take measurements c. Draw straight lines d. Measure angles 58. _______________ is the process of cutting wood into marketable sizes. a. Seasoning c. Conversion b. Felling d. Sawing 59. _______________ reduces the market value of wood. a. Injury c. Mark b. Defects d. Dirt 60. Star shake is an example of ___________ wood defect. a. Natural c. Air b. Partial d. Artificial 61. Which of the following professions is a result of studying Technology? a. Accountant c. Pilot b. Lawyer d. Historian 62. Bicycles are to Cars as _____________ are to Mobile phones. a. Town criers c. Telephones b. Internet d. Etisalat 63. Opepe is an example of _______________ wood. a. Short c. Deciduous b. Coniferous d. Strong 64. Cedar is an example of a _________________ trees. a. Tall c. Deciduous b. Coniferous d. Strong 65. The process by which trees make their food through the use of sunlight is called. a. Lothosynthesis c. Photosynthesis b. Plutosynthesis d. Cooking 66. Which of the following is not a modern means of transportation? a. Ship c. Airplanes b. Train d. Cart

69. ___________ and _______________ can be used together to construct vertical lines. a. Ruler & Protractor b. Tee square & French curve c. Set square & Compass d. Tee square &set square 70. A/An___________________ is a tool use for felling. a. Saw c. Digger b. Hoe d. Chain saw

71. The part of the tree labeled B is called. a. Annual Ring c. Medullary ray b. Bark d. Pith 72. ______________ are thin slices of wood. a. Paper c. Veneers b. Laminated boards d. Plywood 73. Technology makes our work_______________. a. Harder c. Complex b. Durable d. Easier 74. One of the following is not a developed means of communication. a. Email c. Telegram b. Internet d. GSM 75. Paper is produced from________________ a. Leaves c. Wood pulp b. Rubber d. Cotton 76. One of the following is a method cutting veneers. a. Knife cutting c. Straight cutting b. Roll cutting d. Peeling 77. ______________________ is used to measure angles. a. Ruler c. Compass b. Protractor d. Seismograph 78. A technology used in banking is _________________ a. Television c. White board b. ATM d. Microphone 79. ____________________ metals are magnetic. a. Black c. Non-ferrous b. Ferrous d. Round 80. What is the moisture content of a 60N piece of wood that lost 20N of water after seasoning? a. 33% c. 20% b. 50% d. 67%

67. The shape drawn above is called a ________________ a. Rectangle c. Box b. Square d. Triangle

68. A developed technology that can replace the Kerosene Stove is a______________ a. Pressing iron c. Television set b. Fire wood d. Electric cooker NAME _________________________________ CLASS_____________________________________SECTION B THEORY 1. List out five drawing tools.

b. Write down the names of the following angles. S/N ANGLE NAME O 1 45 2 108O 3 90O 4 173O 5 240O 2. Complete the following developed and underdeveloped technologies. S/N UNDER-DEVELOPED 1 2 3 4 5 Carts Canoe Black board DEVELOPED BENEFIT OF DEVELOPED TECHNOLOGY Use to carry more loads Transportation Formica Boards Tractors Agriculture Computers Use to type documents better and neater AREA OF APPLICATION

3A. List THREE artificial wood defects and TWO natural wood defects ARTIFICIAL WOOD DEFECT 1 2 3 3B. List five types of man-made boards 1 2 NATURAL WOOD DEFECT



TECHNICAL DRAWING (PRACTICAL) JSS 1 ANSWER ALL 1. Draw your borderline and Titles block showing a. School b. Name c. Class d. Date e. Scale 2. Draw a line 8.5cm long and bisect it. 3. Construct any convenient angle and bisect it.