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NOT MORE THAN 7 KRAs, which makes nearly 85% of the workload should be considered. ================================================ KRA 1: Service current accounts and develop new accounts to meet sales targets through effective technical sales presentations and utilisation of support services. KPi : 25 mill. dollars ------------------------------------------------------------------KRA 2: To source and secure new business to ensue optimal growth for the company products, in accordance with new business targets set. KPi : 5 mill.dollars -----------------------------------KRA 3: To optimise retention of existing business by maintaining at least an 95% . This within rate achievement and effective credit policy parameters. KPi: 20 mill.dollars ---------------------------------------KRA 4:To provide effective, efficient, professional service and advice to ensure client satisfaction of the highest level. This through effective and efficient management of individual portfolio and database of prospects, current clients and past clients. KPi : 95% satisfaction level ------------------------------------------------KRA 5:Remain informed and up to date with regards to Industry related news, Opposition activity, product knowledge and continuously strive to develop own skills and knowledge in order to perform optimally. KPi: monthly reports -----------------------------------------------------------------KRA 6: Puts PRODUCT / technical knowledge to commercial use and prepares estimates and tenders in accordance with sales and pricing policy. KPi: monthly reports. ------------------------------------------------------KRA 7 :Monitor competitive activity and report significant developments to management. KPi: monthly reports -----------------------------------------------------------------------KRA 8 :Contribute to ANNUAL SALES / marketing plans, contribute to key- / target customers TARGETING. KPi: annual plan . -------------------------------------------------------------KRA 9: Establish and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Communicate to and work with the other departments as necessary to resolve unique customer issues/concerns.

KPi : minimal customer complaints. -------------------------------------------------------------------KRA 10: Works with Accounts Receivable to collect on accounts and to define credit terms that will most likely achieve payment and retain the customer KPi : debts- less 30 days. --------------------------------------------------------KRA 11: Attend all Sales Meetings . KPi : 100% -------------------------------------------------------------------------KRA 12: Attend and participate in workshops and training programmes as and when offered. KPi : 100% ===============================