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The Control Program can also display and print composite trend graphs showing all the sensors

connected to any piece of equipment for any timeframe . . .

Prolog Lite (with integral InfoPoint) Network connection Ethernet 25/50/100 sensors System capacity Channel conguration (max) 4 sensors + 4 contact inputs Database MySQL Audit trail + data log Back to commissioning Channel titles + alarm messages User congurable Alarm management Via InfoPoint or Control Program Off site alarms Email to on-call staff Mobile alert to smartphone UPS runtime 15 minutes Dimensions 385 x 375 x 75 (WxHxD) InfoPoint Network connection Display User interface UPS runtime Dimensions

The Control Program can sort the complete audit trail back to system switch-on by timeframe, event type, equipment, sensor and department . . .

The Alerter is a pop-up application. It can be installed on any PC with access to the network. Users can congure the program to respond only to alarms from relevant departments. Alerter provides real time audible and visual indication of alarm conditions. The pop-up display mirrors the alarm information displayed on an InfoPoint. A remote user can accept alarms using the Control Program. The audit trail is maintained whether the alarm is accepted using the InfoPoint or the Control Program.

Ethernet 17 colour LCD 1024 x 768 SVGA resolution Touch screen navigation with on-screen keyboard 15 minutes 385 x 375 x 75 (WxHxD)

Working together
We work closely with our customers from the initial user requirement specication through to system acceptance. We can temperature map your equipment and provide documented justication for sensor positions. Our engineers will install, commission, calibrate and validate your system and train your staff. We will work with you to generate the qualication protocols you need to satisfy your regulatory requirements.

DataNode (specication for 16 input DataNode) Network connection Ethernet Inputs 16 analogue 16 contact 4 serial Outputs 4 changeover relays Sensor types Temperature Relative humidity Oxygen depletion Carbon dioxide level Differential pressure Particle count Voltage/current input Door contact Panic button Motion detector Measurement resolution 0.1C or 0.1% full scale Measurement accuracy 0.2C or 0.2% full scale Log interval 1 to 99 minutes Stored data 1 week at 1 min log interval Alarm levels 4 Alarm delays 0 to 99 minutes UPS runtime 6 hours Dimensions 384 x 470 x 58mm (WxHxD)

Laboratory Monitoring Systems

Support you can rely on

A one year, on-site, parts and labour warranty demonstrates our condence in our systems. On-going maintenance agreements preserve your investment in Contronics systems. We look after preventative maintenance and scheduled annual calibration, validation and mapping and prepare a comprehensive documentation pack ready for your regulatory inspection.

con tronics
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Central action point Prolog lite

Remote site without local action point

Temperature e Relative humidity Oxygen depletion Carbon dioxide level Differential pressure Particle count Voltage input Current input Door contact Panic button Motion detection

Major department with local action point

Temperature e Relative humidity Oxygen depletion Carbon dioxide level Differential pressure Particle count Voltage input Current input Door contact Panic button Motion detection

Smaller department without local action point

Temperature Relative humidity Oxygen depletion Carbon dioxide level Differential pressure Particle count Voltage input Current input Door contact Panic button Motion detection



Networked PC running Alerter + Control Program Networked PC running Alerter + Control Program Networked PC running Alerter + Control Program

con tronics
Laboratory Monitoring Systems
Prolog Lite

Remote user with passwords and required access permissions running Alerter + Control Program Internet

Ethernet network

The 17, wall-mounted, colour LCD touch-screen display and intuitive user interface mean that InfoPoint is simple to use, easy to understand and minimises training. InfoPoint displays alarm conditions, current sensor values and settings, audit trail information and trend graphs. Alarms can be accepted, channels can be inhibited and temporary disables initiated (eg for defrost). All the frequently used system operation and maintenance functions are included. InfoPoint uses an index card metaphor to simplify navigation. Touching the tab at the top of the screen changes the display mode. When an alarm occurs, InfoPoint generates an audible and visual alarm, jumps to the alarm tab and displays the alarm information and advisory text . . . An image can be inserted on the status page to provide more information . . . Sensor data is displayed graphically . . . DataNode has 4 relay outputs. These can be congured to change state for any combination of alarms and used, for example, for local alarm indication. Each channel (or piece of equipment) can be congured to include up to 4 analogue or serial inputs and 4 contact inputs. A UPS is installed to enable DataNode to continue logging if the mains supply fails.

Prolog Lite is the latest addition to our world-class range of environmental monitoring systems. The system is 21CFR11 Part 11 and GAMP compliant and will satisfy MHRA requirements. It is a multi-user system with the capacity to monitor up to 100 points distributed over multiple sites. It monitors a complete facility whilst maintaining departmental separation and responsibility. Prolog Lite combines the server and InfoPoint in a single, wall-mounted unit. The server uses an industry standard MySQL database. It stores the system conguration information and accumulates measurements from DataNodes. It also maintains a secure audit trail of alarms, alarm acceptances, settings changes and all system events and actions taken. Prolog Lite makes scheduled automatic database backups to a nominated server on the network. The system is highly resilient. Logged data is duplicated in the database and in DataNode. If the network connection to DataNode is interrupted, missing database information will be automatically retrieved when the network connection is restored. The system generates four alarms per sensor; upper and lower warning levels and upper and lower alarm levels. Prolog Lite will send email containing detailed alarm information to predened addresses: including smartphones. Separate addresses can be dened for each department. Departmental responsibility is achieved by conguring InfoPoint displays to respond only to alarms for specic departments. As shown in the diagram above, Prolog Lite is connected by a standard Ethernet network to distributed DataNodes which collect and store data from local sensors. Local InfoPoints display alarms and information only from equipment for which the department is responsible. ProLog Lite software is being continuously developed to reect the changing needs of users and to ensure that the system complies with current legislation and practice. Software updates are offered free of charge during warranty and subsequent maintenance agreements.

Control Program
The Control Program is used to congure and control a ProLog system. The Control Program is a web application; this means that any PC on the network can access this program using a familiar web browser. The system manager species the users who have access to the system and attaches users to departments. Usernames, passwords and the required level of access permissions are allocated to users so that they can congure and maintain the system, accept alarms and alter settings within their designated departments. Details of alarm acceptances, settings changes and any other interventions are recorded in a secure audit trail along with users name and comments. A channel is congured for each piece of equipment attached to the system. Sensors are assigned to a channel and upper and lower warning and alarm levels are set. The channel names, sensor names, alarm messages and optional channel and sensor advisory text are entered. The equipment supplier, part number and serial number are also recorded . . .

InfoPoints can be distributed throughout a facility as required and alarm notications can be transferred to a different InfoPoint when a department is not staffed. InfoPoints UPS ensures operation is maintained during changeover to emergency supply. Username and password are necessary to accept alarms and a user comment is required for the audit trail. These are entered using the on-screen keyboard . . .

DataNode accepts up to 16 analogue inputs, 16 contact inputs and 4 serial inputs. In addition, 8/4/2 analogue input versions are available to minimise system cost for smaller applications. The minimum logging interval is 1 minute. At this setting, DataNode stores 1 week of local data. DataNode makes continuous analogue sensor measurements at 1-second intervals and stores the worst excursion during the logging interval in the database. It accepts a range of inputs as shown in the specication on the back page. The serial inputs interface with particle counters and other intelligent sensors.