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Understanding & Measuring Your Business Through Financial Report

20th Oct at Swiss Hotel, Sungai Petani Objectives : This course will greatly enhance your ability to read, analyze and use financial statements to manage, drive and stay on top of your company's growth. Learn how to understand the specialized language of finance, get a firm grip on cash flow, quickly scan a financial report and pick out the numbers that

matter and detect variance while there's still time to take corrective action. Who Should Attend : Non- Financial Executives/ Managers / Marketing Executives / Managers / Office Administrators, Accounts Clerks, Accounts Assistants, Secretary Credit Analysis , Loan Officers, Engineers/ Production Executives/ Managers, Company Director and those who are interested to learn more about understanding & analyzing the Financial Statement CALCULATOR REQUIRED

Course Outline :

FIVE ELEMENTS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENT Assets Liabilities Equity Income Expenses STRUCTURE, COMPOSITION AND INTER-RELATIONSHIPS OF THE COMPONENTS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENT Balance Sheet Income Statement Statement of changes in equity PRINCIPLES OF FINANCIAL ANALYSIS Profitability Liquidity Leverage Investment value CASH FLOW STATEMENT Need for cash flow statement Interpretation of cash flow derived from operating activities, investment activities and Financing activities Net decrease / increase in cash and cash equivalents

MUSTAPHA BIN MOHAMED Facilitator at Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad ( Retail Accounting &Management) Former Auditor at Price Waterhouse & Co

Former Senior Manager at Metrojaya Berhad

and Kodak Australia

En. Mustapha Bin Mohamed graduated in Business Study in ITM & started his career as an Audit Assistant at Price Waterhouse & Co. He is a fellow member of Malaysian Association Of Certified Public Accountant. En. Mustapha has more than 30 years of working experience in Finance, Accounting & Administration and has held various Managerial Position and industries as well such as Price Waterhouse & Co, Kodak Malaysia, Kodak Australia and Metrojaya Berhad. En. Mustapha has been a regular speaker for various seminars, workshops, also a former facilitator in Accounting at PERNAMA/ PERHEBAT ( Sekolah Peruncitan Sungai Buloh) and Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad (KL). As a prolific trainer, he has successfully assisted new entrepreneur in setting up accounting system and financial records thru PROSPER scheme and prepared more than 200 management accounts. In addition, he has been provided advice and consultation on business performance and assisting in preparing business plan for potential entrepreneurs.

1. " Very useful and effective to my current job. Presentation very clear to understand. A tremendous fruitful and enjoyable class. I have never attended training in such a small group before and now that I have gone through I believe it is very effective. It helps!! .. Fanny Wong (Compugates Bhd) 2. Ive learned new formatting letter, email, circular, format for bullet. Its important for me to implement during my job Noranual b. Hamid (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad-KTMB) 3. Congratulations HRA Solutions had a very good trainer Nor Aini (Energizer Malaysia Sdn Bhd) 4. I am really enjoyed the training session and happy with the way trainer using his skills to influence the participants. Very Good Trainer ...Norzarina ( Valser Engineering Sdn Bhd) 5. Mr. Nigel is a Very good trainer. I will recommend this course to my company

Noor Azrin Mat Noor (Keretapi Tanah Melayu-KTM) 6. I enjoyed the Seminar!!! It is really benefits me and I will apply in my daily work since this Seminar related to my job scope Sharifah Sheril Wafa (Valser Engineering Sdn Bhd) 7. Training has been very enjoyable and informative. Trainer has made the 2 days course very exciting with not only useful information but has made it very entertaining .Vejaya Murugain ( Langsat Terminal (One) Sdn Bhd)
Course Fee: 100% CLAIMABLE UNDER HRDF / SBL SCHEME : RM 599.00 per participant RM 499.00 per participant for 2(Two) or more participants for all courses Early bird Price before: 10h October 2012 RM 399.00 Per Participant RM 349.00 Per Participant for 2(Two) or More participants for all courses Organizations with 4 or more representatives will be entitled to a complimentary seat Lucky draw win a mysterious gift worth than RM100 at the end of the training course! (Fees are inclusive of tea break, lunch, course materials and certificate of attendance)

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