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Introduction: This sourcebook contains characters, settings, and events which were all created for my Star Wars

RPG campaign which I ran during High School from about 1987 - Spring 1991. This campaign centered mainly around two groups of characters: The first group was created by my brother, Scott, and officially started off what I'll call the "Beyond Hyperspace" campaign. It was the mysterious Val Tordec and the alien Schmiet Spronornum who discovered the Biotech Warriors and their goal of the total eradication of the Jedi. Their adventures took them through the slums of Tantooine to beyond the Outer Rim. In fact, their adventures have yet to end. But, where they left off, the fight against the Empire was picked up by others. Dave Snyder, Justin Pfeil, Rob Bonk, Brett Kowluski and many others made characters and joined the battle. The bulk of my campaign centered mainly around the unlikeliest of heroes - a small deal-maker of a Jawa named Zaphod Bebelbox and an ex-football playing Jedi from the 'hood, Garrett Sample. I would have to say that their adventures were extremely exciting, odd and unorthodox. But, that's the type of campaign I ran. In the few years since their adventures came to a halt (primarily due to people moving away), I can only wonder where Zaphod and Garrett have ended up. I would like to thank everyone who was ever involved in my campaign, including the people from my High School Conflicts & Simulations Club, some of whom I know I've forgotten about. Also, I would like to thank the many Internet providers for things such as pictures and logos, including Rudy Caine for his "Star Wars" and have tried to credit pictures and such with people's names when the creator/author is known. My campaign started out just after the destruction of the first Death Star, when the Rebellion was gaining momentum, and the Empire was more pissed off than ever. This timeline is mainly due to the fact that West End Games set the First Edition of Star Wars the Roleplaying Game during this period. I can only wonder what has happened to the Borderguards, the Biotech Warriors, the Mandalore Warriors, or the Highlord since then. Maybe some of them made it to see the New Republic, or maybe not. The material presented is all from the 1st edition rules of Star Wars the Role-Playing Game. The main reason for this is that currently, I don't own a copy of the 2nd edition rules, so everything has stayed in its original form. Beyond Hyperspace is best viewed with a high-end Silicon Graphics workstation running Netscape, as everything else loads it kind of slowly. Enjoy! Episode 4 3/4 Beyond Hyperspace Having just been victorious at the Battle of Yavin, the Rebellion was trying to capitalize on its newfound success. The Rebellion

was trying to enlist as many new sympathizers as it possibly could. But, this meant sending troops out as far as the Rebellion could reach. Out into the unknown. Out beyond the Galactic Core, beyond the Outer Rim, beyond Wildspace... beyond Hyperspace! Character Type: Biotech Warrior Beyond Hyperspace Character Name ___________________________________ Character Template Player Name ______________________________________ Height ___________ Weight ____________ Sex _____________ Age ___________ Physical Description ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Dexterity 4D Perception 2D+2 Equipment Blaster _____________ Bargain ______________ Blaster Rifle ______________ Brawling Parry ______ Command ______________ w/Force Aura ______________ Dodge _______________ Con __________________ Scope ______________ Grenade _____________ Gambling _____________ 2 Extra Clips ______________ Heavy Weapons _______ Hide/Sneak ___________ Biosaber ______________ Melee Parry _________ Search _______________ Comlink ______________ Melee _______________ ______________________ 200 cr ______________ _____________________ Strength 4D+1 Background: There is only 1 Knowledge 2D Brawling _____________ place where Biotech Warriors Alien Races _________ Climb/Jump ___________ come from. This planet is Bureaucracy _________ Lifting ______________ called Homeworld. Homeworld Cultures ____________ Stamina ______________ was a highly advanced planet Languages ___________ Swimming _____________ The people there mastered Planetary Systems ___ ______________________ cloning technology.During the Streetwise __________ Technical 2D Clone Wars, Homeworld was Survival ____________ Comp. Prog./Repair ___ devastated. From these ashes Technology __________ Demolition ___________ come the Biotech Warriors. _____________________ Droid Prog./Repair ___ Personality: You still hate Mechanical 1D Medicine _____________ the force with a passion, but Astrogation _________ Repulsorlift Repair __ your beliefs about good Jedis Beast Riding ________ Security _____________ have shunned you from Repulsorlift Op. ____ Starship Repair ______ Homeworld. Unlike the others Starship Gunnery ____ ______________________ You will only hunt down and Starship Piloting ___ Biotech Power 2D destroy the Darksiders. Starship Shields ____ Active ______________ A Quote: Long ago, your kind _____________________ Passive _____________ destroyed my planet, now I will destroy you! Force Points Dark Side Points Wound Status Skill Points

Character Type: Border Guard Beyond Hyperspace Character Name ___________________________________ Character Template Player Name ______________________________________ Height ___________ Weight ____________ Sex _____________ Age ___________

Physical Description ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Dexterity 4D Perception 3D+1 Equipment Blaster ______________ Bargain ______________ Blaster Rifle Brawling Parry _______ Command ______________ w/Vibro Bayonet Comlink Dodge ________________ Con __________________ Protective Vest Vibrocuffs Grenade ______________ Gambling _____________ Tactical Situation Specialist Heavy Weapons ________ Hide/Sneak ___________ Landspeeder (Assassin Droid) Melee Parry __________ Search _______________ w/ Riot Gun _____________ Melee ________________ ______________________ Background:The coming of the ______________________ Strength 3D+1 Empire led to an increase of Knowledge 3D Brawling _____________ Pirates and other scum. The Alien Races __________ Climb/Jump ___________ spaceways weren't safe any Bureaucracy __________ Lifting ______________ longer. Then, a special team Cultures _____________ Stamina ______________ started by retired officers Languages ____________ Swimming _____________ was created. This force Planetary Systems ____ ______________________ policed the Outer Rims, Streetwise ___________ Technical 2D worlds hit hardest by pirates Survival _____________ Comp. Prog./Repair ___ and slavers. The Rebellion Technology ___________ Demolition ___________ acknowledged this team and ______________________ Droid Prog./Repair ___ heelped it grow. Your top Mechanical 2D+1 Medicine _____________ priority is to see justice Astrogation __________ Repulsorlift Repair __ done. Beast Riding _________ Security _____________ Personality:You grew up on Repulsorlift Op. _____ Starship Repair ______ a small backwater planet, so Starship Gunnery _____ ______________________ you've already learned to Starship Piloting ____ Special Abilities_____ deal with scum like slavers. Starship Shields _____ ______________________ A Quote: You think that this ______________________ ______________________ is your world, that there is no justice...you are dead wrong. Force Dark Side Wound Skill Points Points Status Points Character Type: Detective Beyond Hyperspace Character Name ___________________________________ Character Template Player Name ______________________________________ Height ___________ Weight ____________ Sex _____________ Age ___________ Physical Description ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Dexterity 2D+2 Perception 4D Equipment Blaster ______________ Bargain ______________ Hold-Out Blaster 600 cr Brawling Parry _______ Command ______________ 1 Informative Street Contact Dodge ________________ Con __________________ Blaster Pistol Grenade ______________ Gambling _____________ Protective Vest Heavy Weapons ________ Hide/Sneak ___________ Holocorder Melee Parry __________ Search _______________ Bottle of cheap Tarn Whiskey Melee ________________ ______________________ 5,000 cr worth of bills ______________________ Strength 3D Background:You've led a hard

Knowledge 3D+2 Brawling _____________ life, balanced between the Alien Races __________ Climb/Jump ___________ shadows of the Empire and Bureaucracy __________ Lifting ______________ the dreams of the Rebellion. Cultures _____________ Stamina ______________ You've seen one too many Languages ____________ Swimming _____________ people disappear without a Planetary Systems ____ ______________________ trace, and you're sick of Streetwise ___________ Technical 2D+2 it. Since no one else will Survival _____________ Comp. Prog./Repair ___ find these people, you've Technology ___________ Demolition ___________ taken it upon yourself. ______________________ Droid Prog./Repair ___ Personality:You're the Mechanical 2D Medicine _____________ stereotypical detective out Astrogation __________ Repulsorlift Repair __ of a bad B-grade gangster Beast Riding _________ Security _____________ movie. You play a tough guy Repulsorlift Op. _____ Starship Repair ______ but it's all just talk. This Starship Gunnery _____ ______________________ way you can cover up your Starship Piloting ____ Special Abilities_____ secret pain. Starship Shields _____ ______________________ A Quote:You found me, so ______________________ ______________________ turn on your sob story,toots I may have the time if you have the money. Force Points Dark Side Points Wound Status Skill Points

Character Type: Galaxy News Reporter Beyond Hyperspace Character Name ___________________________________ Character Template Player Name ______________________________________ Height ___________ Weight ____________ Sex _____________ Age ___________ Physical Description ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Dexterity 3D Perception 3D+2 Equipment Blaster ______________ Bargain ______________ Data Pad Blaster Pistol Brawling Parry _______ Command ______________ w/ 3 data tapes Dodge ________________ Con __________________ holocorder Grenade ______________ Gambling _____________ w/ 1 data tape Heavy Weapons ________ Hide/Sneak ___________ Galaxy News Droid Melee Parry __________ Search _______________ 100 cr comlink Melee ________________ ______________________ macrobinoculars ______________________ Strength 2D+2 Background:Before the Empire Knowledge 4D Brawling _____________ came, there was open comm's Alien Races __________ Climb/Jump ___________ between the planets. The Bureaucracy __________ Lifting ______________ largest form was the Starcom Cultures _____________ Stamina ______________ Network - holovision at its Languages ____________ Swimming _____________ finest.Then the Empire Planetary Systems ____ ______________________ blocked the transmissions. Streetwise ___________ Technical 2D They replaced it with Survival _____________ Comp. Prog./Repair ___ propoganda instead. But, the Technology ___________ Demolition ___________ truth is still out there. ______________________ Droid Prog./Repair ___ Personality: You've always Mechanical 2D+2 Medicine _____________ been curious and inquisitive Astrogation __________ Repulsorlift Repair __ People are always looking Beast Riding _________ Security _____________ for facts, and you're the

Repulsorlift Op. _____ Starship Repair ______ one to bring it to them. Starship Gunnery _____ ______________________ Although sometimes it's hard Starship Piloting ____ Special Abilities_____ to stay just an observer. Starship Shields _____ ______________________ A Quote: Wow, didja look at ______________________ ______________________ that battle. Some Hutts will want to see it on film. Force Points Dark Side Points Wound Status Skill Points

Character Type: Standard Rebel Soldier Beyond Hyperspace Character Name ___________________________________ Character Template Player Name ______________________________________ Height ___________ Weight ____________ Sex _____________ Age ___________ Physical Description ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Dexterity 4D Perception 2D+2 Equipment Blaster ______________ Bargain ______________ Blaster Pistol comlink Brawling Parry _______ Command ______________ 2 grenades Dodge ________________ Con __________________ macrobinoculars Grenade ______________ Gambling _____________ protective vest Heavy Weapons ________ Hide/Sneak ___________ protective helmet Melee Parry __________ Search _______________ _____________ _____________ Melee ________________ ______________________ _____________ _____________ ______________________ Strength 3D+2 Background: Ever since you Knowledge 2D Brawling _____________ were a kid you've wanted to Alien Races __________ Climb/Jump ___________ go to the Academy. But, when Bureaucracy __________ Lifting ______________ the Empire came and murdered Cultures _____________ Stamina ______________ your relatives, you saw what Languages ____________ Swimming _____________ they were really like. When Planetary Systems ____ ______________________ you started hearing rumors Streetwise ___________ Technical 2D+2 of a rebellion taking place, Survival _____________ Comp. Prog./Repair ___ you figured you could give Technology ___________ Demolition ___________ them a chance. ______________________ Droid Prog./Repair ___ Personality: You're a Mechanical 3D Medicine _____________ dreamer. You've got to be Astrogation __________ Repulsorlift Repair __ considering the odds you're Beast Riding _________ Security _____________ up against. But, you know Repulsorlift Op. _____ Starship Repair ______ that the Rebellion is the Starship Gunnery _____ ______________________ right side to be on. The Starship Piloting ____ Special Abilities_____ Empire must be stopped. Starship Shields _____ ______________________ A Quote: Now, let's hit ______________________ ______________________ them where it hurts. May the Force be with you. Force Points Dark Side Points Wound Status Skill Points

Character Type: Rigger Beyond Hyperspace Character Name ___________________________________ Character Template Player Name ______________________________________ Height ___________ Weight ____________ Sex _____________ Age ___________

Physical Description ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Dexterity 3D Perception 2D Equipment Blaster ______________ Bargain ______________ Blaster Pistol Speederbike Brawling Parry _______ Command ______________ Tool Harness Repair Kit Dodge ________________ Con __________________ Stock Light Freighter Grenade ______________ Gambling _____________ 60,000 in debt ____________ Heavy Weapons ________ Hide/Sneak ___________ Vehicle Implant Jacks Melee Parry __________ Search _______________ (+2 to piloting skills) Melee ________________ ______________________ _____________ _____________ ______________________ Strength 2D+2 Background: You're a special Knowledge 2D+1 Brawling _____________ kind of technician. All you Alien Races __________ Climb/Jump ___________ have ever cared about is Bureaucracy __________ Lifting ______________ your vehicles. So, you got Cultures _____________ Stamina ______________ implants to bring you closer Languages ____________ Swimming _____________ to the machines. Some say Planetary Systems ____ ______________________ you've lost your humanity, Streetwise ___________ Technical 4D but what do they know. No Survival _____________ Comp. Prog./Repair ___ one knows what it feels like Technology ___________ Demolition ___________ to be a part of your ship. ______________________ Droid Prog./Repair ___ Personality: The only Mechanical 4D Medicine _____________ sensations you get are from Astrogation __________ Repulsorlift Repair __ the prototypes you build. Beast Riding _________ Security _____________ Your feelings and emotions Repulsorlift Op. _____ Starship Repair ______ have been burned out by the Starship Gunnery _____ ______________________ ion drives and repulsors. Starship Piloting ____ Special Abilities_____ Technology is like a drug. Starship Shields _____ ______________________ A Quote: Entering hyperspace ______________________ ______________________ is the ultimate rush when you're jacked into your ship Force Points Dark Side Points Wound Status Skill Points

Character Type: Shaman Beyond Hyperspace Character Name ___________________________________ Character Template Player Name ______________________________________ Height ___________ Weight ____________ Sex _____________ Age ___________ Physical Description ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Dexterity 3D Perception 3D Equipment Blaster ______________ Bargain ______________ Medicine Pouch Brawling Parry _______ Command ______________ (unlimited medpac 1/day) Dodge ________________ Con __________________ Native American Garb Grenade ______________ Gambling _____________ Vibrohawk (Str + 1D+1) Heavy Weapons ________ Hide/Sneak ___________ Six-Shooter Slugthrower Melee Parry __________ Search _______________ w/ ammunition ____________ Melee ________________ ______________________ Pet Totem ____________ ______________________ Strength 3D Background: Your people have

Knowledge 4D Brawling _____________ a strong belief in nature. Alien Races __________ Climb/Jump ___________ The ignorant have called Bureaucracy __________ Lifting ______________ this the Force, but you know Cultures _____________ Stamina ______________ that it is the guiding hand Languages ____________ Swimming _____________ of your spirit-totem. It Planetary Systems ____ ______________________ was this totem that told Streetwise ___________ Technical 1D you the universe is in Survival _____________ Comp. Prog./Repair ___ turmoil, that it needs your Technology ___________ Demolition ___________ help. You must follow it. ______________________ Droid Prog./Repair ___ Personality:Your personality Mechanical 2D Medicine 4D+2 will match that of your Astrogation __________ Repulsorlift Repair __ chosen totem. In fact, you Beast Riding 4D Security _____________ believe that you draw your Repulsorlift Op. _____ Starship Repair ______ life essence from this totem Starship Gunnery _____ ______________________ If you deviate from your Starship Piloting ____ Special Abilities_____ totem, you risk your soul. Starship Shields _____ Sense 1D A Quote: When nature cries ______________________ ______________________ out, we must listen. These cries must stop! Force Points Dark Side Points Wound Status Skill Points

Character Type: Spaceknight Beyond Hyperspace Character Name (Sir)______________________________ Character Template Player Name ______________________________________ Height ___________ Weight ____________ Sex _____________ Age ___________ Physical Description ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Dexterity 4D Perception 2D Equipment Blaster ______________ Bargain ______________ SpaceKnight Armour (+- 1D) Brawling Parry _______ Command ______________ Vibroblade Dodge ________________ Con __________________ Vibrolance Grenade ______________ Gambling _____________ (Str + 3D when mounted) Heavy Weapons ________ Hide/Sneak ___________ (Str + 1D+1 when on foot) Melee Parry __________ Search _______________ Star Steed Melee ________________ ______________________ (swoop w/ 2D body) ______________________ Strength 3D+2 Background: You wanted some Knowledge 3D Brawling _____________ action, but didn't have the Alien Races __________ Climb/Jump ___________ money to leave and join the Bureaucracy __________ Lifting ______________ Rebellion. So, you patched Cultures _____________ Stamina ______________ together useless junk and Languages ____________ Swimming _____________ made some armour and a steed Planetary Systems ____ ______________________ Then, you made your own Streetwise ___________ Technical 2D+1 stand against the Empire. Survival _____________ Comp. Prog./Repair ___ When you got enough money, Technology ___________ Demolition ___________ you started roaming space. ______________________ Droid Prog./Repair ___ Personality: You are the Mechanical 3D Medicine _____________ embodiment of all that is Astrogation __________ Repulsorlift Repair __ fair and just. You don't lie Beast Riding _________ Security _____________ and you fight fair. The only Repulsorlift Op. _____ Starship Repair ______ way you can keep this up is Starship Gunnery _____ ______________________ to become the best there is

Starship Piloting ____ Special Abilities_____ at your skills. Starship Shields _____ ______________________ A Quote:Oh, so sorry, I've ______________________ ______________________ disarmed you. I'll let you borrow my weapon so we can continue the duel. Force Points Dark Side Points Wound Status Skill Points

Character Type: Space Samurai Beyond Hyperspace Character Name ___________________________________ Character Template Player Name ______________________________________ Height ___________ Weight ____________ Sex _____________ Age ___________ Physical Description ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Dexterity 3D+2 Perception 2D Equipment Blaster ______________ Bargain ______________ *Retractable Spurs(Str+1D+2) Brawling Parry _______ Command ______________ *Macro-Eyes Comlink Dodge ________________ Con __________________ *Retractable Blaster Pistol Grenade ______________ Gambling _____________ Blaster Rifle __________ Heavy Weapons ________ Hide/Sneak ___________ Protective Vest __________ Melee Parry __________ Search _______________ Protective Helmet __________ Melee ________________ ______________________ * denotes cyber-ware Spur Fighting 5D Strength 4D Background: From day 1, your Knowledge 2D+2 Brawling _____________ reason for living was to Alien Races __________ Climb/Jump ___________ serve the Empire. You were Bureaucracy __________ Lifting ______________ the best in your battallion. Cultures _____________ Stamina 5D The Empire modified you, Languages ____________ Swimming _____________ making you a better warrior. Planetary Systems ____ ______________________ But, while they changed your Streetwise ___________ Technical 2D+1 body, they couldn't modify Survival _____________ Comp. Prog./Repair ___ your morals. Finally, you Technology ___________ Demolition ___________ saw how evil the Empire is. ______________________ Droid Prog./Repair ___ Personality: Years of Empire Mechanical 3D Medicine _____________ indoctrination and battle Astrogation __________ Repulsorlift Repair __ has made you slightly Beast Riding _________ Security _____________ psychotic. You love combat, Repulsorlift Op. _____ Starship Repair ______ the more, the merrier. When Starship Gunnery _____ ______________________ the violence starts, you go Starship Piloting ____ Special Abilities_____ berserk. Starship Shields _____ ______________________ A Quote: *Snikt* I am the ______________________ ______________________ best there is at what I do. Force Points Dark Side Points Wound Status Skill Points

Character Type: Spy Beyond Hyperspace Character Name _______________ Alias ______________ Character TemplatHeight ___________ Weight ____________ Sex _____________ Age ___________ Physical Description ________________________________________________________


Dexterity 2D+2 Perception 4D Equipment Blaster ______________ Bargain ______________ Holocorder Blaster Pistol Brawling Parry _______ Command ______________ Comlink Tool/Spy Kit Dodge ________________ Con __________________ 500 cr _____________ Grenade ______________ Gambling _____________ Contract w/ Organization for Heavy Weapons ________ Hide/Sneak ___________ key information(plans, etc) Melee Parry __________ Search _______________ _____________ ______________ Melee ________________ ______________________ _____________ ______________ ______________________ Strength 2D+1 Background:You really didn't Knowledge 3D Brawling _____________ like being a pirate,smuggler Alien Races __________ Climb/Jump ___________ or any other profession with Bureaucracy __________ Lifting ______________ such high morals, so you Cultures _____________ Stamina ______________ decided to use your skills Planetary Systems ____ ______________________ to the highest bidder. You Streetwise ___________ Technical 4D had a contract with the Survival _____________ Comp. Prog./Repair ___ Empire, but they stiffed you Technology ___________ Demolition ___________ ...now you'll make them pay. ______________________ Droid Prog./Repair ___ Personality:You like to do Mechanical 2D Medicine _____________ your job alone. You always Astrogation __________ Repulsorlift Repair __ keep on constant guard to Beast Riding _________ Security _____________ not let too much info slip Repulsorlift Op. _____ Starship Repair ______ out, after all, information Starship Gunnery _____ ______________________ is one of the hottest bids Starship Piloting ____ Special Abilities_____ on the Black Market. Starship Shields _____ ______________________ A Quote: Look, I got you the ______________________ ______________________ plans, now give me the money or I'm sure Jabba may want to see these. Force Points Dark Side Points Wound Status Skill Points

The ancient Jedi masters knew that too much power gathered too quickly can corrupt even the most selfless and devout apprentice Jedi. But, hopefully, after careful research and training, these new Jedi powers of old can once again be practiced. Control Powers Enhance Skill Created by Traveller Control Difficulty: +1D to skill Easy +2D to skill Moderate +3D to skill Difficult +5D to skill Heroic +2D Difficulty levels for each skill after the first. Once the difficulty for the power is Heroic, no more skills may be included.

Required Power: Enhance Attribute This power may be kept up. Effects: With this power, Jedi can enhance their abilities in particular skills. The bonus dice are added to the skill dice so long as the power is kept up. If a force user wishes to change which skills are enhanced or by how much, then a new power roll must be made. Force users may only enhance those skills in which they have a skill which is at least one whole die greater than the controlling attribute, before taking any special abilities into account. Otherwise, they must pay character point for each skill they are enhancing in which they do not have the required skill dice. If this power is not kept up, the force user may only take one action using the enhanced skill, as well as the power roll during the round and not be penalized for multiple actions. This may only be for an action which is one off, such as Nomi Sunrider using this power to enhance her persuasion skill on Ulic Q'el Droma to give up following Exar Kun. It may not be used for an extended action such as a swimming check. This power may not be used with another which enhances the same skill by adding to the number of dice to usable. Thus, it is incompatible with combat sense, enhanced coordination, and lightsaber combat. Hammerhand Created by Martin Control Difficulty: Difficult if healthy Heroic if wounded Effect: Hammerhand double's the Jedi's STR attribute for damage and resistance purposes only. Any armour bonuses are not taken into account when doubled, but are added on after for resistance to damage only. For damage, the armour is subtracted from the Jedi's doubled strength, if it covers the part of the Jedi which is doing the damage.

Alter Powers Haste Created by Martin Alter Difficulty: Heroic Effect: Haste allows the user to make twice as many actions as normal within the time frame of one round (i.e. 2 full attacks, 4 attacks with 1D knocked off each attack, etc.). Whether or not the alter power is successful, the Jedi will move at -1D from all actions the next round after Hast is used. Strengthen Object Created by Andrew Jackson Exar Kun, a Jedi student, just having defeated a fellow student in a Lightsaber duel is about to finish off the loser! But then, Master Vodo Baas intervenes: "Exar Kun! Cease! Anger is not the way. Do you think your anger will make you a great warrior?" With the Force, Vodo can make his simple staff more powerful than Exar Kun's lightsaber! What follows is a duel between Kun with his lightsaber and Master Baas with his staff! It takes TWO lightsabers striking the staff at once for the staff to break.

Alter Difficulty: +3D STR to object Moderate +4D STR to object Difficult +5D STR to object Very Difficult +6D-8D STR to object Heroic (bonuses depend on roll) Size Modifiers: Up to 1/4 cubic meters +0 Difficulty 1 cubic meter +10 Difficulty 2 cubic meters +20 Difficulty 3 cubic meters +30 Difficulty Required Powers: Telekinesis Time to Use: 1 round, may be kept up Effect: Melee weapons (vibroaxes, etc.) have a strength of 2D. Vodo's staff is probably around 1D - lightsabers have 5D. This power allowed Master Baas to strengthen his staff to withstand the power of a lightsaber. When a Jedi uses Strengthen Object, he controls the Force to strengthen the inter- and intra-molecular bonds in the object. The object has the same density, volume, and mass as before, but it takes more energy to break the bonds holding the object together. This reinforcement strengthens the object versus shearing, torsional, or axial forces, stresses, or disintegration/disassociation by high energies. Thus, a 1D staff strengthened at the Very Difficult level woul now have a strength of 6D, enough to withstand a lightsaber most of the time. This power does not affect the object's ability to do damage. It just increases its resistance to breakage or destruction, and severely limits chemical reactions such as oxidation. In the time of the Sith War, this was a relatively basic skill and was usually taught early in a Jedi's studies. It is interesting to note that other uses for this power have shown up in the Jedi Holocron. Some Jedi have discovered that this power can be used to weaken objects in a similar manner. In addition, this power may also be used on living matter. However, when used in this manner, the power is very damaging. The increased molecular bonds severely inhibits the various enzymatic and chemical reactions and protein interactions in living tissue. Oxygen (or other vital gases) no longer disassociate from carrier molecules, causing oxygen-starvation. Hormones and neuro-transmitters will not disassociate from receptor proteins. Blood cells will coagulate on the blood vessel walls. DNA strands can not be separated for transcription to RNA--thus halting protein synthesis. There are very few organisms which can withstand such inhibition of chemical reactions. Use of this power on living tissue is thus grounds for an immediate Dark Side Point. Warp Matter Created by Andrew Jackson Alter Difficulty: Easy Liquid Matter Moderate Malleable Matter Difficult Hard Matter (wood, steel) Very Difficult Very Dense Matter (ship hulls, reinforced metal) Heroic Gases Modifiers: 1 cubic cm 1 liter/1000 cubic cm +0 +10

1 cubic meter +25 10 cubic meters +35 Required Power: Telekinesis Time to Use: 1-12 rounds, scaled by Difficulty number Effect: This power allows the Jedi to mold a volume of matter to a new shape. It CANNOT be used on living matter. The Jedi must be able to touch some part of the object to be molded. This power does not destroy matter, it merely changes its shape or position (much like advanced telekinesis). The effect is permanent. The Jedi is literally using the Force to change the world around him. This power coaxes millions of atoms and molecules to move, controlling each particle. The fact that it is easier for the Jedi to affect the volume of matter as a whole rather than as distinct particles is reflected in the more difficult level of managing gases as opposed to some solids or liquids. This power is for all of the imaginate Jedi. There is so much that can be done, even if its only with 1-3 cubic cm. Some examples include peep holes, picking (melting) locks, sealing doors (spot welding), parting small rivers, passing through walls, or even breathing in space/water for short times. The Jedi master, Yindo-ola wrote in his tome, " Interactions Between the Force and Reality," that: "...no volume greater than that enclosed by 10 arms long by 10 arms wide by 10 arms tall (1) should by subjected to [Warp Matter]. Distortion of volumes greater than this tend to become unwieldy, even in the hands of powerful and experienced [Jedi], and what can only be called 'rifts' or 'rips' in Reality are created. The exact nature of these rifts are unknown, but we will try to create a controlled rift in an effort to study them. It should be emphasized, however, that use of this power on a small scale does not seem to draw upon the Evils within the Force. We have heard of some users attempting this power on living beings, but, thankfully, we have not heard of any successes."(2) (1) Translator's Note: Yindo-ola was a Kalecki, a race now believed extinct. The Kalecki artifacts indicate that their units of measurements were based on the length of their King's appendages. (2) Some time after this, Yindo-ola and his disciples disappeared in what was called by an anonymous observer, "...a great storm that came from nowhere to swallow them like so many morsels. It was as if reality itself had turned against them..." However, this is not believed to be due to the use of this Force power per se. For several hundred years after this disaster, the Kalecki Jedi were producing magnificant sculptures from all types of matter. The surviving scrolls from this time period show that these sculptures were created by the mind, without ever having the Jedi touch the medium. Sculptures made from running water were also seen, although it is difficult to believe such a thing is possible.

Control/Sense Powers Anticipation

Control Difficulty: Moderate Sense Difficulty: Resisting Target Target's PER or CONTROL roll +10 Non-Resisting Target Easy Modified by relationship & proximity Effect: This power enables a Jedi to anticipate an opponent's immediate actions and react accordingly. The Jedi must declare use of his power at the beginning of the round (before initiative is determined), and makes the Control and sense checks at -1D each (because they are two actions). If either check fails, the power has not been used successfully and the Jedi suffers an additional -2D penalties for the rest of his/her actions for the round. If both succeed, the Jedi rolls his/her sense dice rather than perception for initiative, and if s/he succeeds, the target must declare all of his/her actions first BUT, the Jedi's declared actions occur first in the round (e.g., if the target declares a move and a shot and the Jedi declares two, the Jedi's first shot occurs first, followed by the target's move, followed by the Jedi's second shot, followed by the target's shot). However, only the Jedi gains the benefit of this knowledge, not any of his teammates. [GM's tip: Depending on how you handle initiative, have the target write down his declared actions, show the Jedi, then proceed normally. This way, the others won't gain the benefit of the Jedi's anticipation.] The use of control and sense at the beginning of the round gives the Jedi -2D penalty on all other actions even if the skill use is successful. This power may be used on as many targets per round as the Jedi wishes, but the subtracted dice are cumulative. It may not be kept up; the Jedi must check each round to successfully anticipate another being's actions. This power is a sort of combination between receptive telepathy and farseeing, the idea being the Jedi scans the target's brain for the immediate actions planned. The reasoning is that receptive telepathy scans only the surface thoughts of a target; attempting to instantly pick out the target's immediate plans and reflexive actions is quite a bit more difficult. In ancient times, only the best Jedi warriors would attempt this power. Considering the power will almost always be used on hostile beings, an average PER rating of 3D means an average roll of 10.5, which is 20.5, or just barely into the Very Difficult range for Sense dice. Taking into account the -1D for two actions, the average Jedi will expect to succeed at this roll more often than not only if his/her skill is 7D or more, so it definitely requires a certain level of Force mastery to use. In recent times, only the Jedi master, Shaka Zuul has come close to exhibiting such combat prowess. However, it is unknown whether or not he uncovered this Force ability in his research. Mental Translocation Created by Andrew Jackson Control Difficulty: Difficult + Proximity to leave Moderate to return Sense Difficulty: Moderate Required Powers: Emptiness (or Rage), Farseeing, Hibernation Trance, Instinctive Astrogation, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses Time to Use: 3 Rounds to prepare + Duration of power Effect: When using this power, the Jedi can force his mind to leave his body and travel away from it in any direction and through any

obstacle. The physical universe cannot harm the Jedi's mind (unless hypnotic/brainwashing or mind-affecting stimuli are perceived). The Jedi uses the Force to perceive the surroundings, essentially duplicating the function of normal sensory organs. However, due to the complexity of this power, the Jedi can only use two "non-interactive" senses to perceive the environment. These two senses are the Jedi's choice (vision or audition, for example). The sense of touch, or any sense which would require "interaction" with the environment cannot be used. Attempts to use "interactive" senses results in only one sense being available. If this too is an interactive sense, then the Jedi is totally blind and cannot return to the body unless a heroic Sense difficulty is rolled (the Jedi has no senses). The non-corporeal Jedi may move at a maximum rate of 10m/round, unless a Heroic + proximity Control roll is made, then the maximum movement is 1km/round (200 m/s). The Jedi's body dehydrates and hungers at twice the normal rate. Proximity modifier is based on the furthest extent of the intended distance (declared before the skill rolls are made). Should the Jedi wish to go beyond this limit, a new Control roll must be made, modified by the increase in intended distance. Failing this roll results in the mind-body connection being broken, and the Jedi being unable to inhabit his former body (it is believed that the Emperor used a modification of this power to break his mind free from his body at the moment of his death on the 2nd Death Star. This suggests that it may be possible to use Force powers while using mental translocation--such as transfer life!) The only method of detecting the presence of the incorporeal Jedi is by using life detection. Obviously, detection of the Jedi in this manner is almost always accidental. In order for a Jedi to find the way back and reinhabit his body, the Jedi must make a moderate Control roll. This power alone cannot be used to inhabit other bodies than the original host. Also, while using mental translocation, the body is very susceptible to the power transfer life (treat body as recently dead). While mental translocation is moderate in power, it is extremely complex in nature. Because the consequences of failure are literally death, this was not taught to most students. In fact, only a few great Jedi masters of old knew how to travel without their bodies. From the Journal of Savuud Thimram, a partial copy of which was recovered from the ruins of Mount Tantiss: (1) "I have learned that the puny Jedi of the Old Republic knew of a Power that allowed the mind to walk free of the body. Although the weakling Jedi describe it differently, I have found that Will, used to control Perception can easily duplicate the effect. The mind floats free of the body under voluntary control. As described in the ancient tomes, perception is limited to only two senses, even for one as powerful as myself. Although movement is described as being slow by the ancient Jedi, the Dark Side has revealed to me that much faster speeds are obtainable. Objects, such as chairs, tables, walls, even the ground itself, are no obstacle and can be moved through freely while maintaining the limited degree of perception. Neither water nor the vacuum of space hinder nor harm the mind. I have always found this power useful in plotting against Gwellib Ap-Lleweff, because I can observe him and his followers without their knowledge." (2) [At a later date...]

"...although I think that Ap-Lleweff has found a way to detect my unique method of spying. I will exercise caution. As I write this, it occurs to me that the Master may know of this Power and may use it to monitor us or anyone he chooses! A sobering thought. I must find a way to block such mental intrusions..." Garv Debble, Chief Archiologist of the Mount Tantiss Evacuation Team notes the following: (1) Savuud Thimram, one of the Emperor's Dark Side Adepts, apparently wrote this journal. It is believed that the Emperor encouraged his Adepts to record their research. This is an anomaly, because, historically, proponents of the Dark Side are so paranoid, suspicious, and untrusting that they rarely recorded any of the knowledge of the Force, lest it fall into the hands of someone who could defeat them. In this respect, the Emperor was himself, unusual, because he actually taught at least four powerful students [two of which were Skywalkers who ended up killing the Emperor] and was also a proficient author on the philosophy of the Dark Side of the Force. (2) According to Jedi Skywalker, Ap-Lleweff is the stronger of the two. The two Adepts continuously jockied for position in the Emperor's court. Each plotted the downfall of the other and guarded their secrets closely. The Emperor seemed not only to enjoy this, but actively encouraged it as well. It is believed that by use of this power, Thimram was able to "catch up" to Ap-Lleweff and close the gap of power (both Force and political). It is not known if Thimram ever found a "shielding" substance or if the Emperor knew of and used this power.

Control/Alter Powers Force Transduction Created by Andrew Jackson Control Difficulty: Very Difficult Alter Difficulty: Easy Small Battery Moderate Blaster Pack Difficult Power Generator Repulsorlift-Scale Fuel Cell Lightsaber Power Cell Very Difficult Starfighter-Scale Fuel Cell Heroic Capital Ship-Scale Fuel Cell Duration: Small Battery 5 minutes Blaster Pack 30 minutes Repulsorlift Fuel Cell 2 hours Starfighter Fuel Cell 8 hours Capital Ship Fuel Cell 1 full day Required Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Force of Will, Transfer Force Effect: Using this power, the Jedi can charge energy cells using the Force. Only one power cell can be charged at a time. Machinery may be powered directly by keeping this power up at a +10 Difficulty modifier to both the Control and Alter difficulties. This power may also be used in reverse to drain power cells in half the time at the appropriate difficulty. In addition, the duration may be halved at twice the difficulty for both Control and Alter rolls.

Power cells in between the levels given above are given a relative difficulty number (e.g. an AT-ST power cell might be in the upper range of Difficult, while an AT-AT power cell might be in the lower range of Very Difficult). It is important to note that the values listed for vehicle power cells are for a single power cell only (e.g. a stock light freighter typically has around 50 starfighter-scale power cells). The following excerpt is taken from an old flight data recorder found in the ruins of Dah Toom Station shows the usefulness of this power: "...without anything. The crash destroyed the power core of our modified Z-60. I figured I would never get my commission now that I just marooned the great Jedi Master, Com Edzen. I never did like being around Jedi...they're always so peaceful whenever things go badly. 'Do not worry, Pilot-Lightrunner, start calculating our hyper-jump coordinates...I will take care of the power cells.' I must have been crazy to allow the Jedi to hold the power couplings our entire flight...but he actually powered an entire Z-60 starfighter with the Force! We made the trip from Sarna III to Coruscant only being 10 hours late, thanks to the crash! But we would have been stranded for weeks if I didn't happen to have a Jedi Master with me to power my ship the whole way back!

Sense/Alter Powers Psychometry Created by Scott Sense Difficulty: Easy Objects Moderate Locations under 10m radius Difficult 10m to 20m radius Very Difficult 20m to 40m radius Heroic Over 40m Alter Difficulty: Moderate Emotions associated with object or area Difficult General information about object or area Ex: The last person to use it (a mental picture only,) and the last action performed with it by that person Very Difficult Detailed information about object or area Ex: The last owner's name, the last location where it was used by that person, what their thoughts were at that time Heroic Complete history of object or area (only major events which would have left an impression, like a death or important occurance) In addition, if the object or location is primarily of the opposite side of the Force, there is a +10 Sense and Alter Difficulty modifier. Relationship modifiers also apply. Effect: This is the ability to telepathically get information, from an object or location, about its past. Information about past users, actions taken place there, etcetera, can be determined. The Jedi must be in contact with the object in some way (touching, holding, etc.) or must be in the location in question. Therefore, there are no modifiers for proximity. Dead bodies are objects and can be read using this power, but it will not work on living creatures

(use Receptive Telepathy for that) - although nothing says that you can't use it to read the objects on the person, to find out what kind of person they are. Also note that this power will not give you an indepth look into the person who owned it, just their actions with that object. In addition, objects with a strong Darkor Light-Side connection instantly show up as such without a required roll. "The Taak Holocron shows the scene of Taris, a young Jedi: She finds a strange amulet and wishes to know if it holds any importance. She uses [Psychometry] and instantly knows that the amulet is an ancient Sith artifact. Determined, she tries to delve deeper, trying to sense the emotions connected with the amulet. She then drops the amulet, screaming in pain, as emotions of pain, suffering, and enjoyment overwhelm her." While not a direct result of psychometry, Taris died in a large firestorm of Sith energy soon after because of awakening the long slumbering Sith Lord, Theris Ka Thane who was imprisoned in the amulet. This tale of the Holocron shows the importance of having patience when dealing with the unknown. Induced Sleep Created by Lovejoy Sense Difficulty: Target's Willpower, Stamina, or Control Alter Difficulty: Variable depending on the number of targets and their emotional states. Number of Targets: 1 Very Easy 2-4 Easy 5-10 Moderate 10-15 Difficult 15-20 Very Difficult 20+ Heroic -10 If target is tired or has recently failed a Stamina roll. -5 If the user first uses Affect Mind to convince the target that they are tired. +0 If target is not actively doing anything which requires complete attention +5 If target is doing something that requires attention +10 If target is actively doing something that requires attention +15 If target is actively engaged in combat or is in a combat situation Required Power: Dim Another's Senses, Affect Mind Effect: Induced Sleep allows a Jedi to put a target into a deep sleep, from which the target cannot be awakened while the power is in effect. Sleep lasts for 1D6 hours after the power is discontinued, however, targets can be awakened before that time by natural means. If the Jedi or anyone "with" the Jedi harms the target while they are helpless, the Jedi receives a Dark Side point. This power cannot affect droids or creatures that do not require sleep. It is also useless against a Jedi who has just performed Emptiness or Rage within the last 6 hours. This power can be kept up, but the Jedi must make a new power roll whenever he adds or switches targets.

Control/Sense/Alter Powers

Create Homonculous Modified by Andrew Jackson from Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts Control Difficulty: Difficult Sense Difficulty: Very Difficult Alter Difficulty: Heroic Required Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Affect Mind, Control Mind, Control Pain, Farseeing, Life Detection, Life Sense, Projective Telepathy, Receptive Telepathy Time to Use: 1 hour (must be deep meditation) Note: The creation of an Assassin homonculous requires an element of hatred and anger to be used. For this reason, and for the associated evil intent, creators of an Assassin homonculous automatically receive a Dark Side point at the time of the power usage. Effect: The Jedi creates a Force construct which can be controlled by the Jedi, yet also has some degree of "free will." One of three types of homonculi (Assassin, Scout, and Burden) can be created. Once the homonculous is created, this power need not be kept up. However, a Difficult Sense roll is necessary to use the creature's senses as the Jedi's own. This done, a moderate Control roll allows communication/command of the homonculous. Any life force the creature may seem to have is simply a physical manifestation of the Force and while homonculi are capable of limited independent thought, they tend to simply follow the last command given. When the creature suffers damage greater than a wound, it begins to disintegrate, then fade, and finally returns to the dust its physical form was created from. Types of Homonculi: Type: Assassin Homonculous Dex: 3D Know: 2D Dodge 5D Mech: 1D Melee Combat 4D Per: 1D Str: 2D Tech: 1D Special Abilities: Poison claw glands - secretes a poison onto claws. Roll 2D vs. victim's STR for effects. If poison is higher, all stats are at -1D per point (if any stat drops below 0D, the victim falls unconscious). The effects last 3 hours. Move: 10 Walking, 15 Gliding Size: 50cm Scale: Character Description: Bat-like wings, sharp teeth & claws, long tail. Like a pterodactyl with a stubby jaw. Type: Burden Homonculous Dex: 2D Know: 1D Mech: 1D Per: 1D Str: 4D Tech: 1D Lifting 6D Stamina 5D Special Abilities: Climbing claws (+2D to climbing skill) Webbed digits (+1D to swimming skill) Move: 10 Size: 100cm Scale: Character Description: Flat back, furry, stubby, stout legs. Set low to the ground, small dull teeth. Type: Scout Homonculous Dex: 2D Know: 1D Mech: 1D Per: 3D

Str: 2D Search 5D Tech: 1D Hide/Sneak 4D Special Abilities: Acute vision (+2D to visual searches) Auditory sensitivity (+1D to audio searches) Move: 10 Walking, 20 Flying Size: 50 cm Scale: Character Description: Feathered wings, dull beak, short claws, broad tail There is no limitation on the number of homonculi that a Jedi can create. In addition, all knowledge about what happens when the creator dies has been lost. There have been tales through the ages of finding an ancient edifice, once inhabited by an old Jedi master, but now is only inhabited by all sorts of strange, mindless beasts. Other stories tell of the homonculous just fading away when its creator dies. It seems that while nearly lost through the ages, some practitioners still exist. Dhar Bullwin, a self-appointed Dark Magician was able to call forth homonculi. While he didn't acknowledge the Force link, this is exactly the power he used to create the constructs. The Jedi Holocron shows that the ancient Jedi used both the Scout and Burden homonculi with the most frequency. The creation of an Assassin homonculous was stricly forbidden. Conduit Created by Traveller Control Difficulty: Based on level of power required (Base Difficulty is Moderate) Moderate Computer or Electric Kettle Difficult Lightsaber or Blaster Very Difficult Repulsorlift Vehicle Heroic Starship Sense Difficulty: Based on complexity of item to be powered Moderate Electric Kettle Difficult Lightsaber, Blaster Very Difficult Vehicle Heroic Computer Alter Difficulty: Difficult Required Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Transfer Force Effect: Much like Force Transduction, this power allows the Jedi to channel the Force into energy. However, in being a Force conduit, the Jedi actually converts Force energy into any other kind of energy. This enables the Jedi to fire a blaster or wield a lightsaber which has a dead power pack by converting solar power into the required energy. Of course, if an item is over-powered, it could burn out or explode. If the item is under-powered, then it may fail to function or function inefficiently. If the Control roll is failed by 5 or less, then the item is under-powered. If the sense roll is failed by 5 or less and the control roll succeeded by 5 or greater, then the item is over-powered. Note that this power is not restricted to electrical energy, like Force Transduction. However, this power does not enable the Jedi to use Force Lightning, project heat from their eyes, or even project a beam of light from an open palm. As a conduit, the Jedi can only power an item of some sort. Corporeal Translocation Created by Andrew Jackson Control Difficulty: Heroic + (2x proximity) Sense Difficulty: Difficult Alter Difficulty: Heroic + (2x proximity)

Required Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Another's Healing, Accelerate Healing, Control Another's Pain, Control Pain, Doppleganger, Emptiness (or Rage), Farseeing, Force of Will, Hibernation Trance, Instinctive Astrogation, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Mental Translocation, Projective Telepathy, Receptive telepathy, Remain Conscious, Return Another to Consciousness, Sense Force, Shift Sense, Telekinesis, Transfer Force Time to Use: 1 Round to prepare + Duration of power + 1 round for "reassembly." Note: In ancient times, Jedi used Doppleganger without receiving a Dark Side point, thus both Doppleganger and Corporeal Translocation was used by all Force users, not just Dark Side users. Effect: This is one of the most difficult powers a Jedi can learn. This power effectively transports a Jedi over long distances. This power allows the disassembly of the Jedi's constituent molecules. The Force then transports them a given distance away and reassembles them. The Jedi effectively enters hyperspace [Although this is not actually known for sure] and can move the constituent atoms as a 10x hyperdrive. Note that nearby gravity wells have absolutely no effect on this power. A different mechanism seems to be used for short distances (on a planet, for example). For these short distances, treat as 10km/round. The proximity modifier is based on the furthest extent of intended distance, declared before the skill roll is made. Generally, the user must be familiar with the destination, preferable having visited and studied it beforehand. If the Jedi is not familiar with the destination (it was only described to the Jedi or he only visited it a few minutes, etc.), there is a +20 modifer on the Control roll. Failure of the Control roll affects the location of reassembly. Roll 1D for the direction of failure: 1=forwards 2=right 3=left 4=backwards 5=up 6=down. These directions are relative to the desired position of the Jedi at the destination. Use of a character point before this roll gives a -1 modifier to the direction roll. The distance moved in the indicated direction is 2D% of the intended distance travelled. Attempting (intentional or accidental) reassembly in space already occupied by another object results in the death of the Jedi in most instances (10D damage). It is totally unknown how much a Jedi can carry with him, if anything at all, or if he can carry other people. Jindar-alz-Footz, a tenured Jedi Master at the now abandoned Jedi Academy on Masyron VI, and his apprentice Sphalta Dor published the following short communication in Volume XXI of the journal "Force Phenomena." (1) Hyperdrive Obselete?: An Alternative to Booking Passage on Intersteller Transport Jindar-alz-Footz and Sphalta Dor We have discovered a 2157 year old manuscript in the archaelogical dig on Walitiss III in Sector G-17f1 of the Outer Rim (now in the Corporate Sector). This paper details the abilities of Qitar-Som, the ruler of the Waltiss System at that time (Senar & Forth, 4578). Although many of the Som's powers were thought to be sleight of hand (Hessit & Jasnuck, 4569; Jomart & Skyclinger, 4579), we believe that this manuscript supports the claim that Qitar-Som was a Force user. The unknown author describes in detail the...

[Footz and Dor here quote the manuscript numerous times and provide their interpretations. To summarize: They explain the account of Qitar-Som walking on water in terms of Telekinesis, they show how the Som later parting a great river was probably Warp Matter, they explain the Som's "resurrection" was actually effected by Hibernation Trance, they explain Qitar's numerous healings and "exorcisms" in terms of Accelerate Healing and Cure Another's Disease, and they argue that Qitar-Som did not turn the ocean as red as blood, but instead as an example of Affect Mind. However, the most interesting ability of Qitar-Som they cannot explain...] We cannot explain, however, the apparent ability of the Som to travel from one place to another nearly instantaneously. The authors insist that Qitar-Som could be in the Throne Room at one instant, disappear, and reappear in his chambers, the marketplace, or even another continent. Having a good understanding of electronics (Fisnar & Randelt, 4575), the Waltiss civilization documented this ability. Apparently, the Som could travel from one continent to another at about six times the speed of sound (on Waltiss II--see Fisnar & Randelt, 4575). Later in his rule, Qitar-Som is described as being able to travel between planets of the Walitiss system in this mysterious manner. Calculations by the author show that the interplanetary travel was faster than the speed of light! This is far beyond the capabilities of the Waltiss civilization's transportations system. Preliminary research (support by Republic Research Council grant 578f-57b44-709^^1x) suggests that Qitar-Som may have been travelling through hyperspace or a Force-equivalent using his putative Force powers. We have recreated the short-distance corporeal translocation described by the author of the Walltiss III manuscript. Our calculations show that the speed of translocation is very close to the speed of sound on Walltiss III (5.79 x the Galactic Standard for sound waves--See Appendix A). However, due to the unfortunate death of Hablar Nunv, we are reevaluating our methods. Detailed below are our preliminary methods. PLEASE NOTE: these methods are VERY preliminary and have proven to be hazardous, resulting in the death of inexperienced, but talented Jedi...[Here, Footz and Dor describe their methods, which can only be understood by Master of the Force who have taken many years of Academy training]. (1) Force Phenomena was discontinued after Volume XXVII (approximately 6500 years before the Empire) due to lack of quantifiable data and subscribers. The scientific community generally ignored the Journal, considering it an extension of The Journal of Paranormal and Unexplained Phenomena. Imprison Control Difficulty: Heroic + Victim's Control Sense: Heroic Alter: Heroic + Victim's Alter All difficulties are modified by proximity and relation. In addition, there are modifiers for using less than 5 Jedi Masters in a group: 1 Jedi Master +30 to all difficulties 2 Jedi Masters +20 to all difficulties 3 Jedi Masters +10 to all difficulties 4 Jedi Masters +5 to all difficulties This power cannot be kept up. Required Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Emptiness, Farseeing, Life Sense, Control Another's Pain, Instinctive Astrogation, Magnify Senses,

Projective Telepathy, Receptive Telepathy, Force of Will, Transfer Force, Dim Another's Senses, Affect Mind Effect: Imprison is one of the most terrible powers a Jedi can use on another living creature. It's use automatically gives all users a Dark Side point. Through many thousands of years of research, the Jedi have uncovered different dimensions. Some have come about accidently, like the spatial vortexes caused by a failed Warp Matter experiment, while others have come about through active research. Some have even come about by dealing with Dark Jedi and defending against Force Storms and such. The end result is that a group of Jedi masters can open up a gateway into the unknown and forever imprison a victim in this new dimension. It seems that there exists a "pocket universe" somewhere beyond hyperspace where this power leads to. In ancient times, it was thought that no one could ever return from this prison. However, recently, a long imprisoned Dark Jedi Master, the Highlord escaped and made his way back to our galaxy. He did this only through many hundreds of years of planning, but was luckily defeated by the Jedi Knight, Garret Sample. Besides special events, the victim is considered, for all in tense and purposes, to be whiped from the face of the galaxy. The following is taken from the Jedi Holocron showing the imprisonment of the Highlord by several Jedi masters [one of which is a small, green alien]: "Away put your weapon, we mean you no harm" "We must put this one at peace, my friends...too many have suffered from his Dark Side powers...we must put him where he will never harm anyone ever again." "Fools...I will return, no matter where you put me. If you send me away, I will come back with more power than your puny minds can ever comprehend!" "Watched your evil ways, long have we, yes. But, now go, you must." "No...I have already planted my seeds in this galaxy...when they sprout, I will return...Noooooooo..." [A blinding light envelopes the Highlord as he screams out in agony, and is sucked away into a vortex, never to be seen again.] Jedi Battle Meditation Created by Major Tinan Daye, Leader of Raptor Squad Control Difficulty: Moderate Sense Difficulty: Base of Easy, +1 for each opponent above the 1st Alter: Moderate Required Powers: Emptiness, Telepathy This power may be kept up. Effect: This power allows the Jedi to sink into a lower state of conciousness, where all concentration is upon the battle. While in this "trance", add the Jedi's Control, Sense, and Alter dice to any combat rolls. This power mainly affects dexterity skills, willpower, perception attribute, (but not skills, only for initiative or to see if the Jedi notices something) climbing/jumping skill, and stamina skill. A Jedi may not use Jedi Battle Meditation and the Lightsaber skill for the same action; although most other force skills can be used in conjunction with Jedi battle Meditation. In ancient times, Jedi Battle Meditation was taught only to students as one of the final steps in training. Even then, only a select few Jedi masters knew how to use the power. They would teach the power around the time a student is

working on Lightsaber combat. Jedi Battle Meditation is, by its very nature a Light Side power and cannot be used for evil. Anger, rage, and other inherently evil acts would disrupt the delicate state a Jedi must be in to use Jedi Battle Meditation. This power was practiced widely by Jedi in the time of the Old Republic thanks to Nomi Sunrider, one of the greatest proponents of Jedi Battle Meditation. It was also taught in the Jedi Learning Center on Ossus, but was lost sometime during the Great Purge. Only Jedi that have survived the Purge would have any knowledge of this power however, no known modern occurences of it have been reported.

That ends the tales of the Taak Holocron Jedi powers. Hopefully, more information can be found about some of the more dangerous powers. But, the Jedi of today must always be weary of Dark Side tricks or fake information. Take the manuscript, Unusual Weaponry by Devta Sharanim of Celanon which details a ficticious account of the history of the lightsaber:

The Jedi Lightsaber by Coach The Jedi Lightsaber, it has been determined, was developed nearly seven thousand years ago on a Core planet near Kashyyk known as Artaera, thus predating the Jedi order as we know it by three millenia. It is a marvel of ancient technology, with the ability to be used for parrying, slicing, or stabbing, each with different effects. It is a remarkably efficient device; the typical lightsaber power cell lasts for nearly five years in regular use and has a theoretical shelf life of nearly thirty. (They generally use cells designed for certain types of long-mission maintenance and recon droids, which share the same phenomenal battery length). A properly built lightsaber can actually change the shape of a blade, with an annular blade to parry energy blasts and solid objects and a flat blade to cut. The lightsaber blade up close us a ring of visable-light laser beams and invisible electromagnetic fields, controlled by an oscillator chip in hte handle that pulses them together so that they cancel each other out by destructive interference at the tip of the blade. The result is a hot spot at the end of the blade that trails flame-like ribbons of plasma which flow along the blade, making the normally-visable laser shell visable as a narrow, swirling cone of light that looks like a solid cylinder from a distance. This hot spot is capable of vaporizing flesh and is what makes those who know how to stabe with a lightsabe so dangerous. Most lightsabers, as stated, can control the shape of the blade; where a parrying blade can scorch its victim, the flattened cutting blade will generally go right through. The blade is weightless, although most sabers are weighted on the emitter end to compensate. The electromagnetic component keeps two blades from passing through each other (although a few older units from the early Republic have weak spots at the end of the blade). It's uncertain whether the light component or

electromagnetic component does most of the damage; it is known that somehow they complement each other to increase the driving power of the beam. Lightsabers do produce a host of odd effects while in use. The blade will occasionally go through thick glass, leaving only a small melted spot where the tip passes through, but leaves the glass intact as long as there's no thermal shock involved. It is even known that a lightsaber can scorch the reflective coating off the back of a mirror if the mirror doesn't break, although it is reported that the process often causes the blade to physically bend at the point it intersects the reflective coating. Lightsabers are actually illegal on most planets in the Empire because of their association with the Jedi, but in practice, they aren't especially difficult to build, the only difficulties being programming the oscillator chip and tuning the emitter crystal [along with obtaining the proper crystals]. It is rumored that every Jedi master had an oscilloscope for that very purpose; why this matters is unknown.

The Present Day Light Side Documents like the Unusual Weaponry help to increase the mystique of the lightsaber. However, one sect of Jedi Knights have completely sworn off its usage. The Jedi Master, Nars Teepo mastered the art of blaster combat and passed that knowledge through his disciples. There are new additions being made in the Force every day. The Knights of the Splendid Bantha have have also given up the art of the lightsaber. They use the Force to increase their already highly-skilled hand-to-hand combat prowess. Like space, the Force is limitless. It is an awesome unknown - it is a source of limitless power, and of limitless boundaries. The Teepo Jedi Knight by Peter Skanes The Teepo Jedi are fairly new in the long history of the Jedi tradition. They are a small, but fanatical branch of the Jedi order. They were founded around the same time that the blaster became the common sidearm by a Twi'lek master named Nars Teepo. Nars Teepo had a very odd view on life for a Jedi master. He believed in change. He did not think the traditions should remain so static. He believed that the Jedi should change with the times and adopt the use of blaster weapons. This wasn't accepted by the Jedi community and Teepo was shunned from the order for what was assumed to be embracing the Dark Side. Teepo took this very hard and took on the life of a hermit, dropping from the face of the universe. However, he continued to apply his knowledge to the study of the blaster and its applications. Many of his old friends and companions in the order refusing to let their friend, a distinguished master, fall to the Dark Side travelled to him in hopes of convincing Teepo to change his ways. His fanaticism got the better of many of them. He could not be swayed, but instead had many new converts to his ideas. With this new influx of masters and students, the school flourished in a very isolated corner of the universe. Ignored by the rest of the Jedi community, it grew, but never overtook its humble

beginnings. After many centuries, the Jedi were called to fight a great evil. This great evil was such a threat that the old order swallowed its pride and called upon the Teepos for help. They fought side by side as brothers in the Clone Wars, only to be wiped out by Palpatine and Vader in the ensuing political chaos. The Teepos were no more safe than the Jedi of old. Many masters hid, but were sought out and destroyed by the fearless Jedi Hunters. The only thing that kept the smaller school alive was the hermitic tradition of its founder. Many students and masters were in hiding from the outset of the Clone Wars and this saved them in the massacres that followed. Teepo Tenets and Code Along with following the Jedi code, the Teepo have some basic rules that they abide: 1. Never draw your blaster without being drawn upon first 2. Aggression is the Dark Side. It should never be consorted with. Be at perfect peace and harmony before acting - even if it means being killed. A Teepo paladin never acts in anger or hate. (This may seem to be a restatement of the Jedi code, but the Teepo take it far more seriously. It has been said that some paladins have been killed without even moving a muscle simply because they could not control their anger. Of course, these are the truly fanatical). 3. Never use a lightsaber. Nars Teepo was very clear about this He made it Teepo law that they should never touch one. This seems to be remnant of his scorn for the Knights that dismissed him Along with these three rules, there are some unstated regulations of the Teepo order. Teepo never use heavy blasters, or anything stronger. They never conceal a carried weapon. They never wear armour of any kind, except a blast helmet. The Teepo also endorse all aspects of the Jedi code. The Teepo prefer to call themselves Paladins, not Knights. This has something to do with distinction between regular Jedi. They still call themselves Jedi, of course. Some very adept Teepo have been known to wear blindfolds at all times. They use their powers to see the Force and what it surrounds. During the Clone Wars, many of the great Teepo began wearing blast helmets with the face shields shut so they could not see. It is the mark of a Teepo master to actually do this. The more novice students would never wear helmets, but many masters say it is in the tradition of change that the order was founded on. Also, some Teepo have been known to wield two blasters at once. This is also a mark of status and ability. Teepo Powers Blaster Combat Control Difficulty: Moderate Sense Difficulty: Easy This power can be kept up. Effect: This power is used to make a blaster more effective and efficient. A Teepo Jedi uses this power to control slight hand movements and to sense the movement of his target. It is basically the same as Lightsaber Combat and has all the abilities of such, except for the following changes.

If the Teepo uses a partial dodge, he may add as many Control and/or Sense dice to the dodge. These dice, however, can only be used once. If they are used to increase/decrease damage or to increase "to hit" chances, they can not be used for dodge as well. Therefore, every round a Teepo has a dice pool to use in changing his abilities in combat. This power can be used if the Jedi is performing a full dodge as well. The power has to be brought up as first, however. Because a blaster can not deflect a blaster, the Teepo have no form of parry. However, the dodge bonuses should balance this out. If the Teepo makes his Sense roll by three greater difficulty levels (add 15 to the difficulty), he automatically acts first in that round, and that round only. This is above and beyond normal initiative. It is also not considered an unprovoked act. The Jedi senses the intent and action of the opponent before the opponent can act. The Teepo Jedi must make his Control roll at Difficult level if he wishes to use two blasters in combat at once. This negates the -1D for the first shot. The second pistol would normally give a -1D to both shots, but instead they are both at base skill if successful. Subsequent shots are treated normally, starting at -2D for each. Radar Sense Sense Difficulty: Moderate Required Abilities: Life Detection, Magnify Senses This power may be kept up. Effect: This ability is used when the Teepo can not see or is entering combat. It gives him Sense dice to add to his Per each round. These can be used for initiative or for any of the basic sense skills under Per (i.e., it can't be used for command, bargain, persuasion, etc.). This power is very similiar to Life Detection, except the Jedi feels the emotional intentions of the people in his range. The targets can not hide from this ability, because it feels the vibrations in the Force which their presence makes. The range is equal to the Teepo Sense roll +10 in meters. The Jedi does not perceive anything except the position of the creatures and the basic intentions (i.e, friendship, hate, about to attack, etc.)

Character Type: Teepo Jedi Beyond Hyperspace Character Name___________________________________ Character Template

Player Name______________________________________ Height___________ Weight____________ Sex_____________ Age___________ Physical Description ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Dexterity 3D+2 Perception 2D+2 Equipment Blaster ______________ Bargain ______________ 7000 cr Blaster Pistol Brawling Parry _______ Command ______________ 2 sets of clothes Dodge ________________ Con __________________ _____________ _____________ Grenade ______________ Gambling _____________ _____________ _____________ Heavy Weapons ________ Hide/Sneak ___________ _____________ _____________ Melee Parry __________ Search _______________ _____________ _____________ Melee ________________ ______________________ _____________ _____________ ______________________ Strength 3D Background: _______________ Knowledge 2D Brawling _____________ ____________________________ Alien Races __________ Climb/Jump ___________ ____________________________ Bureaucracy __________ Lifting ______________ ____________________________ Cultures _____________ Stamina ______________ ____________________________ Languages ____________ Swimming _____________ ____________________________ Planetary Systems ____ ______________________ ____________________________ Streetwise ___________ Technical 2D+2 ____________________________ Survival _____________ Comp. Prog./Repair ___ ____________________________ Technology ___________ Demolition ___________ ____________________________ Willpower ____________ Droid Prog./Repair ___ Personality: ______________ Mechanical 2D Medicine _____________ ____________________________ Astrogation __________ Repulsorlift Repair __ ____________________________ Beast Riding _________ Security _____________ ____________________________ Repulsorlift Op. _____ Starship Repair ______ ____________________________ Starship Gunnery _____ Blaster Repair _______ ____________________________ Starship Piloting ____ Special Abilities_____ ____________________________ Starship Shields _____ ______________________ A Quote: "You cannot ______________________ ______________________ ambush someone who walks with the Force, boy. Now come out from around that corner." Force Abilities Control 1D Sense 1D Skills (Pick Blaster Combat, plus 5 other powers) __________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Force Dark Side Wound Skill Points Points Status Points The great astronomer and astrophysist, Galtrox Suthui has studied the phenomena of Hyperspace for many years, building on theories started even before the Old Republic. He has noted that... "The hyperdrive is a miracle of advanced technology. Powered by incredibly efficient fusion generators, hyperdrive engines hurl ships into hyperspace, a dimension of space-time that can be entered only at faster than light speeds. The theories and realities of hyperspace travel are understood by few but highly-trained hyperspace technicians in the astrophysics communities, and even they admit that certain aspects remain a mystery." Hyperspace is a dimension of space-time that can only be reached by

traveling at lightspeed. Certain things are clear, though. Hyperspace is coterminous with realspace: each point in realspace is associated with a unique point in hyperspace, and adjacent points in realspace are adjacent in hyperspace. In other words, if you travel "north" in realspace then jump to hyperspace, you'll be heading "north" in hyperspace as well. Objects in realspace have a "shadow" in hyperspace. That is, there is a star (or star-like object) in hyperspace at the same location as it occupies in realspace, and this is a danger to those travelling in hyperspace. This is why astrogation and astrogation computers are so important, and why they are standard aboard most hyperdrive-equipped ships. Careful calculations must be made to assure that a hyperspace-travelling ship doesn't smash into a planet or star while hurtling through this dimension; only the desperate - or foolhardy attempt hyperspace jumps without up-to-date astrogation charts and astrogation Droids or computers. Many Droids and astrogation computers used on starfighters are capable of containing data for only one hyperspace jump at a time; others, such as the Rebel Alliance Y-wing can hold up to 10 jumps without being reprogrammed. Larger starships, such as Imperial Star Destroyers and similar models, have large onboard astrogation computers capable of virtually unlimited jump calculations and actually store jump coordinates for almost every forseeable destintion the ship may wish to reach. Even with sophisticated astrogation machines, mistakes are not uncommon. There are millions of stars in the galaxy, and billions of planets (not to mention asteroids and other debris), and space is not static - what was a safe course a few days ago may now be filled with debris from an exploded starship or collision between large bodies. Floating molecules are everywhere - only a few per cubic centimeter, but they still exist. Larger objects, though rarer, are common too. There are many more "rogue" planets - which float in the intersteller void, unwarmed by any sun - than are in star systems. Authorities estimate that the locations of more than 90 percent of all large bodies in the galaxy are unknown! There are uncountable asteroids, meteors and random chunks of ice and rock between the stars. With all these variables, even the largest, most sophisticated computers, operated by the most experienced astrogators can plot a fatal path through hyperspace - even along well-traveled routes. If a ship travelling at translight speeds hits an object of any size, it is instantly vaporized. Even a close graze with a rogue planet or sizeable asteroid would throw a ship vastly off course. Astrogation is definitely a tricky business! A ship in hyperspace must still go around all objects in our dimension, called realspace. Therefore, ships can seldom travel straight from one star to another - they must avoid the mass shadows and gravitational affects of every star, planet, asteroid and other galactic phenomenon in the way. The solution to this was the creation of established, known hyperspace routes. As these routes were traveled, the obstacles along the route became better known, and ships could risk going faster and faster. In simple terms, using an established, well known route allows for very fast travel, even between distant stars, while using a poorly traveled route, even if only over a short distance, takes longer and is often more dangerous. Starships also have mass shadow sensors that allow them to detect mass shadows and shut down the ship's hyperdrive to avoid collision...sometimes. This shutoff will almost always result in the destruction of the hyperdrive and component parts. However, other times,

the ship has been transferred through hyperspace never to be seen again - it has gone Beyond Hyperspace!

The following are excerpts from Galtrox Suthui's textbook, Charting the Beyond: Realspace Realspace, or normal space, is the dimension in which all residents of the galaxy are presumed to live. Realspace has distance and volume, as it encompasses all stars, planets, and the space in between. Travel within realspace is slow compared to traveling through the shadowy-dimension called hyperspace. Otherspace The technologically advanced inhabitants of the galaxy know of realspace and hyperspace, and a select few have learned of a place that seems to exist apart from both of these dimensions. Themed "Otherspace", this region is full of dead, lifeless planets. This void appears as a storm-gray expanse of nothingness, with some small swirls of colored gases and stars that look like shining holes of darkness. However, it has been discovered that sentient life does indeed exist in Otherspace. Interviews with survivors of Otherspace tell of a monstrous, insectoid race of creatures called the Charon. The Charon believe in a strange death cult and worship the all-powerful Void. Anomolous-space (A-Space) The realization that realspace is not the only dimension around is only a recent discovery. It seems that there are an infinite number of dimensions, all different, yet somehow, the same. Hyperspace is not only a gateway to shorten space travel, it is a gateway to these new dimensions. After numerous interviews with survivors (Sample, Bebelbox et. al.), it seems one of these different dimensions is an exceptional discovery from a scientific standpoint. There are an infinite number of different dimensions which surround our world. These different dimensions, however, are anomolies. An example of these is the space termed "Reverse-space". Reverse-space behaves exacctly like real-space, except major events have concluded in reverse from our own. The tyrannical Luke Skywalker defeated the hero, Palpatine to lay claim as lord of this galaxy. He was thwarted only through a rebellion staged by his father, Anakin Skywalker and his sister, Leia. However, it seems that these anomolies can be corrected through the power of the Force. It is unknown exactly what happens to the anomolous space after it has been corrected, as all survivors have instantly returned to real-space. Outerspace (O-Space) Outerspace is also a different dimension for our own realspace. It is a pocket dimension comprised of only millions of galaxies, instead of an infinite amount. It is neither expanding nor contracting. In the past, Outerspace was used as a jail by the ancient Jedi Knights. It seems that the Jedi powers of the time were considerably more powerful than those of our modern time. The worst criminals were sent into this new dimension never to be heard from again. However, one such criminal imprisoned thousands of years ago, was powerful enough to conquer the entire universe. Kept alive by ancient Sith magic, he finally found a way to leave Outerspace and return to realspace. He was thwarted by the combined power of the Empire and the Rebellion with help by the Mandalore Warriors. Because the proper Jedi techniques have all been lost, the only way in to Outerspace is through the nightmare dimension, Otherspace. Unfortunately, the correct entrance vectors for this process seem to be completely random, and as yet, there are no reliable methods for leaving