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INTRODUCTION Of educational talk about Islam is one thing there is no conclusion, not least due to two things, the

first was education itself must evolve seen from his own character. Second development of education should be in line with the development of the road. To treat all of this is so simple task of education in applied studies, in human life that has been in anugrahi sense to think as well as many other potential. In various issues in the world of education as on elements of education, such as: education, education policy, teaching methods, curriculum, educators, learners and eveluasi as standart for the purpose of achieving a learning process. In response to the above question has spawned a number of figures in various parts of the Muslim world, including in Indonesia. One of these Langgulung Hasan, who is able to give its contribution in developing thinking on Islamic education as a concrete step in solving various problematic follow Islamic education system and requires the availability of integrity "modern Islamic education system". As for who would like to be expressed in this paper is how to actually Hasan Langgulung opinion about elements - elements in Islamic education to fit the times in facing the challenge of globalization today. Essence and meaning of Islamic Education According langgulung term hasan education is education in the English language, is derived from the Latin that is educere, which means inserting something, perhaps incorporate knowledge into someone's head. In this case, according to him there are three things involved, namely: knowledge, prosese incorporate into people's heads, so knowledge is indeed in the kepala.1 In its broadest sense hasan langgulung interpret education as an effort to move the cultural values of each individual in other words hasan masyarakat.2 langgulung also said that the education of an action (action) taken by a society, culture, or civilization for continuation memeliahara Furthermore, according to hasan langgulung hidupnya.3 explained that education is important for people in this world live their lives in order to obtain happiness and well-being. As something very urgent, then the functions of the education he expressed as follows: 1. Complete generation of easy to hold specific roles in society in the future. Role here in connection with the continuation of life (survival) human societies themselves. 2. Transfer of knowledge is concerned with the roles of the older generation to the younger generation. 3. Transfer values intended to preserve the integrity and unity of human societies, which became absolute terms untk continuation of life (survival) of a society and civilization. 4 As a transfer process values in a society of individuals who are in them, then the learning process according to Hasan Langgulung can be done by all sorts of ways, including: 1. Through his teaching, in this case means the transfer of knowledge or kno

knowledge. Through training Through indokrinasi ie copying process involving one or follow what is ordered by others. 5 In giving meaning to education, Hasan Langgulung looked at from three terms, namely: From the point of view of society. From the point of view of the individual. In terms of the process between the individual and society. 6 To further discuss the above three points: First, from the viewpoint seegi msyarakat, education means cultural inheritance from the older generation to the younger generation, so that the life of the people still ongoing. Or in other words, according to him, society has nilia-cultural values like channeled from generation to generation so that the community identity is protected. 7 the values it wants channeled all kinds, some are intellectual, artistic, political, and others. Second, seen from an individual, according to hasan langgulung education means development of latent potentials and hidden. 8 In this case the individual likens langgulung hasan like ocean full of pearls and all kinds of fish, but not visible. It was beneath the sea, it should be caught and exploration to become a food and jewelry for men. Potential, talent or ability that led to dig individulah pearls and turn it into gold and diamonds to be abundant riches for the prosperity of society. In other terms with respect to understanding, hasan langgulung about education seen from the individual, education is the process appeared (manifestation) of the hidden aspects of the (latent) in the students. 9 Thus it can be said that the prosperity of a community depends on the willingness of the community to work the latent wealth in setiiap individual. In other words, the prosperity of society depends on the success of education in nurturing the latent wealth in its people. Third, viewed in terms of process (transaction), then by virtue hasan langgulung education is the process of giving and taking, between humans and their environment in order to develop and create competencies-competencies that are required to transform and improve the conditions of humanity and its environment. In other terms he katakana as the interaction between the potential and culture, where both processes running together, fill filling between each other. 10 Hasan langgulung also agree with other education leaders in the use of some terms in Arabic for education. according to him, says education can be referred also to Ta'lim () according to the word of God Almighty which reads:

"And he taught Adam all the names (of things) all over it, then submit them to the angels, and said:" Mention me names if you really frightened of the truth "11 B. Tree Policy And Purpose Islamic Education As an activity engaged in the process of building a Muslim personality, the Islamic education needs policy promised azas or work platform. With this policy will provide direction for educational peleksanaan programmed. In this context, the policy should be molded Islamic education is a source of truth and strength values that can send the learners towards the direction of educational attainment. therefore, the basis of the most important trees of Islamic education according langgulung hasan is the quran and hadith. 12 There are several reasons why the Quran used as the basis of the first tree in Islamic education, namely: Quran very respectful man. Al-quran provide scientific guidance Fill in the quran is not contrary to human nature Story (stories) that are in the quran intended as educational Quran very attentive and thus memeliahara sosoal problems. 13 Apart from the two primary sources of Islamic education tree above, other sources are qaul-alshabat (opinion or word friend), masalih ar-mursalah (a question to see obligated level and positive terms it contains), 'urf (custom kebiaasaan or appropriate to teaching Islam), and Muslim intellectual thought ijtihat results (figures opinion islam time). 14 The purpose of education is dasrnya and diusahan of change in the educational process, both in the aspect of individual behavior in private life or the life of society and environment. According langgulung hasan, the purpose of education is the most important thing, because it determines the content and methods of education. 15 To achieve these objectives, according hasan haruislah langgulung depart from many of the basic education which in truth is the teaching of Islam itself. As for the policy - the policy tree Islamic education that is: Integrity (syumuliah) Keterpaduan Continuity Originality A practical

Solidarity Openness. 16 hasan more langgulung say that the purpose of education can not speak does not call us to talk about the purpose of life, because education seeks to preserve human life. Therefore, the discussion about the purpose also requires that we consider the nature - the nature of human origin according to the views of Islam, because the man that's something to aspire to ditanmamkan by education. 17 Thus the objectives of Islamic education is to develop students' disposition, good spirit, physical, selfwill, and intellect dynamically, so that it will form a strong personal and supporting the performance of his functions as kholifah fi al-Hasan stricter ardh.18 Langgulung say as Taufik HM expressed that the goals of Islamic education should be formulated as direction would go supstansial human essence, that live up to the image of perfection for human peenciptaan. 19 C. Element - elements of Islamic Education The purpose of Islamic Education In this case the purpose and meaning of word combination meaning once. The purpose of Islamic education and, behold, the final destination, the general purpose and special purpose. Islamic education is the ultimate goal can be expressed as follows: preparation and in the Hereafter own embodiment in accordance with the view of Islam. preparation to be good citizens. comprehensive and integrated development of the private students (not split personality) 20 Concurs with the opinion of Prince Daulay Haidar explained above there are 3 principal purpose of Islamic education that is: achievement of the purpose of God in human relationships. tercapanya purpose of man's relationship to man achievement of the purpose of man's relationship with nature. 21 2 .. Islamic Education Curriculum Curriculum is guiding for teachers in doing its work according to the subjects and grade levels are exposed. Broad meaning of the curriculum can be interpreted as: "The whole school effort to stimulate children to learn, both in the classroom and are at school or outside school". 22

Meanwhile, the S Nasution, something that was planned as a holding clients to achieve the goals of education. planned what bersipat usually ideal, a dream - dreams about people or citizens formed. What can be established in a statement called real curriculum. 23 So urgennya curriculum in education, many of the figures to make the concept of thinking about them is Hasan Langgulung curriculum as a thinker, he felt responsible for the advancement of education in Islamic education in particular. curriculum which can determine the success of an education. Accordingly, the educational curriculum which is very different from the secular modern education, where as a determinant of the curriculum is a powerful social force at a time when its time, such as 19 and 20 century as a determinant of saince curriculum is science and technology while at the medieval Christian religion is, whereas previously as defining art. Contrast to the case with Islamic education as a determinant of the level curriculum from kindergarten to university level is Al-Qur'an and hadist. That is fixed on Islamic education curriculum to make the Qur'an and hadist as determinants of trust in organizing Islamic education. 24 Hasan langgulung explain more detailed that the Islamic education curriculum to first understand the religion of Islam would function in the lives of communities and individuals in general can be summed up as follows: spiritual functions associated with beliefs and faith related psychological functions associated with individual behavior, including moral values which raise man to a better degree. social function associated with settings that connect people with other people or human societies, because each realizes the rights and responsibilities to form a harmonious and balanced society. Above all religious functions according to Hasan Langgulung be reflected in the purpose of Islamic education in particular high school. 25 It speaks that more fundamental purpose tersimpul Islamic education in said Fadhilah (main character). While soul Islamic education is moral education, because first and foremost purpose of Islamic education is sublime character and psyche. 26 Based on the number above defenisi author argues that the curriculum is the order of the material compiled by the school for use of the students achieve the desired goals of education, the curriculum given to the appropriate level of child education in schools, so the curriculum provided by the school when not appropriate to the age and level ladder education and knowledge of the curriculum students are not able to distribute in accordance with the need of the students. Hasan spoke Langgulung explain the curriculum does not include the 4 point, namely: Purpose that comes from philosophy, Knowledge derived from theory,

Ways to teach philosophy and knowledge taken from other, Determined by appraisal (evaluation) 3. Educate participants Learners are only one component of the Islamic education system is different from other components in the system of education of the students are currently in the growth and development Pase both physical and pisikis, growth and development are characteristic of learners who need guidance from a educators. 27 Samsul Nijar learners describe five criteria, namely: learners are not miniature adults, but have their own world. pesertadidik have periodisation development and growth. learners are gods creatures who have good individual differences caused by congenital factors or environment where it is located. dididk participants are the two main elements of physical and spiritual, physical elements have the physical needs and spiritual elements in the sense of conscience and lust. learners are people who have the potential or the nature of which can be developed and expanded dynamically. 28 Teaching Methods To learn defenisi teaching methods, the authors cite several definitions given by experts in education and a member of the following languages: General meaning of the method, according to Indonesian dictionary means "an orderly and well-thought given to achieve the purpose (of knowledge, etc.), how to work systematically to facilitate the implementation of an employment activity reached a predetermined purpose. 29 According to the method Abdurrahman Mas'ud interpreted as a way of teaching and learning for teachers and comprehensive improvement efforts of all elements of education. 30 other meaning is controlled tekhnik catering teacher to teach or present educational materials in the classroom to students both individually and in groups / classical, so that lessons can be absorbed, understood and utilized by the students well. Hasan langgulung clarification of the teaching method is a way to reach a goal. So many road-maccam, as well as methods. There is no best method for all subjects. There may be good for certain subjects by certain teachers and certain teachers, but not necessarily to the methods and different teachers. 31 Broad Langgulung Hasan explained that Islamic religious education itself not only in a sense. Some cognitive terms, seprti about historical facts, conditions and rules of prayer and other worship. This is a

fact that does not change. The method would have used such methods in the teaching of other facts in the knowledge of others. But as is known a more important aspect of religion is moral and pragmatic solutions within this sphere is evident in (region) behavior (Behavioral). Of course the method used can not be used as teaching methods in relation to the facts or cognitive domains. Cultivate a love for the Qur'an (the effective domain) can be worn with perlobaan method (Pesta) and speech contests. Behavioral aspects also can not be taught with delivery methods memamkai facts, but ask students to play a particular role (Role Playing) good through stage school or through associations, or associations in the field of religion, missionary, masinh where they will be given a specific role according to the destination to love and practice of the Qur'an. Regarding the use of the tools to learn, will be very useful if we use the maps and photographs, like matter, zakat and hajj. 32 authors concluded that Hasan langgulung opinion that the method of teaching is very conditional and situational. That means a teacher can select and use a method that is as follows: Lecture method Ask and answer method Discussion method Task-method study / reesitasi Demonstration and experimental methods Cluster method Method sosiodrama and play a role Method works Attraction Drill method (training completed) System method regu (team teaching) are set according to the condition of time and circumstances. Hasan Langgulung on other occasions that explain more in-depth teaching include: Manejerial, administration, staffing, teacher education (teacher education), text books (text book development). Tekhnologi education (education technology), audio visual equipment, teaching aid. The methodology includes all aspects of teaching and learning could be better, in other words, how (how), what (what), and one (who). That is how the methods used, what material studies, who taught and who teaches. 33 all these aspects according to Hasan Langgulung should be the object of study of

teaching methodology, so it can not be split on one another, as if separated thus resulting komprehensip not understanding. 5. Energy Educators We argue that to provide operational defenisi, we inevitably have to return examine what meaning itself as a professional teacher and functions in society. Reasons discussed in the context of teacher training world now without seeing his background, originating, and the history of its development, is like a person who would catch snakes simply to hold the tail only. Not only will they catch snakes but it will also harm himself, if the snake will turn mematuknya. Now we often hear the proverbial gun eat you, should it is our tool to achieve the goal, but because we do not know the origin of the weapons we use, we borrow it from someone else without knows the way to use it, eventually we become prey. Similarly with the teacher as sutu weapon to achieve the goals of education. In the brief description above, see how the concept and function of the teacher in society is always changing. In the context of Islamic education, educators called murabbih, navigator and muaddib. Word comes from the word rabba murabbih, yurabbi Said the mass propagator pail from Allama, yuallimu as found in the Qur'an (Surah 2: 31.). while the word is derived from addaba muaddib, yuaddibu as saying rasullah: "God mendidikku, then it would give me the best education." Thus Langgulung Hasan opinion of educators in the world of education etymology. Whereas in terminalogi is educator is one who ordered the people to live a good life until lifted appropriate degree of humanity with the capacity possessed by human policy. 34 Evaluation of Islamic Education Education evaluation evaluation comes from the English language, which means the act or process of determining the value seseuatu. Or process to determine the value of everything that has to do with education. in Arabic is known as Seal sebagi evaluation to assess how the end result of the educational process. 35 Langgulung Hasan explained that the purpose of evaluation is closely linked pendidikannislam itself. Evaluation attempts to determine what the educational purpose has been achieved. He pointed out that education evaluation evaluation seprti drive car that is muulai from starter, memnekan gas, brake, signal lights and others. So all should be examined whether there is still a made a mistake or not. So education evaluation according to Hasan Langgulung hanging purposes set forth in education, such as whether education is for work purposes only affordable means only work that pass the test. But in fact the purpose of Islamic education should be broader than the decline Langgulung namely: to serve the gods, the criteria used are wisdom (wisdom), nobility (virlue).