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Hi! This is Sima again. This story is about how I lost my virginity to our s ervant Mahesh.

I was 18 at that time. I had a boyfriend and I had kissed him a few times but ne ver went beyond that. We had a servant named Mahesh. He was around 21. He had a good body but I was never attracted to him. But I liked to dress provocatively a t home just to make him look at me. It made me feel good. But I never thought I& #8217;ll ever let him touch me. I used to wear tight shirts, short skirts, and transparent shirts without a bra if dad wasn’t at home. Whenever I was dressed like that at home, I could s ee a bulge in Mahesh’s pants and I felt good. I deliberately used to stay near him. One day, while Mahesh was cleaning the house, I had an idea to get rid of the bo redom. I dressed in the shortest skirt I had and a very provocative blouse and p retended to sleep on the bed and turned on my PC’s webcam focused to cover most of the room. Now when I watched the video after Mahesh left, this is what I saw: Mahesh came into the room and looked at me. The way I was positioned, he could s ee up my skirt. I was not wearing any panties, so he got an instant hard on. He moved behind me and looked up my cleavage. As I already told you I had huge boob s even at that age. He was convinced I was asleep so he took out his cock and st arted to rub it with his hands near my face. Then he got on the bed so he could see my whole body and started to rub his cock up and down. I was amazed to look at what he was doing. I literally saw his cock grow and was really turned on (wh ile watching the video). He kept on masturbating and when he was about to come, he took my bra that I had just taken off half an hour ago and spilled his juices into it. What he did nex t really amazed me. He took that bra and placed it into my hands. I felt it when I was pretending to be asleep and I felt the sticky liquid on it but I just rea lized what that was all about. I looked at the bra that I had just thrown into t he dustbin out of disgust when Mahesh left. I again took it in my hands and smel led it. I was so turned on. I decided that Mahesh, and not my boyfriend, will be the first man to fuck me. I was desperate to get fucked by him right then. I co uld not wait. I was just 15 but I was in love. I knew I was ready. I shouted at once, “Mom! Send Mahesh to my room, I want him to clean My Bo oks Closet”. Before he came, I quickly took that bra covered in Mahesh&#82 17;s cum and put it on under my blouse. I was feeling some psychological pleasur e in the fact that Mahesh’s cum is on my breasts. Mahesh came and said, “Kya Karna Hai Memsahab?” I said, “Is blouse se meri bra dikhti hai?” “Ji Memsahab?” “Maine kaha, is blouse se meri bra dikhti hai?” “Haan Memsahab.” “Pata hai ye kaunsi bra hai?” “Ji?” “Ye le meri Panty aur isko bhi waisa hi kar de” “Sorry Memsahab? Galti ho Gayi” “Idhar aa” He came close to me and I put my hands right on his dick over his pants. “ AAH Nahin Memsahab, Meri abhi abhi muth nikli hai” “Yehi teri saza hai.” And I kissed him on his lips. I took his hand and placed on my tits over my blouse. Now he needed no motivation anymore. He st arted to rub my breasts. He placed his lips on the side of my neck and kissed me . “Memsahab, Aap jo kahengi, mein wahi karoonga.” “Aaj mein teri memsahab nahin, tu mera sahab hai. Mujhse aise baat kar jai se mein teri randi hoon.” He removed my blouse and said, “Mein apni pant nahin utaroonga. Tu utar&#8 221; I removed his pants. His cock was huge and rock solid. I took it into my mouth a nd started to move my head up and down on his cock. He placed his hands on my ne

ck and started to push me on his cock. Every now and then, he choked me with his huge monster. “Choos saali.. Achi tarah choos.. Tu to hai hi saali raand. Kapde bhi raand wale aur harkaten bhi.. AAj sudharunga mein tujhe. Chaat achi t arah mera lauda.” I was enjoying his cock but I was being suffocated somet imes too. Then he removed his cock from my mouth and pulled my hair to make me s tand up. Then he kissed my lips and my neck. Then he kissed my ears and licked t hem with his tongue. He moved his tongue behind my ears and licked them. I loved that feeling. Then he removed the stained bra off my body and started to press my boobs with h is hands.. “AAAHHH!! AAAHHH!! AAAHHH!!” I was in my skirt only. Then he moved his tongue all over my breasts. he circled my nipples with his tongue. Then he moved his tongue on my belly. Then he started to lick my navel and pres s my boobs at the same time.. “AAHHH!! UFFFF AHHHH!!!” Then he made me lie on the bed on my back and licked my lower back just over my ass. I was dy ing for him to move his tongue into my pussy. He just touched his tongue on my p ussy lips, kissed them but never licked my pussy.. I was dying. I told him to li ck my pussy but he said, “Chup kar. AAj mein tera malik hoon.. Bahut tadpa ya hai tune mujhe.. Chal kutiya ke tarah baith ja..” I Sat in doggy style position and he inserted his huge dick inside my ass.. He placed his hands on my waist and started giving jerks. “AAH AAH AAH AHH UFF UFF FUCK FUCK FUCK m E fuck me bad. aahh ahh ooohh ohhh ohhh ufff..” He kept on increasing his pace. My ass was in tremendous pain but there was pleasure in that pain too.. su ddenly he took out his cock out of my asshole and made me turn in a jerk and cam e all over my face. There was hot cum all over my face and my pussy was still untouched. I was so ho rny and he had just lost his load second time.. He said, “Bahut tharak hog i tujhe abhi.. Ungli kar ke mita le ya raat tak intezaar kar le.” And he l eft the room.. He was my servant and I knew I could call him ryt then and force him to satisfy me but I could not. I just masturbated and sat there waiting desp erately for him to fill my pussy and take my virginity. Wait for my next part but before that reply me.