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SIEMENS jon of the Deutsche Bibliothek “The Deutsche Bibliothek lists this publication in the German national bibliography; detailed bibliographic data are available on the Intemet at htip:/dnb.ddb.de. ‘The author, translator and publisher have taken great care with all texts and illustrations in this book. Nevertheless, errors can never be completely avoided. ‘The publisher, author and translator accept no liability, regardless of legal basi Designations used in this book may be trademarks whose use by third parties for their own purposes coutd violate the rights of the owners. www publicis-erlangen.de/books. ISBN 3-89578-255-6 Editor: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin and Munich ‘Translator: Ronald Hume; Office: Monika First (BDU), Germany Publisher: Publicis Corporate Publishing, Erlangen © 2005 by Publicis KommunikationsAgentur GmbH, GWA, Erlangen This publication and all parts thereof are protected bry copyright Any use of it outside the strict provisions of the copyright law without the consent Of the publisher is forbidden and will incur penalties. This applies particularly to reproduction, translation, microfilming or other processing. and to storage or processing in electronic systems. It also applies to the use of individual illustrations or extracts from the text, Printed in Germany Contents Controllers and their Names . . . Designation According to Application and Design Designation Acconding to Parameter Components 16 Designation According to Controlled Variable _. 19 Designation According to Control Structure .. 21 Designation According to Controlted Process . 2 Designation According to Setpoint Type and Source . 22 Symbols Used 22.22.2222... 08 Controllers and their Signals... 23 Controller Input Signals .. Controller Output Signals Planning of Loop Controls with SIMATIC S7_. Summary of SIMATIC Control Products. Connection System Quantity Framework and Dynamic Performance of a Control Loop Quality Criteria and Accuracy of a Loop Control Safety Requirements Operation and Visualization . Complexity and Flexibility Tuning Aid: PID Self-Tuner . Controllers with Integral Tuning Aid . Advantages of Software Controllers and FMs Actuators and Sensors for a Control System... Influence of Final Control Elements on Control System . ‘Contactors, Relays and Semiconductor Relays... Dampers and Butterfly Valves ....... Variable-speed Pumps and Motors . Dosing Actuators ........ Influence of Measurement Technique on Control System Signals from Directly Connected Thermocouples . . 55 Signals from Directly Connected Resistance Thermometers. 57