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11 MAY 07

1. Overview: HHC, 3-36 IN conducts M16/M4 Zero at Range 12 on 15MAY2007. 2. References: BN OPORD/MATRIX, FM 3-22.9, AR 385-63, FBTCSOP 22DEC2005 3. Purpose: To successfully complete 25m Zero, day and night, and Reflexive Fire, night only, of all personnel assigned M16/M4 weapons. 4. Objective a. Task: HHC conducts M16/M4 Zero and M16/M4 Reflexive Fire. b. Conditions: Given dedicated ranges at FBTX with spring time desert weather. Temperatures will be in ranges of 75 to 80 degrees with average wind speeds of 10 MPH and 10% average chance of precipitation. c. Standards: All M16/M4 firers in 3-36 IN successfully complete 25m Zero and Reflexive Fire. 5. Concept a. General: Mortar Platoon HHC 3-36IN M-4 Zero fire range will be conducted in three phases: Prep/PMI, Live Fire and Recovery. . b. Specific: Phase I Prep/PMI EST 2000 on 27 MAR at 0900 - UTC at BLDG 724 will be attended by all available personnel. The week of 26 MAR is dedicated to section Prep/PMI. Each section will develop and implement a PMI plan to train individuals on their assigned weapon. PMI will include weapon familiarization, assembly/disassembly, correct a malfunction, Basic Marksmanship and Range Safety Training. M16/M4 Zero Range conducted on 11APR2007. M16/M4 Qualification Range conducted on 12APR2007. M16/M4 Stress/Reflexive fire range conducted on 13APR2007. Preparation for the range will include boresighting assigned optics, mount and tie down weapon accessories as per BN SOP, draw magazines from supply, all Sergeants and above attend the range safety class and prepare appropriate paperwork to run ranges as necessary. Range OIC will coordinate with Range Control to confirm land reservation and sign for appropriate ranges NLT 1 week prior to range. Sections will prepare a range box with required equipment not provided by Range Control. Senior leaders will conduct range recon NLT 2

weeks in advance of range operations. Sections with assigned personnel will coordinate with armorer to draw weapons NLT 2 days prior to range operations. Phase II Live Fire 15MAY M4/M16 Zero/Reflexive Range will be conducted by 1st Platoon at Range 12 (Meyer), all personnel assigned to A Co are required to attend. OIC for the range will be 2LT Fenn and RSO will be SFC Henry. Coordination for range support must be complete NLT 3 days prior to range operations and will include targetry, fire control, MEDEVAC, as well as all unit internal support requirements. Section will draw, transport, and set-up weapon systems prior to range operations. All personnel will conduct day and night rifle zero and night reflexive fire. Personnel not firing will attend retraining/concurrent training conducted by SPC Small. NCOIC/Tower Operator will be SFC Henry. All NCOs need to be prepared to conduct safety duties, and have on hand a highlighter marker. Phase III Recovery 17MAY-25MAY Range Recovery Phase II cleaning of all weapon systems, PMCS and racking of vehicles, clean, fuel, and return TMP vehicles, reorder all supplies used at ranges, all 2404 and 5988 complete for all appropriate equipment, inventory and inspect all soldiers personal equipment and report any shortages or losses, return all non-unit equipment, and 100% sensitive item inventory. 6. Coordinating Instructions a. General b. Time Schedule 15 MAY M4 Zero/Reflexive Fire 0500 First Call for all Personnel 0530 Hygiene/Chow for all Personnel 0535 Draw weapons\NVG for Non Critical Personnel 0600 ADVON/MEDIC Movement to Range 12 0700 Draw weapons\NVG for Critical Personnel 0700 Sign for Range/Range Set-up 0715 Formation for movement of Critical Personnel 0730 Movement to Range 12 for Critical Personnel 0800 Range set-up complete 0830 Range Safety Brief 0900 Range hot 0900 1700 M16/M4 1200 Chow (MRE) 1230 Concurrent Training c. Uniform ACU Complete, Body Armor Complete, ACH Complete (w/ patrol cap when not on the firing line), Eye/Ear Protection, Nomex/Flight Gloves, Elbow/Knee Pads, NVGs and all other additional BN SOPs in effect.

7. Support Requirements a. Food/Water 6 boxes of MREs 72 meals total (36 meals per day) 10 Water Cans 3 Ice Coolers w/ 2 bags of ice per cooler b. Equipment/Supplies/Ammo Range Box, Flashlights w/ batteries, Score Cards, IR Chemlights (10 boxes) & Green Chemlights (10 boxes), 12 Traffic Cones, Engineer Tape, road guard vests, 2x10 lbs Fire Extinguishers, CLP, sunblock. c. Transportation Bus, TMP, and HMMWVs d. Medical Earplugs, MEDEVAC Vehicle w/ CLS bag complete and strip map to WBAMC, (TMP Van w/ 2 litters), CLS trained personnel at all ranges 5.56 and below, Medic at all ranges 7.62 and above. e. Communication PRI - Motorola radio w/ charger ALT Alt Motorola radio w/ charger ALT 2 - Cell Phones 8. Safety Risk Assessments as per range control SOP. OIC/RSOs will be designated as primary safety personnel. Safety brief will be given prior to all conducted ranges. Smoking areas will be designated by OIC. Fire extinguishers at each ammo point. Medics will be present and have extra hearing protection on hand. Muzzle discipline will be maintained at all times and enforced by leadership. Fire detail (3xEM, 1xNCO).

JASON N. FENN 2LT, IN 1st Platoon Leader