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Conceptual Literature Unit: Project Choices

Personal Timeline
For this assignment, you will be constructing a personal timeline that exhibits your America. (1) By using poster board and either actual photos or drawings that you create, map out major events in your life in chronological order, including captions to describe these events. For example, you may want to include yourself as infant, first day of school, moving to a new home, enjoying a holiday, getting a new pet, activities you participated, etc. You need to include at least seven (7) components in your timeline. Below each photo or drawing, include a caption of 2-3 sentences describing the event taking place. Be creative in the events that you choose! Think of events that are particularly important to you. (2) Then, write a 2-3 page, double-spaced report on your timeline addressing the following questions: i. Why did you choose to include each event? What is significant about them? Does it evoke certain emotions that have stuck with you? ii. How do the events you chose contribute to your own unique America? What events have you included that may not be on another persons timeline? iii. What events do you hope to include in a future timeline? Why? (3) Your timeline must be creative and composed in a way that is neat and easy to read.

For this assignment, you have the option to interview a member or members of your family like LeAlan and Lloyd do in Our America or another classmate that comes from a different ethnic background. If you choose to interview a classmate, it may be helpful to pair up with someone and both agree to do the interview option in order to maximize class work time. The interview must be a minimum of 7 minutes long if done through digital media equipment. (1) You can choose to do your interview using the voice recorders and/ or film equipment available in the classroom (or personal equipment you own) or by speaking with the individual you are interviewing and writing down their responses. (2) If you choose to use digital equipment from the classroom, you must not only interview the person, but also use the schools computer software to organize the interview in a way that can be presented to the class, editing out long pauses in speech, mistakes that you have caught on audio/video, or unneeded information. Remember to include the question you are asking when presenting the interview. (3) If you choose to write down responses, this must be turned in along with a 2-3 page explanation of how this interview helped expand your knowledge regarding someone elses America and how their life is similar and/or different to your own life. (4) Interview questions must include:

i. Briefly describe your name, age, and background (where you were born, where you have lived, family, etc.) ii. What was your childhood like? How did this help shape or not shape you into the person you are today? iii. What everyday things do you do that are unique to your own, personal life? These can be details that may be different from the majority of Americans. iv. What activities do you participate in that are significant to your own culture or ethnicity? These activities can be social, religious, etc. Do you participate in these activities out of habit or because you like to connect with your heritage? v. What are your goals for the future? What would you like to see for future generations?

Song Option: (1) Choose 3 songs that describe yourself and the America in which you personally live. Then, for each song, write a two page, double spaced explanation addressing the following questions. When presenting, you can choose to play bits of the song to classmates in order for them to get an idea of what the song represents, as well. i. Why is this song a description of the unique America in which you live? ii. What methods does the singer/songwriter use to convey this meaning? For example: repetition, literary devices (metaphor, simile, hyperbole, etc.) iii. What kind of emotions does this song evoke for you? Joy? Sadness? Disappointment?, etc. (2) Choose 3 songs written or sung by an artist different from your own cultural background. Research these online or ask a classmate of a different cultural background. Then, for each song, write a two page, double spaced explanation addressing the following questions. When presenting, you can choose to play bits of the song to classmates in order for them to get an idea of what the song represents, as well. i. What kind of event/struggle does this song describe that is particular to the singer/songwriters culture, if any? ii. What kind of emotions does the song evoke for you, even though you are from a different background? iii. Why is it important for listeners of different cultural background to hear and contemplate this song? Poem Option: (1) Cut 50 words or phrases out of a magazine or newspaper that help describe your identity, the place you live, cultural background, etc. You can use magazines/newspapers that I have in the classroom, or ones from home. (2) Then, compose a poem out of these words/ phrases that would help others to perceive your personal, unique life. Glue these phrases or words onto a poster board so it can be displayed. (3) Write a two-page explanation addressing the following questions: i. Did you choose to take a more literal or abstract approach in composing your poem? Why? ii. What tone do you perceive your poem being read in? Reflective? Angry? Whimsical? iii. Why is this poem unique to your identity?

Cooking/ Restaurant Option

For this project option, you will either choose to cook a recipe at your own home that comes from a different ethnic background OR go to a restaurant and order/eat something unique to a culture different than your own. Cooking Option: (1) Choose your recipe carefully. You can do this using a school computer. Make sure to pick a recipe that you will actually be able to create in your own home. Make note of any special ingredients or cooking equipment that you may not have in your home. (2) Before cooking your recipe, write a one page, double-spaced pre-cooking report answering the following questions: i. What are you cooking and what part of the world does it come from? ii. What special ingredients are used that are different from the everyday ingredients you use in cooking? What kinds of flavors do these ingredients add? iii. How to do you anticipate this food to taste? Will it be drastically different from your everyday food or relatively similar? Why? (3) After you successfully cook your recipe, take a photo or draw what the final product looks like. (4) Then, write a 2 page, double spaced analysis answering the following questions: i. Describe any challenges you came across while cooking. Why did these occur? ii. Describe how the final product tasted and looked. Did you enjoy it? Was it similar or different than what you expected? iii. Why is it important for people to cook/try foods from other cultural backgrounds? iv. How did this food enhance your understanding of the wide array of unique American identities within our nation? Restaurant Option: (1) Choose a restaurant that cooks food from an ethnic background different than your own. You can research where to go on a school computer or from your own personal knowledge. (2) After you successfully pick out the restaurant you want to attend, write a one-page, double spaced pre-dining report answering the following questions: i. What is the name of restaurant you will be attending? What culture/ethnicity is the source for your restaurants food? ii. Why did you choose to attend this restaurant? Have you had this type of food before or not? What is attracting you to this type of food? iii. What are your expectations for what the food will taste like? (3) Then, after attending the restaurant, answer the following questions in a two-page, doublespaced report. Take a photo or make a drawing of the food you ordered. i. What did you order? Why? ii. Did the flavors meet your expectations or was it different? iii. Why is it important for people to try foods from other cultural backgrounds? iv. How did this food enhance your understanding of the wide array of unique Americas within our nation?

Project Planning
Name: ____________________________ What project option have you chosen to complete? ____________________________________ Outline five steps on how you plan on completing this project from beginning to end. For example, if youre going to cook your own recipe from another ethnic background, your first step may be to go online and research what type of food you are interested in trying. Then, you may want to check out a recipe book from the library or find one online and choose a specific recipe. Then, you need to make note of any special ingredients/equipment needed to make the food. Then, complete the one page pre-cooking report., etc. 1. _______________________________________________________________





How do you envision the project looking and sounding when you present it to myself and the rest of the class in a few weeks? What are your goals?

Outline three strengths you personally have that will aid you in the successful completion of this project. Include why/how they will help you. Strength One:

Strength Two:

Strength Three: