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Weaam Almuzain

Part 1. Identify Project In this project, I am planning to create a professional website which will present our Dar AlHekma Library in a good way to be. The aim of this study is to identify the importance of building a special library or information center on the Internet, and to shed light on the role and importance of this site to provide information services, and then describe the most important services that can be provided through the library website on the Internet. Part 2. Identify Need We need this website to advance our services to whom it will use it. We are planning (as a library team) to meet the Library's campaign goals in support of program enhancements, student worker positions, library collections, faculties and key staff endowments. The mission of Dar Al-Hekma Library is to provide an environment of learning and investigation that effectively supports the collage programs of study and their curricula, research by faculty, staff, and students, and community outreach. The library provides leadership in acquiring, organizing and delivering information to the community of DAH scholarship and assists users in fulfilling their information needs. Dar Al-Hekma Website Goals: Maintain a balanced and organized collection of high-quality materials and provide professional assistance to all its users. Provide access to information located elsewhere. Improve users services. Cooperate with other organizations for the advancement of scholarship and college goals. continue to provide an extensive collection of materials and online resources. Provide instruction in library and information literacy skills aimed at developing an individual's ability to select, evaluate, and use information resources now and in the future. Use technology to improve the delivery of programs, resources, and services. Engage to social media. Provide E-books. Provide Databases. The most important benefits of providing information services through the library web site in the following points: 1. Reducing distances and canceling some spatial and temporal barriers, and shorten the times to come and go for the beneficiary, and this from the point of view of the beneficiary is important if possible to provide these services through the library website.

2. Reaffirm the commitment of the library or information center toward the beneficiary to provide quality information services up to the level of quality in the services required. 3. Economy in the cost in terms of time, effort and money spent by workers in the library. 4. Employing modern technology and its applications in the field of providing information services. 5. The development of the level and quality of services of the information provided. 6. Provide new information in form and content. 7. The emergence of new ways and means of communication and dialogue between the beneficiary and the library and information specialist, and this means depends heavily and directly on technical

Information services: Can be summed up the most important information services that the library can be provided to the beneficiaries through its Internet site at the following services: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Reference Services. Direct index of the library. Electronic information sources. Search Services databases. Current awareness services. Loan and related. Request documents (delivery). Directory of the library.

In my opinion, I think after discussion with my library team, these goals will cover all the purpose of my website. We are trying to develop as much as we can to enhance our library by any way. This website will promote our services and attract our users.

Part 3. Identify Users Who are the intended potential or current patrons of your Web page? 1. students at all levels academic and scientific specialties. 2. faculty members at the university. 3. the governing body at the university staff and employees in various departments of Administration. 4. Researchers in various fields and topics. 5. This site will provide the Databases that our library subscribed to. This will assist students to work on their research, and enhance their education. 6. I expect my users to know how to navigate the web easily and they can use the social networks to contact with me.

Part 4. Identify Style/Persona What is the "style" or "persona" associated with the potential patrons, the organization, or other interested potential users of the Web page? 1. I would prefer to use soft colors and I want to use the colors that our collage is use in its website. I will put our library pictures and our collage logo. I also can provide the organizations logos that we are subscribed in. otherwise, It will be clean, sleek, modern design, easy to navigate and layout. And because my users are adults, the font style will be in a medium size with dark colors. I also will provide a tutorial about the library in the home page. 2. My site will be all in ENGLISH. I know in my country the official language is Arabic , but our collage is an international collage has more than 20 nationality and most of them speak English, so it will be easier for them to read the content in English. 3. My team trust in what I will do to present this website in a great shape. They want my to put a feedback page so users can write their expectations and suggestions.