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Self-Portrait Portfolio Assignment

Mohammed Althagafi


Values are part of person thoughts, believe, and culture. For me, I am looking forward to know the absolute truth about everything. To know about my God and my religion. To become close with my God. To know my abilities, to recognize my strength and weakness aspects. To truly know who am I, to know how improve myself day after day. To know how achieve my goals. To know how can I serve my country, my community, my extended family. How can I be a good citizen in my country, and represent it abroad. To take care of my family, to teach my children a good education.

Career interests

My relationship with mathematics began since childhood .When I was in the first grade of the middle school, mathematics teacher asked me to solve a quadratic equation . I was confused and scared , it was the first time I stand in front of my colleagues. Because I could not answer , he slapped me. That smack will not forget even today ! Mathematics is a subject that I have thoroughly enjoyed throughout my school years. The challenge of thinking and the process of logic always attract me to Mathematical problems, whatever difficult and regardless of the form in which they come. I am keen to read-up on different areas of Mathematics, in addition to those covered at A-Level, such as Topology and Number Theory, little of which is studied indepth at A-Level. In addition, I enjoy reading contemporary Mathematics books. When I began my undergraduate studies, I had the opportunity to be exposed to the full range of mathematics courses. All of which tended to reinforce and solidify my intense interest in mathematics. I've also had the opportunity to study a number of subjects in the humanities and they have been both enjoyable and enlightening, providing me with a new and different perspective on the world in which we live. I have worked in the teaching of mathematics for several years, and I had exciting experiences with my students. The biggest challenges that may face a mathematics teacher is how to deliver information in a clear and simple way. Therefore, I had a great interest in elearning, And most of my classes designed through electronic displays . Now, I have a small electronic library, and my Web has allowed me to contact with my students; hence, develop ways in which I used to view my subjects .Working with mathematics and students does not deprive me from participating in the administrative work within the university. So, I worked in public relations and media, and in the various committees within my

college. I worked as director of the center for training and community service, and I participate of prepare a number of training courses. Now, I am now looking forward to study at UWO , to connect with great professors in pure mathematics , as long as I had a great interest in modern algebra, especially Group Theory, Rings , Fields, and Category Theory. Once I have graduate from the university, I will go back my home country and resume my job as a teacher in my university.

Other interests

Using computers to design professional works is an interesting. In the past, works of art were limited to a few selected people. Drawing, painting and decoration are features of talented only. I was always obsessed by the work of great artists. Fortunately, computer and Internet revolution has made everything possible. Currently, it is available packages of software programs, called Graphics, offers the possibility to professional design. Moreover, courses and free tutorials explain how to use these programs are available. Over the years went on, I learned design using Photoshop to produce professional images. Although, it is just a hobby for some; including me, however, it could be turn to business generating money.

Intelligences (learning styles)

Intelligence Type
















Even though my scores indicate I am likely to be a little lacking in confidence and inclined to self-doubt especially in musical, and naturalistic aspects. I am probably likely to assess my level of knowledge and skill in a fairly accurate, if slightly self-critical manner. As my scores suggest I am not at all musical nor naturalistic, I should be very open to accept and receive feedback, as long as it is presented in a constructive way. Regardless the classification of multiple intelligence and my score above, It is often said that "study habits are the best teacher". Good study habits are created from successful experiences student have had studying. They allow students to know their strength in how to learn. Maybe study habits of one student are not suitable for another one. Thus, there is no agreement for the ideal study habits, as each students is different. Although, there are several factors which impact the

success of students, study habits have played a vital major in terms of time management and study plans. Nothing bring greater success to student than good study habits. I think setting up a preset schedule, using free time wisely, weekly reviews, dedicated study spaces, and postpone unnecessary activities until the work is done, will help me to be successful in university. If I considered these habits as a behavior for myself, I will achieve my goal in a simple way.

Personality spectrum

personal spectrum










It clear that from the table above that I am organizer and giver, and I hope so. What is the
catch? I know there are some simple steps I can take from this results, which will dramatically

increase my ability of study and decrease the number of hours I have to put in. I believe that the psychological factors are just as important as the physical ones to identify our attitudes, reactions and behaviors. When I approach my work in a well organized and prepared space mentally, I will be more receptive to information, pay more attention and remember more than approaching the task haphazardly. I think what I need is to work smarter, not harder. Most of these techniques are
common and generally quite simple even with complex subjects or advanced material. Student feel that there needs to be a more difficult way, but really the basic techniques are the same and can be tailored and adapted to just about any subject or learning style.