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Riddhi Son Media Studies I hate luv stories my cast studies I hate luv stories is postmodern because of the

he use of references and parody moments of Bollywood, some which have been shown and some which have been told trough the storyline. Other postmodern elements such as irony have also been used through the story line. Postmodern is a complex theory with many different definitions but postmodernism is a reaction to modernism in all disciplines such as art/film/video games/music/literature/etc. The song SADKA KIYA is very postmodern because it has reference to other Bollywood films, it starts will a direct reference to DIL CHAHTA HAI, as the actor closes his eyes he can see the love of his life, this reference is very clear to the audience as it is done in a very similar way by using the same colour change effect making every but the girl black and white showing the audience she is the most important, and through using the same fades and transactions between cuts within this sequences. Then shows a famous scene from MOHABBATEIN has been referenced several times through one famous stance the and the clothes being worn as this is direct reference to the film.

Pastiche has also been used in the song, the actor and actresses are referencing and copying the couple from KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI, another element of pastiche is shown by showing famous romantic couple within Bollywood for example in a scene where J and Simran are near mountains and with sand and a lake, which is where a song from BACHNA AE HASEENO, the scene after show J and Simran in a park, J wears a green shirt and Simran wears a Blue dress exactly like in DIL CHAHTA HAI.

Riddhi Son Media Studies The film has a scene which is full of referencing the best bit from most Bollywood films which have been produced and or directed by Karan Johar who makes very predictable love stories, many of his films have been shown for example DIL THO PAGAL HAI, KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI, KHABI KUSHI KHABI GAAM and many more. Irony has been used a lot throughout the film and especially in this scene with the character J, as he has been shown to not believe in love however when he is on the set of film and sees all the love scenes he related it to himself The 1st sequence shows 2 people talking about love the man says how will I know that person is made for... will they be carrying a bored around them it then cuts to the character J who smiles to himself and looks away through his body language that audience can see that he doesnt believe in this and finds it all a joke, the director then cuts to Simran holding a big red heat which shows irony as he doesnt believe in love yet he is falling in love with Simran.

Another films referencing to a film with irony is shown, the scene shows a girl praying to go and asking for god to show who shes good in and then cuts to a man, this is meant to show that god is showing her that he is the one for her. In the back ground the famous song from the film RAB NA BANDI JODI which makes the referencing very clear to that audience. The director then cuts to J who is watching the shot, which his body language and his facial expressions once again the audience believe he doesnt believe in this, however when he turns he see Simran walking towards him showing irony.

The actor is shown saying in Hindi if she loved me her will turn around... Turn...Turn...Turn the actress then turns around, this is scene is directly making a reference to the film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, the camera then cutes to J and with his body language the audience can a change in her body language he is squinting his eyes with one raised brow and lean slightly forward giving the impression that J is confused about weather love is true and weather it is happening to him. However he turns around and sees Simran turning back at him at the same time, he then gets very scared and then run off.

Riddhi Son Media Studies

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8Mh1lLoooA 1.50 (all the different scenes) The film RAB NE BANDI JODI is being used and is has been made as a joke therefore the film using parody in the film for example when J meets Simians boyfriend Raj, J finds out both Raj and Simran dont drink on weekdays, J then makes a comment saying wow! RAB NE BANDI JODI which means match made in heaven thus was making a small joke. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T82C-bxDPMA 2.10