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Ottawa University

2nd Annual

Indoor Soccer Tournament

( 5 vs 5 )
Sunday, February 17, 2013
Montpetit Hall Gymnasium Gym #1&3

Registration $250 Winning Team $600

Guaranteed 3 Games!
For more information Please contact: geegeesoccer@gmail.com (613) 261-9691


2nd Annual Indoor Classic

Tournament Package Sunday, February 17, 2013

Proudly Sponsored By:

The Gee-Gees Mens Soccer Program would like to officially welcome all teams to the 2nd Annual 5vs5 Indoor Classic Soccer Tournament. Sunday, February 17, 2013 8am-5pm 5v5 University of Ottawa Sports Complex Team Entry: $250 Prize: $600

The tournament is World Cup format, each team guaranteed 3 games. Each team must pick an international country to represent.

Team Roster
Affiliated Club or School (if any): Country Preference: Team Captain: Contact Number: Email address: # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Rules and Procedures Player Name

Procedure - Teams will have limited warm-up time. Only the teams playing in the next games will be allowed to warm up in the gym prior to their game. - Following each game, referees will report scores to the score table. Teams wishing to appeal a result must do so within 30 minutes of the final whistle. Tournament Director reserves the right to make the final decision. - Following games, teams must clear the gym quickly to allow for the next game. There is little room during the day to go over time limits so everyone must be mindful of this. - All participants shall avoid from going into the Montpetit Gym facility. No loitering within the weight room will be tolerated. Quarterfinal Draw - Following the group stage, there will be a quarterfinal draw. The four top placed teams will be seeded, and will be drawn against one of the remaining four teams. *Teams will not be drawn against teams they played in the group stage. - Winners of QF #1&4 will play each other in SF #1. Winners of QF #2&3 will play each other in SF #2. Rules - Teams are allowed as many players on their roster as they see fit. Players shall only play for one team during the course of the tournament. - Players shall respect the referees and fellow teammates and opposition players. Yellow and Red Cards - Players shall respect the game officials at all times. Officials reserve the right to hand out cards. - As per FIFA rules, two yellow cards accumulated during the course of a single match will result in direct expulsion (2 yellow = red card) from the said match. - Players given a red card during a match will be given direct expulsion from the said match. - In the case of both circumstances (above), the player will be suspended from the next subsequent match. - Yellow cards will be accumulated, 3 yellow cards accumulated will result in suspension from the next game. A subsequent 4th yellow card will result in expulsion from the tournament. - In the case of 2 accumulated red cards, the player will be expelled from the tournament. Teams per group There will be 4 teams per group. Only the top two teams from each group will automatically move through to the quarterfinals. *Depending on the number of teams that register this may change. Tie-breaking procedure In the event of a tie, the following tie-breaking rules will apply in accordance with UEFA laws: - goal difference in matches played; - goals against in all group matches played; - goals scored in all group matches played; -; - in cases where exactly two teams are equal in all previously listed criteria, penalty kicks will be taken from the spot to determine the team progressing. 3 kickers will be selected from each team, if still tied sudden death penalty kicks will be taken until all players on the team have taken a spot kick. If still tied; - drawing of lots.