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The Johnson School

Annual Report 20062007


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Message from the Dean

I am honored and delighted to serve as dean of this wonderful school. As a longtime faculty member, I have enjoyed getting to know most of you as students. I look forward to seeing you again in my capacity as dean. Our alumni are extraordinary leaders, and I relish the opportunity to let you know about the wonderful things happening at the school and get your suggestions for the future. The Johnson School had a great year in 20062007, and we are working hard to make 20072008 even better. Some recent accomplishments include: Outstanding faculty. In just a few examples, Bob Jarrow was cited as an Innovator by Bloomberg Markets, a recognition given only six times, four to Nobel Laureates. Maureen OHara, was named chair of Investment Technology Group. Sachin Gupta won both the Apple Award for excellence in teaching and the Johnson School Research award. Bob Frank produced two new acclaimed books: The Economic Naturalist and Falling Behind. Excellent students. Placement rates and salaries for 2007 graduates were excellent. All of our programs have outstanding entering classes; applications to the two-year program were up 30 percent; and the EMBA programs continue to grow with outstanding participants. Supportive alumni. The Campaign for Cornell began in earnest this year. The Johnson School has raised a significant sum already, and we hope to build on that platform to create a school that continues to attract the best faculty, staff, and students, and provides them the resources and experiences needed for success. New funds were raised in honor of long-time faculty members Bob Swieringa, Hal Bierman, and Tom Dyckman. All three are highlighted in this report. We continue to innovate and improve. The coming year brings increased activity in global business, including an innovative new global management course in which students will travel to China or India, expansion in Career Management to bring in additional resources with strong business backgrounds, and a list of guest speakers that includes GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt and Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld 75, MS 77, PhD 80. There are many exciting changes under waystay tuned! Sincerely,


L. Joseph Thomas Dean

Faculty Support: Seeking the best and the brightest


he face of higher education will change significantly in the next ten years as a third of all current faculty members reach the age of retirement. The turnover will affect every college and university in every part of the country, creating stiff competition for the best and brightest of the new generation of professors. The Johnson School is already anticipating the departure of many of its senior faculty members, and the need to find replacements who meet the standard of excellence set by the retirees. At the same time, the school needs to increase the size of its teaching staff as it expands programs and develops new initiatives. The goal is to hire experienced faculty members who combine outstanding research and scholarship with exceptional teaching skills, and to develop a cadre of senior faculty with

interdisciplinary expertise. The challenge is to do so in an environment in which peer institutions are also seeking the most talented recruits and possibly trying to lure top talent away from the Johnson School. The dual challenge of recruitment and retention makes support for Johnson School faculty more vital than ever before. One of the best ways to increase the schools competitiveness is to enable it to offer endowed teaching positions. Named chairs and professorships promote the professional development of the recipient by reducing the need to hunt for research grants. This has the effect of increasing their loyalty to Cornell. It also adds to their value as faculty members, strengthening the Johnson Schools reputation as a leader in management education.
Robert H. Frank, Henrietta Johnson Louis Professor of Management and professor of economics.

Creating the Bierman Professorship

It clearly enables his research, his thinking, his philosophies to continue on even after he retires.
Jay Bloom 77, MBA 78, is a managing partner of Trimaran Capital Partners, LLC, and an investment advisor to a number of mutual funds. As a student, he took courses with Professor Hal Bierman, who first taught him about present valuethe idea that the value of a dollar is higher today than in the futurewhich was a novel concept in the 1970s. Its used every day in everything I do. Its a fundamental concept we use to value assets and make decisions, says Bloom. Bloom has since returned to Biermans class, this time as a guest lecturer. He finds the professor hasnt changed much over the years: Very smart, a very good teacher; demanding yet fair; a nice man; well-prepared; and well-versed in current issues surrounding his coursework. Hes contributed significantly to the school and to its reputation. As one of the significant supporters of the campaign to create a named professorship for Bierman, Bloom sees it as a way to preserve something of Biermans legacy at the Johnson School: It clearly enables his research, his thinking, his philosophies to continue on even after he retires. All of us in our lives have one or two people on the academic side who make a real impact, says Charles Knight, 57, MBA 59. Hal Bierman was that person for me. He is a terrific guyhe was a taskmaster, but he is also a great person to be with. Knight, chairman emeritus of Emerson, initiated the effort to create a professorship in Biermans honor in part to provide the 50-year faculty veteran with additional income for research. When Bierman does retire, Knight expects the Johnson School to use it to recruit someone hopefully of equal stature, although that will be tough to do. Knights relationship with Bierman extended far beyond graduation; Bierman did some consulting for Emerson, and the two maintained a close friendship. He felt Biermans influence throughout his career, as well. Hal pushed his students to do whats right, says Knight. As you know, a lot of things can go on in accounting and financial systems, and he believed in the absolute integrity of the numbers and systems, and thats a very important lesson.


Hal pushed his students to do whats right.

Fellowships and Scholarships: Supporting students to innovate and lead


he quality of a business school is reflected in the quality of its students, and the Johnson Schools ability to attract outstanding candidates has greatly enhanced its reputation through the years. However, competition for top students is fierce, and our peer institutions offer significant financial aid packages in an attempt to lure away first-choice applicants. The Johnson School can counter those offers with a limited array of incentives, such as the prestigious Roy H. Park Leadership Fellows Program, which provides full tuition plus a stipend. But there can be only up to 25 Park Fellows each year. A much larger pool of flexible funding is needed to award merit scholarships to a higher percentage of exceptional applicants.

On an individual level, fellowships and scholarships put a high-quality business education within reach of talented students who otherwise could not afford to attend the Johnson School. Its a means by which the school carries forward the Cornell tradition of ensuring that no qualified student is denied admission for lack of funds. Many of our alumni credit their scholarships and fellowships with giving them the initial support they needed to become successful professionals. Then there are students whose interests and ambitions require special support. For example, Nixon International Fellowships generously underwrite study abroad opportunities for several Johnson School students each year. A business school that can offer study abroad assistance is going to come out ahead in the race for the best studentsand will prepare them for the global economy where they will make their careers. When I think about the major influences in my life, no question Cornell is on the top of the list, says Earle, who heads a telecom electronics business at Emerson. While at the Johnson School, in the engineering classroom, and on the athletic field, I was challenged every day. I wanted to give back to the school that provided me that learning experience. Cornell was a turning point for me in learning critical thinking, which has helped lead me to success in life and business, adds Scott, whose HVAC and plumbing company, APR Supply, has won numerous awards for steady growth and a good working environment in Pennsylvania. I agreed to support the scholarship so others have the opportunity to gain the experience I had. Candidates must be second-year students whose grades put them in the top 25 percent of their first-year class. The Weavers also asked that preference be shown for students who share some of the Weaver areas of academic and athletic interest: Earle played lacrosse for Cornells legendary coach, Richie Moran, and Scott played lacrosse at Bucknell; Jim and Earle earned bachelors degrees in engineering, Jim focused his business school studies on financial services, and Scott focused his business school studies on entrepreneurship. Says Jim, I like to think that the recipients of the scholarship will be outstanding academically, have some life balance with being involved in athletics, and will help someone else in turn.

Weaver Family Scholarship

One of the Johnson Schools newest student awards, the James, Earle, and Scott Weaver Scholarship, celebrates two generations of Cornellians. James S. Weaver Jr. 54, MBA 59, and Earle L. Weaver 82, MEng 83, MBA 84, came to the Johnson School from the College of Engineering. Scott M. Weaver, MBA 90, attended Bucknell University for undergraduate study, and shares his fathers and brothers enthusiasm for Cornell in general and the Johnson School in particular. The idea for the scholarship originated with the senior Weaver, a retired vice president of Merrill Lynch. I went to Reunion in 2004 and attended some of the lectures, explains Jim. I came away with a really good feeling about the breadth of subjects and the high quality of the teaching at the Johnson School. Earle and Scott quickly warmed to the idea of establishing a scholarship.

Dyckman Fellowship Sets High Standards

Byron Grote, MS 77, PhD 81, arrived at Cornell as a doctoral candidate in the business school, where the first person he met was accounting Professor Tom Dyckman (now emeritus). He was impressed by the professor, in both business and academic settings, from the very beginning. Tom was always clear that the tools you learn in a business school setting are only inputs to decision-making; theyre not the answer in their own right, says Grote, who is now CFO and a managing director of BP, the integrated international oil company. Thats where experience, judgment, and a sense of the big picture come into play. As a professor, Dyckman stressed to his students that ultimately they needed to work on utilizing the tools to become better businessmen and businesswomen, he says. Grote, co-chair of the Dyckman Fellowship fundraising initiative, says its appropriate to honor Dyckman in this way, which reflects his focus on the classroom, and which will ensure a broader mix of high-quality students. I have deep respect for Tom, the commitment that he has always shown to teaching, and the inspirational character that he is, Grote adds. I believe in the Johnson School, and the importance of a business school education. Its a privilege and an honor to be associated with creating this fellowship.

Tom was patient, yet demanding ... absolutely straight arrow, no spin, incredibly clear, and thoughtful.

I believe in the Johnson School, and the importance of a business school education. Its a privilege and an honor to be associated with creating this fellowship.

When Brit Bartter, PhD 77, was a doctoral candidate at the Johnson School, the head of the program was Tom Dyckman, now a professor emeritus. Bartter found him absolutely straight-arrow, no spin, incredibly clear, and thoughtful. Hes one of those very refreshing people where you know what he thinks and where you stand all the time. So when Bartter, vice chairman for investment banking at JPMorgan Chase & Co., was asked to co-chair the effort to create the Thomas Dyckman Fellowship, he readily agreed. I wouldnt be where I am today without himits as simple as that. I went right from being an undergrad into the doctoral program, and that was a big jump, but it worked. Tom was patient, yet demanding. Its the difference he makes just by holding you to a standard and making you perform and then letting you launch your life with what hes given you. And hes a friend; thats what it really comes down to. Bartter views the fellowship primarily as a way of showing his gratitude. Of the recipients, he says, It would be nice to create more Dyckmans, but I dont know if were going to be able to do that.


Matching Gift Challenge Promotes Awareness

The Johnson Schools Class of 2007 had two choices when it came to its class gift: support a loan forgiveness program, or answer the challenge set forth by Susan Rehm Gatto 80, MBA 81, who would match each gift to the Annual Fund, dollar for dollar. Noah Hager, MBA 07, and co-chair of the Class of 2007 Gift Campaign, was delighted to have Gatto on board. Susan is a strong believer in giving unrestricted gifts, he says. It was a positive effort that she made to promote awareness and support of the Annual Fund. Gatto was inspired in part by her 25th reunion, wanting to make a bigger gesture than usual. She found herself in the role of educator in appealing to the graduates. I told them at the kick-off, If I could look at your class and you looked at mine, youd realize how much this particular school has changed in the last 25 years, and part of that was through having the flexibility to do that. For example, There was no sustainability class; it wasnt even an issue 25 years ago. Hager concurs. Giving to the Johnson School means that you have faith in the direction that the leadership is taking the school into the future. A gift to the school should provide the leadership with the most flexibility to decide how it will be utilized to create future value. The Annual Fund provides that flexibility. I just think giving a gift and making it flexible sometimes has more meaning than any other gift, says Gatto. Letting the school spend it the way it needs to to make it a better place.

The Johnson School Annual Fun unrestricted annual giving


he Johnson School Annual Fund is a source of unrestricted cash that the dean can use for high-priority needs and to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. Gifts to the Annual Fund also help to close the gap between tuition revenue and the cost of operating the Johnson School. In recent years, the Johnson School has used the Annual Fund to support the Parker Center for Investment Research, scholarships, career management programs, faculty research, diversity and inclusion programs, and technology improvements. The combined impact of programs and initiatives like these helps to keep the school ahead of economic trends and build value. It helps to keep the Johnson School competitive in the rankings for top business schools and increase its ability to attract the best students. It also improves the schools chances of recruiting the best facultya matter of increasing urgency as a generation of professors heads into retirement. Alumni gifts to the Annual Fund serve critical functions besides direct financial support. A schools alumni giving rate is widely considered a sign of how much alumni value their degrees. Corporations and foundations consider the alumni participation rate when the Johnson School competes for grants; and it is the only indicator of alumni satisfaction used by U.S. News and World Reports when the magazine compiles its annual rankings.

nd: The strength of

Making a Significant Impact
A few years ago, in a discussion with Johnson School classmates, James Rowan 70, MBA 72, helped coin the term straight-throughsstudents who went straight from their undergraduate college at Cornell to one of the professional schools. As alumni, straight-throughs tend to focus on their undergraduate years, Rowan theorizes. That began to change for Rowan when he brought his daughters to Cornell as part of their college tours in 2003 and 2006. They set up meetings for me with the business school. I met with the dean, I met with somebody from Wall Street, and Im an investment banker [with Stifel Nicolaus & Company, Inc.], so that was very useful, he says. Seeing the incredibly beautiful space the school now occupies intrigued me more. That year, Rowan attended Reunion events at the Johnson School. Some of my professors are still thereHal Bierman in particular, whom I really idolized. He asked if Id look at a galley of a book he was writing! That really connected me. By his 35th reunion, Rowan was ready to make a significant gift to the Annual Fund. I wanted to have impact in the year, with my class, he says. The other thing that mattered to me was the universitys $4 billion capital campaign. Obviously, you raise that $100 million at a time, but I thought it was a good way to step up a bit in my own way.

People should be aware that you can make a charitable donation from your IRA.

Charitable Giving
George Landew 52, MBA 57, has been uncommonly generous to Cornell University and the Johnson School. When it came time to make a withdrawal from an individual retirement account (IRA), he took advantage of a provision of the Pension Protection Act of 2006 that allows IRA owners to transfer funds from their IRAs to eligible charities, tax-free, and turned the money over to the Johnson Schools Annual Fund. Landew, a retired organizational consultant for Chevron, had already endowed the Eleanora and George Landew Professorship of Management. But he was clear about wanting this latest donation to go into an unrestricted fund. I wanted the Johnson School to have it for the day-to-day business. I think that is something people should be aware ofthat you can make a charitable donation from your IRA, Landew added. The provision is set to expire at the end of this year, although bills making it permanent have been introduced in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate.


I wanted to have impact in the year, with my class.

Deans Strategic Initiatives: Supporting new opportunities and challenges


hen Robert J. Swieringa stepped down as Anne and Elmer Lindseth Dean of the Johnson School last June, he had an impressive list of accomplishments to show for his ten years at the helm. Under his leadership, the school launched the Jeffrey P. Parker Center for Investment Research, the Roy H. Park Leadership Fellows Program, and the studentmanaged Cayuga MBA Fund; the core MBA curriculum was reorganized for better integration among subject areas; new electives in strategy, leadership, entrepreneurship, information technology, ethics, and global management were added; the Immersion Learning program, which provides students with hands-on experiences to supplement their theoretical studies, was expanded; and two Executive MBA programs were created to offer midcareer professionals an opportunity to earn a degree while continuing to work full time. Swieringas ability to

bring about these changes and more has been widely praised by university leaders, who credit him with raising the Johnson Schools profile among business schools. A deans ability to respond to changing conditions and foster innovative educational, research, and business initiatives depends in part on personal attributes like vision, energy, leadership, and a capacity for creative thinking. It also requires ready access to resources. The newly created Robert J. Swieringa Deans Discretionary Fund will meet that need by providing discretionary support for future Johnson School deans, giving them the flexibility to respond to new opportunities and challenges. Dean Swieringa will return to his former post as a professor of accounting at the Johnson School after a well-earned, yearlong sabbatical.

Giving Back, Generation to Generation

David Breazzano, MBA 80, co-founder of DDJ Capital Management, has spent most of his career working with bankruptcies, reorganizations, and distressed investments. Its a high-risk field, and he credits the Johnson School with preparing him well. I really had no financial or accounting background or experience prior to Cornell, he says. The Johnson School, by virtue of giving me a very good education in accounting and finance, and setting me up with my first job, really got me into the investment field. Already a contributor to the Dyckman Fellowship and the Bierman Professorship, Breazzano has now turned his attention to the Robert J. Swieringa Deans Discretionary Fund. This fund was established to honor retired Dean Swieringa and to provide flexibility in responding to key strategic initiatives. I like Dean Swieringa personally, and I think he did a good job, says Breazzano. More broadly, I feel all alums have an obligation to support their alma maters. Tuition doesnt cover the full cost of an education. Were effectively subsidized by our predecessors, and its only fair that the new generation contributes to the school to subsidize future generations and enhance the institution, because it does play a tremendously valuable role in ones life and career.

Funding the Deans Strategic Initiatives

Jane Hutterly, MBA 76, joined SC Johnson in 1979 in the product management field. Today she is the companys executive vice president for Worldwide Corporate and Environmental Affairs, overseeing policies and activities in the 70 countries in which SC Johnson operates. She also serves as president of Johnson Keland Management Inc., the family office for the Samuel C. Johnson family. I really received a broad-based general management and marketing education at Cornell, and that has been exceedingly helpful; its been the foundation that I needed to be successful as a senior executive of the company, regardless of the specific responsibilities, says Hutterly. Leadership and management development, strategic grounding, decision-making, finance, marketingall of that provided the foundation for my career. Hutterly has taken a role in establishing the Robert J. Swieringa Deans Discretionary Fund in honor of retired Dean Robert Swieringa. In the ten years that he was dean of the school, Bob demonstrated so much commitment, leadership, and great service to the institution, she says. I also think its important that the new dean have financial flexibility to build on the past, but move forward and begin to make his or her mark as the new leader of the school.


The Johnson School, by virtue of giving me a very good education in accounting and finance, and setting me up with my first job, really got me into the investment field.

Corporate Donors
A Growing Relationship with M&T Bank
When Nina Lukin, MBA 03, was a student at the Johnson School, she made an effort each morning to get to Sage Hall early enough to pick up one of the 300 free copies of the Wall Street Journal donated to the school by M&T Bank. It was her first exposure to M&T, which is one of the top 20 regional banks in the nation. Today Lukin is vice president of distribution for M&T. She also acts as a kind of ambassador to her alma mater. I participate annually in the corporate briefings; also career fairs and career panels for first- and second-year students, she says. The company has hosted students from the Semester in Strategic Operations Immersion at its Buffalo, N.Y., headquarters for half-day sessions on financial decision-making. Karen Gust, vice president and manager of campus recruiting, says the purpose of donating copies of the Wall Street Journal is both to support and enhance the students education and also to interest MBAs in coming to work for the bank. M&T has been recruiting MBAs at top schools since 1984, and weve averaged one to two hires each year from the Johnson School, says Gust. We have also had success in recruiting summer interns. Students coming out of the Johnson School are very well prepared for the various roles at M&T, she adds. Its one of the premier schools within the banks footprint and we would enjoy seeing our recruiting relationship grow even stronger.

A Terrific Track Record with Air Products

Air Products & Chemicals is a $9 billion-a-year company with operations in 30 countries and more than 20,000 employees. Its products range from oxygen cylinders for the home healthcare industry to car window coatings that use nanotechnology to block heat. Air Products is also a longtime, active corporate partner to the Johnson School, largely due to to the efforts of vice president and CFO Paul Huck, MBA 79. Paul really is passionate about Cornell University and the Johnson School, says Air Products Corporate Controller Scott Crocco, MBA 90, who was recruited and mentored by Huck. Until he was appointed CFO, Paul always made time to personally do the interviews for summer interns and full-time employees, and the corporate briefings; he has done many guest lectures and case studies. Air Products has also hosted Immersion Learning classes in manufacturing and finance, and is a donor at the Senior Partner level. Crocco has since assumed responsibility for the relationship, but Huck still keeps track of it. Im repaying a debt I got by going there, Huck says. I got an excellent education, very sound in the fundamentals, and Ive used my education the whole time that Ive been in business here. And as Crocco observes, Air Products benefits from the fact that the school continues to turn out high-caliber graduates: Weve had a terrific track record of bringing very qualified, capable, well-rounded individuals into Air Products from the Johnson School.



Faculty Making a Difference

Allen Brings Real-Life Corporate Experience to the Classroom
Careers dont take straight paths, Randy Allen tells her students, and she is living proof. A physics major when she graduated from Cornell in 1968, she found her true calling while doing computer systems programming at IBM and Boeing. I realized I didnt like sitting in back rooms, that I liked people and I liked business, she says. In 1976 she went to Deloitte Consulting, and became the companys first female consulting partner five years later. Kmart hired her away in 2000, and she used her strategy background to help the company with growth and strategy. In 2002, Allen left Kmart to teach at the Johnson School where she is now Acting Assistant Dean of Corporate Relations and senior lecturer of strategy. Ive always had the long-term goal to teach as a second career, so this fit, she says. Most of the courses she has taught at Cornell have involved real-life business problems. Allen recruits companiesoften from the Fortune 500to share complex problems that her students work on for the semester. For Allen, the best part of teaching at the Johnson School is the students. Probably one of the highest pleasures is talking to a former student and hearing, Im using everything I learned from you. Among the lessons she hopes students apply: Even complex problems can be solved through fact finding and analysis; solutions dont have to be perfect to work; theres value in the diversity of experiences and viewpoints on a work team; and take time to understand your real values, and you will know how to conduct yourself even in awkward, difficult situations. She also tells them about the nonlinear quality of careers. Talking about her own work history, Allen clearly relishes the time she spent in the corporate world, but adds, I cant think of a better job than faculty member at the Johnson School. And as a third generation Cornellian, I cant think of a better place to be than here, with all its got to offerincluding hockey games.

Bhojraj Integrates Theory and Practice

Associate Professor of Accounting Sanjeev Bhojraj focuses his research on behavioral finance, discretionary disclosure of information by firms, and corporate governance mechanismsall of which examine the role of human nature in business settings. The more I watch markets, the more convinced I am of the influence of human behavior and psychology, says Bhojraj. While I do believe that markets are quite efficient in the long term, I think they can get dislocated due to investor sentiment. He has earned several awards for excellence as a professor. I love teaching, says Bhojraj. Research is intellectually very satisfying, but making that connection with students, and seeing the look of understanding dawn on their facesthats very rewarding. Bhojraj is the faculty director of the Johnson Schools Parker Center for Investment Research, a research center, which includes the Boas Trading Room (a classroom featuring real-time stock quotes and sophisticated financial analysis software/data feeds) and the $14-million Cayuga MBA Fund. This equity hedge fund follows a market neutral strategy and allows select MBA students to participate as portfolio managers during the academic year. As director of the Parker Center, Bhojraj teaches applied portfolio management and oversees the running of the fund. Its an amazing facility in terms of bringing to life the experience of actually running money, he says. Students get to experience both the highs of making money and the pain of losing it. To make decisions in real time, with real money, is very different from running a paper portfolio. I dont think youll find a better integration of theory and practice in one setting.



Tomorrows Leaders Today

Park Fellowship Offers Wealth of Opportunities

When it comes to leveraging the opportunities available to firstyear students at the Johnson School, its hard to beat Shahnaz Shushtari, MBA 08. A Roy H. Park Leadership Fellow, she served as chair of the Student Council and vice president of communications for the Womens Management Council, and was a member of the winning team in the first-ever Integrative Case Competition. She followed that up with a summer in New Jersey as a marketing intern at Johnson & Johnson. How did she manage it all? First and foremost through the support I received from my family and my fianc, Shushtari promptly replies. What has continually driven me to get involved here has been my love for the school and constantly acknowledging the wealth of opportunities this experience affords me. Coming in, I just knew I wanted to give back, and often. And thirdly, my classmates have really been a tremendous resource in terms of broadening my horizons and helping me understand concepts that I struggled with in the first year. Alongside her classmates, Shushtari considers the faculty to be the best part of studying at the Johnson School. They are so immensely approachable. They know how hard were working, and how much we want to absorb the material. They respect that by being so open to us. The Park Fellowship was a factor in choosing the Johnson School, but what ultimately sold Shushtari was the students she met while applying. Theres a lot of passion about business issues that really matter: sustainability, social responsibility, giving back to the community. Its kind of contagious; it fosters a lot of communal experiences and connections that really stood out from the other business schools I was considering. Her career plans involve doing something fundamentally strategicmarketing or consulting. My ultimate career goal is to lead a company that is dedicated to socially responsible business, Shushtari adds. I want to become an expert in creating strategies that ensure a fair return to shareholders, while doing good for all stakeholders and communities my company also serves.



Nixon Fellowship Supports Social Entrepreneurship

C.J. Fonzi, MBA 08, spent his first three years post college working in information technology. Along the way he discovered a natural interest in business and working with people. He enrolled in the Johnson School in 2006 with plans to study product and brand management and sustainable global enterprise. This last interest led him to enroll in an Immersion Learning program that took him to India last April to observe a safe water program there. And, with the help of a Nixon International Fellowship, it took him to Johannesburg, South Africa, in summer 2007. Endowed by John Nixon 53, the fellowship has enabled an average of two Johnson School students each year to work in a developing country. Fonzi was hired by a nongovernmental organization called Endeavor, which connects entrepreneurs in emerging markets with Western expertise. His assignment was to help a startup company that supplied temporary and full-time recruitment assistance to the South African call center market. The company is exciting because many of the new employees they bring into the workforce have never worked before, says Fonzi. This is their ticket into the formal economy. Of the Nixon Fellowship, he says, the support sure helped! At 27 years old, when you go back to school and have to support yourself and pay your own way, finances get tight. Its nice to have assistance that allows you to utilize your education for more than your own financial benefit, without paying a serious financial penalty. Fonzi feels that in concentrating on social entrepreneurship, he is part of a new way of thinking about business. After a hundred years of watching disgusting amounts of foreign aid go to waste, the logic behind international development is changing, he asserts. Several great case studies already exist of both entrepreneurial organizations and multinational companies utilizing the laws of capitalism to both bring about positive social development and make money. The Nixon scholarship is tremendously valuable because it enables us, as young business students, to become part of this exciting new trend.



Teaching Awards
Russell Distinguished Teaching Award
Roni Michaely, Rudd Family Professor of Management and professor of finance, was presented with the 2007 Stephen and Margery Russell Distinguished Teaching Award at Reunion 07 by the Class of 2001. Each year, the fifth-year reunion class selects the recipients of the Russell Distinguished Teaching Award, endowed by Stephen Russell, MBA 61. Michaelys research interests are in the areas of corporate finance, capital markets, and valuation. His current research focuses on conflict of interest in the capital markets, corporations payout policies, and the pricing and optimal trading mechanisms of IPOs. A 19992000 Whitcomb Fellow who received the Johnson School Award for Exceptional Research for 20012002, Michaelys research has received numerous awards and honors. Several of his works published in refereed journals have received best-paper awards. Most recently, he received one of the finance disciplines top honors for scholarly research: The prestigious Jensen Prize for the best research in corporate finance and organizations published the previous year in the Journal of Financial Economics went to Michaely and his co-authors for their paper, Payout Policy in the 21st Century, which appeared in the September 2005 issue. Michaely serves a concurrent appointment as professor of finance at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel. From 1998 to 2003 he served as director of the Israel Securities Authority. He is also an associate editor for the Review of Financial Studies.

Apple Award for Teaching Excellence

Sachin Gupta, PhD 93, professor of marketing, was selected by the Class of 2007 as this years recipient of the Apple Award for Teaching Excellence, established by the Class of 1992 as part of their class gift. Guptas research and teaching focuses on new models of marketing research that help firms gather and analyze marketplace data to make better marketing decisions with respect to segmentation, targeting, and positioning. Guptas other major research interest is in the empirical application of game theory to understand competitive pricing and sales promotion behavior of retailers and manufacturers. Also selected as recipient of the Faculty Research Award for 20062007, Guptas published work appears in leading journals and he serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, and Quantitative Marketing and Economics. In 2004 he received the Paul Green award from the American Marketing Association for his paper in the Journal of Marketing Research. The award is given for the paper that demonstrates the most potential to contribute significantly to the practice of marketing research. At the Johnson School, Gupta teaches Data Driven Marketing and Strategy and Tactics of Pricing, popular marketing electives. He previously taught at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, where he received the Sidney Levy Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1995.



Executive MBA Globe Award for Teaching Excellence

David Weinbaum, assistant professor of finance, was honored as the recipient of this years EMBA Globe Award for Teaching Excellence, given annually to an outstanding professor in the Executive MBA program. Weinbaums primary research interests are in asset pricing, derivatives, and portfolio allocation. His teaching interests include financial markets and investments. He holds an MS in finance from Lancaster University in the UK and is the winner of the 2001 award for best paper in the area of investments from the American Association of Individual Investors for his paper, Investor Heterogeneity, Volatility Dynamics, and the Pricing of Options. He worked as a swap trader at BNP Paribas before focusing on finance at the doctoral level. Weinbaum earned his PhD at the Stern School of Business at New York University.

Cornell-Queens Executive MBA Star Award

Roger Wright, associate professor of management science at Queens School of Business and director of Queens National Executive MBA, was honored as the inaugural recipient of the 2007 Cornell-Queens Executive MBA (CQEMBA) Star Award for Teaching Excellence. CQEMBA program participants vote for the professor whose teaching made the greatest positive impression on them; the award was presented at graduation events at both Queens University and Cornell University. Wright has lectured internationally on production and operations management, has been responsible for the design, start-up, and management of several new manufacturing ventures, and has owned and operated a management consulting firm. He is the author of several articles on solid fuel combustion efficiency, energy efficiency, and transportation safety, as well as management-related articles in Naval Logistics Quarterly and Canadian Journal of Higher Education. He has won teaching excellence awards at the University of Prince Edward Island, the Royal Military College of Canada, and Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).



Johnson School Highlights 20062007

Hired 10 new full-time faculty members Introduced the schools first Integrative Case Competition as a capstone of the first MBA semester. Sponsored by Citi Foundation and designed as part of the final exam for Managerial Finance and Strategy, 60 student teams drew on knowledge gained over the semester and applied it to a complex business problem. Sponsored Cornell Universitys first Entrepreneur-inResidence in collaboration with Cornells Center for Technology, Enterprise, and Commercialization. Participated in the second annual Entrepreneurship@ Cornell event by hosting a panel discussion at which student, recent graduate, and veteran entrepreneurs shared their startup experiences, and by hosting an Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club and Net Impact symposium at which industry leaders addressed the current trends, challenges, and future opportunities confronting private equity, venture capital, and entrepreneurship in sustainable industries. Added a new Consulting Focus course to selected immersions as part of an ongoing effort to expand the schools consulting curriculum Hosted two Business of . . . forums: The Business of Fashion The Business of Executive Compensation: Are CEOs paid too much? The student-run Cayuga MBA Fund, LLC, a market-neutral equity hedge fund, delivered a return of 14.2 percent in 2006, compared to 4.8 percent for the Hedge Fund Research Equity Market Neutral index and 9.2 percent for the Hedge Fund Research Equity Hedge index. Cayuga MBA Fund student managers participated in the CNBC show Fast Money, posing market questions related to their sectors to a panel of experts. Five managers of the Johnson Schools student venture capital fund, BR Ventures, took first place in the Venture Capital Investment Case Competition.



The Albert Fried Jr. Fellowships are awarded to five second-year students each year solely on the basis of academic achievement and leadership demonstrated in the first year. The Class of 2007 scholars are (left to right): Robert Hah, Kalyan Jonnalagadda, Monica Panchmia, Ash Vaidya, and David Sims. The Fried Fellowships were established in 1989 by a generous endowment gift by a distinguished Cornell alumnus, Albert Fried Jr., MBA 53. The fellowships, which include a stipend, require recipients to work with a faculty or senior staff member on a project of mutual academic or professional interest.

As many as 25 students receive a full-tuition grant and stipend from the Roy H. Park Leadership Fellows Program each year. The program serves to attract the highest caliber students to the Johnson School, reward outstanding past performance, and develop demonstrated leadership potential.

Administrative Science Quarterly, the scholarly journal published by the Johnson School that is widely recognized as one of the top journals in the fields of organizational theory and behavior, marked its 50th anniversary in 2006. The one-year MBA program, formerly known as the Twelve-Month Option (or TMO), became the Accelerated MBA. The multi-media videoconferencing Executive MBA, formerly known as the Boardroom EMBA program, became the Cornell-Queens Executive MBA Program. The Johnson School and Queens School of Business agreed to officially change the name of their joint Executive MBA to enable alumni, participants, faculty, and staff in both the United States and Canada to use the same title.

Robert Libby, David A. Thomas Professor of Management, received the American Accounting Association Outstanding Service Award at the associations 2006 Annual Meeting. The award, bestowed only five times in the associations 90-year history, was given in recognition of visionary stewardship of the publications collection of the AAA. Libby is the only person to have received all three of the associations highest awards for research, teaching, and service. Robert H. Frank, Henrietta Johnson Louis Professor of Management and professor of economics, published two books that have received widespread attention in the media: The Economic Naturalist: In Search of Explanations for Everyday Enigmas and Falling Behind. Franks Economic Scene column continues to appear each month in the New York Times. Maureen OHara, Robert W. Purcell Professor of Management and professor of finance, was appointed chairman of the board at Investment Technology Group. A pioneer in electronic trading, ITG is a specialized agency brokerage and technology firm that partners with clients globally to provide innovative solutions spanning the entire investment process. In addition, she was awarded a Doctorate honoris causa, the universitys highest degree of distinction, from the Facults Universitaires Catholiques de Mons in Belgium.

Faculty Highlights
Robert J. Swieringa, professor of accounting, stepped down after serving as the Anne and Elmer Lindseth Dean of the Johnson School from July 1, 1997 to July 1, 2007. Yaniv Grinstein, assistant professor of finance, was appointed a Visiting Academic Scholar at the Securities and Exchange Commission, where he continued his research efforts in corporate governance and corporate finance, as well as other areas, for the SEC. His research has been widely cited in the Economist, the Financial Times, and the New York Times, as well as in congressional hearings on the new governance rules. Young-Hoon Park, assistant professor of marketing, was selected to participate in the Marketing Science Institutes Young Scholars Program. The event brought together approximately 20 of the most promising young marketing scholars from across the United States to enhance their research collaboration and engagement with the Marketing Science Institute. Parks research centers on the analysis of online auctions, assessing the consumers willingness to pay for auctions, and how to optimize BuyIt-Now prices to maximize expected revenue.

Melissa Thomas-Hunt, assistant professor of management and organizations, and Susan Cabrera, a PhD student in management and organizations, were filmed by a CNN televison crew at Sage Hall for the prime-time show Paula Zahn Now. Cabrera and ThomasHunt offer a theoretical model to explain why so few women are making it to the ranks of senior management. Mark Leary, assistant professor of finance, received a Distinguished Paper award from the American Finance Association for his paper, Do Firms Rebalance Their Capital Structures? It was recognized as one of the top three papers in corporate finance for 2006.


Message from the Annual Fund Chair

As I complete my first year as national chair of the Johnson Schools Annual Fund, I am very pleased to report that, due to the support of 2,424 Johnson School alumni donors, along with students, corporations, foundations, and friends, the Johnson School raised $10,748,386 in fiscal year 2007. Of this total, giving to the Annual Fund equaled $1,833,687, a new record for unrestricted gifts to the school for the second year in a row! This amount represents a 14 percent increase in Annual Fund giving over fiscal year 2006. There are several facets to this kind of success, and I would like to highlight just a few that speak volumes about the kind of dedication our alumni and students display to the Johnson School: The Deans Leadership Committee, consisting of 18 alumni, raised $645,811 from 74 donors. The dean relies on this group of dedicated volunteers to ask fellow alumni for gifts of $5,000 and above. Alumni celebrating their milestone reunions contributed $1,150,791; $151,285 more than last years reunion total. Sixty-three enthusiastic and energetic volunteers assisted with the reunion campaigns, and we are grateful for their time and personal resources they dedicated to this effort. The full-time MBA class had a very successful class gift campaign, raising nearly $66,000 in gifts and pledges. Led by Noah Hager, MBA 07, and Hernando Guzman Soriano, MBA 07, a great group of second-year MBA volunteers successfully encouraged 89 percent of their classmates to give a gift to the Johnson School in honor of their graduation. The EMBA class had remarkable success in participation to their class gift: a full 100 percent of the class made gifts, totaling $42,273 in unrestricted funds. This effort was led by Meredith Ryan, MBA 07, and also owes its success to student volunteers. The inaugural Cornell-Queens EMBA graduating class gave an unrestricted gift of $15,983 from 75 percent of the class in honor of its graduation. My special thanks to Mark Wasylechko, MBA 07, and Tony Cochrane, MBA 07, for rallying support from classmates for their generous gift to the Johnson School at commencement. The Johnson School is a dynamic center for business education. I believe the results detailed here are a testament to our schools stature and to your commitment to strengthening it. I look forward to working with our current and newest volunteers, and I hope our caring and generous supporters will join me in continuing to demonstrate our loyalty and commitment to the Johnson School. You have my heartfelt thanks for your generous support. Sincerely,



Randall C. Chafetz, MBA 85 National Annual Fund Chair

Financial Review 20062007

Year in Review 20062007
This section provides a brief financial overview of the Johnson School as of June 30, 2007. It also includes a summary of employment results for the Class of 2007, an overview of prospective student recruiting for the fall, and a summary of highlights and noteworthy accomplishments. The Johnson Schools financial picture as of the fiscal year ending June 30, 2007, was a successful one with higher operating revenues than operating expenses; revenues increased by 16 percent over 20052006. As the revenue chart illustrates, 27 percent of the schools revenues came from our expanding EMBA programs, the Cornell and Cornell-Queens programs. Over 18 percent of last years revenues were due to generous gifts from our alumni and friends. With the fall 2007 launch of the Campaign for Cornell, we have also seen a significant increase in the support and generosity of our alumni, friends, corporations, and foundations in meeting our goal of $100 million. Our endowment market value increased by another $29 million during 20062007, bringing our endowment to just over $180 million. Growth in our endowment reflects strong investment performance as well as the continued generosity of our donors. This year, donors have funded new endowments including a new professorship honoring one of the most celebrated teachers and thought leaders at the Johnson School, Professor Harold Bierman Jr.; three new scholarship endowments; and additional endowments for program support, including a special Deans Discretionary Fund given in honor of retired Dean Robert J. Swieringas 10 remarkable years of leadership.

Endowment Market Value by Designation

Research Support 3% Student Aid 9% Program Support 36% Professorships 52%

June 30, 2007 Market Value: $182,900

20062007 Actual Revenues

Executive Education 3% Other 3% Gifts 11% Investment Income 12% Degree Program Tuition and Fees 71%
June 30, 2007 Total Revenues: $54,808,000

20062007 Actual Expenditures


Executive Education 2% PhD Support 3% Other 3% Executive MBA 6% Cornell-Queens EMBA 6% MBA Financial Aid 9%
June 30, 2007 Total Expenditures: $55,792,000

Cornell Overhead 10% General 14% Salary and Benets 47%


Class of 2007 Employment Stats

Jobs Accepted by Industry
Electronics Manufacturing 5% Consumer Product Manufacturing 9% Other Industries 9% Other Manufacturing 18% Other Financial Services 18% Consulting 18% Investment Banking 23%

Jobs Accepted by Function

Other Functions 3% Research, Sales, and Trading 6% Financial Analysis 8% General Management 10% Investment Banking 14% Other Finance Functions 18% Consulting 19% Marketing 21%

Numbers at a glance*
Class size Students responding to survey Graduates seeking permanent employment

308 305 280 217 35 $98,600 $25,800

Graduates of two-year program with offers Graduates of one-year program with offers Mean salary accepted by MBA graduates Mean signing bonus accepted by MBA graduates
*As of May 27, 2007


Admissions Stats for All Programs

Executive MBA Class of 2009 Industry Prole
Consulting 8% Communications/Technology 11% Health Care 20% Financial Services 23% Consumer Products/Manufacturing 24%

Cornell-Queens Executive MBA Class of 2009 Industry Prole

Public Sector and Other 6% Health and Science 11% Technology and Engineering 35% Business and Finance 48%

Class year and program Class size Average age Students with full-time work experience Average years of work experience Median GMAT score Median TOEFL score Advanced degrees Median GPA Women students Minority students International students
*As of August 13, 2007

MBA Class of 2009 (first years)* 267 27 97%

MBA Class of 2008 (second years) 252 25 96%

Accelerated MBA Class of 2008 42 31 100%

Executive MBA Class of 2009 65 35 100%

Cornell-Queens Executive MBA Class of 2009 93 36 100%

5 690 273

5 680 277

6 710 267 100%

12 NA NA 27% NA 32% 38% NA


NA NA 31% NA 18% 45% NA

3.3 28% 22% 26%

3.3 25% 20% 34%

3.6 12% 12% 38%


Leadership Giving
Leadership giving levels in this list refer to cumulative giving in this fiscal year to the Johnson School only and do not refer to donors giving level to Cornell University overall. Please understand that gifts sent to other colleges or divisions of the university are not reflected in the Johnson School Annual Report. Presidents Circle $25,000 or more
Hirschel B. Abelson 55, MBA 56 & Elaine S. Abelson 57 Robert C. Andolina, MBA 86 & Laura Call Andolina 78, MBA 86 John R. Bachich, MBA 87 Jeffrey F. Berg 79, MEng 80, MBA 81 & Debra Paget David J. Breazzano, MBA 80 Walter W. Buckley Jr. 60, MBA 62 Nell Cady-Kruse 83, MBA 85 Carrie Chiang Paul W. Davis II 52, MBA 59 & Priscilla M. Teleky Harry D. Day, JD 73 Jerrold K. Day 71, MBA 78 Kenneth T. Derr 58, MBA 60 & Donna M. Derr 60 Eric S. Dickman, MBA 75 David A. Duffield 62, MBA 64 Albert Fried Jr. 52, MBA 53

Charles Lee, MBA 89, PhD 90 & Lily C. Lee Jon A. Lindseth 56 & Virginia M. Lindseth 56 Robert S. Ludwig, MBA 76, JD 78 Richard A. Marin 75, MBA 76 John H. Massey, MBA 63 Donald K. Miller 54 & Priscilla Barker Peter B. Orthwein 68, MBA 69 Jeffrey P. Parker 65, MEng 66, MBA 70 & Julie Watkins Parker Frank J. Quirk 62, MBA 64 Marc L. Reisch 77, MBA 78 Henry P. Renard 54, MBA 55 Barry W. Ridings, MBA 76 Michael S. Rome, MBA 82 & Lisa A. Rome James A. Rowan Jr. 70, MBA 72 Neal A. Shear, MBA 78 Robert W. Staley 57, MBA 59 & Elizabeth C. Staley 60 Stanley Ting, MBA 01 Megan N. Weber, MBA 06 Clifford H. Whitcomb 43, MBA 48 & Maryann P. Whitcomb 44 Mark A. Zurack, MBA 80 & Kathy Ferguson

Thomas R. Dyckman & Alice P. Dyckman, MS 71 Lewis M. Eisenberg, MBA 66 John A. Elliott, PhD 82 & Laura A. Philips, MBA 97 F. Warren Ellish 77, MBA 78 & Pamela F. Ellish Christopher T. Emmet, MBA 67 Jack M. Ferraro, MBA 70 Carl W. Forsythe, MBA 82 & Sandy Kau Forsythe Lee C. Garcia, MBA 69 Seymour L. Goldblatt George D. Hano 51, MBA 52 & Diane C. Hano Paul E. Huck, MBA 79 Jane M. Hutterly, MBA 76 Fred H. Jamieson, MBA 77 Charles L. Jarvie 58, MBA 59 & Janet A. Jarvie 58 H. Fisk Johnson 79, MEng 80, MBA 84, PhD 86 Karen Rupert Keating 76 Lee T. Kranefuss 83 Judah S. Kraushaar 79, MBA 80 & Michele B. Kraushaar Richard B. Landsberger, MBA 79 Thomas S. Loane 67, MBA 68 & Nancy K. Loane Frederic R. Miller, MBA 78 & Mary Ann K. Miller Charles N. Mills 83, MBA 84 James F. Mrazek, MBA 64 & Ann A. Mrazek 65 Gunnar S. Overstrom III, MBA 94 Wilbur Parker 50, MBA 50 Leland C. Pillsbury 69 & Mary M. Pillsbury Robert D. Redmond, MBA 80 Eugene A. Renna, MBA 68 Anthony R. Roma, MBA 81 Stephen Russell 60, MBA 61 Glenn H. Sacra 52, MBA 54 John J. Scelfo 79, MBA 80 Nelson Schaenen Jr. 50, MBA 51 & Nancy S. Schaenen Todd R. Schnuck, MBA 83 John M. Secor, MBA 07

Michael J. Sharp, MBA 81 & M. Celestea Sharp, MBA 81 Robert F. Slagle 62, MBA 64 & Sharon Slagle Paul A. Smachlo, MBA 06 Scott M. Smith 79, MBA 80 & Heidi Smith Robert V. Stefanowski Jr., MBA 92 Scott D. Stewart, MBA 83 , PhD 85 Bernard M. Sussman 76, MBA 77 & Phyllis N. Sussman Robert J. Swieringa Steven D. Tish, MBA 91 Barney A. Tumey, MBA 78 Shyam Venkat, MBA 85 Robert R. Walker 72, MBA 73 & Gail C. Walker Earle L. Weaver 82, MEng 83, MBA 84 James S. Weaver Jr. 55, MBA 59 Scott M. Weaver, MBA 90 Daniel D. Wells, MBA 00 Harlan R. Wengert 49, MBA 50 & Nancy N. Wengert 48 William S. Wesson 51, MBA 54 & Janet H. Wesson Mark L. Wurzel 73, MBA 74 & Ellen R. Wurzel

Deans Circle $10,000 - $24,999

Elaine Mead Alexander 77 & John E. Alexander 74, MBA 76 Brit J. Bartter, PhD 77 & Marilyn M. Bartter 69 Jonathan E. Beyman, MBA 81 & Susan E. Beyman 80 Steven M. Bunson, MBA 84 & Joy F. Bunson 84 Roberto Canizares 71, MBA 74 & Gail Anderson Canizares 75 Kenneth M. Caron, MBA 03 & Jennifer Caron, MBA 02 E. John Caruso, MBA 51 * Randall C. Chafetz, MBA 85 Robert A. Cowie 55, MBA 57 & Vanne S. Cowie 57 Robert M. DeMichele, MBA 68 & June C. DeMichele Michael J. Durham, MBA 77

Tower Club $5,000 - $9,999

Ram S. Akella, MBA 03 & Carmen P. Akella, MBA 05 Kendra S. Armer, MBA 01 & Christopher Dorger Stephen B. Ashley 62, MBA 64 & Janice G. Ashley Sidney W. Bardwell, MBA 89 Roy E. Bell Jr., MBA 50 Jay R. Bloom 77, MBA 78 I. MacAllister Booth 54, MBA 58 & Frances Booth Paul T. Breitenbach 92, MBA 95 Mark G. Brennan, MBA 92 Douglas B. Brent, MBA 86 & Averil R. Brent, PhD 88 Lauren J. Brisky, MBA 75 James E. Brooks, MBA 70 Randolph B. Brown 84, MS 85, MBA 86 & Margaret A. Hutchinson Brown, MBA 86 * Deceased

Susan Rehm Gatto 80, MBA 81 Richard K. Gordon, MBA 74 & Susan M. Gordon Byron E. Grote, PhD 81 & Susan L. Miller, MBA 79 Terence M. Hogan, MBA 86 Imogene Powers Johnson 52 J. Michael Johnston, MBA 89 William J. Kidd 63, MBA 64 & Carla G. Kidd Cha-Joon Koo & Young Hee Koo Ronald E. Kramer, MBA 57 & Helen K. Kramer 57 * Alan M. Krause 52, MBA 53 George D. Landew 52, MBA 57


Richard D. Bulman 56, MBA 57 & Karen C. Bulman Scott T. Carpenter, MBA 94 Reginald Case Suk Y. Cha, MBA 84 Anand Chandrasekher 86, MEng 87, MBA 88 & Yasmin A. Chandrasekher, MS 89 Joseph Cherian, PhD 93 Roderick Gong-Wah Chu, MBA 71 James T. Cirenza 83, MBA 83 Richard A. Clark 69, MS 77, PhD 79 Robert E. Claypoole 58, MBA 61 & Nancy P. Claypoole 61 Charles B. Colagiuri 92, MBA 02 & Elizabeth L. Colagiuri 92 Dominic E. Collier, MBA 83 G. Walton Cottrell 61, MBA 63 & Jean Springer Cottrell 63 Gerry V. Curciarello, MBA 75 Maurice Curran, MBA 06 David G. Edington, MBA 02 & Stacie Edington Jacob R. Ellerbrock, MBA 02 & Ingrid S. Ellerbrock, MBA 02 Adam R. Fitzner, MBA 03 Edward Fraioli, MBA 70 Lawrence C. Frank, MS 67, MBA 68 Francisco J. Garza, MBA 82 George G. Gellert 60, MBA 62, JD 63 Deborah S. Gellman 75, MBA 82 Amy J. George, MBA 84 & Andrew S. George, MBA 84

Paul J. Gerwin 51, MBA 52 & Marie M. Gerwin Lester L. Halpern, MBA 54 & Roberta T. Halpern 56 Hanna R. Hamburger, MBA 82 David N. Hansen, MBA 77 Van Harissis, MBA 86 James N. Hauslein 81, MBA 84 Peter L. Haynes, MBA 63 & Judith A. Haynes William W. Helman III 50, MBA 54 Victor Hershman 47, MBA 49 & Maria G. Hershman Daniel R. Hesse, MBA 77 Kenneth D. Hintlian, MBA 78 Andrew W. Horrocks, MBA 92 & Amy W. Horrocks 88 David W. Jacobs, MBA 67 Michael A. Jenkins, MBA 93 Ann E. Killian, MBA 82 David R. King, MBA 80 Edward D. Klein 72, MBA 73 & Muriel Mulgrew Klein 72 John T. Kontrabecki, MBA 77, JD 77 Simon Krieger 76, MBA 77 & Robin L. Krieger James M. Levenson, MBA 87 Jerry Levitan 44, MBA 48 George D. Levy, MBA 54 Haiyan Li, MBA 86 Matthew J. Malgari, MBA 07 Eli Manchester Jr. 52 Richard H. Marks 67, MBA 68 & Carol Marks William H. McAleer 73, MBA 75 & Colleen M. McAleer 74 Phillip C. McClain, MBA 87 Mary G. Meeker, MBA 86 William G. Mennen III Robert H. Metcalf, MBA 61 J. Patrick Mulcahy 66, MBA 67 Thomas H. Mulligan 73, MBA 77 Angela Kaya Mwanza, MBA 00 & Todd A. Blanke, MA 96 Peter J. Nolan 80, MBA 82 & Stephanie J. Nolan 84 Kerry F. Nowaskey 79, MBA 81 & Susan M. Beauregard 79

Frank J. OConnell 65, MBA 66 & Barbara S. OConnell J. Roger ONeil, MBA 61 & Joan ONeil Gary D. Orosy, MBA 77 David B. Perskie 56, MBA 57 & Flora W. Perskie 57 William B. Redmond, MBA 05 Christian L. Rhodes, MBA 04 David M. Rodgers 88, MBA 88 Michael S. Rolband 80, MEng 81, MBA 82 Simon P. Ross, MBA 94 Jean F. Rowley 54, MBA 56 & Elizabeth E. Rowley Lawrence W. Ruff, MBA 82 Marc E. Sacks, MBA 87 Timothy E. Sallade, MBA 02 & Khaleda Najeem Sallade, MBA 00 Richard G. Schneider 70 Steven M. Shindler, MBA 87 & Mary Kay Kosnik, MBA 88 George S. Slocum 62, MBA 67 & Priscilla H. Slocum Sherwood T. Small, MBA 68 John L. Spivack 58, MBA 60 Warren R. Staley, MBA 67 Daniel A. Stern 65, PhD 71 & Gail Stern Jane Knauss Stevens 45, MBA 48 & Robert C. Stevens Scott M. Stewart, MBA 86 & Jeanne L. Stewart, MBA 86 Terry C. Stewart, MBA 72, JD 74 Bruce D. Stirling, MBA 73 Kyung Bae Suh, MBA 87 George W. Tall IV 82, MBA 82 Carol C. Tanenbaum Jay I. Vlock 47, MBA 48 & Gail Brekke Peter S. von Loesecke, MBA 84 & Alice von Loesecke, PhD 85 William F. Waters 54, MBA 55 S.F. Weissenborn 49, MBA 50 & Peggy Weissenborn Cynthia M. Williams, MBA 99 Mark L. Wilson 79, MBA 80 & Denise A. Rempe 80

Stephen N. DeVos, MBA 05 Alan T. Hirzel 89, MS 91, MBA 97 Christopher H. Knerr, MBA 02 John P. Larkin II, MBA 98 & Rebecca M. Shaghalian, MBA 98 John C. Lundquist, MBA 04 Kenneth J. MacKenzie, MBA 02 Elena M. Moneti 86, MBA 03 Douglas V. Moon, MBA 00 Jeffrey C. Nordin, MBA 02 Meredith J. Ryan-Reid, MBA 07 Julien A. Scholnick, MBA 03 Thomas Per George Schryver 93, MBA 02 & Caitlin Schryver, MBA 01 Paul T. Snyder, MBA 99 & Amy Malkin Snyder, MBA 99 Stanley Tao-Hung Sun 00, MBA 05 Scott Weiss 00, MBA 05 Adam Westphalen, MBA 07

Quadrangle Club $1,000 - $4,999

Jerome Abarbanel, MBA 68, PhD 79 Arthur H. Agin, MBA 94 James F. Ahern, MBA 91 Jungwhan Ahn, MBA 04 Sean P. Alexander 94, MBA 01 Sandeep Dinker Alva, MBA 84 Antonio M. Alvarez III, MBA 91 Ruth M. Anderson, PhD 66 James F. Anderton IV, MBA 67 Robert A. Angelone, MBA 86 Sean N. Annitto, MBA 05 Jeri R. Appel 79, MBA 81 Edward F. Arps 55, MBA 57 & Paula H. Arps 56 Saad P. Aslam, MBA 07 John B. Babcock 45 Yuriy A. Babushkin, MBA 99 Todd C. Baker, MBA 96 & Melanie H. Baker Sean T. Bannon 97, MBA 03 Ralph Bartholomew III, MBA 66 Alan Bates, MBA 86 & Elizabeth Vigsnes Bates Laurette Mayer Beach, MBA 70

Tower Club Recent Graduates $2,500 - $4,999

Mauricio Benavides, MBA 07


Leadership Giving
Scott F. Bearse, MBA 86 & Carrie E. Thornburg-Bearse, MBA 86 Ted P. Becker, MPA 77 Joel A. Belaire, MPA 72 Susan Ross Benamram, MBA 81 Eric H. Beringause 82, MBA 82 Daniel H. Berler, MBA 02 James L. Bierman, MBA 76 James R. Billings 63, MBA 64 Mark J. Bissell, MBA 82 Linda Blakney Bodenmann, MBA 80 Gustavo Bicudo E. Ceccato, MBA 02 Barbara B. Cevallos, MBA 98, MILR 99 Marvin T. Chang, MBA 98 Stephen C. Chapin, MBA 81 Thomas S. Charlton 67, MBA 69 & Charlaine E. Charlton Andrew Y Chin 93, MBA 94 & Hwei-Chi Chen 93 Kenneth J. Christensen 95, MBA 02 & Susie K. Christensen, MBA 01, MILR 02 Scott L. Christensen 97, MBA 04 Kevin N. Clowe, MBA 75 Joellin Comerford, MBA 77 Francis J. Connolly Jr., MBA 82 Thomas M. Copanas 71, MBA 71 Nicholas Cowan, MBA 04 Elizabeth Napton Craft, MBA 06 Josias J. Cromwell II, MBA 72 John P. Cunningham, MBA 03 Henry F. DAlessandro, MBA 92 Thomas J. Danisiewicz, MBA 82 Morris Danon, MBA 66 Ann E. Darby, MBA 79 William P. Davis II, MBA 99 Mickey Boland, MBA 02 John F. Bradley 82, MBA 83 & Kristine S. Bradley Pierre R. Breber, MBA 89 Renee L. Brown, MBA 04 Mark H. Bryant, MBA 95

Michael H. Evans, MBA 97 & Janine V. Evans, MBA 97 Rocco J. Fabiano, MBA 82 Karen L. Farkas, MBA 78, MPA 79, PhD 84 William G. Farnella, MBA 07 R. John Feely III, MBA 90 John A. Fekete, MBA 99 William S. Field 51, MBA 53 & Marilyn Field Lawrence M. Fields Ronald P. Fiske Jr., MBA 87 Christopher W. Floyd, MBA 00 Jane A. Freeman 75, MBA 78 Lance S. Gad, JD 70, MBA 71 Daniel Gardner, MBA 94 Daniel P. Garton, MBA 84 Elissa L. Giaimo, MBA 76 & Frank E. Giaimo 74, MEng 75 Amy C. Gilbert Linda C. Giuliano, MBA 02 Michael H. Gladstone, JD 82, MBA 82 & Patti A. Stoll, MBA 82 Jeffrey R. Glascott, MBA 81 Stephen P. Glynn, MBA 05 Bruce D. Goldberg, MBA 80 Howard S. Goldberg, MBA 79 & Risa S. Goldberg 78 Jerome F. Goldberg, MBA 63, JD 64 Howard J. Golden, MBA 89 Robert H. Goldenberg 00, MBA 05 Adrian Gonzalez, MBA 01 Les D. Gorman 94, MBA 96, JD 97 Wendy S. Graham, MBA 97 Melanie Herald Granoff, MBA 02 & Jeffrey B. Granoff, MBA 01 Svenulrich K. Grasshoff, MBA 04 Anne Gray, MBA 87 Christopher J. Gray, MBA 83 Frederick A. Greenland, MBA 72 Andrew J. Greenwald 03, MBA 04 Carolyn E. Greig 74, MBA 74 Yaniv Grinstein Gerhard S. Gruter, MBA 02 Sarah J. Hammann, MBA 86 Bernard L. Han 86, MEng 87, MBA 88

William R. Hanson, MBA 79 & Seawillow A. Hanson, MBA 81 William J. Harries, MBA 04 Charles M. Harthan III, MBA 99 Jerome E. Hass K. Larry Hastie, MBA 66 , PhD 69 & Ruth Hastie, MA 69 David H. Herskovits 72 & Joan Herskovits Sean S. Hickey, MBA 96 & Eileen R. Hickey, MBA 97 Jonathan M. Hinebauch 62, MBA 67 John H. Hollands 51, MBA 52 Mary E. Howe 76, MBA 77 Lily O. Huang, MBA 99 Gregory W. Hubbell, MBA 02 Ronald J. Huefner, MBA 65 , PhD 68 Achenyo Idachaba, MBA 98 Robert W. Iida, MBA 91 Shannon J. Iorio, MBA 06 Alexander G. Ivanov, MBA 00 Gregory A. Jackson, MBA 04 Howard E. Jacobs, MBA 61 Robert A. Jacobson 71, MBA 74 Scott E. Jaffe, MBA 98 & Susan M. Menkhaus, MBA 99 Vishal Jain, MBA 07 Arthur D. James, MBA 58 Andrew C. Johnston, MBA 02 Thomas M. Jones 75, MBA 71 Yael W. Jones, MBA 04 Jill E. Kaiser 98, MBA 05 Byeong W. Kang, MBA 02 Jonathan M. Kaplan 73, MBA 74 & Michelle Witt Kaplan Robert S. Kaplan, PhD 68 David B. Kassing, MBA 57 & Pat Kassing Alice Katz, MBA 76 Vijay Marcos Kawauchi Ralhan, MBA 00 Fred P. Keller 66 Stephen L. Key, MBA 68 Jacob Kiferbaum & Sandra Schon Kiferbaum Shauna R. King, MBA 81 & Stephen M. King 79, MBA 81 Dana F. Klein, MBA 88 Timothy M. Klusas, MBA 02 * Deceased

John F. Delorenzo, MBA 03 James L. Deming, MBA 82 Shital R. Desai, MBA 00 Timothy C. Devries, MBA 81 Joseph S. Dewey 53, MBA 54 & Betsy M. Dewey 54 Marianne E. Diamond 93, MBA 99 Dmitry Dinces, MBA 03 Timothy J. Dolan 83, MBA 89 Kent A. Dolby 73, MBA 74 Jay C. Donovan, MBA 83 Cathy S. Dove, MBA 84 Jason J. Dupuis, MBA 03 Daniel F. Dyckman 80, MEng 81 Peter G. Dyke, MBA 87 Vernon A. Dyke 60, MBA 62 James C. Ebbert, MBA 72 & Lucetta B. Ebbert James B. Edwards 96, MBA 03 Richard W. Esten, MBA 58

Richard A. Buch, MBA 85 Lori Glick Burke, MBA 03 James Cammarata, MBA 02 Robert C. Camp 58, MBA 60 Terri Z. Campbell, MBA 98 Gustavo G. Campos, MBA 07 David B. Capaldi, MBA 95 & Joan W. Capaldi, MBA 95 Howard G. Capek 89, MBA 93 John D. Caplan 73 Frank J. Cardaci 69, MBA 72 Robert G. Carman 69, MBA 70 & Anita Grace Carman Edward S. Caso Jr., MBA 84 & H. Diane Alnutt Caso, MBA 84


Leo Konomis, MBA 71 John Konwiser 57, MBA 58 & Anabel Konwiser Dennis Dong-Beum Koo, MBA 05 Alan H. Krasner, MBA 85 & Lorie E. W. Krasner Richard W. Krieger, MBA 02 & Laura E. Nogelo Krieger 94, MBA 01 Kiran Kumar, MBA 02 Bruce E. Lafranchi, MBA 82 & Judith D. Lafranchi, MBA 82 Robert A. Lancey, MBA 07 Ross P. Lanzafame 77, MPS 79 Shane J. Larkin, MBA 02 Frederick D. Laub, MBA 74 JC Lee, MBA 86 Daniel J. Lehan III, MBA 92 Ladislav Lettovsky, MBA 01 Saul Levine, MBA 82 Dean T. Lewallen, MBA 81 Ernesto E. Lichauco 51, MBA 55 James M. Lillis III, MBA 97 Christabel Shuk-Ying Lo, MBA 92 & Herbert Yan-Hei Yuen, MBA 92 Paul A. Lobo Jr., MBA 97 Linda Latsko Lockhart, MBA 85 Gregory T. Long 93, MBA 00 Howard K. Loomis 49, MBA 50 Barbara A. Lougee, MBA 92 , PhD 99 Philip H. Loughlin III 61, MBA 62 & Caroline K. Loughlin 61 Dennis J. Lubozynski 71, MBA 75 Charles R. Lynch 90, MBA 95 James K. Macdonald Jr., MBA 84 Marsh A. MacMillan 56, MBA 57 & Lois H. MacMillan Michael P. Maloney, MBA 68, JD 71 & Jane Maloney Elizabeth A. Mannix James W. Mariani, MBA 91 Charles R. Marlow, MBA 07 David E. Marschner, MBA 07 Roland M. Martel, MBA 82 Scot A. Martin 81, MBA 83 Mary Jo Maydew, MBA 87 Carlos A. Maymi 90

Robert J. McCabe 65, MBA 70 & Sue McCabe Donald R. McCurry 50 Timothy McGurkin, MBA 93 & Susan L. Conley, MBA 93 Caragh M. McLaughlin, MBA 98 Frances E. McLean, MBA 99 H. Thomas McMeekin, MBA 78 James A. McNair, MBA 83 William J. Meakem, MBA 72 Paola D. Meta, MBA 03 Melissa J. Middleton, MBA 04 Peter P. Miller Jr. 44, MBA 48 Stephen E. Milman 58, MBA 59 & Evalyn Edwards Milman 60 B. Charles Milner, MBA 73 & Mary C. Milner Robert L. Mitchell 77, MBA 83, MEng 83 Lorraine A. Mohan 76, MBA 78 M. Mead Montgomery 60, MBA 62 Holly A. Moriarty, MBA 02 Christopher R. Morley, MBA 84 & Leone T. Young 83, MBA 84 Peter J. Morphis, MBA 75 Megan McWeeney Morris, MBA 02 Kenneth J. Morsch, MBA 03 Peter L. Mulford, MBA 72 Lee S. Murnick, MBA 95 Andrew I. Namm, MBA 52 David C. Nash 72, MBA 73 Michael D. Naumes, MBA 72 Brenten Nauslar, MBA 03 Frank A. Nicolai, MPA 65 Robert L. Nixon, MPA 72, PhD 76 John D. Nozell, MBA 83 & Patricia Takas Nozell, JD 84 Jeffrey A. Nusbaum 97, MBA 97 & Marnie F. Mars, MBA 97 Lawrence W. OBrien, MBA 73 James P. OShaughnessy J. David Officer, MBA 74, JD 75 & Marcia J. Wade 74 Charles J. Ohl 66, MBA 67 Ronald L. Olmstead, MBA 81 Kaan Onur 96, MS 97, MBA 98 & Esra H. Cuhruk, MBA 00

Peter B. Orthwein Jr. 98, MBA 03 & Sara Gompf Orthwein 99 Masa Oshima, MBA 91 Raymond J. Pacini, MBA 79 Christina Hyo Jung Park, MBA 02 John A. Park III 74, MBA 78 & Nancy H. Mclaughlin Garth R. Parker, MBA 57 & Rosalie S. Parker 57 Ketan D. Patel, MBA 91 Duncan G. Perry 84, MBA 88 & Heidi C. Perry 87 George M. Peters, MBA 67 Nicholas Peters, MBA 85 Glenn M. Pfeiffer, MBA 78 , PhD 80 Bryan E. Preston, MBA 03 Christopher A. Preston, MBA 97 & Elizabeth S. Valalik, MBA 97 Martin A. Prince, MBA 07 Craig A. Puffenberger 82, MEng 83, MBA 84 & Janet S. Spina 80, MBA 83 Benjamin A. Pushner, JD 87, MBA 87 Carlos R. Quintanilla, MBA 80 Alfred P. Quirk Jr., MBA 84 Subha S. Ramiah, MBA 07 Robert Reback 69, MEng 70, PhD 72 & Barbara Z. Reback 68 Gennaro I. Rendino 87, MBA 02 Kathleen Riley-Brown 78, MBA 79 Neil K. Robertson, MBA 62 Alexander L. Roe, MBA 02 & Rebecca K. Graham Roe 02 Stephen Rogozinski, MBA 92

John S. Roscoe 85, MBA 90 & Carol F. Roscoe 85 Ralph W. Rose, MBA 84 Joanne D. Rosenthal, MBA 90 Margarita A. Rossi, MBA 04 & Michael C. DAgati, MBA 98 Stanislas J. Rotman, MBA 99 Duncan S. Routh, MBA 98 Rishin Roy, MBA 89 , PhD 90 Gregory A. Rubin 75, MBA 76 Karl A. Ruggeberg, MBA 74 Jonathan S. Russell 93, MBA 94 Thomas A. Russo, JD 69, MBA 69 Mark H. Ruszczyk, MBA 07 Brian G. Sadler, MBA 91 Bruce M. Sandison, MBA 79 Susan J. Scanlon, JD 76, MBA 76 & Croft Hangartner David Schaenen, MBA 52 Jeffrey C. Scheininger, MBA 80 & Manette Mallon Scheininger 78, MS 80 Gregory F. Schem, MBA 80 Cara L. Schnaper 76, MBA 77 & George F. Jarrold 76, MBA 78 Craig D. Schnuck 70, MBA 71 Alan V. Schwartz, MBA 72 Alan D. Schwartz Richard A. Shafer, PhD 97 Uresh Sheth, MBA 00 Valerie J. Shey, MBA 98 Arnon Shiboleth, MBA 01

Dan Shur 94, MBA 03 H. James Sigsbee 70, MBA 71 Vinay M. Singh, MBA 00 Peter F. Sinisgalli 78, MBA 82 Gerald Skidmore, MBA 58 & Sarah G. Skidmore Seymour Smidt Kenneth F. Smith, MBA 57 Ronald E. Smith, MBA 94 Mark K. Snead, MBA 82 Jose I. Solera, MBA 82 & Meg L. Solera, MBA 82 Guy B. Speers, MBA 91 Robert S. Spencer 68, MBA 70 & Barbara S. Spencer 69


Leadership Giving
Dana K. Spratt, MBA 78 Joseph R. Stauff II, MBA 04 Christopher Stavrakos 81, MBA 82 Patricia Carry Stewart 50 & Charles T. Stewart 40 Jon D. Stokes, MBA 01 Robert S. Strickland, MBA 71 Michael C. Su, MBA 05 & Alice Shiau Su, MBA 05 Rodney L. Sunada-Wong, MBA 92 & Carol Yukie Sunada-Wong, MEng 93 Margaret Sung, MBA 90 Jan H. Suwinski 63, MBA 65 & Susan Suwinski T. Marshall Swartwood, MBA 60 John F. Sweeney, MBA 93 J. Robert Swidler, MBA 70 Robert T. Symington, MBA 92 Luther Tai, MBA 02 & Johanna Tai Hideyuki Takahashi, MBA 81 Toshiro Takeda, MBA 90 & Tomoko Takeda, MS 90 Christopher D.N. Thomas, MBA 93 & Cornelia P. Oliver 88, MBA 93 John C. Thurmond, MBA 65 Kenneth R. Tometsko 93, MBA 00 William R. Towcimak II, MBA 06, MILR 06 John F. Trainor, MBA 00 Jean M. Treacy, MBA 79 Edward J. Tregurtha 85, MBA 91 & Margaret Brown Tregurtha 85

Thanathip Vidhayasirinun, MEng 89, MBA 91 Fiorenzo A. Villani, MBA 07 Leslie C. Vinney 70, MBA 72 & Linda M. Vinney 71, MAT 72 Peter H. Vogel Jr. 75, MBA 76 Joseph A. Wagda, MBA 72 & Sandra S. Wagda Sue E. Wallace, MBA 74 John F. Ward 65, MBA 66 Caryl Warner Jr., MBA 57 & Carol Warner Donald A. Wescott, MBA 66 & Linda Wescott Christine M. Whaley 84, MBA 89 Darryl M. Wharton, MBA 77 Philip D. Wheeler, MBA 64 Charles S. Wilke, MBA 67 Laura A. Wilkinson, MBA 85, JD 86 Bradford Willett, MBA 02 Henry H. Wilson, MBA 91 Joseph T. Wilson, MBA 86 Ned J. Winsor, MBA 79 Steven Wishner, MBA 76 & Lauri Berkson Wishner, MBA 76 Lisa Wollan, MBA 82 Benjamin W. Wood, MBA 99 Douglas J. Wood, MBA 78 Peter A. Wright 75, MBA 76 Ya-Ju Joan Wu, MBA 93 Mark J. Wydra, MBA 83, MEng 84 Zuoli Xu, MBA 02 Yorio Yagi, MBA 57

Jennifer M. Yap, MBA 98 Peter Ying, MBA 02 John D. Young, MBA 98 Igor C. Zakoworotny, MBA 77 Yong Zhang, MBA 04

Matthew T. Born, MBA 97 Lawrence R. Boyd 98, MBA 04 Peter T. Boyd, MBA 82 Earle L. Bradford Jr., MBA 71 Dennis P. Bridgeman, MPA 72 Benjamin L. Brown, MBA 06 Christopher W. Brown 94, MBA 04 Kelly J. Brown 88, MBA 92 & Timothy Brown Timothy B. Brown 84, MBA 92 & Nancy G. Brown 85, PhD 94 William R. Brown 71, MBA 72 & Janice Barthelson Brown 72 Sarah E. Brubacher, MBA 99 Gabriel J. Buerkle, MBA 04 Philipp H. Burroughs, MBA 72 James J. Byrnes 63, MBA 64 & Terry R. Byrnes W. Stewart Cahn, MBA 63 Carmen R. Canales, MBA 96 Sara E. Cantwell, MBA 05 John Capogrossi 75, MBA 80 Richard W. Carthaus, MBA 62 Wai-Leong Chan 83, MEng 84, MBA 85 Gautam Chandra, MBA 94 Hyun J. Chang, MBA 06 Alice G. Chen, MBA 04 Lisa Cheraskin, MBA 76 Robert W. Chesley, MBA 02 Gorton Chiu, MBA 06 Nana J. Cho, MBA 02 John R. Clark Sr., MBA 72 Matthew P. Cohen, MBA 05 Richard H. Comstock Jr., MBA 76 Michael J. Conte, MBA 07 James H. Cotter, MBA 97 & Marion Stewart Sullivan, MPA 97 Christopher T. Cramer, MBA 98 David A. Craver, MBA 91 David J. Culbertson 50, MBA 51 & Helen E. Culbertson 50 James M. Cunningham, MBA 97 Kevin P. Cuskley, MBA 84 & Stephanie H. Cuskley, MBA 85 Louis R. DAgrosa 74, MBA 75 & Judi S. DAgrosa

Charter Society $500 - $999

John A. Adams, MBA 90 Lynn Richard Adamson, MBA 80 & Barbara L. Adamson Allan R. Aks, MBA 02 Martin V. Alonzo Jr., MBA 80 James P. Alsina, MBA 02 Samuel G. Altman, MBA 87 & Marion N. Cooke, MA 87 Thomas D. Andersen, MBA 75 Ah Lay Ang, MBA 75 Student Anonymous Michael D. Anthony, MBA 90 Paul A. Aronson 83, MBA 90 Nancy H. Ayers, MBA 74 & Douglas Ayers Ajay Badlani, MBA 99 Heather E. Rooze Baird, MBA 06 Joseph M. Balzano, MBA 06 Neil B. Bane, MBA 88 Kristina C. Bangs 83, MBA 89 Victoria Barbadoro, MBA 06 Thomas L. Bartlett 72, MBA 74 Stephan Becerra, MBA 02 Louise M. Belevich 75, MBA 75 William M. Bellamy Jr. 53, MBA 58, JD 59 & Nancy Bellamy Dennis L. Berman 71, MBA 73 Frank J. Bernieri, MBA 80 Ross B. Berntson 93, MAT 94, MBA 02 & Julia Ferguson Berntson 94, DVM 98 William H. Besgen 68, MBA 69 Sarah J. Beyrich, MBA 03 Tatiana R. Birkelund 93, MBA 98 Ben L. Bishop Jr. 70, MBA 72 Tarek A. Bizri, MBA 02 Wendy Blanchard, MBA 81 Andrew H. Blanco 99, MBA 05 James J. Blum 80, MEng 82, MBA 82

Paul R. Tregurtha 57 & Lee A. Tregurtha 59 Judith Krasnow Trichon, MBA 07 Kevin T. Tuite, MBA 01 Norman Turkish 56, MBA 60 Walter J. Tusinski 69, MBA 71 & Marcia Tusinski Daniel C. Updyke, MBA 01 Michael A. Urbanic, MBA 68 Natalie Heidelberg Vansant, MBA 04 JoAnne M. Verderese, MBA 86 Lesley K. Verdi 85, MS 88, MBA 07 & Robert J. Verdi, PhD 88 Andrew W. Verhalen 78, MEng 81, MBA 81 & Janet L. Brownstone, MBA 81

* Deceased

Andrew H. Dahlen, MBA 97 & Ann W. Dahlen, MBA 96 David C. Dalrymple, MBA 85 Jonathan P. Darsey, MBA 99 & Donna L. Peters, MBA 99 Deepak S. Das, MBA 07 Heather L. Davis 82, MBA 87 Ralph A. Dean, MPA 72 Patricia Pryse Decker, MAT 74, MBA 77 Justin P. DeKoszmovszky 99, MBA 06 Frank Del Vecchio, MBA 90 Qing Deng, MBA 01 Pierre M. Devaux, MBA 02 Kevin J. Doldan, MBA 05 Blake E. Donaldson, MBA 02 James E. Doucette Jr., MBA 89 David H. Downes, PhD 75 Robert S. Drbul, MBA 97 Carol F. Ducommun 79, MBA 85 & Steven E. Ducommun, JD 86 John G. Duguid, MBA 99 Leonard E. Dulski, MBA 99 & Jennifer Huret Dulski 93, MBA 99 Michael L. Dunn, MBA 62 Mica A. Eades, MBA 97 Mark A. Eidlin, MBA 07 Bryan C. Elliott, MBA 83 G. Reggie Fairchild, MBA 92 Amr A. Farahat Blair D. Faulstich, MBA 97 James C. Feliciano, MBA 02 Irene Feng 96, MBA 03 Lisa K. Fernow 79, MBA 84 Bruce W. Firkins, MBA 75 Dora G. Flash & Russell Bourne Ryan N. Folger 98, MBA 04 Glenn C. Fowler, MBA 53 Elizabeth A. Frederick Peldunas, MBA 90 Dan Friedberg, MBA 87 Hiroshi Fujikawa, MBA 97 Yohance S. Fuller, MBA 05 Christian J. Fulmino, MBA 07 Carlos D. Garcia, MBA 83 Robert C. Gates 90, MBA 94 Richard A. Gatz Jr. 59, MBA 62

Katharine Gee 92, MBA 04 Daniel E. Gehl, MBA 02 John T. Gentry, MBA 88 Tanya E. Ghaleb-Harter 93, MBA 98 Anthony J. Giammalva, MBA 88 Michael Gibbins, PhD 76 Duncan A. Gillis 85, MBA 91 & Morgen T. Gillis 85 Frank J. Glavin, MBA 02 James A. Goldman, MBA 85 Abe A. Gomel, MBA 73 David A. Gordon, MBA 82 & Kristine Selander Gordon, MBA 82 Stacie E. Gravereaux, MBA 04 Timothy J. Grisius, MBA 96 Robert B. Gronlund, MEng 96, MBA 96 Glenn P. Grove Jr., MBA 78 Michael E.G. Guarda, MBA 04 Kenneth W. Gurrola, MBA 95 & Suzanne Gunther Li G. Guo, MBA 99 Faisal M. Hamdard, MBA 04 Ying Han, MBA 98 J. Douglas Hanna, PhD 91 Scott A. Hansing, MBA 01 Erika E. Hargesheimer, MBA 07 Kevin T. Haroff 77, JD 81, MBA 81 Rosalie C. Hawley, MBA 87 & Robert B. Hawley 83 David J. Hayes, MBA 67 John D. Heitlinger, MBA 80 Bruce K. Henderson, MBA 84 Robert K. Hendricks Jr., MBA 91 Edwin S. Hetherington, JD 75, MBA 75 Christine M. Hewitt 97, MBA 02 Bruce E. Holmes, MBA 90 Jeffrey L. Hopkins, MBA 92 & Leslie Howard Hopkins 87, MBA 92 Philip H.F. Hsia 92, MBA 99 & Anita J. Lee 92, JD 98 Danny Y. Hsu, MBA 05 Wendell J. Huang, MBA 86 Thomas M. Huber 99, MBA 06 Daniel J. Huehn, MBA 89 William W. Huling Jr. 68, MBA 74 & Karin Strauss Ash, PhD 99

John F. Ineson, MBA 57 & Eleonore Ineson 57 Amy M. Isom 88, MBA 89 Brian Jacobson, MBA 95 Michael D. Johnson 02, MBA 02 Kimberly N. Jones 98, MBA 02 Timothy W. Jones 69 , MPA 71 Thomas F. Judson Jr., MBA 70 Edward H. Jun 98, MBA 04 Christine Jung, MBA 87 David C. Kantorczyk 67, MBA 69 & Judith A. Kantorczyk, MPA 69 Mitchell A. Katz, MBA 94 Steven B. Katznelson, MBA 87 Kraig H. Kayser, MBA 84 Kevin F. Kelly 76, MBA 77 Imran H. Khan, MBA 00 Edward J. Kim, MBA 06 Joonhee E. Kim, MBA 06 Young J. Kim, MBA 06 Susan Nguyen Kirtland 98, MBA 03 James E. Kirtland, MBA 02 & Douglas R. Knowles 69, MBA 83 & Carol Knowles Sholape A. Kolawole, MBA 03 Ralf T. Kubli, MBA 04 Alan M. Kurzer, MBA 81 John M. Kyles Jr., MBA 00 Raquel A. Lacey-Nelson, MBA 03 Walter B. Laessig 63, JD 66, MBA 66 James A. Largay III, PhD 71 Paul Li, PhD 95, MBA 00 Wilson Li, MBA 04 Stephen E. Lichaw, MBA 03 Adam C. Liebhoff, MBA 07 & Emilie Schnitman Liebhoff, MBA 07 Christina Y.H. Ling, MPA 74 Karen S. Liu, MBA 82 Ruoheng Liu, MBA 04 Edmund R. Lorenson, MBA 93 Ying Luo, MBA 02 Steve M. Luscinski, MBA 80 & Cathryn Luscinski Ivan L. Lustig 80, MEng 81, MBA 82 Bernard S. MacCabe 75, MBA 79

Gilles A. Marchand Jr., MBA 90 Francois Marcoux, MBA 07 Brian H. Margulies, MBA 94 Richard J. Martino, MBA 82 Robert S. Mathes, MBA 86 Nicholas O. Matt, MBA 73 Paul J. McCarthy 59, MBA 65

Robert M. McConnell, MBA 76 Samuel G. McConnell, MBA 85 & Christine G. McConnell, MBA 85 James C. McCrea III, MBA 85 & Miriam H. McCrea, MBA 86 George F. McGovern, MBA 78 Gordon N. McKee, MBA 88 Bianca Rubia Medrano, MBA 06 Maura Cully Meek, MBA 82 & John H. Meek, MBA 79 Sylvia Melikian, MBA 76 Estella H. Mendelson, MBA 90 & Stuart G. Mendelson 80 Susan L. Menichetti, MPA 69 Eiki Mera, MBA 92 & Jennifer Mera Christopher I. Meredith, MBA 05 & Laurel Elkind Meredith 93 Stewart A. Merkin, MBA 71, JD 72 Thomas R. Michelmore, MBA 77 Jason T. Milazzo, MBA 92 Richard S. Miller 56, MBA 58 Stephen S. Milt, MBA 02 Steven M. Miska, MBA 99 Kamal K. Mistry, MBA 94 David J. Moffitt, MBA 77 John J. Morgan, MBA 03 Timothy L. Mould, MBA 95, MILR 97 Kozaburo Murayama, MBA 84


Leadership Giving
John P. Murphy, MBA 04 Bradford A. Myers, MBA 02 & Cynthia Y. Myers, MBA 01 Yuji Nakahara, MBA 03 Sean M. Neville, MBA 02 Geoffrey P. Newman, MBA 03 Lois Fish Niland 74, MBA 78 Charles W. Nims, MBA 73 & Peggy Ulrich-Nims, MPA 73 A. Gretchen Noelke 64, MBA 65 A. Leonard Nusbaum, MBA 60 Justin R. OKeeffe, MBA 02 Nick Oancea, MBA 57 David Olaksen, MBA 82 & Christine D. Olaksen, MBA 82 Rodney L. Olivero, MBA 02 Marella Oviedo, MBA 04 Ralph K. Packard, MBA 69 George T. Palmer, MBA 66 Monica C. Panchmia, MBA 07 Vera Kerry Pang, MBA 04 Kristina E. Park, MBA 97 Richard W. Parker, MBA 62 Glenn H. Pease 80, MBA 82 & Maureen O. Pease, MPS 82 Francisco Pedraza 55, MBA 57 & Sarah Dyer Pedraza 56 Bruce A. Peltzer, MBA 96 Helene E. Penido 84, MBA 87 Thomas W. Pesch, MBA 92, MEng 92

Glenn I. Rones, MBA 74 Brent D. Rosenthal, MBA 03 Fredric Ross, MBA 83 Robert H. Ross 64, MBA 66 Bruce M. Rothenberg, MBA 84 Julien Ruggieri, MBA 05 William B. Rusitzky, MBA 90, MEng 90 David C. Sacra, MBA 82 Brian Saed 94, MBA 99 & Alyse S. Kramarow 95 Scott S. Sainsbury, MBA 77 & Patricia Cox Sainsbury Sumant Salve, MBA 04 Sumitro G. Sarkar, MBA 07 Christopher G. Scales, MBA 91 & Susan M. Scales, MBA 91 Eric R. Schneider 91, MBA 99 & Susan Curtis Schneider 91 George T. Schneider 60 & Roberta G. Schneider 59 John M. Schneller, MBA 96 Drew M. Schulke, MBA 99 Daniel R. Sciortino, MBA 05 Eric F. Seeton, MBA 07 Robert E. Seidel Jr., MBA 03 Michael W. Seitz, MBA 07 Roger W. Shafer, MBA 84 Adam Sherman, MBA 79 Ashwin V. Shirvaikar, MBA 97 & Payal Shirvaikar, MBA 96 Corwin J. Shropshire, MBA 03 Samuel N. Shukovsky, MBA 96 & Valerie Shukovsky 97, MBA 03 Faran A. Siddiqi, MBA 07 Benson J. Simon 59, MBA 62 & Mary E. Dahlen Simon, MA 63 Jacob A. Simon, MBA 78 Harry Singh, MBA 85 & Pamela McGuire Elizabeth R. Skibo, MBA 05 Heather L. Slowik Kwon 97, MBA 02 & Jae W. Kwon, MBA 03 Andrew C. Smith, MBA 89 William C. Smith Jr., MBA 92 Jeffrey D. Snyder, MBA 90 Stephen M. Snyder, MPA 71, JD 72 Darren S. Sokoloski, MBA 07 William B. Sparks Jr., MBA 65

Smittipon Srethapramote, MBA 05 Tirumalai K. Srinivasan, MBA 04 Susan L. Stanclik, MBA 98 Phillips B. Stearns 74, MBA 88 Ross W. Stefano 77, MBA 78 & Janet Stapleton Stefano Philip A. Stein 73, MBA 75 Adam M. Steinberg, MBA 98 William H. Stephan, MBA 80 John Stieger, MBA 01 Thomas E. Strobel 96, MBA 05 Mary E. Sullivan, MBA 94 & Wim Vandenhoeck, MBA 94 Akio Tachibana, MBA 93 Nobuo Takahashi Michael D. Tarino, MBA 95 Andrea D. Tarr, MBA 92 John W. Tatum, MBA 96 Jason A. Tauber, MBA 04 Bennett Thomas, MBA 03 Margaret Gilboy Thomas, PhD 73 & L. Joseph Thomas Edward T. Timperlake, MBA 77 Neil W. Tollas, MBA 83 W. Scott Tompkins, MBA 67 Christopher J. Trakas, MBA 85 Brad K. Trumble, MBA 07 Michael Tsai, MBA 06 Jennifer E. Turner, MBA 06 Peter J. Valenti III, MBA 92 Margaret S. Valla, MBA 89 Christopher S. Van Zandt, MBA 86 Thomas Veasy, MBA 97 R. Eric Verity, MBA 97 Rohit Verma, MBA 06 Dwight E. Vicks III 84, MBA 91 Anish Vijayangirija, MBA 06 Varun Wadhawan, MBA 06 James M. Walden, MBA 03 Michael Waldman Daniel L. Warner, MBA 96 & Laura L. Warner, MBA 97 Robert A. Warwick, MBA 72, JD 73 Frederick A. Watkins, MBA 65 Beth A. Watson, MBA 02

Earle L. Weaver 82, MBA 84 Fredrick W. Weber, MBA 84 & Kathy Weber Joanna Stuart Weber 99, MBA 04 Jeffery M. Weirens, MBA 94 Richard Weissman, MBA 81 Stephen T. Welch, MBA 53 Bre Leigh Wells, MBA 02 John B. Wengert, MBA 93 D. Ross White, MBA 67 Elizabeth Denyse Wilson, MBA 06 James R. Wilson, MBA 76 Martha Kathryn Withington, MBA 94 & J. David Kelsey, MBA 95 Phillip R. Witt 61, MBA 65 & Bette Witt 62 Sean Woolley, MBA 06 Robert A. Worsnop 49, MBA 50 & Nancy G. Worsnop 52 Xiaolin Wu, MBA 04 C. Chris Wyrtzen III, MBA 82 Wei Xiong, MBA 00 Jun Yang, MBA 02 Gul Yanmaz-Karsligil, MBA 95 Timothy J. Yanoti, MBA 89 Robert S. Yasuda, MBA 93

Gifts From Friends under $500

Lois B. Abbott 49 Mohammad O. Akram Randy L. Allen 68 Scott V. Alvis, MS 88 Karen C. Aubrecht & Christian F.P. Aubrecht 90, MBA 98 * Virginia L. Augusta, MPS 99, PhD 05 Warren B. Bailey 79 Frank J. Bartell III, MPS 75 Rasa Bauza Harold Bierman Jr. Dianna D. Blodgett Karrie L. Borgelt Daniel A. Brent James D. Bride Loretta Burns-Knighten Susan Fleming Cabrera

Todd E. Peskin 95, MEng 96, MBA 97 & Robin B. Peskin 97 Kenneth D. Pomerantz, MBA 89 & Laura H. Liu 86, MEng 87, MBA 89 Stephen C. Propper, MBA 92 Judith Fowler Quagliaroli 65, MBA 66 & John Quagliaroli Arvind Ramaswamy, MBA 07 Alan R. Randaccio, MBA 89 & Susan C. Randaccio, MBA 89 William C. Rath 70, JD 72, MBA 72 Robert A. Reeves, MBA 02 Mark H. Richman, MBA 97 Thomas P. Riley, MPA 62 George C. Rockas, JD 84, MBA 84 & Evelyn Limberakis Rockas Quentin Rodriguez, MBA 02


* Deceased

Jeffrey A. Chudy Sharol L. Collins Michael P. Connolly, MPS 76 Denise Francis Dahlhoff Bing Doh Robert C. Olney Jr. 71 Seiji Fukaya Patrick R. Gallagher Jr. David C. Gaynor, MPS 75 Cindy M. Goral, MS 85 & Jerry Scharf Peter S. Grabell M. Alex Guenoun, MEng 95 & Karen B. Hausmann Thomas B. Hambury Elizabeth Ferris Hart 80 & Burtin E. Hart Barry M. Hecht 65 & Bradlea D. Hecht 67 Ori Heffetz Rosalyn A. Hines Deborah W. Holt, MPS 74 & Thomas J. Holt 70 Thomas Hung Manuel R. Junco Jan H. Katz & Harry C. Katz You Na Kim Daniel S. Klein, MPS 77 Darin A. Knaus, PhD 03 Michael P. Lacalamita, MPS 75 H. Peter Larson III 67 Elizabeth H. Lea 60 Leonard C. Li 98, MEng 99 Neil M. Matlins, MA 72 Ryan R. Miller Mark S. Mitchell Craig Monsell Robert D. Moore John W. Mosser Mark W. Nelson Scott A. Nesmith 98 Rishad P. Olpadwala 97 Terry L. Parker 70, MS 71 Jillian A. Peters Richard A. Phelps Jr. 04

Charles D. Phlegar & Karen Phlegar Brent J. Pycz Dana M. Radcliffe Fahim A. Razzaque Gudrun Reiterer Mario R. Reyes William G. Ries, MPS 75 R. Jill Ruge, MPS 76 Donald J. Schork 74, MPS 76 Edward M. Schottland, MPS 73 & Nancy Resnick Schottland Sanjeev Shukla Zachary J. Shulman 87, JD 90 & Angela C. Rudert Douglas M. Stayman L. Joseph Thomas Melissa C. Thomas-Hunt Annamaria D. Timofte & Matthew D. Pelfrey Gaye Asiye Tomlinson Richard F. Tyler Mark E. Vincent Ramandeep Walia William H. Walton, MS 81 Patricia A. Watson 82 Joey Wu Rhoda Jin Lyn Yap Matheus N. Zanardi Nadya Zybko


Reunion Leadership
Class of 1952
Arthur Snyder, campaign & social chair George D. Hano Carolyn Skeete Jackson, social chair Helene E. Penido

Reunion Speakers and Presenters

Jerry Hass, James B. Rubin Professor of Finance, Krause Faculty Fellow in Real Estate Becky Vallely 79, MBA 80, associate director of Gift Planning Karin Ash, PhD 99, director, Career Management Center Lynne Allen, alumni career advisor Melvin H. Goldman, visiting lecturer of entrepreneurship Narayan P. Mulchandani 86, MBA 87 W. Bradley Wendel, professor of law L. Joseph Thomas, associate dean, Nicholas H. Noyes Professor of Manufacturing and professor of operations management Daniel Szpiro, director of the Cornell-Queens EMBA program, senior lecturer Doug Elias, director of technology, Parker Center for Investment Research Robert H. Frank, Henrietta Johnson Louis Professor of Management and professor of economics Terry Stewart, MBA 72, JD 74, CEO, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Robert J. Swieringa, Johnson School dean, professor of accounting Jeffrey F. Berg 79, MEng 80, MBA 84, Advisory Council member, member of Deans Leadership Committee, and University Trustee

Class of 1992
Michi C. Calcagno, campaign chair Leslie Howard Hopkins, social chair & campaign committee Tammy W. Campson G. Reggie Fairchild Sima U. Guven Jeffrey L. Hopkins D. John Mascarenhas Donna Craig Meucci M. Christine OSullivan Lynn Hermanson Zimmerman Steven C. Zimmerman

Class of 1957
Robert A. Cowie, campaign chair Richard D. Bulman, social chair & campaign committee Ronald E. Kramer

Class of 1962
Benson J. Simon, co-campaign chair Frank C. Speno, co-campaign chair Richard W. Parker

Class of 1967
Charles J. Ohl, co-campaign chair George S. Slocum, co-campaign chair David J. Hayes, social chair & campaign committee Jonathan M. Hinebach Charles S. Wilke

Class of 1997
Paul A. Lobo Jr., campaign chair Kristina E. Park, co-social chair & campaign committee Leslie H. T. Schott, co-social chair Brian D. Bank M. Lee Clancy Jr. Ashwin V. Shirvaikar Jennifer S. Thomas

Class of 1972
Joseph A. Wagda, campaign & social chair Michael J. Daun James C. Ebert Peter K. Maier James K. Murphy Jr. James A. Rowan Jr. Robert A. Warwick

Class of 2002
Kenneth J. MacKenzie, co-campaign chair Sean M. Neville, co-campaign chair Thomas P. G. Schryver, co-campaign chair Deepesh Jain, co-social chair Kimberly N. Jones, co-social chair Peter L. Adams Daniel H. Berler James Cammarata Charles P. Carmona Robert W. Chesley Kenneth J. Christensen Gregory W. Hubbell Richard W. Krieger Heather Slowik Kwon Bruce R. Lasko Holly A. Moriarty Timothy E. Sallade Bradley N. Treat

Record for Gifts Received

Reunion Year 5th 10th 15th 20th 25th 30th 35th 40th 45th 50th 55th Class Holding Record 2002 1997 1982 1974 1981 1959 1954 1963 1959 1957 1952 Amount Raised $100,634 $46,763 $170,456 $168,175 $270,975 $505,813 $210,596 $250,585 $370,800 $182,933 $168,932

Class of 1977
Simon Krieger, campaign chair Daniel R. Hesse, co-social chair Thomas H. Mulligan, co-social chair Mary Ellen Howe Gary D. Orosy Cara L. Schnaper

Class of 1982
Jose I. Solera, co-campaign chair Meg Parker Solera, co-campaign chair Deborah S. Gellman, social chair & campaign committee

Class of 1987
Phillip C. McClain, campaign chair

Note: Boldface indicates a new record in 2006-07


Record for Number of Donors
Reunion Year 5th 10th 15th 20th 25th 30th 35th 40th 45th 50th 55th Class Holding Record 2002 1977 1991 1986 1981 1977 1972 1957 1960 1957 1950 Number of Donors 123 87 75 63 80 59 55 33 31 34 13

Alumni Professorship in Asset Management Donors

David J. Breazzano, MBA 80 Mark G. Brennan, MBA 92 Randolph B. Brown 84, MS85, MBA 86 Margaret A. Hutchinson Brown, MBA 86 Walter W. Buckley Jr. 61, MBA 62 Joy F. Bunson 84 Steven M. Bunson, MBA 84 June C. DeMichele Robert M. DeMichele, MBA 68 Timothy J. Dolan 83, MBA 89 Paul H. Dude, MBA 69 R. John Feely III, MBA 90 Carl W. Forsythe, MBA 82 Sandy Kau Forsythe Lee C. Garcia, MBA 69 Kenneth G. Gau, MBA 00 Seymour L. Goldblatt Fred H. Jamieson, MBA 77 J. Michael Johnston, MBA 89 John H. Massey, MBA 63 Phillip C. McClain, MBA 87 Heidi Smith Scott M. Smith 79, MBA 80 George W. Tall IV, MBA 82 Steven D. Tish, MBA 91

Kenneth T. Derr 59, MBA 60 Eric S. Dickman, MBA 75 David A. Duffield 63, MBA 64 Michael J. Durham, MBA 77 Rocco J. Fabiano, MBA 82 Kathy Ferguson 80 Atsushi Fujii Seiji Fukaya Masaki Fukuda, MBA 84 Richard K. Gordon, MBA 74 Susan M. Gordon Harutaka Hamaguchi, MBA 85 Koichi Hasegawa, MBA 85 K. Larry Hastie, MBA 66, PhD 69 Ruth Hastie 69 Nobuyuki Horii, MBA 84 Paul E. Huck, MBA 79 William W. Huling Jr. 68, MBA 74 Toshio Inoue, MBA 85 Kenjiro Ishihara, MBA 84 Tsutomu Ishii, MBA 85 Mikiko Kawase, MBA 85 Carla G. Kidd William J. Kidd 63, MBA 64 Katsuhiko Kotani, MBA 84 Nancy K. Loane Thomas S. Loane 67, MBA 68 Richard A. Marin 75, MBA 76 Timothy McGurkin, MBA 93 Mary G. Meeker, MBA 86 Charles N. Mills 83, MBA 84 Anne Montgomery M. Mead Montgomery 61, MBA 62 Osamu Moriya, MBA 84 Kozaburo Murayama, MBA 84 Seiichiro Nemoto, MBA 85 Craig A. Puffenberger 82, MEng 83, MBA 84 Frank J. Quirk 62, MBA 64 Robert D. Redmond, MBA 80 Barry W. Ridings, MBA 76 Bruce M. Rothenberg, MBA 84 & Judith Rothenberg Karl A. Ruggeberg, MBA 74

Note: Boldface indicates a new record in 2006-07

Record for Reunion Attendance

Reunion Year 5th 10th 15th 20th 25th 30th 35th 40th 45th 50th 55th Class Holding Record 2002 1993 1977 1977, 1984 1981 1977 1972 1948 1948 1948 1950 Class Members Attending 84 66 22 25 52 24 11 8 13 13 7

Harold Bierman Jr. Professorship Donors

Karin Strauss Ash, PhD 99 Brit J. Bartter 76, PhD 77 Marilyn M. Bartter 69 James L. Bierman, MBA 76 David J. Breazzano, MBA 80 Averil R. Brent 87, PhD 88 Douglas B. Brent, MBA 86 Howard G. Capek 89, MBA 93 Rob E. Claypoole Jr. 94, MBA 03 Susan L. Conley, MBA 93 Donna M. Derr 60


Note: Boldface indicates a new record in 2006-07


Neal A. Shear, MBA 78 Hiroshi Shimizu, MBA 85 Janet S. Spina 81, MBA 83 Elizabeth C. Staley 60 Robert W. Staley 58, MBA 59 Kazuyoshi Tachibana, MBA 84 Akihiko Tamura, MBA 85 Meredith L. Tanowitz 94 Peter H. Vogel Jr. 75, MBA 76 Marc H. Warm 93, MBA 94 Masakazu Watanabe, MBA 84 Makoto Yamada, MBA 84 Toru Yamanaka, MBA 85 Prakas Yenbamroong, MBA 78 Ichiro Yoshimoto, MBA 84 Mark A. Zurack, MBA 80 Averil R. Brent 87, PhD 88 Douglas B. Brent, MBA 86 Terri Z. Campbell, MBA 98 Paul S. Compton, MBA 98 Robert A. Cowie 56, MBA 57 Vanne S. Cowie 57 William W. Damon, MBA 67, PhD 71 David H. Downes 72, PhD 75 Paul H. Dude, MBA 69 John A Elliott, PhD 82 Michael Gibbins, PhD 76 Marjorie Lewis Ready Mark J. Ready 77, MBA 78, MS 87, PhD 90 Bruce M. Rothenberg, MBA 84 & Judith Rothenberg Susan J. Scanlon, JD 76, MBA 76 Caren Starr Schwartz, MBA 78 George S. Slocum 62, MBA 67 Priscilla H. Slocum Dana K. Spratt, MBA 78 Susan L. Stanclik, MBA 98 Janet Stapleton Stefano Ross W. Stefano 77, MBA 78 Charles T. Stewart 40 Patricia Carry Stewart 50 Jan H. Suwinski 64, MBA 65 Susan Suwinski Michael Waldman Clifford H. Whitcomb 47, MBA 48 Maryann P. Whitcomb 44 Suzanne Siegert Williamson, MBA 78 Bette Witt 62 Phillip R. Witt 62, MBA 65 Bruce S. Wolcott, MBA 78

Special Endowment Funds

Robert J. Swieringa Deans Discretionary Fund Donors
Elaine Mead Alexander 77 John E. Alexander 74, MBA 76 Jeffrey F. Berg, 79, MEng 80, MBA 81 David J. Breazzano, MBA 80 Karen C. Bulman Richard D. Bulman 56, MBA 57 Nell Cady-Kruse 84, MBA 85 Randall C. Chafetz, MBA 85 Lewis M. Eisenberg, MBA 66 Lisa K. Fernow 79, MBA 84 Amy J. George, MBA 84 Andrew S. George, MBA 84 James N. Hauslein 81, MBA 84

Byron E. Grote 77, PhD 81 Glenn P. Grove Jr., MBA 78 David W. Gunn, MBA 98 Raymond L. Handlan 53 Croft Hangartner J. Douglas Hanna 90, PhD 91 Carolyn Heydt Hart, MBA 78 Kenneth D. Hintlian, MBA 78 Paul E. Huck, MBA 79 Ronald J. Huefner, MBA 65, PhD 68 William W. Huling Jr. 68, MBA 74 Alice Katz, MBA 76 Duane B. Kennedy, MBA 85, PhD 87 Florence R. Kirk, MBA 86, PhD 88 Robert E. Koontz, MBA 97 Charles Lee, MBA 89, PhD 90 Lily C. Lee

Debra Paget Roy H. Park Jr, MBA 63 Jeffrey P. Parker 65, MEng 66, MBA 70 Julie Watkins Parker Robert D. Redmond, MBA 80 Nancy S. Schaenen Nelson Schaenen Jr. 50, MBA 51 Richard G. Schneider 70 Elizabeth C. Staley 60 Robert W. Staley 58, MBA 59 Norman Turkish 56, MBA 60 Cynthia M. Williams, MBA 99

Charles L. Jarvie 58, MBA 59 Janet A. Jarvie 58 H. Fisk Johnson 79, MEng 80, MBA 84, PhD 86 Jeffrey M. Kabel, MBA 97 Karen Rupert Keating 76 Carla G. Kidd William J. Kidd 63, MBA 64 Helen K. Kramer 57 * Ronald E. Kramer, MBA 57 Richard A. Marin 75, MBA 76 Thomas H. Mulligan 73, MBA 77 Jansen Noyes IV 04 J. Roger ONeil, MBA 61 Joan ONeil

Thomas R. Dyckman Graduate Fellowship Fund Donors

Jerome Abarbanel, MBA 68, PhD 79 Elaine S. Abelson 57 Hirschel B. Abelson 55, MBA 56 Karin Strauss Ash, PhD 99 Aliena Aubrecht Christian F. P. Aubrecht 90, MBA 98 * Karen C. Aubrecht Brit J. Bartter 76, PhD 77 Marilyn M. Bartter 69 Jeffrey S. Beekman, MBA 78 Tatiana Rosak Birkelund 93, MBA 98 David J. Breazzano, MBA 80 * Deceased

Haiyan Li, MBA 86 Nancy K. Loane Thomas S. Loane 67, MBA 68 Barbara A. Lougee, MBA 92, PhD 99 Robert S. Ludwig, MBA 76, JD 78 Cathryn Luscinski Steve M. Luscinski, MBA 80 Allen J. Michel, PhD 72 Susan L. Miller, MBA 79 J. Patrick Mulcahy 66, MBA 67 Thomas H. Mulligan 73, MBA 77 Robert L. Nixon, MPA 72, PhD 76 Jeffrey P. Parker 65, MEng 66, MBA 70 Julie Watkins Parker Glenn M. Pfeiffer, MBA 78, PhD 80 Laura A. Philips, MBA 97


Class Honor Rolls

Reunion Classes
Class of 1952
$168,932 in gifts 38% participation
Stuart S. Corning Jr. Paul J. Gerwin Ernest F. Grant George D. Hano John H. Hollands Robert E. Klein Andrew I. Namm Reginald W. Rice David Schaenen Arthur Snyder Richard A. Walter Roger S. Wood John Richard Voigt Caryl Warner Jr. William J. Watts Yorio Yagi J. Patrick Mulcahy Charles J. Ohl George M. Peters James H. Rogers David R. Ryan George S. Slocum Richard F. Southby Warren R. Staley W. Scott Tompkins D.Ross White Charles S. Wilke O. Cooper Winston Jr. Hans C. Wurster Peter L. Mulford James K. Murphy Jr. Michael D. Naumes Steven D. Needle Leonard Nissenson Robert L. Nixon Richard J. Quaranto Michael G. Rakouskas William C. Rath Charles E. Rice David B. Richards James A. Rowan Jr. Alan V. Schwartz John M. Sherwood Terry C. Stewart Leo J. Thielmann II David A. Tracy David W.J. Trull Leslie C. Vinney Joseph A. Wagda Robert A. Warwick

Class of 1962
$80,675 in gifts 37% participation
Richard S. Bower Walter W. Buckley Jr. Richard W. Carthaus Daniel Church McEwen Crabbe Edward M. Dudley Michael L. Dunn Vernon A. Dyke David H. Gaskell Richard A. Gatz Jr. Max S. Green Frederick A. Hough Richard A. Kneen Philip H. Loughlin III R. Edwin Maglisceau M.Mead Montgomery Fred Obser Richard W. Parker Thomas P. Riley Neil K. Robertson Benson Jay Simon Kent A. Smith Frank C. Speno Douglas C. Thompson Jay O. Yedvab

Class of 1972
$53,923 in gifts 37% participation
Joel A. Belaire Charles E. Benson III Ben L. Bishop Jr. Dennis P. Bridgeman William R. Brown Philipp H. Burroughs Frank J. Cardaci John R. Clark Sr. Josias J. Cromwell II Michael J. Daun Ralph A. Dean Peter T. Devlin Patrick Joseph DiNcola David H. Downes James C. Ebbert Frederick A. Greenland Michael D. Harper John M. Haynes Robert A. Hunter Paul N. Johnson Jr. Brian P. King Nicholas Stahl King Walter L. Knox III Thomas J. Lambiase Roger A. Lanoue Andre L. Lee Peter K. Maier David F. Martin Neil M. Matlins John J. Mayerhofer William J. Meakem James J. Meyer Allen J. Michel Frederick W. Mosser

Class of 1957
$182,933 in gifts 44% participation
William V. Abt Wilbur L. Appel Jr. Jeanne P. Appel Edward F. Arps Richard D. Bulman Robert E. Coleberd Jr. Robert A. Cowie Gordon R. Dennis Michael Ephron David B. Findlay Jr. Ralph M. Gossard Russell M. Hird Samuel W.G. Hudson John F. Ineson Robert Harvey Jeffreys David B. Kassing Ronald E. Kramer George D. Landew James Howard Lare Henry G. Lavarnway Jr. Richard T. Lawrence Marsh A. MacMillan Nick Oancea Garth R. Parker Francisco Pedraza David Perskie Richard G. Powell William C. Ramsgard Kenneth F. Smith Vail M. Taylor * Deceased

Class of 1977
$233,902 in gifts 25% participation
Brit J. Bartter Ted P. Becker Norton N Bonaparte Jr. John D. Boyd Barry H. Chalfant Joellin Comerford David James Dalrymple Jerrold K. Day Patricia Pryse Decker Michael J. Durham Millard M. Eisler Lawrence K. Fleischman Thomas M. Fletcher Jane A. Freeman George J. Gard Roger W. Gerst Peter L. Gosline Byron E. Grote Michael W. Hanf Barbara F. Hanna David N. Hansen John R. Hawley Daniel R. Hesse Frederick C. Hoge Mary Ellen Howe David J. Hurwitz

Class of 1967
$47,118 in gifts 31% participation
James F. Anderton IV John H. Babson Lloyd F. Christianson Joseph H. Compagni William W. Damon P. Thomas Demartino Christopher T. Emmet David W. Goodwin Carmine A. Greco Ernest W. Gustavson David J. Hayes Jonathan M. Hinebauch Harrison H. Huntoon David W. Jacobs Robert T. McAlear



Class Honor Rolls

Fred H. Jamieson Kevin F. Kelly Thomas M. Kelsey Robert E. Killian Daniel S. Klein David Warren Koehler John T. Kontrabecki Simon Krieger Peter Kryworuczko Ronald J. Lafond Stuart J. Lerman Thomas B. McClelland Jr. Thomas R. Michelmore David J. Moffitt Thomas H. Mulligan Gary Orosy Martha Killius Pechnyo Thomas L. Potter Mark F. Ritchie David E. Rozek Scott S. Sainsbury Henry Arlin Salmon Cara L. Schnaper Ilene G. Silverman Mark A. Stuckart Bernard M. Sussman Edward T. Timperlake David E. Trevorrow Darryl M. Wharton Michael G. Wolski Peter W. Wood Diane E.M. Wyant Igor C. Zakoworotny

Class of 1982
$112,533 in gifts 31% participation
Eric H. Beringause Mark J. Bissell James J. Blum Peter T. Boyd Daniel R. Brown Martha M. Butler Francis J. Connolly Jr. Donald Francis Corcoran Thomas J. Danisiewicz Michael P. Daven James D. Demarest James Lazo Deming William F. Doran Frank R. Dunau

John A. Elliott Rocco J. Fabiano Katherine Ward Feld Carl W. Forsythe Francisco J. Garza Deborah S. Gellman Roger E. Gibbs Michael H. Gladstone David A. Gordon Jonathan R. Gordon Kristine Selander Gordon Hanna R. Hamburger Timothy B. Hussey Kenneth M. Kandel Ann E. Killian Jeffrey D. Klein Bruce E. Lafranchi Judith D. Lafranchi Carol S. Levin Saul Levine Karen S. Liu Rita C. Long Ivan L. Lustig M Kathleen Kennedy Mannix Roland M. Martel Richard J. Martino Maura Cully Meek William G. Mennen III Peter M. Miller Peter J. Nolan Nancy A. Noyes Christine D. Olaksen David Olaksen Piper S. Orton Stephen W. Payne Glenn H. Pease Tonya D. Price Michael S. Rolband Michael S. Rome Lawrence W. Ruff David C. Sacra Eric D. Salzinger Jane T. Seamans Caryl Miller Shaw Laura Spivack Siegel Peter F. Sinisgalli Mark K. Snead Jose I. Solera Meg Louise Solera Christopher Stavrakos Patti A. Stoll

George W. Tall IV Julia M. Whitehead Donald E. Williams Jr. Lisa Wollan Joan R. Wynn C. Chris Wyrtzen III George R. Zadigian

Class of 1987
$71,322 in gifts 20% participation
Samuel G. Altman John R. Bachich David M. Behrmann Averil R. Brent Judy Chinn Julio F. Covarrubias Heather L. Davis Thomas C. Douthitt Peter G. Dyke William S. Faulkner Christian C. Fisher Ronald P. Fiske Jr. Dan Friedberg James R. Gillespie William J. Graham Anne Gray Rosalie C. Hawley Eric J. Hedman Richard P. Hegeman William K. Heiden John G. Howley Carolyn S. Jackson Christine Jung Paul J. Kaplan Steven B. Katznelson Gary Kayakachoian Duane B. Kennedy James M. Levenson J. Porter Loomis Gerald P. Marcus Mary Jo Maydew Phillip C. McClain Mario G. Montalvo Catherine E. Mulvey Frank S. Owens Helene E. Penido Julia B. Poduch Benjamin A. Pushner Mark Jay Ready David T. Rees

Cheryl L. Rowan Michael P. Rowan Marc E. Sacks Steven M. Shindler Robert C. Shippee Norman H. Siegal Kyung Bae Suh Martha J. Turner Terry K. Woo

Class of 1992
$47,021 in gifts 33% participation
John R. Agre Maryann S. Agre Natalie C. Ahkin Ann F. Bakker John L. Beagle Margaret A. Bonaccio Mark G Brennan Thomas Scot Brown Jr. Timothy B. Brown Joan M. Bryan Michi Carmela Calcagno Thomas M. Calhoun Tammy Warner Campson Joseph Cherian Paul D. Christensen John M. Clawson John M. Conte Henry F. DAlessandro Michael R. Davis G. Reggie Fairchild Fernando J. Garcia David S. Gilleland John M. Greene Mohit Gupta Bradley G. Harrison Eric G. Hook Jeffrey L. Hopkins Leslie Howard Hopkins Andrew W. Horrocks Willan L. Johnson Bennett E. Keeling Steven Kelly Genevieve P. Kiser Daniel J. Lehan III Wendy S. Levitt Christabel Shuk-Ying Lo Louis G. Lopez Barbara Ann Lougee * Deceased


James E. Martel D. John Mascarenhas John C Maxwell III Gregory M. Mayer Eiki Mera Donna Craig Meucci Jason T. Milazzo Shuji Nakata Will C. Neafsey Helen E.S. Nerod M. Christine OSullivan Eric Jon Olson Thomas W. Pesch Stephen C. Propper Stephen Rogozinski David J. Ruggieri Mark A. Salzinger Catherine H. Savich John A. Schwallie Burton T. Sheaffer Allison T. Silcox William C. Smith Jr. Robert V. Stefanowski Jr. Rodney L. Sunada-Wong Robert T. Symington Andrea D. Tarr Masaki Ueno Peter J. Valenti III Katherine Goddard Viret William J. Yohana Herbert Yan-Hei Yuen Lynn E. Zimmermann Stephen C. Zimmermann

Class of 1997
$46,633 in gifts 25% participation
Angela Bachfeld Brian David Bank Matthew Thomas Born Brittany Kae Bradrick John Anthony Brimble Meryl Brodsky Eapen A. Chandy M. Lee Clancy Jr. Ralph C. Cooke III James Hill Cotter James Michael Cunningham Andrew Harold Dahlen Robert Scott Drbul Mica Akemi Eades

Janine V. Evans Michael Howard Evans Blair David Faulstich Hiroshi Fujikawa Andrew L. Gelb Jack Gonzalez Joshua R. Gould Wendy S. Graham Virginia Jay Grandison John D. Helson Page N. Hetzel Eileen R. Hickey Alan Thomas Hirzel David C Juran Jeffrey Marx Kabel Robin Kambe Michael J. Kane Sudhir Karunakaran Derek Jay Kerton Robert Edward Koontz William Raymond Kotrba Sumathi Laterza Michael Ligas James Munroe Lillis III Scott Anthony Lister Paul A. Lobo Jr. Priya Malhotra Eva M. Mann Marnie F. Mars Julia Lynn Mermelstein Monique S. Miklovic Karen T. Morrow Keith D. Nicolai Kirsten Tonks Nordstrom Jeffrey Alan Nusbaum Michael Joseph OConnor Kristina Ellen Park Todd E. Peskin Laura A Philips Michael T. Pilson Christopher Ashmead Preston Jennifer Comstock Reed Mark Howard Richman Matthew Sade Hillel M. Schuster Ashwin Vassant Shirvaikar Carrie L. Sommer Jennifer S. Thomas Haruki Toyama Elizabeth Susan Valalik Thomas Veasy

R. Eric Verity Jean Viret Laura L. Warner

Class of 2002
$100,634 in gifts 40% participation
Peter Leo Adams Allan Roy Aks Mir Zulfekar Ali James Pierre Alsina Stephan Becerra Daniel Haas Berler Ross B. Berntson Tarek Afif Bizri Mickey Boland Eileen Ann Brian Jodi Glickman Brown James Cammarata Charles Patrick Carmona Jennifer Caron Gustavo Bicudo E. Ceccato Peter Roger Champagne Robert William Chesley Nana J. Cho Corinne Murphy Christensen Kenneth J. Christensen Charles B. Colagiuri Brian M. Culley John Edward Cullom Alice Elizabeth Curry Edwin James Dealy Pierre Marc Devaux Blake Edward Donaldson Erik D. Duisenberg James Thornton Durand David Glen Edington Erin Edwards Jesse R. Eisenberg Ingrid Sarah Ellerbrock Jacob Rhyne Ellerbrock Joslyn Tacorda Faust James Carlos Feliciano Bunya Fujiwara Ryan Joseph Gagliano Daniel Edward Gehl Reid R. Genauer Linda C. Giuliano Frank James Glavin Geoffrey Arthur Goodman Ryan Gerard Grady

Melanie Herald Granoff Gerhard Stefan Gruter Dahai Guo Christine Marie Hewitt Gregory Wayne Hubbell George Tse-Ghen Hung Jr. Jason Stephen Jagatic Deepesh Jain Douglas Gerald Jarrett Tao Jin Michael Dion Johnson Andrew Charles Johnston Kimberly Nicole Jones Kenneth Pablo Juni Byeong Wook Kang Matthew Lewis Kempler Brian Jung Kim James Edward Kirtland Timothy Mark Klusas Christopher Hamilton Knerr Richard William Krieger Igor Kryuchkov Kiran Kumar Clayton Theodore Kunz Heather Slowik Kwon Shane James Larkin Jung Kuang Lee Zufeng Benjamin Lei Karen Lim Ying Luo Kenneth James MacKenzie Marc Alfred Marano Megan McWeeney Morris Tamatha E. Meek Patrick Milligan Stephen S. Milt Stephen T. Mong Holly A. Moriarty Bradford Alexander Myers Sean Michael Neville Isabelle P. Noblanc Hiroyuki Nomura Jeffrey Charles Nordin Justin Richard OKeeffe Gen Obata Rodney Lawrence Olivero Christina Hyo Jung Park Stephen Vito Pedone Khong Wee Phua Robert Andrew Reeves Katherine Elizabeth Reid



Class Honor Rolls

Gennaro I. Rendino Quentin Rodriguez Alexander Lewis Roe Timothy Earl Sallade Garrett Henry Schade Thomas Per George Schryver Kwong Ping So Sandeep Narendir Soorya Miles Andrew Stump David Carlyle Sullivan Anna Sung Luther Tai Tony Titus Jenice Anna Tom Bradley Nikalaus Treat Ryan Matthew Tuttle Eirik Underthun Nerissa Helena Watkins Beth Ann Watson Bre Leigh Wells Zoe Jennifer Werner Bradford Willett Jeremy Nicholas Williams Zuoli Xu Jun Yang Peter Ying David Michael Young Mark A. Zarins Henry Jameson Joe H. Quade Michael D. Stashower David T. Stebbins Theodore F. Trumpp Jr. Daniel S. Wach Glenn C. Fowler Albert Fried Jr. Alan M. Krause Stanley Bradford Staples Robert M. Temkin Stephen T. Welch Richard C. Cecil Thomas Y. Ellis Roger J. Evans Jr. H. Darby Houston William G. James Jr. David P. Jones Harry R. Kirsch William S. LaLonde III Jean F. Rowley Charles W. West Jr.

Class of 1950
$36,104 in gifts 50% particpation
Jerome Alpern Donald M. Baer Roy E. Bell Jr. Joseph C. Casden Raymond H. Davis Martha Holdridge Richard A. Johnston Howard K. Loomis Howard J. Ludington Jr. Wilbur Parker Clayton E. Raney S.F. Weissenborn Harlan R. Wengert Robert A. Worsnop

Class of 1954
$36,850 in gifts 31% participation
Joseph S. Dewey David H. Gruen Lester L. Halpern William W. Helman III Bruce Alan Johnson George D. Levy Glenn H. Sacra Stuart Warshauer William S. Wesson Richard M. Wright

Class of 1958
$14,259 in gifts 23% participation
William M. Bellamy Jr. I. MacAllister Booth Lawrence E. Dwight Richard Willis Esten Arthur D. James John Konwiser Edward M. Krech Jr. Roger G. Leous Harvey W.F. Mason Edwin R. Mihm Richard S. Miller Peter D. Paisley Gerald Skidmore Russell O.L. Smith Richard A. Stanton David A. Tapley Frederick Butler Wightman F. Daniel Wilder

Class of 1955
$65,500 in gifts 26% participation
James S. Armour Alan D. Baird Charles H. Bibbins Donald C. Bryk David D. Ehart Ernesto E. Lichauco Henry P. Renard William F. Waters James F. Wychgel

Class of 1951
$25,100 in gifts 21% participation
E. John Caruso* David J. Culbertson Donald W. Ellison Nelson Schaenen Jr.

Nonreunion Classes
Class of 1948

Class of 1953
$138,192 in gifts 36% participation
Charles Rendsland Chase Jr. William S. Field

$42,900 in gifts 60% participation

Thomas R. Barker Maurice M. Gellman Sheldon B. Joblin Jerry Levitan Peter P. Miller Jr. Jane Knauss Stevens Jay Irwin Vlock George R. Wagstaff Clifford H. Whitcomb

Class of 1956
$35,725 in gifts 28% participation
Hirschel B. Abelson

Class of 1959
$89,785 in gifts 19% participation
Robert Armstrong III Paul W. Davis II Craig W. Fanning Charles L. Jarvie Phillip H. Kneen Richard D. Lemen Ralph J. Mills Jr. Stephen E. Milman George W. Rocklein Robert W. Staley Robert L. Sterns Glenn A. Wesselmann Ronald K. White

Leading Classes in Number of Donors This Year

Class 2005 2006 2002 2004 1984 Donors 167 141 123 89 82

Class of 1949
$5,965 in gifts 35% participation
Jacob David Fry Frederick R. Goodridge Victor Hershman


* Deceased

Class of 1960
$119,159 in gifts 30% participation
Donald G. Armstrong David Lewis Brown James Edward Burke Robert C. Camp Ph.D., P.E. Kenneth T. Derr Richard B. Estey Sr. Joan Hildebrandt Estey Edward T. Koch David W. Menard A. Leonard Nusbaum William H. Pope Jr. Franklin T. Russell Richard W. Seabury III John L. Spivack T. Marshall Swartwood Charles Trayford III Norman Turkish Lee A. Wesselmann D. Clay Whybark

E. Allen Morgan Roy H. Park Jr. Richard C. Perkins Jon D. Silverman David M. Tourangeau

Class of 1964
$205,821 in gifts 30% participation
Alfred A. Almonte Jr. Stephen B. Ashley James Relyea Billings James J. Byrnes F. Arthur Currier III John S. Custer Jr. Arthur W. Dahl Jr. Robert Mal Davis David A. Duffield Carl J. Hudson Eino Keerd William J. Kidd Walter B. Laessig William N. MacDonald David E. McKelvey James F. Mrazek Manuel L. Porrata Frank J. Quirk Bernard M. Sarrel Carl C. Schwan Jr. Linlin Shen Shih Robert F. Slagle Frank L. Sundstrom Jr. Philip D. Wheeler

Billy J. Bowling Joel P. Davidsen Ronald J. Huefner Richard G. Jackson Norman M. Lotstein Paul J. McCarthy Joseph F. Miller Jr. Frank A. Nicolai A. Gretchen Noelke A. Gerald Reiss William D. Simmons William B. Sparks Jr. Robert K. Stevenson Jan H. Suwinski John C. Thurmond Lyman G. Van Nostrand Frederick A. Watkins Jonathan S. Willis III Phillip R. Witt

Frank J. OConnell Pekin Ogan George Thomas Palmer Judith Fowler Quagliaroli Craig W. Rohner Robert H. Ross Marc Semanoff W. Prentice Smith Michael E. Strick William V. Tripp III, Richard F. Tyler John F. Ward David P. Weiner Donald A. Wescott Eric H. Wilson Bernard Zucker

Class of 1968
$64,720 in gifts 27% participation
Jerome Abarbanel Frank T. Crego Robert M. DeMichele James B. Docherty Barry R. Elson Lawrence C. Frank Peter A. Giuliani Neil L. Houghton Stephen L. Key Thomas S. Loane Michael P. Maloney Richard H. Marks Peter A. Marx William Naumes Lawrence M. Pohly Robert B. Ramage Eugene A. Renna Peter A. Salinger Carl E. Schellhorn Robert C. Shaw Sherwood T. Small Jeffrey A. Smith J. David Snyder Richard R. Truitt Michael A. Urbanic James B. Van Houten William P. White III Joel Zizmor

Class of 1966
$28,075 in gifts 28% participation
William M. Anderson III Ruth M. Anderson Eugene G. Arnold Stanley O.W. Bakke Ralph Bartholomew III Carl E. Breyer Jr. Mark J. Daneker Morris Danon Lewis M. Eisenberg K. Larry Hastie Robert A. Heubner Harold H. Krider Jr. Joe R. McAfee Terry S. Mercer W. Scott Murray

Class of 1961
$39,703 in gifts 25% participation
George R. Balaschak Barry D. Brown Robert E. Claypoole Richard L. Fogg Gerald R. Fry C. Royce Hough III Howard E. Jacobs Charles Klaus Robert H. Metcalf J. Roger ONeil Stephen Russell Frederick W. Schneider Frederick C. Twichell Ernest T. Whitaker Jr. George C. Wiltsey

Class of 1965
$8,405 in gifts 21% participation
William J. Ashworth


Class of 1963
$92,220 in gifts 13% participation
W. Stewart Cahn G. Walton Cottrell Jerome F. Goldberg Peter L. Haynes John H. Massey Robert S. Miller

Leading Classes in Donor Participation This Year

Class 1948 2005 1950 1957 2006 Participation 60% 53% 50% 44% 42%


Class Honor Rolls

Class of 1969
$46,278 in gifts 22% participation
William H. Besgen Leonard M. Borer Keith K. Brooks Nan Gilligan Brouilette Thomas S. Charlton Michael L. Dinehart Paul H. Dude Lee C. Garcia W. James Gieseke David C. Kantorczyk Judith A. Kantorczyk Susan L. Menichetti Edwin L. Miller Troy Y. Murray Peter Busch Orthwein Ralph K. Packard Alfred E. Runge Jr. Thomas A. Russo Geoffrey A. Sawyer Jr. Edward E. Steele Robert S. Spencer John H. Spurr Jr. J. Robert Swidler Lawrence A. Terkel Steven K. Weinberg Robert P. Zampieri Anthony J. Cooper Herbert L. Daitch Robert C. Enichen James D. Gewirtzman Abe A. Gomel David W. Hemphill Edward D. Klein Kwok-Sum Patrick Ko Bruce M. Korotkin Joseph J. Lack Nicholas O. Matt Sheldon J. Miller B. Charles Milner David Carleton Nash Charles W. Nims David M. Northern Lawrence W. OBrien Henry D. Ritter Duncan D. Russell Richard J. Saccany Edward M. Schottland Bruce D. Stirling Peggy Ulrich-Nims Robert Russell Walker Herbert B. Weiner Harry S. Wheller III Gordon E. Whyte Susumu Yamashita Harold A. Eichell James C. Gacioch Mary R. Giannini Richard Kendall Gordon Carolyn E. Greig Gaffney W. Gunter Jean M. Harlow Jerry B. Harlow Franz J. Herpok Deborah W. Holt William W. Huling Jr. Robert A. Jacobson Kenneth A. Jones Jonathan M. Kaplan Frederick D. Laub Adelina Julia Lee John R. Lerew Christina Y.H. Ling Martin B. Napor Steven M. Newpol J. David Officer Robert Philips Palmquist Gerald C. Raubach Glenn I. Rones Karl A. Ruggeberg Mark A. Schulte Nigel H. Symington Sue E. Wallace Mark L. Wurzel

Class of 1971
$21,915 in gifts 17% participation
Earle L. Bradford Jr. Roderick Gong-Wah Chu Thomas M. Copanas Robert Meredith Crane William J. Doody James F. Fisher Jr. Lance Stewart Gad R. Randolph Hatch David H. Johnson Thomas Maurice Jones Timothy W. Jones Leo Konomis Glenn R. Kort James A. Largay III James P. Lee Jeffrey L. Marston Stewart A. Merkin Mark E. Sandberg Craig D. Schnuck H James Sigsbee Stephen M. Snyder Robert S. Strickland Walter J. Tusinski James W. Wheat Jr.

Class of 1970
$176,355 in gifts 25% participation
Stephen B. Albright Evan E. Anderson Laurette Mayer Beach James E. Brooks Raymond N. Brown Jr. James C. Buttrick Robert G. Carman William R. Dilts Diane Walker Edwards Jack M. Ferraro Edward Fraioli Jeffrey Goldberg Thomas F. Judson Jr. Jay A. Jupiter Bruce Maggin Walter J. Maurer Robert J. McCabe William F. McHugh Betty Loraine Muka Neil D. Newman James A. Nolan Jeffrey P. Parker Paul E. Parker Marvin J. Rempel

Class of 1974
$341,517 in gifts 19% participation
Nancy H. Ayers Thomas L. Bartlett S. Jeffrey Bastable Matthew D. Baudoin Thomas C. Bishop Roberto Canizares Sid H. Credle Kent A. Dolby

Class of 1975
$50,465 in gifts 18% participation
Koei Ambe Thomas D. Andersen Ah Lay Ang Frank J. Bartell III Louise M. Belevich Lauren J. Brisky Kevin N. Clowe Bernard T. Conroy Gerry V. Curciarello Louis R. DAgrosa Eric S. Dickman Stephen Duch Jane E. Duncan Bruce W. Firkins David C. Gaynor William F. Gibson Doris M. Griffin Jean Yvan Guilhaumaud * Deceased


Class of 1973
$37,667 in gifts 19% participation
Dennis L. Berman Warren D. Carter

Leading Classes in Gifts This Year

Class 1974 1976 1989 1977 1980 Amount $341,517 279,444 272,285 233,902 229,487


Edwin S. Hetherington Thomas Charles Hutton Ernest L. King Michael P. Lacalamita Michael D. Lawitts Dennis J. Lubozynski Daniel W. Lyons William H. McAleer Roger P. Miller Peter J. Morphis Wade S. Morse Bruce W. Moulton William G. Ries Joseph A. Sprunger Philip A. Stein Joanne MacCabe Thompson John V. Thorp Jr. * Willem Antoon Vandyck

Paul T. Murphy Stephen A. Osborn Barry W. Ridings Gregory A. Rubin R. Jill Ruge Susan J. Scanlon Donald J. Schork James E. Sorensen Scott L. Spitzer James D. Talbert Peter H. Vogel Jr. Kim P. Wegener Duard R. Williams James R. Wilson Lauri Berkson Wishner Steven Wishner Peter A. Wright

Barbara Wyman Samett Robert D. Schultz Caren Starr Schwartz Neal A. Shear Peter J. Shintay Jacob A. Simon Dana K. Spratt Ross W. Stefano Helen Wang Yee Sze Jeffrey B. True Barney A. Tumey James H. Watson Jr. Suzanne Siegert Williamson Bruce S. Wolcott Douglas J. Wood Prakas Yenbamroong Mark J. Zamoyski

Class of 1976
$279,444 in gifts 23% participation
Richard L. Adler John Edward Alexander Joseph Alvarado James L. Bierman Alan H. Bolton Douglas A. Breusch Emmett E Brown III, Calvin W. Cheng Lisa Cheraskin Richard H. Comstock Jr. Michael P. Connolly Harrison T. Ferris G. Dietz Fry Jr. Elissa L. Giaimo Michael Gibbins Leonard A. Hagan Heidi A. Hansen Joel M. Helmrich Jane M. Hutterly Alice Katz J. Randall Lawrence Rosalind G. Lidstone Mary Paul Loomis Robert S. Ludwig Richard A. Marin Robert M. McConnell Sylvia Melikian Chak-Kin Tony Mok Ruth Foster Morgan

Class of 1978
$126,847 in gifts 24% participation
Jeffrey S. Beekman Jay R. Bloom Marian Dar Jerrold K. Day F. Warren Ellish Karen L. Farkas Ralph J. Fruchtman Glenn P. Grove Jr. Carolyn Heydt Hart John C. Hilke Kenneth D. Hintlian George F. Jarrold Muharrem H. Kayhan Philip Y. Lu Wayne A. Marks Thomas A. Martin George Frederick McGovern H. Thomas McMeekin Frederic Raymond Miller Lorraine A. Mohan Sylvia C. Moore Paul F. Murphy Lois Fish Niland John A. Park III Kent Stephen Peterson Glenn M. Pfeiffer Charles F. Plungis Jr. Marc L. Reisch Robert D. Rock Eric P. Rosenson

Class of 1979
$69,148 in gifts 22% participation
Lawrence S. Balaban Thomas L. Bires Joseph M. Cahir Richard A. Clark John G. Cooney Ann E. Darby Reinhard S. Eichinger Richard D. Faulkner Jr. Debra H. Gilbert Howard S. Goldberg Donald M. Halsted III Deanne Westfall Handron William R. Hanson Paul E. Huck Linda E. Hunt William D. Jones Michael L. Kappel Richard Bruce Landsberger Ross P. Lanzafame John Joseph Lauchert John T. Lemley Bernard Sheridan MacCabe Herbert Magid Elaine J. Marmel Shaun P. Mathews James M. McGrath Jr. John H. Meek Susan L. Miller Samuel A. Napolitano Kenneth M. Owens

Raymond Joseph Pacini Arete M. Passas Jonathan L. Patton Alan Posklensky Mark M. Richardson Kathleen Riley-Brown Harold M. Salters Bruce M. Sandison Bruce C. Schafer Judith A. Serkin Adam Sherman Michael Marc Siviy Joseph M. Tasse Jean M. Treacy J. Prescott Wallace S. John Whitehill Penny P. Wickey Robert J. Wickey Ned J. Winsor John C. Zoephel

Class of 1980
$229,487 in gifts 24% participation
Lynn Richard Adamson Martin V. Alonzo Jr. Frank J. Bernieri David G. Bliss Linda Blakney Bodenmann David J. Breazzano Craig A. Buckhout John Capogrossi Sandra L. Chin-Long Carol A. Clark Lisa A. Emery-Fogel Carl D. Emont Richard Fisch Steven O. Fogel Irwin G. Freydberg Jr. Catherine Jean Gibson Bruce D. Goldberg Daniel Mario Grauman Laurie Hawkes John Dolan Heitlinger Donald S. Hendel Anita Page Hennessy Robert E. Hennessy W. Fred Jenkins Jr. Paula Boyer Kennedy David R. King Judah S. Kraushaar



Class Honor Rolls

Irwin M. Kravetzky Steve M. Luscinski Daniel J. Mansoor Jeffrey R. Margolis Alan P. Mark Paul L. Maroni Ann Golden McCann Joel P. McLafferty Felipe De Jesus Padilla Carlos R. Quintanilla Martin S. Reader Robert D. Redmond Marie Leggiero Romais John J. Scelfo Jeffrey C. Scheininger Gregory F. Schem Scott M. Smith William H. Stephan Frances Anderson Swartwout Haruka Takahashi Rebecca Vallely David C. Waring Mark L. Wilson Mark A. Zurack Charles M. Johnson Shauna R. King Stephen M. King Gary S. Kohler Timothy D. Kopf Gary M. Krellenstein Alan M. Kurzer Peter E. Lee III Kimberly P. Leeker Dean T. Lewallen Keith M. Lewis Lynn Johnson McCown William G. Mennen III James D. Miller Elizabeth G. Monsell Kerry F. Nowaskey Ronald L. Olmstead Robert P. Perry Wendy A. Price Katherine R. Prussack Joseph T. Quill William G. Reynolds Anthony R. Roma M. Celestea Sharp Michael J. Sharp Jenifer Clarke Simson Sumner M. Smith Hideyuki Takahashi Andrew W. Verhalen Richard Weissman Raymundo Gomez Christopher J. Gray Scott R. Haber Jack V. Halpern Brian W Hanse Takuya Honjo Susan B. Howitt Grant A. Hurst James E. Kimball III Douglas R. Knowles Jeffrey J. Kobylarz John E Leffel Robert M. Limyansky Scot A. Martin Susan Potter McGowan James A. McNair Robert L. Mitchell John Dyneley Nozell Mary H. Olson Susan Hoberman Orenstein Janet Nettleton Otto Nicolette J. Peters James C. Rodgers Kevin C. Roman John L. Rosowski Fredric Ross Todd R. Schnuck David N. Schwartz Lois A. Scott Shireen F. Sepahi James A. Shanahan III Janet S. Spina Robert O. Strauss Kurt R. Swenson Neil W. Tollas William F. Troy Helen B. Wanderstock John M Wolf Mark J. Wydra Edward S. Caso Jr. H. Diane Alnutt Caso Suk Y. Cha Peg C. Clark Jonathan I. Cohen Kevin P. Cuskley Edward P. Dailey Cathy S. Dove James E. Dove John K. Dragoon Dawn Durning-Hammond Steven C. Durning-Hammond Jeffrey D. Edelman Lisa K. Fernow Masaki Fukuda Daniel P. Garton Amy J. George Andrew S. George David M. Gittleman James N. Hauslein Bruce K. Henderson David L. Hester Karen Jannetti Hester Alexander W. Hodge III Nobuyuki Horii Jean A. Howard Kenjiro Ishihara H. Fisk Johnson Kraig Henry Kayser Charles E. Kennedy Katsuhiko Kotani Martin F. Kurlich James K. Macdonald Jr. James A. Manishin Charles N. Mills Gary J. Montesano Osamu Moriya Christopher R. Morley Kozaburo Murayama Charles J. Murgiano Karen P. Nawn-Fahey Heidi A. Nicholas Thomas Buck OBrien George J. Paganis Stephen C. Parsons Eric J. Perelman Steven S. Peters Roger Roux Phillips Jr. Silvio T. Piza Craig A. Puffenberger Bruce Steven Putterman * Deceased

Class of 1981
$108,858 in gifts 21% participation
Alan M. Anderson Jeri Roberts Appel Neil S. Austin Michael James Barnell Susan Ross Benamram Jeffrey F. Berg Jonathan Eric Beyman Wendy Blanchard Janet L. Brownstone Stephen C. Chapin Barry D. Citrin Thomas William Cohn Jr. William E. Congdon Timothy C. Devries Susan Rehm Gatto Jeffrey R. Glascott Emily S. Glicksman Bradford L. Goldense Carol Greenland-Bachmeier Seawillow A. Hanson Kevin T. Haroff John S. Hencinski Robert K. Hirshland

Class of 1983
$40,566 in gifts 27% participation
Russell Averna David V Babbott Peter J. Billington Jane Anne Borns John F. Bradley Marsha K. Callahan Jason Peter Caulfield James T. Cirenza Dominic E. Collier Lizanne M. Cox William H. Coyle Jay C. Donovan Bryan C. Elliott Paul H. Field Carlos D. Garcia Jane E. Gibbs Steven M. Goldstein


Class of 1984
$88,236 in gifts 36% participation
Douglas S. Abel Michael R. Abend Philip N. Adsetts Mario F. Alfano Sandeep Dinker Alva Sergio Bihan Robert P. Brandes Steven M. Bunson


Alfred P. Quirk Jr. George Constantine Rockas Pamela L. Rollins Ralph W. Rose Bruce M. Rothenberg Scot Mark Safon David L. Scheiber Roger W. Shafer Margaret M. Sherman W. Dan Shirkey Barry K. Short Thomas P. Stevenson Kazuyoshi Tachibana Peter Sidney von Loesecke Masakazu Watanabe Mark A. Weatherly Earle L. Weaver Fredrick W. Weber Ann G. Witsil Barbara Sherbon Wood Makoto Yamada Ichiro Yoshimoto Leone T. Young

Class of 1985
$108,901 in gifts 32% participation
B. David Bialzak Richard A. Buch Nell Cady-Kruse Randall C. Chafetz Wai-Leong Chan Kevin P. Clarke Robert S. Conway J. Randlev Corke Stephanie H. Cuskley David C. Dalrymple William H. Devin Carol F. Ducommun Susan Fenimore Steven Z. Finestone David V. Fowler John R. Geresi James A. Goldman Eugene L. Gudelis Harutaka Hamaguchi Koichi Hasegawa Charles R. Heckelman Craig T. Homchick Jeremy N. Howard Maro Imirzian

Toshio Inoue Tsutomu Ishii Margaret John-Testa Susan A. Kaiden Thomas F. Kaiden Jacki-Sue Katzman Mikiko Kawase Duane B. Kennedy A. Roy Kern Jr. Karen Horneman Kinsey Wayne Andrew Kivitz Arthur F. Kostka Linda Spadaccini Kozak Alan H. Krasner Arthur W. Locke Jr. Linda Latsko Lockhart Gerald D. Long Christine G. McConnell Samuel G. McConnell James C. McCrea III Charles K. McKay Ellen H. McKay Donald H. Meiers Svend A. Mejdal Cort A. Morrison Ferne L. Moschella Mehmood S Nathani Seiichiro Nemoto Nicholas Peters Lynda A. Riley Randy M. Rosenberger Bruce R. Sheinhaus Hiroshi Shimizu Harry Singh Scott W. Smith Barbara S. Stewart Scott Dudley Stewart Scott M. Stewart Harvey S. Stober Jim M. Stormont Jr. Akihiko Tamura Christopher J. Trakas Shyam Venkat Brent C. Welling Elizabeth R. White Laura A. Wilkinson Glenn A. Woythaler Toru Yamanaka Carl J. Yerkovich

Class of 1986
$123,092 in gifts 23% participation
Laura Call Andolina Robert C. Andolina Robert A. Angelone Alan Bates Scott F. Bearse Mark E. Becker Timothy A. Breidigan Douglas B. Brent Margaret A. Hutchinson Brown Randolph B. Brown Glenn R. George Julia E.S. Grant Gordon R. Haff Charles D. Hamilton Sarah J. Hammann Van Harissis Stewart E. Hengsteler Terence Michael Hogan Wendell J. Huang M. Rebecca Jonestrask William F. Kennedy Florence R. Kirk Roeby W. Ledford Christopher Ralph Lee JC Lee Haiyan Li Richard F. Luxemburg Michael OHara Lynch Robert S. Mathes Miriam H. McCrea Mary G. Meeker Bradley J. Mitchell Terence M. Murphy Nicholas D. Peirson Susan L. Peirson Francine V. Rivkin Jeff A. Rosenkranz Stanley E. Smith Donna P. Spinella Jeanne L. Stewart Carrie E Thornburg-Bearse Isamu Ueda Stuart D. Urban Christopher S. Van Zandt JoAnne M. Verderese Marc S. Weinstein Joseph T. Wilson

Class of 1988
$28,025 in gifts 21% participation
Scott V. Alvis David M. Balderston Neil B. Bane Michael D. Bruce Joseph B. Buonanno Gary N. Cachules Ora Panitz Chaiken Anand Chandrasekher Ruth Harrison Constantine Daniel N. Dube Susan L. Fineberg Martin E. Garrett Ellen A. Genco John T. Gentry Anthony J. Giammalva Heather L. Guild Thomas J. Hadler Bernard L. Han Robert J. Haupt Laura J. Herse Marianne Hartman Holmes Dana F. Klein Mary Kay Kosnik Lawrence A. Kraft Rebecca Ford Lai Gordon N. McKee Beth E. Mindlin Jon R. Norberg Duncan G. Perry Peter V. Poggi III Vince A. Pollard David M. Rodgers Karl F. Schmid Bruce G. Starcher Phillips B. Stearns Dana I. Stone Todd D. Stoner Alan H. Straus


Class of 1989
$272,285 in gifts 21% participation
Matthew C. Bach Christine P. Ball Alma Balonon-Rosen Kristina C. Bangs Sidney W. Bardwell Pierre Richard Breber


Class Honor Rolls

Matthew C. Bures Linda M. Cain Cheryl Zaug Casey Andrew G. Church Todd M. Dahlstrom Timothy J. Dolan James E. Doucette Jr. Victor R. Fernandez Donna Fleming Howard J. Golden Kenneth J. Goodman John T. Gourville Bruce M. Horowitz Girard Thomas Smith Jr. Katherine B. Sweeney Michael W. Sweeney Michael R. Tobin James G. Tuman Margaret S. Valla Christine Miller Whaley Timothy J. Yanoti Scott C. Taylor Guillermo Vernet Patrick W. Walker Steven M. Walker Jeffery J. Weaver Scott M. Weaver Brian G. Sadler Christopher G. Scales Susan M. Scales Glenn D. Schultz Guy B. Speers Jonathan P. Spira John D. Stobo Jr. Patricia A. Thomas Steven David Tish Edward J. Tregurtha Dwight E. Vicks III Thanathip Vidhayasirinun Henry H. Wilson Takashi Yaekura Scott A. Yeager

Class of 1991
$34,818 in gifts 23% participation
James F. Ahern Antonio M. Alvarez III Peter C. Atkins Mitchell W. Belitz Richard V. Boyan Julia L. Bradford David N. Brown Kelly J. Brown James A. Buchanan Michael Campson Richard A. Choi Anne-Marie K. Christian J.W. Clements James W. Cordero Kelly J. Cox David A. Craver Jose V. De la Fuente David L. Deputy Jack M. Falkon Duncan A. Gillis Carl K. Gish J. Douglas Hanna Robert K. Hendricks Jr. John C. Heveran Mary Ellen Horcher Robert W. Iida Susan W. Kantor Theodore R. Kantor Masatoshi Kikuchi Takanori Kikuchi Doron Krakow Jeffrey A. Kupp Edmund Y. Lian James William Mariani John J. Meszaros Todd A. Nagel Richard C. Nerod Siew Wei Ngiam Stephen D. Offsey Masa Oshima Ketan D. Patel

Class of 1990
$17,628 in gifts 21% participation
John A. Adams Michael D. Anthony Paul A. Aronson James H. Barton Robert J. Binder Laura J. Black Leslie M. Brown Julie Barker Casesa Mark A. Davis Michael J. De Feo Frank Del Vecchio R. John Feely III Elizabeth O. Feldman William A. Gellert Steven L. Greenberg David W. Hart Brian H. Helm Bruce Eric Holmes Peter B. Hunt David James Irish Bruce D. Jackson Alexander K. Kami Richard Francis Kelly III Mark W. Lee Gilles A. Marchand Jr. Estella H. Mendelson Karen R. North Michael S. OHara Elizabeth Anne Frederick Peldunas John S. Roscoe Joanne D. Rosenthal William B. Rusitzky Susan B. Russell Charles Hollis Slater III David L. Smith Jeffrey D. Snyder Daniel M. Sougstad Margaret Sung Toshiro Takeda

Class of 1993
$18,185 in gifts 20% participation
William S. Abrams John C. Adams Kim K Alexander Gregory M. Alonso David Belmont Alex N. Brar Kimberly T. Bulkley William J. Burleigh Howard G. Capek Jeffrey M. Carowitz Susan L. Conley Therese M. Corkran Thomas W. Duncan Jr. Kimberly J. Dykema Gary C. Eaton James W. Eisenhaure Eric Matthew Emerson Kenji Fujita James Lawrence Hay Ramona M. Helble Brian D. Holden John M. Hurley Michael A. Jenkins Gary A. Johnson Krista Blanche Kaplan Steven H. Kohn Aaron L. Leatherwood Edmund R. Lorenson Christopher C. Martel Timothy McGurkin Hitoshi Nishizawa Cornelia P. Oliver * Deceased


Linda Parker Horowitz Bernhard John Huber III Daniel J. Huehn George Edward Iadarola Jr. Amy M. Isom J. Michael Johnston Stephany P. Kalil Jacqueline Whittier Kubicka Marie F. Layton Wade E. Layton Charles Lee Rebecca S. Kyman Levine Laura H. Liu Audrey L. Longfellow Rich A. MacNeille Alain G. Magro Deirdre Christina Monroe Mark A. Parsells Kenneth D. Pomerantz Timothy M. Pynchon Alan R. Randaccio Susan C. Randaccio John M. Rees Rishin Roy Gregory P. Shefrin Andrew C. Smith


Michael A. Papile David Anthony Paull Eric A Powers Alysa R. Rose Diane L. Ruffo Richard R. Ruffo Donna M. Schober Eric A. Seeley John F. Sweeney Akio Tachibana Christopher D.N. Thomas Devin D Thorpe Margaret M. Torrance Paul A. Villa Timothy A. Warder John B. Wengert Ya-Ju Joan Wu Robert S. Yasuda

Class of 1994
$34,784 in gifts 22% participation
Arthur H. Agin Jim R. Banks Dorothy B. Brill Sheri B. Bronstein Todd A. Browne Scott T. Carpenter Gautam Chandra Andrew Y Chin Randall A. Cox Shaun M. Dalton Tamara M. Dalton Melanie M. Dexter Patricia M. Dowden Duncan P. Drechsel David K. Durfee Daniel Gardner Robert C. Gates Deborah C. Giannoni Nina A. Gonzalez Shaun C. Hawkins Shigeyoshi Iimure Lara I. Jackle Owen R. Jobson Kurt G. Johnson Julie Graffam Kaplan Mitchell A. Katz Sandra Lee Kuwica Melissa M. Malhame Brian H. Margulies

Robert L Maryott Kamal K. Mistry Savita Mukherjee Angela Noble-Grange Erik J Oosterop Gunnar S. Overstrom III Federico L. Pensotti Douglas C. Rose Scott R Ross Simon P. Ross Jonathan Scott Russell Lauren B. Sapira Andrew M. Schneller Louise Marie Schulden Anne E. Schuler Ronald E. Smith Pongkiat Srisurin Adam L Steinberg Mary E. Sullivan Andrew T. Sutphin Michael F. Touhey Wim Vandenhoeck Ken Wang Marc H. Warm Jeffery M Weirens Barry A. Wintner Martha Kathryn Withington Devora Dianne Zack

Richard B. Jessop J. David Kelsey John C. Lamy Charles R. Lynch Margaret G. Meloy Alexander H. Mok Timothy Louis Mould Lee S. Murnick William H. Murphy Michael A. Needleman Dalton D. Ruffin Jr. Eric N. Shapiro Stephen M. Smith Matthew H. Solomon Michael D. Tarino Jacqueline R. Walcott Mark E. Wimer Cindy Wu Gul Yanmaz-Karsligil Raymond Zorovich Jr.

Tara A. McGroddy Michael J. McManus Leland W. Miklovic H. Bryan Neel IV David John Nichols Bruce A. Peltzer Nicholas T. Rhinelander * John M. Schneller Payal Shirvaikar Samuel N. Shukovsky Edward J. Stewart IV John W. Tatum Cheryl A. Taylor Scott B. Turnbaugh Lawrence W. Vandervoorn Suzanne C. Vandervoorn Daniel L. Warner

Class of 1998
$22,679 in gifts 20% participation
Christian F.P. Aubrecht Chris E. Behrens Tatiana Rosak Birkelund Terri Z. Campbell Barbara B. Cevallos Marvin T. Chang Pamela Y. Chen Paul S. Compton Christopher T. Cramer Michael C. DAgati Joanne M DeStefano Alexander K. Deyhim David W. Dix Michael W. Dooher Tanya E. Ghaleb-Harter Roxanne R. Gryder David W. Gunn Ying Han Eva Ho Howard R. Hoe Achenyo Idachaba Scott Erik Jaffe N. Erik Jensen Edward K. Kang Sundeep Lal John Paul Larkin II Annette Harville Lindquist Jason T. Mazzola Caragh M. McLaughlin Ramond P. Mecherle

Class of 1996
$13,180 in gifts 17% participation
Catherine A. Alfandre Todd C. Baker Marc Beckers Jay Ashvinkumar Bhatt Carmen R. Canales Alisa Cohn Greg A. Comey Richard J. Coskey Jr. Ann W. Dahlen Michelle L. Dawson Robert A.R. Dawson Raymond A. Ernenwein Joshua R. Gould Kenneth B. Gray Timothy J. Grisius Robert B. Gronlund S. Kent Harrill Kurt C. Hetzel Sean S. Hickey Catherine Coluzzi Jacob Price L. Jett Daniel S. Kalish Benjamin D. Kern Bret E. Kilbourn Tanya Kiskanyan Andrew P. Laterza Jonathon C. Linner

Class of 1995
$18,105 in gifts 18% participation
Ricardo Arroyo Len D. Blanchard Paul T. Breitenbach Mark H. Bryant Jon A. Burckin Stephen A. Campbell David B. Capaldi Joan W. Capaldi Scott J. Carter Christian Delesalle Michael B. Freeman Cara J. Gavan Peter Gensheimer Les D. Gorman M. Alex Guenoun Kenneth W Gurrola Frederick B. Hawkins Brian Jacobson Kelly D. Jessop



Class Honor Rolls

Gregory S. Millard Steven D. Morrow Kaan Onur John P. Overy Yixin Pan Duncan S. Routh Jeremy E. Segal Rebecca Mary Shaghalian Susan L. Stanclik Valerie J. Shey Adam M. Steinberg Raja Subramoni Kena E Thompson Michael J. Thompson Sherry L. Wei Sherri A. Williams Jennifer Margaret Yap John D. Young Charles M. Harthan III Javed Hosein Philip H.F. Hsia Lily O. Huang Gregory Scott Immell Lisa Toyama Jarboe Steven Paul Jasa William Wai-Leung Lee Kevin Alexander Lindquist Manuel Lubinus Frances Elizabeth McLean Keir Paul Meisner Susan Mary Menkhaus Kathryn Meredith Molly Janis Meyer Steven Michael Miska Charles Champion Mordy Traci Ann Neptune Enrique A. Palma Donna Lynn Peters Julia S. Pomeranz Michael Anthony Princi Maggie Wang Ralbovsky Mark H. Reblitz Stanislas Jean Rotman Brian Saed Eric Robert Schneider Drew Martin Schulke Paul Schwarzbach Erik M. Simpson Amy Malkin Snyder Paul Thomas Snyder Lawrence Patsy Sposato Swaminathan Srinivasan Marc J. Umscheid Cynthia M. Williams John Paul Wolff Benjamin William Wood Masanori Yoshimura Esra H. Cuhruk Kelly A. Cunningham Rachel K. Dalton Michael J. De Winter Shital R. Desai Donald Foster Douglas Anne Warren Fagan Christopher W. Floyd Kenneth G. Gau Trevor P. Heinzinger Alexander G. Ivanov Michael F. Jamin Denise Lynn Kampf Nadav D. Kaufman Philip L. Kelton Imran H. Khan John M. Kyles Jr. Calvin Young K. Lee Paul Li Glen M. Lindgren Gregory Todd Long Christine A. McMonigal Jennifer McNamara Douglas V. Moon Angela Kaya Mwanza Kyle K. Oetker Daniela J. Peiser Vijay Marcos Kawauchi Ralhan Charles S. Ribaudo Christian A. Rockwell Bill F. Roeschlein II Gideon Saar Khaleda Najeem Sallade Kimie Sekine Uresh Sheth Lee J. Shufro Vinay M. Singh Brendan E. Tierney Kenneth R. Tometsko John Francis Trainor Bernard J. Tsang Adam Brian Unger Daniel Dwayne Wells Wei Xiong Irene Xiaojun Yang Jeffrey S. Zivan Kendra Stephanie Armer Feidhlim P. Boyle Christian F. Callieri Susie Kathleen Christensen Alison J. Clark Anne J. Cramer Philippe G. Deecke Qing Deng Nick A. Deshpande Hans J. Deutmeyer Stephen Kenneth Dirkes Lawrence Hutchison Douglas Stacy L. Eisner Mark D. Fraioli Edward J. Gilmartin Adrian Gonzalez Jeffrey Baghdassarian Granoff Brendan J. Haley Scott A. Hansing David M. Henderson Laura Elizabeth Nogelo Krieger Timothy M. Krozek Ladislav Lettovsky Benjamin L. Lewis Scott A. Lewis Tiffany G. Loughren Michael Brian Mangene William T. Matschke Nari Matsuura Margaret Jane Morrow Gordon B. Muschett Cynthia Y. Myers Deborah W. Ogawa Thomas John Owens II John D. Pelaez Masmin Ali Phelan Ronald S. Phelan Kerstin E. Ramstrom Sharmila S. Rao William D. Richmond Tyson L. Roberts Jennifer Ann Sale Paul A. Sasseville Caitlin Schryver Robert Foster Sellers Arnon Shiboleth Harold B. Sprayberry John Stieger Jon D. Stokes Phillip L. Stolz Kevin T. Tuite * Deceased

Class of 1999
$30,318 in gifts 22% participation
Ravindra Ajmera Yuriy A. Babushkin Ajay Badlani Justin James Bakule Gregory John Balet Jeffrey Steven Baron Christopher Edwin Bassler Paul P. Belle Isle Anthony Warren Besthoff Jr. Sarah E. Brubacher Chris Ferdinand Burmeister Nathaniel Carney Burnes Mark Frederick Burns Marshall Winslow Chapin Michael Clouser Jonathan Parker Darsey William Powell Davis II Stephen Leo Desmond Marianne Elizabeth Diamond John Gilmore Duguid Jennifer Huret Dulski Leonard E. Dulski John A. Fekete Deborah L. Garber Scott R. Gibbard David A. Grasch Andrew Timothy Guida Li Gloria Guo Jonathan Y. Han


Class of 2000
$41,324 in gifts 19% participation
Kwadwo N. Asare Laurel Greenberg Bright Peter Alan Bright Kevin F. Callahan Alex Te-Chi Chen Robert J. Chizmadia Lathrop B. Craig Gregory Darnell Crowley

Class of 2001
$24,266 in gifts 17% participation
Sean Philip Alexander


Daniel C. Updyke German Velez

Class of 2003
$54,028 in gifts 23% participation
Fernando Abadia Heather A Abbott Ram S. Akella David I. Arnon Navin Babu Erin M. Balet Sean Thomas Bannon Sarah J. Beyrich Heather L. Bowles Seth E. Bravin Lori Glick Burke Kenneth Michael Caron Rob E. Claypoole Jr. Maura Anne Cowan Stewart William Cowan John P. Cunningham John F. Delorenzo Dmitry Dinces Jason James Dupuis James Bradley Edwards Tony Elyahou Irene Feng Adam Reed Fitzner Michele Morley Frey Peter James Georgianna Baohua R. Huang Susan Nguyen Kirtland Sholape A. Kolawole Jae W. Kwon Raquel Ann Lacey-Nelson Sin Hong Leong Aaron Leslie Levinoff Stephen E. Lichaw Cristiane S. Mahler Paola D. Meta Carol M. Macedo Elena M. Moneti John J. Morgan Kenneth J. Morsch Patricia Anne Murison Yuji Nakahara Arun J. Nataraj Brenten Nauslar Geoffrey Patrick Newman Peter Busch Orthwein Jr.

Jason Pizzorusso Bryan Edward Preston Vibhu Ranjan Dan Hamilton Rice George P. Richardson Adam Jeffrey Rimmer Brent David Rosenthal Felix Antonio Rouse Marc Christopher Rucinski Tobin Charles Schilke Julien A. Scholnick Robert E Seidel Jr. Aaron J. Seyuin Corwin J. Shropshire Valerie Shukovsky Dan Shur Zachary W. Stein Bennett Thomas James B. Thompson Andreas Vaerst James Michael Walden Donna Lin Weiss Jill Newton Wiltfong Dave J Witkowski Kirby Wu

Class of 2004
$42,022 in gifts 27% participation
Jungwhan Ahn Oded Anderman James Patrick Baione Andrew Lange Benioff James P Bernhard Brett Moque Blumenthal David R. Bobruff Charles Joseph Bowser III Marcie Lea Bowser Lawrence Robert Boyd Joseph John Bridy

Christopher Warren Brown Renee L Brown Gabriel John Buerkle Katherine Lara Butler John Campanella Alice Gloria Chen Mark Chin Scott Lawrence Christensen Nicholas Cowan Jerome Jacques Crochat Sam Czertok Jeremy Nathan Diringer Michael David Fishkin Ryan N. Folger Katharine Gee Svenulrich Kurt Grasshoff Stacie Elizabeth Gravereaux Andrew James Greenwald Michael E.G. Guarda Faisal Mahmood Hamdard Yair Harel William Joseph Harries Carrie Elizabeth Hubbell Murilo Hyai Kelly R. Ingham Gregory A Jackson Jason Matthew Jones Yael Wielgus Jones Travis Kyle Jordan Edward H. Jun Eric Jurgen Kirleis Melissa Neale Kollitides Ralf T. Kubli Rusty Alfred Leech III Christina Li Wilson Li Ruoheng Liu John Case Lundquist David Carpenter Maier Susan Meredith Mann Andrew H. Martin Suzanne Renee Merritt Melissa J Middleton Erin OConnell Miller Jose Antonio Montero John Patrick Murphy Kelly Elizabeth Northridge James David OHoppe Marella Oviedo Vera Kerry Pang Michael Scott Perlman

Alison L. Reichert Jane Ji-Young Rhee Christian Lee Rhodes Edward Livingston Robertson III Jon-Paul Rorech Margarita Anastasia Rossi Nathaniel Grant Russell Sumant Salve Scott Sanders Neeraj Lalit Shah Daniel Bernard Skinner Karanbir Singh Sodhi Tirumalai Kumara Srinivasan Joseph Robert Stauff II Joseph Lowell Stein Justin Jan Stone Jason Adam Tauber Mauro Terrinoni Garth Timoll Natalie Heidelberg Vansant Abhishek Ravindra Virginkar David A. Wax Joanna Stuart Weber Adam John Wiesel Daniel Leroy Workinger Xiaolin Wu Russell Kent Zusi

Class of 2005
$51,683 in gifts 54% participation
Rouzan Agadjanian Carmen P. Akella Michael Lawrence Albrecht Timothy Taylor Alden Joseph Michael Amante Sean Neil Annitto Seiichiro Araki Ryan Clark Asay Jessica Berg Avery Pankaj Ratan Badlani Sam P. Baldwin Abhimanyu Banerjee Youngho Andrew Bang Jeffrey Becker Courtney H. Benenson Frederick Jay Bennett Scott Berger Andrew Hodges Blanco Ty Thomas Bretthorst Catherine Lee Broadhead



Class Honor Rolls

Rebecca C Cain Mario Felipe Campuzano Sara Elizabeth Cantwell Keith Barrett Carter Rebecca M Chambers Will Chan Deborah J Cheng Alan Robert Christensen Albert Wai Kuen Chu Gregory James Cipolaro Matthew Paul Cohen Robert Martin Collins William H. Conkling III Cory Allan Cox Sandra Creamer Jenson Samuel Daniel Cedric Alexis Delvaux Christopher R Dente Monica Erin Devine Stephen Nathaniel DeVos Selin Doganeli Bing Doh Kevin Joseph Doldan Yinnon Dolev Paul Joseph Donato Matthew John Dunker Carissa Lyn Durham Baris Efe Steven Gonzalo Esparza Sandra Fabre Jacob Fahsbender Brendan Patrick Farley Peter J. Fitzpatrick Michael Patrick Ford Joshua P. Friedlander Christian Frison Yohance S. Fuller Rod Michael Gallagher Gregory William Garrison Philip Allen Garton Arun K Giddu Steven James Giles Stephen Patrick Glynn Edgar Alberto Godoycacho Robert H. Goldenberg Jonathon Jay Grayson Phillip Jay Greenberg Tianxin Gu Joseph Andrew Guzzi Matthew Smith Hagen Carina K. Hayek Bessie Blake Howard Danny Yeoudan Hsu Thomas Hung Deborah Ann Iorio Ankur Jain Ashees Jain Andrew Wendell Jones Jill E. Kaiser Puneet Kapoor Michael R Kaye Ena Khan Terrence S. King Dennis Dong-Beum Koo Edward Kimball Kostrowski Jr. Alan S. Lai Michael E. Lee Wilson L. Leong Chinling Liao Judith Lisselot Matthew W. Loveless Rodney Allen Lumpkin Alexis Natasha Maffei Christopher Ira Meredith Mark Scott Mitchell Jamel Andrew Morris Marco E Munoz Edward J. Nejat Michael Robert Nelson Nnamdi Terhide Njoku Masaharu Ogawa Mintaik Oh Louis Verden Ott III Habibe Ozlem Ozdemir Travis Murphy Parsons Stephanie J. Payne David Michael Perry Dessislava N Petkova Derek J Pijut Chaitali Sudheer Pimputkar Justin Duvall Poser Peijiang Qi Jose Luis Quiroga William Bruce Redmond Zachary Orestes Righellis Matthew P. Rosedale Anthony R. Rossabi Andrew Patrick Roussell Katherine Landon Rubenstein Julien Ruggieri Meredith R. Rutherford Eric Michael Sass Chad J. Schmidt Monica Devine Schmidt Douglas K Schnell Sallilyn An Schwartz Daniel Robert Sciortino Hafssa Serraj Amanda Soule Shaw James T Siahaan Saurabh P Singh Sudeep Kumar Singh Elizabeth Rachel Skibo Jun H. Song Smittipon Srethapramote Amy Louise Stepanian Thomas E. Strobel Alice Shiau Su Michael C. Su Justine Karen Suh Stanley Tao-Hung Sun Jason R. Tagler Selim Targay Mark Edward Thielmann Johanna Todenhagen Gaye Asiye Tomlinson Carl B. Torrey Ken Tseng Patricia Marie Turrettini Yoshitaka Ueda Viswanath Valluri Jennifer Lynn Viele Bonita S. Voiland Adam Marshall Ware Samuel Hunter Weeman Scott Weiss Jayson Robert Wenstrup Stephanie Boden Wenstrup Emily Dawn Wheatman Daniel James White Joshua B. Whiteley Charles Kemmons Wilson III Oliver Wunde Wei Xiao Sherry Xie Elizabeth Suk Yo Matheus Noronha Zanardi Edward Zelmanovitz Eduardo J Zuniga

Class of 2006
$112,148 in gifts 42% participation
Becca A Adams Garret Austin Albert Jennifer Kristin Anderson Rachel Ellen Ash Venugopal Ayala Heather Elizabeth Rooze Baird Joseph Michael Balzano Victoria Barbadoro Maia Kaaren Benson Atin K.S. Bhadouria Leslie Biltekoff Kelly Cristine Bock Benjamin Lee Brown Susannah Kate Brumwell Garland M Buchanan Brian L. Chan Harry Thomas Chan Leo Hon-Shui Chan Nilesh Chandra Hyun J Chang Kanokporn Charuvajana Hiten Chawla Oliver Hi-Hung Chin Sundar Shankar Gorton Chiu Jee Hoon Choi Stephanie Chow Tiffany Lee-Fu Chu Karson Brian Clancy Alexander Charles Cotter Elizabeth Napton Craft Harold Justin Crow Maurice Curran Jia Dai Michael Carr Daley Candace L. Davies Ronald De Gier Justin P. DeKoszmovszky Suzanne M. Drabik Rita Enayat Laura Graves Enos Michelle Maria Porciuncula Evaristo Pearie Romaine Foster Waiwing Fu Michelle Heather Fuhrman Aaron Michael Gabelnick Gregory Josian Gilis Seth Robert Glasser * Deceased



Rhonda Hadi Songmi Hahn Michael James Harris Larsruben Hirsch Jeremy L Hlavacek Hunter L Hoffmann Claire Huang Thomas Michael Huber Shannon J Iorio Smita Jha Fatiha Jillali Nailah Firoz Jinnah Alex C. Johnson Sudhindra M Joshi Todd Andrew Kathan Edward Joong Kim Joonhee Eric Kim Young Jin Kim Savita Kini Eric M. Klein Asset A Kopbayev George Alan Kopp Richard Chao Yu Kuo Katherina Kuzina Herb Anthony Lara Julika Naa Ayikoley Lartey Kenneth Sung Lee Andrea Jill Leifer Matthew William Leopold Scott B. Lepage Chuan-wei Lu Ramon Jose Donato Lumba Steven P Mah Stephen Paul Maire Ryan Scott Mcnelley Stephen Leland Measelle Bianca Rubia Medrano Jason Michael Milligan Arthur Joseph Munoz III Junyan Ni Sunny F Ommanney Sriram Panchana Mittal M Parekh Paige H Peters Brian Scott Phillips Kiran Patri Prasad Evangelos C Psaropoulos Alan Arthur Quan Sean P. Reed Justin Robert Reese Lisa M Regelman

Edward Arthur Reilly IV Zhiyong Ren Will Riggs Roy Rodolfo Rivera Jr. Kenyattah Robinson Jack Conway Ru Ali Rusta-Sallehy Sanjay Sakhrani Brendan Thomas Scanlon David Alexander Schmid Claire Elizabeth Sears Vivek Sethia Deep Shah Hamid Shamel Victoria Shan Arvind C Sharma Rahul V Shrotriya John C. Siemer Jason R Siewert Paul Alexander Smachlo Bradley Michael Stanczak Bradford Lee Stoneberger Eric Graham Thompson Nat C. Toothaker William R Towcimak II Michael Tsai Jennifer Elizabeth Turner Tomohiro Ukai Michael Richard Urban Rohit Verma Anish Vijayangirija Varun Wadhawan Edward K Wang Lawrence Joseph Wasser Megan Noelle Weber Gordon Alan Wilde Elizabeth Denyse Wilson Nathan Lee Wolff Sean Woolley Susan I-Chia Wu Zhiying Zhao Jeffrey Michael Zimpleman



Fellowships, Scholarships, Loans & Prizes

Robert C. and Laura Call Andolina Graduate Fellowship
Laura Call Andolina Robert C. Andolina John R. Bachich Jeffrey Becker Courtney H. Benenson Scott Berger Ty T. Bretthorst Catherine L. Broadhead Loretta Burns-Knighten Mario F. Campuzano Sara E. Cantwell Rebecca M. Chambers Will Chan Deborah J. Cheng Gregory J. Cipolaro Matthew P. Cohen Robert M. Collins William H. Conkling III Cory A. Cox Sandra Creamer Cedric A. Delvaux Selin Doganeli Bing Doh Kevin J. Doldan Yinnon Dolev Matthew J. Dunker Sandra Fabre Brendan P. Farley Michael P. Ford Christian Frison Yohance S. Fuller Gregory W. Garrison Steven J. Giles Phillip J. Greenberg Tianxin Gu Joseph A. Guzzi Danny Y. Hsu Thomas Hung Deborah A. Iorio Ankur Jain Andrew W. Jones Jill E. Kaiser Puneet Kapoor Michael R. Kaye Ena Khan Terrence S. King Edward K. Kostrowski Jr. Chinling Liao Matthew W. Loveless Rodney A. Lumpkin Christopher I. Meredith Marco E. Munoz Edward J. Nejat Michael R. Nelson Masaharu Ogawa Mintaik Oh Habibe O. Ozdemir Stephanie J. Payne Dessislava N. Petkova Derek J. Pijut Chaitali S. Pimputkar Jose L. Quiroga Zachary O. Righellis Katherine Landon Rubenstein Meredith R. Rutherford Chad J. Schmidt Monica Schmidt Douglas K. Schnell Sallilyn A. Schwartz Amanda Soule Shaw Saurabh P. Singh Elizabeth R. Skibo Amy L. Stepanian Michael C. Su Stanley Tao-Hung Sun Johanna Todenhagen Carl B. Torrey Viswanath Valluri Jennifer L. Viele Adam M. Ware Scott Weiss Joshua B. Whiteley Sherry Xie Matheus N. Zanardi Edward Zelmanovitz Eduardo J. Zuniga Francine V. Rivkin

Sylvia & Malcolm Fowler Scholarship

Judith Fowler Quagliaroli

Michael J. Bachich Scholarship Richard & Karen Bulman Scholarship

Richard D. Bulman Christopher Stavrakos

George & Douglas Hano Scholarship

George D. Hano Diane Crowley Hano

Cady-Kruse Deans Discretionary Fund

Nell Cady-Kruse

Peter Hopkins Memorial Scholarship

Paul H. Dude Robert S. Spencer J. Robert Swidler

Carrie Chiang and Stanley Ting Family Fellowship

Carrie Chiang Stanley Ting

Ada Howe Kent Fellowship Loan Fund

Henry P. Renard

Chu Family Scholarship

Roderick G.W. Chu

Sheila Kenyon Memorial Scholarship

Christopher Ciafardini Scholarship

John A. Fekete Lawrence P. Sposato

Class of 1958 Scholarship

Suzanne D. Henninger

R. John Feely III Elizabeth A. Frederick Peldunas Mark W. Lee Joanne D. Rosenthal Jeffrey D. Snyder

Class of 1969 Scholarship in Honor of Professor Jerry Hass

Paul H. Dude Lee C. Garcia Jerome E. Hass Peter B. Orthwein Robert C. Gates

Krause Faculty Fellowship in Real Estate Management

Alan M. Krause

Anne and Elmer Lindseth Deanship

Jon A. Lindseth

Prescott C. Miller Scholarship

Donald K. Miller

Class of 1974 Scholarship Class of 2001 International Scholarship

Alison J. Clark Stephen K. Dirkes Melanie Herald Granoff Ladislav Lettovsky Caitlin Schryver Thomas P. G. Schryver Jon D. Stokes

Day Family Senior Lecturer

Harry D. Day Jerrold K. Day

Edward R. Novicky Scholarship Loan Fund

Alice Katz

Lewis Durland Memorial Lecture Series Fund

John B. Babcock

Reynolds Class of 15 Scholarship

William G. Reynolds

Thomas R. and Ann P. Dyckman Scholarship

Martha J. Turner

Robert and Carol Colby Tanenbaum Scholarship

Carol C. Tanenbaum

Class of 2005 Scholarship Fund in Memory of Tiffany Burns

Rouzan Agadjanian Timothy T. Alden Joseph M. Amante Seiichiro Araki Ryan C. Asay Pankaj R. Badlani Sam P. Baldwin

Christopher T. Emmet Scholarship

Christopher T. Emmet

Laurence Tisch Endowed Memorial Scholarship


Edward S. Flash Jr. School of Management Memorial Scholarship

Laura Call Andolina Robert C. Andolina Dora G. Flash David R. King Amy J. MacDonald

Michael Torphy Memorial Scholarship

Phillip C. McClain

Veterans Graduate Scholarship

Daniel N. Dube Duncan A. Gillis Frederick B. Hawkins


MBA Class of 2007

William W. Huling Jr. Stephen P. Maire Michael J. McManus Steven M. Miska Robert L. Mitchell Fredrick W. Weber Mark J. Wydra

MBA Class of 2007

Under the leadership of Noah Hager and Hernando Guzman Soriano the MBA class of 2007 campaign raised a total of $98,197 for the Johnson School. The class was presented with a unique opportunity from alumna Susan Rehm Gatto 80, MBA 81, who pledged a challenge match of up to $35,000 for every dollar given by the class to the annual fund. Thanks to Susan, and to the generosity of the class, $64,624 in all was gifted to the annual fund. In addition to raising unrestricted funds, the class of 2007 established a loan forgiveness program for students who choose careers in the non-profit sector after graduation. The class raised $33,573 for the program. Thank you members of the Class of 2007 for your commitment to the Johnson School.

Wells Family Graduate Fellowship

Daniel D. Wells Wells Family Foundation

Class of 2007 Leadership

Alexia Burnett, president Noah Hager, co-vice president, fundraising Hernando Guzman Soriano, co-vice president, fundraising Zachary Tofias, vice president, class activities, and reunion Monica Panchmia, vice president, communications Amy Cham, webmaster

Honor Roll Class of 2007

Karim Ibrahim Abdallah Leeman Abdulai Hiroshi Abe Arize Agumadu Tae Hwan Ahn Gad Alon Ernest Sears Ambrose Joshua Ryan Bailer Parag M. Bajaria Leanna Beck Sarvjit Singh Bedi Sukhmani Bedi Christopher James Belcher

Andre Luiz Belentani Phillip D. Bell Daniel Belloso-Guzman Aaron A. Bennett Christy A. Bensen Ramachandra Bethmangalkar Subodh Bhargava Jason Mitchell Blackburn Lesley Reed Blackledge Erica Joy Bliss David Michael Boland John Mike Bonhomme Brendan Alec Bosch Daniel Robert Bouza Christian John Brobst Andrew Russell Brown Jesse Patrick Burkholder Alexia C. Burnett Gustavo G. Campos John N. Carr Irma Carreon Amy Crystal Cham Stanton Pyburn Champion Jenny Chang Jonathan Chang Tae Suk Chang You Chang Justin Andre Charise Ezequiel Chavez Resendiz Jess Andrew Cheney Timothy Michael Chezar Andrew Sze-wei Chiao Danny I. Chibel Clay K. Ching Darren Cho Yvonne Chou Christos Christopoulos Shang-hun Chuang Sharletta Curtreese Clady Jonathan Roger Clay R. Brooke Cobb Michael Cook Madison Colyn Cuffy Vijay Damojipurapu Roshni Dasgupta Alexandre Michel De Latour Nicholas Robert Decock Ojas Prakash Desai Shannon Elizabeth Dewit Raghuram Dharmaraju Anjali Dhiman

Jocelin Meredith Dills Adja Mame Marieme Doukoure Amoa Suman K. Dubey John D. Egge Lauren Shara Ellish Michael Robert Feinberg Eric H. Ferguson Jack A. Ferrer Joshua Alexander Fine Juan Jose Fontenla Eugene Foo Lauren Beth Fusfeld William Bartlett Gabler Rachelle E. Galant Viswanath V. Ganti Gino K. George Betsy Rand Gerber Richard Adam Gerling Emmel Berhardt Golden III Adam Jeffrey Goldstein Jared Goodman Sameer Prakash Goregaokar Jon Gotte Adam Lee Granoff Anuradha Guha Niyogi Bharat Gupta Neha Gupta Vathsal Guru Rajan Hernando Antonio Guzman Soriano Levke Helene Haas Noah Robert Hager Robert Yick Fai Hah Charles Walter Hamann Melissa Marie Hamann Peter Hamilton Jared Paul Hancock David Scott Hansen Elissa Harel Steven Dale Headrick John Fox Holt Matthew William Holzemer Yi-chien Hsiao Wa Ip Katherine Marie Jahnke Vishal Jain Daniel Charles Johnson Ebony Johnson Marcus Lynch Johnson Kalyan Chakravarthi Jonnalagadda Veera Jayesh Joseph Barry Jay Kappel



MBA Class of 2007

Christina L. Keller Jeffrey Wayne Keller Peter Thomas Kellogg Osman Mumawer Khan Shahryar Khan Divyata Khanna David Kiddney Sam Kim Somee Kim Tommy M. Kim Andrew Charles King Sharon Bee Yong Koay Lester Yoshimasa Koga Rajiv Kommineni Aaron M. Koslowski Caio Jose Kraemer Melyssa Almeida Kraemer Gregory Paul Kulessa Raphael Kurian Neel Suresh Lakhani Thomas Lamatsch Sylvain Langrand Clifford Arthur Lardin David Boksung Lee Debbie Hsin Lee Georgina Charlotte Lee Jacob Lee Marcus E. Lee Lokyan Leung Michael Sasson Levy Gregory Wayne Lewis Jr. K. Dedo Liang Mai-jing Liao Adam Craig Liebhoff Emilie Schnitman Liebhoff Seongsu Lim Fung Lin Sarah Jennifer Lipman Ming L. Liu Benjamin Timothy Lyng Anuj Kumar Malhotra Cornelia Lansdale Marshall William Augustine Mccormack Kyle Duane Mccoy Melissa Marie Mcewen Gregory Clark Mcgee Mary Katherine Mcginnis Michael Mcmackin Mcgirr Colleen Kelly Mcinerney Adrianne Gloria Melendez Kurt Daniel Melien Diego Mendoza Akber Merchant Adam S. Mesh Natalie Sergeevna Messerle Marc A. Meunier David Johnathan Mieczkowski Ananthanarayana Mohan Victoria Joan Molinarolo Laura Margarita Mondragon Kathleen N. Mongan Chantel Moses James Michael Moses Emanuel Naim Saurabh Nayyar Stephanie R. Nemser Tyler Anthony Nevius Richard S. Newitter Katherine Ngo Heather Ai Chau Nguyen Okwudiri S. Njoku Brenda OConnor Colm Michael Omara Isaac William Oates Daniel Odongo Olalekan Lateef Oloyede Jennifer Kimberly Ortiz Mary R. Packman Vincente Eliecer Palacios Mendez Monica C. Panchmia Todd A Papau Jonathan D. Parrish Anandkumar A. Patel Sameer Ramesh Patel Alex Patriquin Philip Park Patten Mahesh Jayawant Phadnis Sanjay S. Pichaiah Alexander Ellsworth Porteous Zhanliang Qin Rachan Prabhakar Rao Charles William Redding II Gudrun Reiterer John P. Renehan Brittany Quinn Richards Gregory Scott Rinsky Sarah E. Roberts Zachary Alan Rogers Michael Kiptoo Rono Douglas Harrison Root Ori Rosenthal Mathew Reed Sachs Rasna Saini Halis M. Santana Rima Sawaya Bryan D. Schiller Michael William Seitz Amit Seth Anil Sharma Neil Sharma Ofri Sharon Faisal Shafait Sheikhzada Kevin Michael Shevlin David Michael Sims Dinesh Kumar Singh Jon Christopher Snover Priscilla V. Srbu Keerataporn Sripan Thomas Bellingrath Stebbins Benjamin Wilson Sterling Ari Strasberg Krishnamoorthy A. Sundaresan Miranty Supardi Yuichiro Suzuki Durgaprasad Swaminathan Shigeki Takata Sumit Takkar Liangsi Tang Richard John Tapalaga Rodrigo Augusto Teixeira Stephen Andrew Terry Tharun Tharian Daniel Antonio Roberto Geronimo Tirol Zachary N. Tofias John M. Totolis Joyce Tran Favio Trevino Ashish Vaidya Shweta S. Vengsarker Jeffery M. Vernetti Francisco Javier Vicente Chiao Ni Wang Meg Y. Wang Daniel Craig West Nicole R. Wolf Michelle Edwina Wonsley Jarom M. Wren Norman Matthias Wyrwoll Tal Yaacobi Kevin John Yam Derrick Ji-Lee Yee Dedric Doane Yokley Elaine Yan Chi Yuan Hani S. Zabaneh Aamir Javed Zaki Xiaoxin Zhang Daniel L. Zook Note: One anonymous donor not listed


MBA Class of 2007 Giving

Pledges Gifts * Challenge Match Pledgers Donors Participation
* Gifts received by fiscal year end

Graduating Class Records

Gifts (class of 2005) Pledgers (class of 2000) Percentage that pledged (MBA class of 2005) Percentage that pledged (EMBA class of 2005, 2006, 2007) Donors (MBA class of 2005) 101,000 307 98

$65,885 $18,402 $32,312 273 152 89%

100 275


EMBA Class of 2007

The Executive MBA Class of 2007 led by Meredith Ryan Reid raised $42,273 in gifts from 100% of the class. All proceeds from the class campaign were gifted to the Johnson School Annual Fund. Meredith was assisted by campaign committee members Mauricio Benevides, Mark A. Eidlin, David E. Marschner, Janet Helm, Ramachandra Reddy, Matthew Malgari, and Robert Lancey in raising these unrestricted gifts, allowing the Johnson School to direct the funds where they are needed most. We extend our sincere thanks to all members of the EMBA Class of 2007 for their support of the Johnson School.
Marzena Barbara Maloszycka Charles Robert Marlow* David Eric Marschner Roderick Phillips Miles Fabrice Mouret Anthony C. Phillips Martin Andrew Prince Maria Antonieta Ragone Subha S. Ramiah Prakash Rao Ramachandra C. Reddy Mark Henry Ruszczyk Meredith J. Ryan-Reid* Paul Sari Sumitro Guha Sarkar Darin Conway Scott John Mizer Secor Eric F. Seeton Faran Ahmad Siddiqi James Tecklin Richard Thompson Judith Krasnow Trichon Fiorenzo A. Villani William Levi Wagner Adam Westphalen* Derrick Lee Whitfield *Made Tower Club-level gift

Cornell-Queens EMBA Class of 2007

The inaugural Cornell-Queens Executive MBA graduating class gift campaign was led by Mark Wasylechko, MBA 07 and Tony Cochrane, MBA 07, and they achieved remarkable success. The class presented the Johnson School an unrestricted gift of $15,983 at commencement and in doing so set a fine example for future CornellQueens classes. The Cornell-Queens class gift included participation from an impressive 75 percent of the class, and we are grateful for their enthusiasm and generosity.
Robert D. Moore Philip Mott Jorge Pedra Jomy John Pidiath John Price Arvind Ramaswamy Roberto Ricci Anthony Craig Roberts Regi Roy Darren Scott Sokoloski David Alexander Summers Rory Edward Teiffel Brad Keith Trumble Lesley K. Verdi Mark Wasylechko Christina Michelle Willis Edward Tao Xu Michael William Young

Cornell-Queens Executive MBA Class of 2007 Leadership

Tony Cochrane Mark Wasylechko

Executive MBA Class of 2007 Leadership

Meredith J. Ryan, president Mauricio Benevides, class representative Mark A. Eidlin, class representative David E. Marschner, class representative

Honor Role Cornell-Queens Executive MBA Class of 2007

Dan Allen Arpine Debbie Aroyan Garth Baxter Tara Patrice Brown Robert Shawn Burns Joanne Lisa Butler Guy Champagne Ommer Chohan Woon Teck Chu Anthony Cochrane Charles Conway Donald Dcruz Michael Ewart Tracy Kristine Fenton Moreno Fiore Axel Garcia William Douglas Grant Erika Elsie Hargesheimer Matthew D. Healy Angela Kimberly Horne Deepak S. Kakadasam Christopher Brendan Kennedy Shashank C. Kolhatkar David Sean Leighton Jie Ma Francois Marcoux Robert McCabe Bradley G. Mcknight

Cornell-Queens EMBA Class of 2007 Giving

Pledges Gifts Pledgers Donors Tower Club Members Participation $15,983 $13,493 46 45 0 75%

Honor Roll Executive MBA Class of 2007

Manmeet Ahluwalia Saad P. Aslam James D. Basch Mauricio Benavides* Tarun Bhatnagar Aashish Hiralal Bhattad Jennifer Yi Chang Michael J. Conte Erin Daly Arup Ratan Das Ankur Datta Mark A. Eidlin William Genarro Farnella Christian Joseph Fulmino Brendan A Goldstein Janet Helms Thomas C. Iacono Ante Charles Jakic Richard Ellis James Richard Bruce Kasmin Thomas R. Koveleskie Robert Alan Lancey Matthew J. Malgari*


EMBA Class of 2007 Giving

Pledges Gifts Pledgers Donors Tower Club Members Participation $42,273 $25,179 49 49 5 100%


Corporate Partnerships
The Johnson Schools Corporate Partners are vitally important to the success of the school and contribute to our three unique core elements: performance learning, Cornell connections, and an intense, collaborative community. We value the interactions that our Corporate Partners supply and we thank them for their generosity in supporting the school financially as well as bringing richness to our academic programs and student activities. Corporate Partners are the first to be invited to provide executives to guest lecture, participate in seminars and symposia, collaborate in research development, participate in executive education programs, or host student visits. They are also the first to be called to schedule presentations and recruiting events because we value their commitment to our students. The Corporate Programs Office is dedicated to building our corporate relationships, increasing corporate interaction and awareness, and attracting corporate investments to the Johnson School. We find increasing creativity in the way corporations interact with the school and look forward to continued strong involvement in the Johnson School.

We sincerely appreciate the generosity of our Corporate Partners for their participation and support. In addition, 158 companies matched the generosity of our alumni. Gail E. Fink Director, Corporate Programs

Senior Partners
$25,000 to $49,999 annually
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. American Express Foundation Bristol-Myers Squibb Credit Suisse Deloitte Consulting DuPont Lehman Brothers PricewaterhouseCoopers

Deutsche Bank Emerging Markets Group ExxonMobil Foundation Fidelity Foundation General Electric IBM McGovern Capital Merck & Co. Owen Cheatham Foundation Pioneer Hi-Bred International Procter & Gamble Company Roche UBS Vistakon Wellington Management

Principal Partners
$1,000,000 and up (cumulative)
Advantage Data, Inc. Agilent Technologies BARRA, Inc. Citi Foundation Corning Incorporated Dyson Foundation Emerson FactSet Research Systems Hewlett-Packard Co. Park Foundation S.C. Johnson & Son Triad Foundation

Executive Partners
$10,000 to $24,999 annually
Barclays Global Investors Coach Dow Chemical Honeywell International Johnson & Johnson JPMorgan Lockheed Martin M&T Bank Nike PepsiCo Inc. Solae Unilever

Other Corporate Donors

$1,000 to $4,999 annually
85 Broads/Miles To Go Amgen Antoinettes Sweets AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals BD Consulting Bear Stearns BlackRock Campbell Soup Co. General Mills Intel Latinas Unidas Lightfull Foods LPGA McDonalds McNeil Pharmaceuticals Microsoft Pfizer, Inc. Starbucks

Managing Partners
$50,000 and up annually
Interactive Data Corporation Reuters Thomson Financial Services

Business Partners
$5,000 to $9,999 annually
Abercrombie & Fitch Battelle Memorial Cascade Engineering Chevron CIGNA Clean Energy Group

Corporate and Foundation Giving 20032007

2003 Cash Gifts Matching Gifts Gifts in Kind Grand Total $2,578,702 $204,625 $1,762,330 $4,545,657 2004 $3,935,643 $207,832 $1,536,615 $5,680,090 2005 $3,307,736 $297,348 $1,860,805 $5,465,889 2006 $2,350,023 $244,817 $2,019,825 $4,614,665 2007 $3,404,201 $364,419 $1,823,395 $5,592,015

Towers Perrin Women for Hire

All levels include annual gifts to the school: unrestricted, restricted, and gifts in kind.


Matching Gift Companies

AMD ABN AMRO Accenture Foundation, Inc. Adage Capital Management, LP Adobe Systems Inc. Aetna, Inc. Agilent Technologies Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. Alcoa Foundation Alliance Capital Mgmt. Corp. AllianceBernstein Alliant Energy Foundation Inc. Altria Group, Inc. Ambac Assurance Corporation American Express Foundation American International Group Inc. Amgen Foundation Anheuser-Busch Foundation Aon Foundation AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, LP Automatic Data Processing Fdn. Inc. Avon Products Foundation Inc. BP Foundation, Inc. Babson Capital Management LLC Bank of America Foundation Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Ltd. Barclays Global Investors Barnes Group Foundation Inc. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company CIGNA Foundation CRT Capital Group LLC Campbell Soup Foundation Capital One Services Inc. Caterpillar Foundation Inc. Cephalon Inc. ChevronTexaco Corporation Cingular Wireless Citigroup Clorox Company Colgate-Palmolive Company Con Edison Inc. Constellation Energy Group Corning Incorporated Fdn. Countrywide Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn, LLC Cuna Mutual Insurance Group Daiichi-Sankyo Deloitte Foundation Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Dole Packaged Food Dun & Bradstreet Corp. Fdn. Eastern Bank Eaton Corporation Eli Lilly & Company Emerson Energizer Ernst & Young Foundation Exxonmobil Foundation Federated Dept. Stores Fdn. Ferro Corporation Fidelity Foundation Fitch Ratings Fortis Foundation Gartner Group General Electric Co. General Motors Corporation General Re Services Corp. Gillette Company GlaxoSmithKline Global Impact Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Gotham Construction Company HSBC Bank USA Halliburton Foundation, Inc. Hallmark Cards Inc. Hartford Insurance Group Hitachi Capital America Corp. Hoffman-La Roche Houghton Mifflin Co IAC Foundation IBM Corporation Illinois Tool Works Foundation ING Foundation Intel Corporation J P Morgan Chase Foundation John Hancock Financial Serv. Inc. Johnson & Johnson Kelloggs Kerr-McGee Foundation Inc. Kraft Foods North America, Inc LOreal USA, Inc. LaSalle Bank Corporation Legg Mason & Co., LLC Lehman Brothers Levi Strauss Foundation Lockheed Martin Lord Abbett & Company Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc. Mastercard International Inc Medco Health Solutions Mellon Financial Corp. Fund Mercantile Bankshares Corp. Merck Company Foundation Merrill Lynch & Co. Fdn., Inc. Metropolitan Life Foundation Microsoft Corporation Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Foundation (3M) Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Morgan Stanley Nasher Foundation Natexis Banque National City Corporation National Semiconductor New Jersey Resources Corp. New York Times Company Fdn. Inc. Northwestern Mutual Life Ins Fdn Oracle Corporation PartnerRe U.S. Pepsi Bottling Group Foundation, Inc. Pfizer, Inc. Pharmacia Matching Gifts PricewaterhouseCoopers Procter & Gamble Company Prudential Insurance Fdn. RBC Dain Rauscher Foundation Raytheon Company Rogers Corporation S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. Sabre Holdings Corporation Sanofi-Aventis Sara Lee Foundation Sony Electronics Inc. Spansion LLC Sprint Foundation State Street Bank & Trust Co Suntrust Bank Swiss Re America Holding Corp. Symantec Giving Program T. Rowe Price Associates Fdn. Inc. Texas Instruments The Interlake Steamship Co. The Moodys Foundation The Vanguard Group Inc. Thomson Financial Services Time Inc. Triad Foundation U S Bancorp Foundation Unilever United States Inc. United Technologies Corporation VF Corporation Verizon Foundation Wachovia Foundation Wellington Management Company Wells Fargo Foundation Wetherby Asset Management Wyeth Xerox Corporation


Visiting Executive Program

Our visiting executives bring a wealth of personal and industry experience that enrich our curriculum. Visiting executives have a place in the classroom, student events, and our two speaker series. The visits build stronger corporate connections with faculty as well as students. Many are listed below, and we thank them all.

Glenn Baptiste, director, brand development, Unilever Jerald Barnes, lieutenant, St. Louis Police Department Jay Barney, professor, management & human resources, Ohio State University Scott Baroun, Air Products and Chemicals Steve Barry, vice president of operations, The Sentry Group Brit Bartter, 76, PhD 77, vice chair, investment banking, JP Morgan Chase & Co. Chris Bassler 88, MBA 99, senior consultant, Peppers & Rogers Roger Baumann, Bear Stearns John Behler, vice president, Claritas, Inc. Eric Beinstein, JPMorgan John Bello, co-founder & chief executive officer, South Beach Beverage Co. Jeffrey Berg, 79, 80, MBA 81, president, JFB Consulting Partners Dan Berler, MBA 02, director, business development, QORE Property Sciences David Berry, principal, Flagship Venture Partners Patrick Bertagna, entrepreneur, GTXC Pinaki Bhattacharyya, director, New Energy Capital Jessica Bibliowicz 81, chairman & chief executive officer, National Financial Partners Jonathan Bick, MBA 79, lawyer, Friedman Siegelbaum LLP Adam Black, series producer, SustainabiliTV Jay Bloom 77, MBA 78, managing partner, Trimaran Capital Partners Eva Boratto, Merck Dave Breazzano, MBA 80, co-founder/ principal, DDJ Capital Management Anne Breidenbach, information systems director, IBM Corporation John Brenner, MBA 97, senior technology manager, CCTEC John Brooks, general partner, Prism Venture Works John Brots, executive vice president, global operations, Tellabs, Inc. Kip Brown, Harris Interactive

Randy Brown 84, MS 85, MBA 86, managing director, BlackRock Matthew Burkley, senior vice president for business operations, Thomson Financial Rebecca Cain, MBA 05, experienced commercial leadership program, GE Lisa Carbonara, IBM Global Business Services John Carey, executive vice president, Textron Financial Janet Carr, MBA 90, senior vice president, Coach Gautam Chandra, MBA 94, vice president, performance improvement, Washington Gas Anand Chandrasekher 86, 87, MBA 88, senior vice president & general manager, Intel Corporation James Chanos, founder & managing partner, Kynikos Associates Michael Chen, MBA 85, president and CEO, GE Global Media & Communications Paul Choi, partner, Sidley & Austin Justin Chola, MBA 99, chief executive officer, Bayport Finance, Zambia Corinne Christensen, MBA 02, MILR 03, human resources generalist/pathways, Honeywell Jim Chung, Morgan Stanley Robert Claypoole, MBA 03, manager, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Don Cocoran, chief executive officer, Methylgene Cynthia Cohen, founder & president, MindShare Charles Colagiuri, MBA 02, director, global RTP business process owner, Johnson & Johnson Seetha Coleman-Kammula, founding partner, NextLife LLC Nina Crane, chief information officer, National Geographic Society M. Scott Crocco, MBA 90, manager, Air Products and Chemicals Jonathan Darsey, MBA 99, Accenture Elizabeth Davidsen, Inter-American Development Bank Antoinette Derbyshire, human resource manager, Borg Warner Amol Deshpande, MBA 05, associate, Cargill Ventures

Dr. Julianne Malveaux, economist, author, and social commentator, delivered the keynote speech at the annual symposium of the Black Graduate Business Association (BGBA) October 20, 2006. The events theme was Sankofa! Looking Forward, Reaching Back: The Responsibility of Blacks and Allies in Business to the Community at Large.

Marianne Diamond 93, MBA 99, vice president, Fidelity Investments Paula DiPerna, executive vice president, corporate recruitment & public policy, Chicago Climate Exchange Robert Dobbs, Primet Precision Materials Paul Donato, MBA 05, healthcare leadership program, CIGNA Scott Donnelly, president, GE, AirCraft Engines Caroline Dorsa, Merck Seth Dunn, GE Energy Mike Durham, MBA 77, president/chief executive officer, Cognizant Associates Inc. Justin Egan, MBA 05, trader, Citigroup Warren Ellish 77, MBA 78, president/ chief executive officer, Ellish Marketing Group LLC Steve Elms, chairman, Adams respiratory therapeutics, Aisling Capital Ray Ernenwein 90, MBA 96, operations manager, Hewlett Packard Robert Essner, chairman & chief executive officer, Wyeth Barry Evans 60, intellectual property attorney, Kramer, Levin, Naftalis & Frankel LLP Marsha Evans, chief executive officer (retired), American Red Cross Paul Ezekiel, MBA 95, managing director, Credit Suisse Neil Falcone, area vice president, UAW John Fay, Emerging Markets Group Mike Finley 73, director, PRTM

Sanford I. Weill 55, chairman emeritus of Citi, honorary chairman of the Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy, and author of The Real Deal: My Life in Business and Philanthropy, came to campus for a book signing October 27, 2006, and spoke at Bailey Hall about his business pursuits and successes over five decades, culminating in his creation and leadership of one of the worlds leading financial powerhouses, Citi.

Becca Adams 97, MBA 06, associate brand manager, Unilever Paul Addis, vice president, Wyeth

Gary Ambrosino, 80, chief executive officer, Sensicast Systems Inc. Oded Anderman 04, operations division, Lehman Brothers Anthony Artuso, PhD 94, senior director, decision analysis & portfolio management, Bristol-Myers Squibb Amy Ayres, Microsoft Takla Baak, McKinsey Andrew Baer, MBA 82, chief information officer, Comcast Cable Communications Dean Banks, vice president, Highland Capital Partners Kathleen Bannan, McDonalds Sean Bannon 97, MBA 03, financial analyst, Air Products and Chemicals


Mary Freeman, Microsoft Chet Fuller, chief marketing officer, GE Aviation Greg Galvin 82, PhD 84, MBA 93, president,/chief executive officer, Kionix Tammy Garlick, Microsoft James Garvey, managing partner, SV Life Sciences Robert Gates, MBA 94, managing director, asset backed finance, Merrill Lynch Christopher Geiser, MBA 03, global leader, custom electronics, Honeywell Dan Gertrudes, Textron Financial Jac Geurts, visiting professor, Tilburg University, The Netherlands Tom Gibson, president, Institute for SME Finance Michael Gilbert, Pitney Bowes Howard Goldberg, MBA 79, principal & managing director, Morgan Joseph & Co., Inc. Mike Goldman, Patent Attorney, Independent Company Rick Gordon, principal, Juniper Capital L.P. Marc Granetz, co-head of investment banking, Credit Suisse Johnathan Green, entrepreneur, DGT Gregory Gretschow, Bear Stearns Daniel Guide, associate professor, Smeal College of Business, Penn State Ken Hager, plant manager, Emerson Electric Carrie Hall, communications manager & editor, Compact Quarterly Charles Hamilton, entrepreneur, Novomer LLC Christopher Hamilton, BearingPoint Jeff Hammer, Bear Stearns Jeff Hanson, consultant, C-BASS Judd Harner, Desgrippes Gobe Jim Hauslein 81, MBA 84, principal, Hauslein & Co. (Sunglass Hut) William Heiden, MBA 87, chief executive officer, Elixir Pharmaceuticals Gerald Hendricks, Lehman Brothers Dan Henson, vice president & chief marketing officer, GE Dan Hesse, MBA 77, chairman & chief executive officer, EMBARQ Corporation

Christine Hewitt 97, MBA 02, director of finance, Amgen Jamie Hintlian 82, 85, MBA 86, senior partner, Accenture Adam Hockerman, owner, American Innovations Jean Holley, vice president, Tellabs, Inc. Rustin Howard, MBA 89, entrepreneur, College of Business, University of West Florida Philip Hsia 92, MBA 99, vice president, strategic relationships group, American Express Tom Huber 99, MBA 06, managing consultant, Fidelity Paul Huck, MBA 79, vice president & chief financial officer, Air Products John Hueston, Enron Trial Lead Prosecutor Lisa Hunter 77, president, Newport Consulting Group, Inc. Suzie Ivelich, Ivelich Stone Brand Consulting Lara Jackle, MBA 94, chief executive officer and cofounder, Lightfull Foods Peter Jenkins, NYSE Oliver Jenkyn, McKinsey Sujo John, World Trade Center survivor Shaz Kahng 85, global general, Nike Cycling, Nike Michael Karangelen, principal, TowerBrook Capital Partners Karen Keating 76, managing director, Risk Management Division, JPMorgan Steve Key, MBA 68, owner, Key Consulting
Michael Chen, MBA85, president and CEO, GE Global Media & Communications, who recruits at the Johnson School, named Four Is that characterize great leaders integrity, impact, inclusive, inspire when he spoke at the State of the School event April 5, 2007.

Nath Mahalingam, president, Textron Financial Julianne Malveaux, economist, author, and social commentator, and president and CEO, Last Word Productions, Inc. Rich Marin 75, MBA 76, chairman & chief executive officer, Bear Stearns Asset Management Emmanuel Mas, entrepreneur and director, Lynx Associate David Mason, JD 88, partner, Debevoise & Plimpton John Massad, MBA 85, managing director, BlackRock Mary Massimo, former executive vice president human resources, Revlon Nick Matt, MBA 73, chief executive officer, Saranac Brewery Bill McAleer 73, MBA 75, managing director, Voyager Capital Colin McCabe, American Express Mark McDonough, Merck Tom McGahren, equity research, Merrill Lynch Kevin McGovern, principal, McGovern Capital James McGroddy, director of research (retired), IBM Corporation James McNair, MBA 83, senior managing director, Corinthian Capital Group, LLC William McNeil, Dow Chemical Company Elizabeth McQuilken, teaching assistant, Cornell University Phil Mirvis, professor, Boston College Corp Citizenship Ed Mlavsky, founding partner & chairman, Gemini Israel Funds Ken Moelis, president, UBS Investment Bank Jon Moeller 86, MBA 88, vice president, finance, Proctor & Gamble Stephen Mong, managing director, Orien Capital Management Jay Moore, vice president, marketing, training & development, GE Howard Morgan, director, IdeaLab Ravi Narain, managing director & chief executive officer, National Stock Exchange of India Sean Neville, MBA 02, chief executive officer, Simply Audiobooks Ken Newcombe, head of origination, carbon markets, Climate Change Capital

Bill Kidd 63, MBA 64, principal, Kidd & Company Ian Kline, president, The Cadmus Group, Inc. Wendy Knapp, Microsoft Charles Knight 58, MBA 59, chairman emeritus, Emerson Electric Company Peter Knight, president, Generation Investment Management Ejnar Knudsen 91, executive vice president, Kruse Investment Company John Kocjan, Deloitte Tim Koller, partner, McKinsey & Company Grant Kurland, Actvest Tom Kurtz, chief executive officer, Advion Bioscience Josef Lakonishok 74, PhD 76, chief executive officer & founding partner, LSV Asset Management Robert LaPerle, vice president, Kodak Co. Chris Laszlo, partner, Sustainable Value Partners, Inc. Mike Lawsky, 92, 93, managing director, Lehman Brothers Frances LeCates, Oppenheimer Capital Judy Lewent, Merck Robert Lewin, securitization banking team, Lehman Brothers Stephen Liguori 77, MBA 78, senior vice president of marketing, GE Consumer Finance

Karen Keating 76, managing director in the Risk Management Division of JPMorgan Chase & Co., as well as a member of the Johnson School Advisory Council, spoke as a panelist offering Advice From Corporate Hallways: Things We Learned the Hard Way, at the Womens Power Lunch in March 2007. JPMorgan Chase & Co. sponsors the Johnson Schools Womens Power Lunch Series.

Lynn Y. S. Lin, president, Lynn Y. S. Lin Consulting Michael Littlejohn, partner & vice president, IBM Global Business Services Andrew Liveris, chairman & chief executive officer, Dow Chemical Company Jim Lyons, chief engineer, GE


Visiting Executive Program

Gilbert Nicolaon, retired French chief, Eureka Program Peter Nolan 80, MBA 82, managing partner, Leonard Green & Co. Griff Norquist, MBA 03, financial institutions group, JPMorgan Werner Rehm, expert associate principal, McKinsey Corporate Finance John Reinecke, Microsoft Bob Rhea, SAP Barry Ridings, MBA 76, vice chairman of US investment banking, Lazard Freres & Co. LLC Dawn Rittenhouse, director, sustainable development, DuPont David Rochon, senior vice president, Jim Rubin 75, founder & managing partner, Gradient partner, L.P. Hernan Saenz 98, MBA 98, partner, Bain & Company David Saiia, assistant professor of management, School of Business, Ithaca College Louis Salemy, principal, MTS Capital
Lara Jackle, MBA 94, CEO and cofounder, Lightfull Foods, served on the Entrepreneurs and Their Dreams panel at Camp $tart-Up in July 2007. Lightfull Foods was also a sponsor for Camp $tartUp this year.

Scott Smith 79, MBA 80, managing partner, Camelot Partners, LLC John Spoonhover, vice president external alliances, Kodak Michael Spoont, partner, visory group, Microsoft Lou Sposito, human resources, Emerson Robert Staley 58, MBA 59, chairman (retired), Emerson Asia Steve Stern, Morgan Stanley Mike Stevens, BB&T Jon Stillman, managing director, High Peaks Venture Partners Stuart Stone, Actvest Al Suter 58, MBA 59, chief operating officer & director (retired), Emerson, Inc. Rob Symington, MBA 92, portfolio manager, Avenue Capital Management Fred Telling 74, PhD 76, vice president, corporate policy, Pfizer, Inc. Merritt Tilney, vice president, e-business, CitiCards Michael Tong 86, PhD 89, senior analyst, Wachovia Securities Brad Treat, MBA 02, chief executive officer, SightSpeed Peter Valenti, MBA 92, vice president, Vistakon Roger Varden, Strata-Gems Rohit Verma, MBA 06, associate professor, Cornell Hotel School Leanne Wagner 81, senior vice president, Wyeth Jarett Wait 80, managing director, Lehman Brothers Ken Walck, Air Products and Chemicals Amanda Walker, Accenture Jim Walsh, professor, University of Michigan Matt Walsh, MBA 92, chief financial officer, Escala Group Sanford Weill 55, chairman emeritus, Citi Jeff Weirens, MBA 94, partner, Deloitte

Lindsey Wieber 98, co-founder, The Laundress Mike Wiggins 94, investment banking associate, Credit Suisse James Willett, director, process improvement, Lord Corporation Jeffrey Wolfe83, chief executive officer, groSolar Jan Woodcock, partner, Deloitte Consulting Eric Anderson Young 78, general partner, Canaan Partners

Chip Saltsman, manager, Cap Gemini Paul Samabria, Bear Stearns Andy Savitz, consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers Eric Scheirer 93, manager of technology strategy, Bose Corporation Tobin Schilke, MBA 03, manager, global business development, Roche Simran Sethi, director, New Media Arati Shah-Yuich, executive director, Clean Energy and Water for All Anupendra Sharma, investment partner, Siemens Venture Capital Burton Sheaffer, MBA 92, vice president, Lehman Brothers

Frank OConnell 65, MBA 66, senior partner, Parthenon Consulting Henry OConnor, principal, Orix USA Rodrigo Ontaneda, co-president & cofounder, Fundacion Mazuipucuna (FM) Cal Organ 70, 71, vice president of human resources, Borg Warner Automotive Dave Palmer 92, Associate Analyst, UBS

Michael Partington, partner, McKinsey & Company T.J. Pempel, professor and director of IEAS, political science, UC Berkeley Mme Ineke Petit, manager European Program, Euro-Trans Justin Portnoy, Citi Kara Radcliffe, MBA 04, marketing manager, fluorine products, Honeywell Val Rahmani, vice president corporate strategy, IBM Ivan Rascanin, vice president, GE Money Sri Reddy, general manager, Arrow Electronics Rob Redmond, MBA 80, vice chairman, Lehman Brothers Donald Reed, Ecoscorp
Robert Essner, chairman and chief executive officer of Wyeth, one of the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies, discussed both the complexities of his industry and the role it has played in its own troubles when he delivered the 20th Lewis H. Durland Memorial Lecture in Sage Hall on September 19, 2006.

Jo Maitland Weiss, senior vice president, diversity & inclusion, Lehman Brothers Ralph Welborn, Unisys Gwen Whiting 98, co-founder, The Laundress Jason Whitney 94, partner, Rosetta Marketing Strategies


Volunteer Leadership
The following volunteers merit special recognition. The Johnson School relies on alumni and friends to assist with many endeavors, including participating in alumni events, appearing in class as visiting executives, raising money for the annual fund, assisting with admissions and career searches, and advising the dean. The success of the Johnson School is largely attributed to these dedicated volunteers. Their contributions of time, talent, and personal resources are deeply appreciated.
Amy Dubin George, MBA 84 Byron E. Grote 77, PhD 81 + James N. Hauslein 81, MBA 84 Jane M. Hutterly, MBA 76 Charles L. Jarvie 58, MBA 59 H. Fisk Johnson 79, MEng 80, MBA 84, PhD 86 J. Michael Johnston, MBA 89 Jeffrey M. Kabel, MBA 97 Karen Rupert Keating 76 William J. Kidd 63, MBA 64 Ronald E. Kramer, MBA 57 Alan M. Krause 52, MBA 53 + Eli Manchester Jr. 53 + Richard A. Marin 75, MBA 76 William H. McAleer 73, MBA 75 Thomas H. Mulligan 73, MBA 77 John P. Neafsey 62, MBA 63 Frank J. OConnell 65, MBA 66 + J. Roger ONeil, MBA 61 Roy H. Park Jr., MBA 63 Jeffrey P. Parker 65, MEng 66, MBA 70 Robert D. Redmond, MBA 80 Henry P. Renard 54, MBA 55 Eugene A. Renna, MBA 68 + Barry W. Ridings, MBA 76 Stephen Russell 60, MBA 61 + Hernan Saenz, MBA 98, MILR,98 Nelson Schaenen Jr. 50, MBA 51 Richard G. Schneider 70 Rick G. Sherlund 77, MBA 78 + George S. Slocum 62, MBA 67 + Robert W. Staley 57, MBA 59 Patricia Carry Stewart 50 + Jan H. Suwinski 64, MBA 65 + Paul R. Tregurtha 58 + Karel C. Vinck, MBA 71 + Jeffery J. Weaver 86, MBA 90 Sanford I. Weill 55 + Joseph F. Welch, MBA 61+ Cynthia M. Williams, MBA 99 + emeritus Randall C. Chafetz, MBA 85, national chair

Annual Fund Leadership

Thankathon Volunteers
In our second year, 26 student volunteers called 1,031 alumni during our fall and spring thankathons. Thankathons provide our students with an opportunity to connect with members of the alumni community while instilling the value and importance alumni giving plays in the life of the Johnson School. They also give our alumni a chance to hear from students and learn about their business school experiences. We thank our students for taking time from their busy schedules to assist us with this initiative.

Deans Leadership Committee

Randall C. Chafetz, MBA 85, Chair Ram S. Akella, MBA 03 Jonathan P. Alford, MBA 00 Kendra S. Armer, MBA 01 Jeffrey F. Berg 79, MEng 80, MBA 81 Randolph B. Brown 84, MS 85, MBA 86 Gerry V. Curciarello, MBA 75 Marianne E. Diamond 93, MBA 99 Deborah S. Gellman 75, MBA 82 Simon Krieger 76, MBA 77 Richard B. Landsberger, MBA 79 Douglas V. Moon, MBA00 Angela K. Mwanza, MBA00 Gary D. Orosy, MBA77 Marc L. Reisch 77, MBA 78 David M. Rodgers, MBA 88 Scott Weiss 00, MBA 05 Mark L. Wilson 79, MBA 80

Advisory Council
Hirschel B. Abelson 55, MBA 56 + Ramesh S. Akella, MBA 03 John E. Alexander 74, MBA 76 Randy L. Allen 68 + Thomas R. Angear, MBA 63 + Jeffrey F. Berg 79, MEng 80, MBA 81 Daniel H. Berler, MBA 02 Robert T. Blakely III 64, MBA 65 + Jay R. Bloom 77, MBA 78 David J. Breazzano, MBA 80 Randolph B. Brown 84, EEng,85, MBA 86 Richard D. Bulman 56, MBA 57 + Nell Cady-Kruse 84, MBA 85 Randall C. Chafetz, MBA 85 Anand Chandrasekher 86, MEng 87, MBA 88 + Robert A. Cowie 56, MBA 57 + Greg M. Crowe 62, MBA 63 + Michel-Marc Delcommune, MBA 76 + Kenneth T. Derr 59, MBA 60 + Robert R. Dyson, MBA 74 + Lewis M. Eisenberg, MBA 66 + Anne E. Estabrook 65, MBA 66 + Mary C. Falvey 63 + Lisa K. Fernow 79, MBA 84 + Jack M. Ferraro, MBA 70 Albert Fried Jr. 52, MBA 53 +

Class of 2007
John M. Bonhomme Jesse P. Burkholder Anjah Dhinian Noah R. Hager Charles W. Hamann Melissa M. McEwen Michael M. McGirr Adrianne G. Melendez Charles W. Redding II John P. Renehan Chen-Yu Shung

Class of 2008
Keith R. Collier Canille E. Etienne Satish C. Guttikonda Michael S. Jaffre Mithily V. Kamath Aman Kohli David A. Leonard Christopher D. Machen Adrienne R. Martinez Rahul Modi Kay Okonmah Fahim A. Razzaque Jaspreet S. Shapuri Shahnaz N. Shushtari Marco Viotti


Alumni Affairs and Development Johnson Graduate School of Management 130 E. Seneca St., Suite 400 Cornell University Ithaca, NY 14850-4353 USA

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Alumni Affairs & Development Staff

Becky Mitchell, associate dean, Alumni Affairs and Development Nancy Chase, administrative assistant to the associate dean, Alumni Affairs and Development Karrie Borgelt, director, Alumni Affairs Laura Armstrong, assistant director, Alumni Affairs Tara Taylor, assistant director, Alumni Affairs (as of August 7, 2007) Temre Steffensen, coordinator, Alumni Affairs Sara Ulshafer, program coordinator, Alumni Affairs Sheila Reakes, director, Annual Fund Virginia Augusta, associate director, Annual Fund Wanda Kuhn, assistant, Annual Fund William W. Huling Jr. 68, MBA 74, senior development officer, Alumni Affairs and Development Leslie Z. Hathaway, development officer, Alumni Affairs and Development Patricia Brenchley, public affairs assistant, Alumni Affairs and Development Gail Fink 85, director, Corporate Programs Shari Halladay, assistant, Corporate Programs

This report reflects gifts received by the Johnson School between July 1, 2006 and June 30, 2007. Gifts received after that date will be recognized in the 2007-08 report. Please understand that gifts sent to other colleges or divisions of Cornell University are not reflected in the Johnson School Annual Report. We carefully checked our gift records and reviewed the names of donors. However, in a list of this length errors may occur. If we omitted your name or listed it incorrectly, we apologize and ask you to call us at 800 847-2082, extension 2, to report the error. For further information or to make a gift to the school, please call us at 800 847-2082, extension 2. The Annual Report of the Johnson School at Cornell University is published once a year by Cornell University, Sage Hall, Ithaca, NY 14850-6201. Phone: 800 847-2082, extension 2; 607 255-9442 Fax: 607 255-2075 Web site: 2007 Cornell University, Ithaca, New York All rights reserved. Dean L. Joseph Thomas
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