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Materials Quality

Management Assurance Manufacturing

Never compromise on security

Our Australian advantage

www.safcbiosciences.com Member of the Sigma-Aldrich Group

SAFC Biosciences
The accomplished serum provider

In today's increasingly regulated world it

is essential to have complete confidence
in the origin of your serum.

Australian-origin Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) is recognized as

the safest serum available in commercially viable volumes.
Australian-origin serum is already a trusted component
used in the production of many human and animal
biopharmaceuticals and is proven to support the needs
of industrial biopharmaceutical manufacturers.
Australia carries the best possible rating in relation to
Geographical Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)
Risk (GBR) as designated by the Scientific Steering
Committee on the Geographical Risk of Bovine Spongiform
The classification for Australia is GBR Level I.

GBR Level Presence of one or more cattle clinically or

pre-clinically infected with the BSE agent in
a geographical region/country

I Highly unlikely

II Unlikely but not excluded

III Likely but not confirmed or confirmed at a lower level

IV Confirmed at a higher level

• Australia has one of the world's best national systems

designed to trace animal origins and movements
• All farmers must comply with the national system
• Veterinary certified Animal Status Declaration
forms accompany all animal movements

Australia's leading ability to implement 1966 1988 1990 1991

auditable quality systems that eradicate A ban was placed on A ban was Commenced targeted A ban was applied
and monitor animal diseases the importation of implemented on testing for BSE in on the importation
meat and bone meal importation of Australian cattle of cattle from
from all countries cattle from BSE- France and
with the exception of affected countries, Switzerland
New Zealand including the UK
Risk management through a safe, • Products are manufactured in
secure and consistent supply chain Australia, and tested to be in
compliance with the European
An assurance of having serum available
Monograph for Bovine Serum
when you need it, supported by a
robust supply chain, is vital to your
manufacturing schedules and goals. • Gamma irradiation is performed
using our validated and patented
SAFC Biosciences is the leading
SER-TAIN™ process
collector and processor of Australian
FBS, offering you a secure, ongoing
Technical support
and traceable supply of the highest- and customized solutions
quality serum.
Our Technical Support team has the
• Our entire supply chain from experience and knowledge to support
collection to final product release your individual raw material and
is ISO certified business needs:
• We are vertically integrated into • Assistance with custom
the collection process manufacturing and quality control
• Blood is collected according to • Advice on export applications
our stringent specifications
• Preparation of a tailored
• Products are supported by EDQM documentation package
(European Directorate for the
Quality of Medicines and Health • Custom packaging
Care) Certificates of Suitability These capabilities and qualities have
enabled SAFC Biosciences to become
a preferred supplier of serum products
to some of the most prestigious global
biopharmaceutical companies today.

1996 1997 1998 1999 2001 2005

Implemented a A compulsory ban Adopted OIE The compulsory Australia's Agricultural Issued mandatory
voluntary ban on on feeding of (World Organisation feeding ban was Ministers agreed to electronic identification
feeding of ruminant ruminant material for Animal Health) extended to include legislate a ban on and traceability systems
material to ruminants to ruminants was guidelines for feeding specific the feeding of all
following a World adopted in all states surveillance for BSE mammalian material meat and bone
Health Organization and territories of to ruminants proteins to ruminants
recommendation Australia through - a world first
Responsive Expertise
SAFC Biosciences is the world’s leading supplier
of cell culture reagents to producers of marketed biological
products. We are committed to supplying high-quality
critical raw materials and specialized cell culture products
and services to the global health care industry.

By providing the broadest range of highly customized

products and services possible to cell culture-based
manufacturing companies we demonstrate our commitment
to being responsive experts.

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