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MA in Design Conditions and procedures of admission to the Master studies personal portfolio Conditions and procedures of admission

The Master of Arts HES-SO in Design is lead cooperatively by HEAD-Genve and ECAL Lausanne. Admissions are organised in a two-step competition. First, application files are examined and then candidates are invited to an individual interview during which their motivation, their knowledge of the cultural context, their personal project and their portfolio of personal Works are examined.
Statutory documents downloadable on www.head-geneve.ch Directives-cadres de la formation de base (bachelor et master) en HES-SO Directives du Master of Arts HES-SO en design Rglement dadmission en master HES-SO Rglement relatif aux taxes la HES-SO

Required diploma Bachelor diploma from an institute of higher education (HES, University of applied arts, University) Deadline for application Deadline for 2013-14 applications is May 8, 2013. Application fee An application fee of CHF 150.- per chosen curriculum is requested. A proof of payment must be attached to the admission form. Application file Application form duly completed and signed Copies of diplomas and titles (Bachelor diploma, upper secondary diploma such as maturit, baccalaurat) for foreign diplomas we demand an authenticated translation for languages other than French, German, Italian and English. Copies of languages certificates if relevant Photocopy of ID document or of passport Passport photo attached to the admission form Proof of payment of submission fee (photocopy of post or bank attestation) For foreigners living in Switzerland, copy of residence permit Exhaustive curriculum vitae including detailed description of studies and of professional experiences. Text presenting the personal artistic and intellectual position (max. 4000 signs - spaces included) Text describing the personal learning and research project as it could be developed during the master studies (max 10000 signs spaces included) Two letters of recommendation Application files must be sent by post mail to HEAD Genve, boulevard James-Fazy 15, CH-1201 Geneva. Deadline: May 8, 2013. The filled-in application form must also be saved in PDF format and sent by email to: admission.head@hesge.ch . Deadline: May 8, 2013. Only exhaustively completed and duly signed applications files will be considered.

Interviews (tests) Interviews for 2013-14 will take place on 3-7 June 2013 Interviews are conducted by commissions composed of professors and members of the Master in design of HES-SO (HEADGenve and ECAL-Lausanne) Candidates whose application file is selected will be informed by post mail of the date and schedule of the interview. Results of the selection process Candidates will be informed personally by mail (email and post mail).
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Confirmation of registration Successful candidates must confirm their registration to HEAD-Genve by June 30th, 2013, at the latest. Unsuccessful candidates can re-apply for admission next year. Final admission to HEAD Genve is conditional on obtaining the required diplomas.

Personal portfolio
MA in Design Fashion & accessory design MA in Design Space and communication MA in Design Media Design Portfolio of personal works. Works must be easily looked at and manipulated. Each work carries the authors name and date of realisation. Digital works: in PDF format only Video works: on DVD only maximum duration: 10 minutes. The candidate will take care to show a choice of works as diversified as possible. Any document relevant to a better understanding of the candidates work can be included in the Portfolio. The portfolio of personal works must be sent to the school with the application file. Deadline: May 8, 2013. Address : HEAD Genve, Boulevard James-Fazy 15, CH-1201 Genve

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