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Masters Of Business Administration




Ms. Anjali Kedawat




I would like to take the opportunity to express my deep gratitude to all those who have been the part of this report in some way or the other. First and foremost, I would like to thank my company guide Mr. Tapan Khurana ( Regional head, Marketing), for his valuable guidance, and for allowing me to work on the topic that developed my marketing skills, for getting knowledge for my career growth. I am thankful to my faculty guide Ms. Anjali Kedawat for her encouragement and timely suggestions which helped me greatly during the course of this project. I am thankful to Mr. Ankur Chaturvedi (Area Head- HR) for allowing me to get summer training in the company for nourishing my career. Im also thankful to Mr. Avijit Ghatak (DDSM) and all those people in the company for their suggestion and help during my training that helped me to complete this project. Last but not least: I would acknowledge my Family, Relatives and all those at my department and college, Amity Business School, Amity University Rajasthan who helped me make this project reality.

Ujjaval K. Jain MBA (General) 3rd semester



I hereby declare that the report which is being present here is my own work carried out during my training at Eureka Forbes Pvt. Ltd. In 3rd semester (Session: 2011-2013) for the partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of the Masters of Business Administration and has not been presented elsewhere for the completion of any other course.

Date: Place: Ujjaval K. Jain MBA (General) 3rd semester


Certificate from Faculty Guide

This is to certify that Ujjaval K. Jain, (bearing enrollment no. AUR1101046) a student of Masters of Business Administrations (MBA-General), class of 20112013, Amity Business School, Amity University Rajasthan has done the summer internship project under my guidance for the project title Customer satisfaction of Aquaguard water purifier of Business Administration (MBA) to be awarded by Amity Business School, Amity University Rajasthan.

Date: Place:

Ms. Anjali Kedawat Faculty Amity Business School Amity University Rajasthan


Table of Contents S.no. Page no.

1. Introduction of the company .. 6 Aims ... Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment 8 9

2. Organization Structure. 10 3. Products. Home Products Vacuum Cleaners... Water Purifiers. Air Purifiers. Eurovigil Security Systems Institutional Products... 4. Services.. 5. Group Companies 6. Market Strategies 14

14 17 24 25 28 30 34 35

7. SWOT Analysis 37 8. Competitor Analysis 39 9. Market Scenario 10. PEST Analysis 11. CSR Activities 12. Awards and Achievements. 13. Rationale behind the Study 41 43 44 46 50


14. Questionnaire used for Survey


15. Survey Analysis... 57 16. Recommendation and Conclusion. 71 17. Limitation of the Study.. 72 18. Bibliographic Information. 73


Eureka Forbes The Organization

Born as a joint venture between the Forbes Group and Electrolux of Sweden, today it is US$ 302 million multi-product, multi-channel organization, part of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group and with a global footprint. Today, it rank amongst India's Most Admired Consumer Durable Companies and amongst the Best Employers in Asia and India. A case study at the prestigious Harvard Business School and one of the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises in Asia and India, it has even been featured in the respected Forbes Asia Magazine.

Eureka Forbes were the first to introduce domestic Water Purification System (1984)- the Aquaguard model-as well as it revolutionized the Indian market by introducing products like Home Cleaning System (1982), and Air Purification System (1994). In order to introduce these previously unknown products too societally in which nationwide commercial campaigns were impossibility, the company had to pioneer another innovation- directing sealing. The crops of suit- clad Eureka Forbes salesman were the first such in the country and were tremendous success. They are now- Asias largest direct selling organization with a 5000 strong direct sales force touching 1.25 million Indian homes and adding 1,500 customers daily. Such was the success of Eureka Forbes that Aquaguard has now become a synonym for water purifier in India, like Xerox for *photocopying+ Pioneers & leaders in water and air purification systems, vacuum cleaners and security systems, it introduced direct selling in India. They are now one of the largest direct selling companies in the world, cited as a classic direct sales reference by marketing guru, Philip Kotler, in his famous textbook Marketing Management. With total employee strength exceeding 10,000 including an 8000 strong direct sales force, they have operations across 550 plus cities/towns in India. The company has a strong R&D and manufacturing base including a network of water labs across the country named Aquachek. Aquamall, a wholly owned subsidiary of EFL, has the distinction of having Indias first green water purifier plant. (with LEED India Gold certification), at Dehradun, which is the jewel in our network of factories. It can manufacture a million water purifiers of various specifications annually (it has the largest UV water purifier production capacity in the world), harness solar energy and harvest rainwater.


In order to tap global opportunities, Eureka Forbes has tied up with another giant in the world of direct sales - Lux International, Switzerland - in a joint venture, Forbes Lux, which now has a footprint across several countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East and South America.

Friends for Life

At Eureka Forbes, the customer has always been the centrifugal force that guides their business. They aim to establish a close relationship with all their customers, wherein they are constantly in touch with them to understand and cater to their needs. In an endeavor to serve them better, they have constantly innovated and come up with new products that could potentially change the way people live today! They have also put in consolidated efforts to educate all our customers so that they can change age their old perceptions and practice and follow a comfortable life style. They firmly believe that a sale is only the beginning of a relationship - They make special efforts to let the bonds of friendship endure through service, post purchase training and a host of other customer care incentives. Each and every employee at the company strives to make their customers their 'Friends for Life.'


They say
Relationships have made us reach out to customers in their homes, transforming the way they purify their drinking water and the air they breathe, clean their homes and secure their families so that they lead happier, healthier lives. We have already welcomed over eight million happy families into our family which has also encouraged us to provide opportunities for our people to realize their potential and dreams.

A happy, healthy, safe, pollution free environment built on trust and lasting relationship with customers.

To built sustainable relationship with customers, as their Friend for life by satisfying their evolving health, hygiene and safety, lifestyle need through

Our people
Whose entrepreneurial spirit and ambition is fuelled by the culture of pride , learning, earning, and fun.

Our products and services

That reflect innovation, become quality benchmark and provide real value for money

Our policies and practices

That are fair, transparent and constantly improved to maximize stakeholders satisfaction and achieve market leadership


Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment

For years together Eureka Forbes has become a name synonymous with selling but now they took a step going beyond selling. It is their firm belief that unpolluted water & air is the birthright of every Indian and with this vision they set up the Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment (EFIE). The institute promotes awareness about conservation & management of natural water & air resources. Their endeavours include... Pollution Watch : A tie-up with a prominent national television channel to telecast air and water pollution levels in key cities monitored by the Institute Euro Enviro Quiz : Indias only environment-centric quiz for school children in association with over 450 schools across India Euro Ambassadors : Enthusing school children to enkindle the environmental spark in their homes and neighbourhoods. Rainwater Harvesting : Enlightening people on how to harness this precious water source in tandem with local bodies, co-operative societies and governmental institutions resulting in over 600 million litres of rainwater being saved till date. Project Jal Amrut has augmented the water resources in drought prone areas through rainwater harvesting with the first projects being in Rural Maharashtra. The Euro School of Environment was set-up to formalize the education movement and give it a fillip. It began with a course on becoming eco-friendly citizens and has since enhanced its curriculum.

10 | P a g e

Organization structure

Core team
Suresh L Goklaney, Executive Vice Chairman Suresh Goklaney is the Executive Vice Chairman of Eureka Forbes and Chairman of its subsidiaries, Aquamall Water Solutions Ltd. and Forbes Aquamall Ltd. He is also on the Board of Directors of several companies including Forbes & Company, Lux International AG, Switzerland one of the worlds oldest direct sales companies, and Infinite Water Solutions. Suresh has been the architect of building Eureka Forbes from a single product, single channel company with a turnover of Rs. 200 mn. in 1987-88 to a multi- product, multi- channel organization with a turnover in excess of Rs. 12,000 mn. in 2009-10; over 8 mn. satisfied customers and a market leader in every segment it operates in. He is the custodian of 3 Superbrands Eureka Forbes Aquaguard and Euroclean which he is responsible for building during his tenure with EFL. Suresh Goklaneys extensive career spans over 4 decades, beginning with a leading advertising agency followed by successful stints with Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.

11 | P a g e

His career with Eureka Forbes Ltd. began in 1987 when he joined as Vice President, Sales & Marketing. He rapidly transitioned the Corporate ladder as Executive Vice President - 1990; Joint President - 1992; Chief Executive Officer - August 1994. He was elevated to Managing Director - February 1996, Vice Chairman & Managing Director - March 2007, and is currently Executive Vice Chairman effective June 2010. Suresh has completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School, and has facilitated Guest Lectures at Harvard, Berkeley, and several leading Indian and International Business Schools.

Dr. Raman Venkatesh, Sr Vice President - Technology & Corporate Development In this role, he is responsible for new product and business development functions, with a specific focus on bringing new product and technology innovations to the market. He provides overall leadership to the 18 Aquachek Labs across the country. He is also a key member of the senior strategy team and oversees enterprise risk management endeavors. As the head of corporate development, he is also charged with the identification, due diligence and deal structuring of M&A opportunities and corporate strategic alliances. Raman joined Eureka Forbes in December 2008.

Adi Jehangir Shroff, Chief Information Officer & Sr. Vice President Adi joined Eureka Forbes in December 2008 as the CIO, responsible for achieving business success through IT and creating a successful IT infrastructure and application support. His job responsibilities include Strategic Planning for meeting current and future Information & Technology needs, enforcing Security Policies and Procedures, People Management. He also heads the Corporate Human Resources and his responsibilities include cultivating creative leaders, mobilizing for speed and flexibility and capitalizing on collective intelligence

12 | P a g e

Marzin R. Shroff, CEO - Direct Sales & Sr. Vice President Marketing He is the brand trustee of 3 Superbrands Aquaguard, Euroclean and Eureka Forbes, and has the task of steering the largest vertical of Eureka Forbes. His responsibility is thought leadership, category leadership, and market leadership. Marzin proactively manages business risks and is responsible for cultivating best in class talent, along with building strong leadership and succession plans. Marzin is a Chartered Marketer from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK, and has an MBA in Marketing.

Aslam A. Karmali, CEO - Consumer Division Aslam joined Eureka Forbes in May 2006. Aslams role includes providing strategic and business leadership for Consumer Division vertical which has a fast track growth. He is responsible for closely monitoring competition and aggressively growing market share. Aslam proactively manages business risks. He is also responsible for attaining and retaining the best in class talent, along with building strong leadership and succession plans

A V Suresh , CEO of Forbes Professional, EFL, and Executive Director of Forbes Lux Group A.V. Suresh is the CEO of Forbes Professional, EFL, and Executive Director of Forbes Lux Group, Switzerland. AVS has been with Eureka Forbes since December 1988. As CEO of Forbes Professional AVS has the task of steering the fastest growing vertical of Eureka Forbes. Additionally AVS leads Eureka Forbess foray in international markets.

13 | P a g e

R. K. Ganguly, Sr. Vice President - Customer Service, CRM & Region Head (East) Ranjan Ganguly is Senior Vice President, Customer Service and additionally Region Head (East). Ranjans role includes providing strategic and business leadership for Service vertical . He is responsible to innovate services with speed for customer delight and proactively manage business risks. He is also responsible for attaining and retaining the best in class talent, along with building strong leadership and succession plans. Ranjan has been with Eureka Forbes since 1981.

R.S. Moorthy , Vice President - Finance, Accounts and Logistics He joined Eureka Forbes in February 1990. Moorthy is responsible for all the accounting and supply chain activities, including framing and implementation. He also manages all the treasury and finance functions for Eureka Forbes. Additionally he also manages all the international accounting and finance of the International Division for ASEAN countries.

V. Mathialagan, Vice-President of Direct Sales V. Mathialagan is the Vice-President of Direct Sales and his responsibilities include looking after pan India Direct Sales Branch operations at CRCs, Franchise Direct Operations and Security Systems. Mathi got B.Sc from St. Josephs College, Bangalore and a postgraduate in Economics from Bangalore University. He joined Eureka Forbes in 1986. Mathi started his career as a frontline Eurochamp. Over the years he has held increasing levels of responsibility, and has been instrumental in strengthening the Direct Sales business.

14 | P a g e

Eureka Forbes Limited has been the pioneer in the field of Water Purifications Systems, Home Cleaning Systems and Air Purification systems in India. Eureka Forbes Ltd. revolutionized the Indian market by introducing products like Home Cleaning System (1982), Water Purification System (1984) and Air Purification System (1994). The following are the basic products of Eureka Forbes Ltd., which has always promised to provide safe and healthy living. Home Products Institutional Products

Home Products
Vacuum Cleaners Water Purifiers Air Purifiers Eurovigil Security Systems

Vacuum Cleaners
Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaners are available under two categories: Euroclean and Forbes. Vacuum cleaners can also be classified as "only dry" OR "wet and dry". These vacuum cleaners are air pumps which suck up dust and dirt in a dirt bag by creating partial vacuum. Euroclean PRO

Product Overview Experience allergy - free, clean and spa fresh home and office always with the magic of Euroclean PRO, 3 in 1 Vacuum cleaner . Its so efficient, it cleans in three different ways Vacuums - Washes - Steam Sanitizes ensuring even the tiniest micro - organism or particle of dust has no place in your home and offices. >> MRP Rs. 24,990/-

15 | P a g e

Euroclean STORM

Product Overview Euroclean Storm shoots water at 50 times the pressure of a conventional hosepipe . With 1700 watts high pressure cleaning, the Euroclean STORM cleans your walls, vehicles and gardens effectively, easily and fast. Its high pressure removes the toughest dirt in seconds and make everything it cleans, shine like new. MRP Rs. 10,490/

Euroclean IQ - Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner

Product Overview Now experience professional quality cleaning system in silence, with the Euroclean IQ Vacuum Cleaner. Euroclean IQ has a brain of its own. It intelligently senses the surface, selects the cleaning mode automatically and in complete silence. Come, experience the convenience of silent powerful vacuum cleaning with Euroclean IQ. >> MRP Rs. 19,990/-

Euroclean Litevac

Product Overview Handy/Stick, 2 way bagless type. >> MRP Rs. 2,500/-

Euroclean ACE

Product Overview The new Euroclean ACE is equipped with Deep Cleaning + technology. It extracts the toughest dirt that contains asthma and allergy causing dust mites, ensuring a clean and healthy home. >> MRP Rs. 8,990/-

16 | P a g e

Euroclean XForce

Product Overview The Euroclean XForce is a new age vacuum cleaner, which is powerful and truly international in its design. >> MRP Rs. 8,490/Euroclean Wet & Dry

Product Overview The Euroclean WD equipped with Deep Cleaning + technology, sucks up all the dirt and dust instantly from floors, carpets, cupboard tops and other areas. Its unique wet pick-up sucks the wet spills from floors, sinks, drains etc. >> MRP Rs. 11,990/-

Euroclean STAR Product Overview Euroclean STAR, mild steel bodied vacuum cleaner eliminates dust mites, ensuring total cleaning and total health. >> MRP Rs. 6,990/-

Euroclean Bravo

Product Overview This compact wonder is best suited for a big cleaning experience. >> MRP Rs. 4,490/-

Euroclean Xtreme

Product Overview The mighty and powerful Xtreme Vacuum cleaner comes loaded with an array of smart features. Go ahead bring home the Big performer. Bring home Euroclean Xtreme.

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Water Purifiers
Eureka Forbes offers water purifiers which help in removing bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, suspended particles etc. from water and make if fit for drinking. It is quite better than the traditional water purification like filtration and sedimentation. The purifiers are equipped with E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies which help in purification of water.

Aquaguard UV+RO+UF
Aquaguard Total SENSA

Product Overview The Aquaguard Total Sensa is the world's only purifier equipped with E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies that can purify any kind of water. No matter where you live. It's patented BluG technology senses the quality of water. Then auto selects the best purification technology to purify your water. SMP+ ensures that the TDS level in your water is constant and gives you the triple benefit of sweetness, minerals and purity. Giving you water that's perfectly balanced, with the right amount of minerals and salts.


MRP Rs. 18,990/Aquaguard Total Protec Plus

Product Overview Aquaguard Total Protec Plus (RO + UV) comes with a six stage filtration process that ensures the water you drink is absolutely safe and pure. It not only eliminates bacteria and virus but also offers you complete protection from new age contaminants and dreaded heavy metals like lead, arsenic and mercury It has an increased storage space of 10 liters...it also incorporates a UV purification system thus ensuring contamination free water at time of consumption.


MRP Rs. 15,990/-

18 | P a g e

Aquaguard Total DUO

Product Overview The revolutionary new RO+UV water purifier Aquaguard Total Duo, with an advanced 6-stage purification process, ensures that the water your family drinks is absolutely pure, absolutely safe. First its RO purification technology eliminates disease causing Bacteria, Virus, Protozoa, Lead, Pesticides, Heavy Metals excess TDS and other impurities from your water before it is stored, making your water pure and sweet. Then its UV technology automatically purifies the water periodically to prevent recontamination, and keep it pure and fresh, always.

>> Buy Now for Rs. 16,990/-

Aquaguard UV
Aquaguard Enhance UV

Product Overview Aquaguard Enhance UV comes with a six stage filtration process that ensures the water you drink is absolutely safe, pure and free from disease causing bacteria, viruses and protozoa. It offers you complete protection from new age contaminants and dreaded heavy metals like led, arsenic and mercury A first amongst UV purifiers.


MRP Rs. 11,990/-

Aquaguard Compact

Product Overview Powered with e-boiling+, an Intelligent Purity Sensor system and Mineral Preserver system, Aquaguard Compact removes waterborne disease-causing organisms, impurities and more, ensuring that the water your child drinks is absolutely pure and safe. >> MRP Rs. 8,490/-

19 | P a g e

Aquaguard VERVE

Product Overview UV water purifier for the Institutional/bulk segment.


MRP Rs. 7,490/

Aquaguard Hi-Flo

Product Overview Equipped with E-boiling+, an Intelligent Purity sensor system and Mineral Preserver system, the Hi Flo ensures that your child drinks only pure, safe water.

>> MRP Rs. 9,490/

Aquaguard Total INFINITI

Product Overview Aquaguard Total INFINITI is powered with the advanced Intell eboiling+ technology, it's backed by the state-of-the-art Nano Silver Activated Carbon Block developed in collaboration with IIT-Chennai. Active Silver Technology uses Nano Silver to effectively control contamination, bacterial growth as well as reduce pesticides and lead from your drinking water. >> MRP Rs. 11,490/-

20 | P a g e

Aquaguard Classic Product Overview Powered with e-boiling+ intelligent purity sensor system and mineral preserver system, Aquaguard Classic removes physical, chemical and water-borne disease causing bacteria, virus and protozoa from your drinking water. Aquaguard Total Water Purifiers are the only purifiers in India that are endorsed by the Indian Medical Association. >> MRP Rs. 7,990/-

Aquaguard Neo

Product Overview Purity now comes with stunning combination of form, function and style. The revolutionary Neo water purification system purifies the water in 3 stages. In the first stage physical impurities present in the water such as dust, dirt and mud are strained out through a multi-layered sediment filter. The water then passes through a Activated Carbon Chamber which reduces color, odor, organic and chemical impurities. The water is then subjected to ultra-violet rays e-boil water thus eliminating waterborne disease-causing bacteria, virus and protozoans. >> MRP Rs. 9,490/-

Aquaguard RO
Aquaguard Total ENHANCE

Product Overview Aquaguard Paani ka Doctor presents the all new Enhance Green RO. The only water purifier that saves 30 % of the water that flows into it, compared to other RO purifiers. This Green RO purifier is specially designed for areas where the TDS level in the water is low. Aquaguard Enhance is also available in Enhance RO which removes excess TDS and makes the water pure and sweet, Enhance RO+ which is equipped to handle extremely high level of TDS. >> MRP Rs. 13,990/-

21 | P a g e

Aquaguard Total Reviva

Product Overview Aquaguard Total introduces you to the revolutionary Reviva. Equipped with Reverse Osmosis Plus, the new Reviva removes harmful lead, a cause of brain damage, especially in young children. It also helps protect your family from water-borne disease-causing bacteria, viruses and protozoa. It also eliminates harmful disease-causing chemicals like pesticides and more, ensuring that every drop of water your family drinks is pure and safe. >> MRP Rs. 12,490/ Aquaguard Ultra

Product Overview Aquaguard Ultra uses Ultra Purification technology, an advance purification process that filters impurities even in the molecular range, including bacteria, virus, cysts, etc. The purifier uses a membrane with 0.01 micron pore size that acts as a molecular sieve. >> MRP Rs. 5,990/-

AquaSure RO+UV
Product Overview AquaSure RO+UV is an Electric water purifier with 6 stage enhanced RO+UV purification which gives you natural sweet taste. >> MRP Rs. 16,999/-

AquaSure Storage
AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet

Product Overview The AquaSure Amrit with Kitanu Magnet is backed by latest technological innovation to protect your familys health against water borne diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and cysts. It has been designed keeping in mind the requirements to provide you pure and safe drinking water.

22 | P a g e

AquaSure Xtra

Product Overview AquaSure Xtra storage water purifier with advanced technology that kills harmful bacteria and viruses and gives 100% pure and safe water.


MRP Rs. 1,490/-

AquaSure RO
Spring fresh DX

Product Overview Spring fresh DX RO has an elegant design with 5 Stage RO Purification and a storage capacity of 8 Liters.


MRP Rs. 14,999/-

AquaSure Elegant RO

Product Overview AquaSure Elegant RO is an electric water purifier with advanced technology that kills harmful bacteria & viruses to give your family 100% pure and safe drinking water.


MRP Rs. 11,599/-

AquaSure Nano RO

Product Overview AquaSure Nano RO has a 5 Stage RO Purification process which removes the unwanted salts and impurities and gives only sweet, pure drinking water for your familys good health.


MRP Rs. 9,999/-

23 | P a g e

AquaSure UV

AquaSure Crystal

Product Overview AquaSure Crystal UV is a multistage electric water purifier with advanced technology that kills harmful bacteria & viruses, giving your family 100% pure and safe drinking water.


MRP Rs. 8,499/-

Smart UV

Product Overview AquaSure Smart UV is an Electric water purifier with Quatrz UV Filtration that kills harmful bacteria and Viruses, giving your family 100% Pure and safe drinking Water.


MRP Rs. 7,499/-

AquaSure Aquaflow Dx

Product Overview Aquasure AquaFlow Dx is a UV multistage electric water purifier with advanced technology that kills harmful bacteria & viruses to give your family 100% pure and safe drinking water.


MRP Rs. 5,999/-

Elite UV Product Overview AquaSure Elite UV is an Electric water purifier with advanced technology which kills harmful bacteria and viruses, giving your family pure water and has LCD Display that gives your kitchen an elegant look.


MRP Rs. 9,499/-

24 | P a g e

Air Purifiers
Eureka Forbes air purifier helps in reducing contaminants from the air. The contamination can be in the form of dust, pollen, smoke, odor and feces. These products are beneficial to allergic and asthmatic patients and can be used in home and commercial establishments like bars & gyms. Euroair Energie

Product Overview Indoor air purification system for room size 1000 sq ft & commercial establishments like bars, gyms etc.

>> MRP Rs. 20,990/-

Euroair Pureair

Product Overview Euroair Pureair is an efficient car air purifier. Now drive home good health!

>> MRP Rs. 4,600/-

Euroair O2

Product Overview Euroair O2 is an air purification system which is ideal for bedrooms sized between 150 200 sq.ft. >> MRP Rs. 6,990/

Euroair Detox

Product Overview Euroair Detox is an indoor purification system for rooms sized between 400 500 sq. ft. >> MRP Rs. 10,990/-

25 | P a g e

Eurovigil Security Systems

Eureka Forbes Security systems offer video door phones which enables you to speak and see your visitors, before providing them access to your home.

Video Door Phones

State of the Art Color Video Door Phone

Product Overview Premium high clarity color video door phone that enables you to see and speak to your visitors, before granting them access to the sanctity of your home. This security device offers amazingly effective security and convenience, since it comes with a remote door release button (Non standard accessory). This means that you can open your front door through the indoor unit installed anywhere in the house!

B/W Video Door Phone

Product Overview Video Door Phone with B/W monitor that enables you to see and speak to your visitors, before granting them access to the sanctity of your home.

Video Door Phones

Product Overview Video Door Phone with Color monitor that enables you to see and speak to your visitors, before granting them access to the sanctity of your home. This security device offers amazingly effective security and convenience. Equipped with a remote door release system.

HW 200 Product Overview Powerful, aesthetically appealing and easy-to-use, it ensures that intruders are kept at bay. It can be customized to suit your specific security requirements.

26 | P a g e

IAS Wired
Fire Alarm Systems

Product Overview Powerful, aesthetically appealing and easy-to-use, it ensures that intruders are kept at bay and can be customized to suit your specific security requirements. This system comprises of a control panel, sensors, detectors and signaling components that can detect unauthorized movements, forced openings of doors and windows, breakage of glass, smoke, fire and leakage of cooking gas.

IAS-Hybrid Panel
Security Alarm Systems

Product Overview Designed to integrate seamlessly with multiple wired and wireless security sensors used in conjunction with each other. Vista provides you what you really want: simplified installation, complete protection and convenience that make electronic security simple.


CCTV Camera Systems

Product Overview For surveillance, monitoring and crime detection.

Access Control
Access Control System Product Overview A System that provides access to authorized persons only and helps keep intruders at bay. They can record and report which person entered or left the facility, which doors or areas were accessed while within the facility and the time when each event occurred.

27 | P a g e

Home Automation Systems

Home Automation Systems

Product Overview Lets you manage the inter operation of devices and subsystems in home to increase Safety, Comfort and Convenience.


Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

Electronic Door Lock

Product Overview The future is here. Never be locked out of your house or business again. Biometric technology has arrived in the security industry and we are excited to offer you the innovative biometric fingerprint door lock. With the fingerprint door lock you'll be able to keep your keys in your pocket or purse while you open the door by simply pressing the sensor with your registered fingerprint. Electronic access is also great for housekeepers and guests - anyone you'd rather not have a key. Only the person with authorized access can successfully pass a biometric reader. Remember that a key, card or number sequence can be passed around or easily stolen but not your finger.

28 | P a g e

Institutional Products
Cleaning Equipment Water Purifiers

Cleaning Equipment
Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
GU 355 (Dual) GD 10 (Back Pack) Exactract P 25 ZW77SSC ZW35SSC NEW PRO SHAKER

Hardfloor Cleaning and Maintenance

City Fant 60 CS 60 CS 110 CS 90 CS 80 CS 130 Tripla 75 Ultra 100 B Flexy 85 B Vispa 35B

High Pressure Cleaners

2 33X C120X T P 3-30 XT

29 | P a g e

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

T 100 T M 100 T M 100 3 M 60 T T 75 S TRI 100 ATEX

Water Purifiers
Aquaguard Cooler Cum Purifier Aquaguard Pure Chill 80 SS Aquaguard Pure Chill 120 PSS Aquaguard Multi functional Water Purifier RO Aquaguard REVIVA - RO 50 LPH Storage Aquaguard REVIVA - RO 25 LPH Storage Aquaguard REVIVA - RO 50 LPH Basic Aquaguard REVIVA - RO 25 LPH Basic Aquaguard 200 Aquaguard 600 Aquaguard Pure chill RO 80 PSS

30 | P a g e

The fact that Eureka Forbes is an undisputed champion in the water purifier space hasn't stopped this more than three decade old brand in expanding its horizon. Institutional services offered by Eureka Forbes is one prime example of it. Conceived to address intensive organizational requirements, this unique initiative targets to serve esteemed and established industrial players.

Forbes Facility Services

Forbes Facility Services started operations in 2005-06. We, hereby combine EFL's experience to deliver the professional mechanized housekeeping and other services for our esteemed customers. We provide a single window for equipment, maintenance, chemicals and consumables.

Our catering division ensures the food services needs of our clients within all spheres of hospitality are met with the highest quality standards.

We have a special ream to take care of the industry needs of attending to the food service requirements of their huge work force. Our onsite catering division provides professional catering services to various industrial clients like Honda Motorcycles, Steel Strips, Piramal Healthcare, etc.

We offer specially designed corporate catering services for formal events such as corporate meetings and seminars, which demand for maintaining a formal and disciplined air with impeccable arrangement of all the services

Our Hospital Services have been developed to particularly meet the requirements of Multi Specialty Hospitals, Nursing hostels where quality service of highest standards is the paramount objective

31 | P a g e

Planning for kitchen from concept to commissioning stage and prescription of standard service specifications for regular operation and ensure that the diet order of the menu is produced as fixed by or ordered by the user.

Regular monitoring of the efficiency of the system by regular on the spot supervision by the trained managerial staff and constant interaction with the Dieticians, Doctors and other medical staff supplemented by obtaining feedbacks from the users and ensure that the food produced is packed and serviced as per the time specifications.

We ensue complete compliance to safe and whole sum food to the patients by following strict adherence to GRAS and HACCP norms. Our food preparations involves the best of ingredients as per local availability and requirement.

Our off site catering division has continued its rapid growth in this competitive sector to provide a wide range of food services to major prestigious companies. This division has been dedicated to the provision of services for clients in remote locations. Serving Oil and Gas, pharma and manufacturing companies, where an onsite kitchen is not possible.

To serve the requirement of small and medium scale hotels and guest houses for bringing in a professional approach in the working of their units and there by provide them a sound base for future business and expansion, FFSl has developed an award-winning team of hospitality professionals with a proven track record in creating and serving truly memorable lodging and boarding facilities

To complete the chain of creating a package for the institutional clients and also individuals, we have developed a few restaurant brand concepts. These could be used at the clients already managed premises or fresh one.

32 | P a g e

We have been providing professional mechanized cleaning solutions to the industry. Our highly trained and supervised staff uses only state-of-the-art equipment and environment friendly cleaning products. Our supervisors make frequent on-site visits and are easily reached on any additional needs.

FFSL manages the operation of laundry services within the client premises through its workforce of trained personnel who ensure the task through standard, cleaning materials and equipments.

Forbes Facility Services Pvt. Ltd also provides Maintenance Services under its Operations & Maintenance division. Forbes Facility Services Facility Services specializes in helping customers get the most from their facility maintenance management.

This is a technology where in the equipment under consideration is photographed by an infrared camera in order to capture various temperature gradients across the equipment

Our work processes are designed to provide you with tailor made solutions for all your outsourcing needs related to maintenance of equipment. We do this by Providing and maintaining proper & efficient engineering services at your premises by deploying sufficient number of trained, experienced and competent technical personnel. Carrying out day to day activities including operations and monitoring of Utility services equipment, logging of all related parameter pertaining to the equipment, initiating necessary actions depending on the analysis of data. Conducting effective inventory Management with material requests, raised in advance

33 | P a g e

and necessary approvals taken. Maintaining AMCs for some critical equipment depending on the nature of equipment along with co ordination & monitoring with the AM contractors. Caring out all scheduled maintenance required for the upkeep of the equipment.

Forbes Pro Railway Solutions

Forbes Pro Railway Solutions is a preferred mechanized cleaning services provider for the Indian Railways. FP Railway Solutions is ISO 9000, 14000 and 18000 certified.

FP Railway Solutions developed innovative service modules to tackle this dynamic problem by integrating facility management and hygiene services. This process was realized by leveraging EFLs vast world class in-house expertise, technology and execution in the field. The modules include Clean Train Station (En-route Cleaning), Intensive Mechanized Coach Cleaning at Depots, Railway Platform Cleaning, Railway Depot Premises Cleaning, Railway Track Cleaning and On Board House Keeping Services (OBHS). Through the optimal use and management of manpower and mechanized machines, FP Railway Solutions ensures on-time execution of services, reducing precious halt time. FP Railway Solutions has cleaned over 35lakh coaches under the Clean Train Station Scheme and over 15lakh under its Mechanized Coach Cleaning scheme, a total of 90lakh man hours of experience.

Forbes Pro Water Solutions

Taking the mission of Eureka Forbes beyond drinking water, Forbes Pro Water Projects was established to offer packaged and customized, total water and waste water treatment solutions. These solutions are membrane based, or based on other cutting-edge technologies, and they all deliver treated water suitable for diverse water utilization purposes and Industrial process requirements. Complementing Forbes Pro's world-class solutions are Desalination Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants, Membrane Filtration, Sewage Treatment Plants, Zero Discharge Plants and other such systems.

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Group Companies
SP Group
140 years ago, Mumbai was largely an uninhabited cluster of islands. To fulfill the water supply needs of the city a reservoir was built, in the famous Malabar Hills. Not only did the reservoir sustain the needs of Mumbai for the next 100 years, it also witnessed the growth of Mumbai as the Commercial Capital of India. The reservoir was built by a Littlewood Pallonji & Co., which today is Shapoorji Pallonji Co. & Ltd. one of the leading construction giants in India and abroad.

Aquamall Water Solutions Ltd.

Aquamall Water Solutions Ltd. came into existence more than two decades ago to partner with Eureka Forbes Ltd. in its quest to bring pure, safe drinking water to the Indian market. A wholly owned subsidiary of the company. The pioneer of water purification manufacturing in India and now a virtual a one stop shop for point-of-consumption water purification systems, we have a vision of becoming the most preferred global source of water purification systems.

Forbes Pro Solutions

Forbes Pro Solutions is a part of Eureka Forbes Limited, your one stop shop for Mechanized cleaning solutions, Safe drinking water, Facility management and Hospitality concepts , Water & Waste water treatment plans & Railway solutions.

Forbes Lux
The Forbes and Lux Groups joined hands in their expansion world over and laid the foundation for the Forbes Lux Group with its headquarters in Switzerland. The new company with a 50:50 shareholding between both companies, aims to develop direct sales operations around the world, operating with two strong brands, Forbes and Lux.

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Market Strategies
Eureka Forbes - Starting From The Scratch Eureka Forbes followed the globally 'tried and tested' direct selling route for marketing its products in India, thus becoming one of the first direct selling companies in India. Vacuum cleaners and water purifiers were rather new concepts for Indian consumers, who had till then followed only the traditional methods of cleaning and filtering. Therefore, Eureka Forbes had to first establish the concept of vacuum cleaners and water purifiers in India before it could sell 'Eureka' as a brand. The company believed that its core strength was its people. It employed dynamic, highly motivated individuals, called 'Eurochamps,' who projected the image of 'The friendly man from Eureka Forbes.' Thus, for the average Indian consumer, Eureka Forbes became synonymous with the smartly dressed salesman who came to their houses and cleaned up things in a jiffy or showed how air/water purifiers were indispensable. Eurochamps initially targeted the metros but soon began visiting smaller cities and towns also...

Strategies Adopted That Have Made Eureka Forbes A Popular Brand Name
1. Direct Marketing EFL was the first to introduce water purifiers and vacuum systems into the Indian homes. As these products were unknown to the Indian market, therefore advertising campaigns were impossible. Hence EFL chose the less traveled direct selling route. Direct method is a method that aims at establishing a direct connection with the potential customers and cultivates a lasting relationship. EFL was the first company to venture into the same and now is Asias largest direct selling organization.

2. Advertisement Campaigns Many companies, while selling a new product in the market find that sales cannot be sustained without constant advertising. Sales charts always show a meteoric rise post-advertising burst. Eureka Forbes often runs advertisements on different channels over the year to sustain the brand awareness and ensure that the consumers are exposed to the brand.

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3. Dedicated Service Help-line Eureka Forbes has over 1000 service centers in all major cities in India with more than5000 trained service technicians. Theirs is the largest After Sales net work in India. Yes, we have a dedicated 24 hours single number access help line in 8 major cities.

4 Ps (Marketing mix) Product

a) Easily available nation wide b) Easy to handle c) Multiple products launched for each product type

a) product price range divided into four segments to target different audiences b) Low cost to maintenance and consumable c) Best prices offered when compared to other competitors

a) Active subscription immediately b) Right time installation of products c) Property repair service against paid AMCs d) Service during contract period

a) Urban educated India that cares for their family b) Area prone to diseases c) Strategically chosen locations for catching the eye of potential customers d) Various stalls near market places food bazaars.

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SWOT Analysis
Its Brand Name. Eureka Forbes has its own Brand Image. The name of its water purifier Aquaguard has become synonymous for the water purifiers and whenever we think about water purifier name Aquaguard comes to our mind. EFL is Asias largest direct selling company. It has 7000 dedicated, motivated workforce. On the strength of this company is able to achieve its mission and goals. The technologies, company using are world class technology. Their R & D department is continuously engaged in innovations for providing best products regularly in changing environment. For example in vacuum clean category they have brought fullyautomated cleaner, which is the Asias1st fully automated cleaner. EFL has one of best training facilities for their employees. And the company is 5 times winner of Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise. The company has Unique compensation plan named as Bettering the Best, which is stage based incentive scheme. In this scheme more thrust has been given for efforts and not on actual sales. It is an open and democratic organization. Organization has a scheme for getting feedback from staff in regular intervals.

Earlier there were very few players in the market and customers had limited options. But nowa-days numbers of players in the market are increasing day-by-day. Therefore, various options are available with the customers. Very few people like a marketing to knock their door. Because they are often cheated by low profile companies and their bogus products. This has become negative for the company as companys 75% sale is done through this channel only. Attrition is another major issue and like other industry EFL is also facing the same. Product Life Cycle (PLC) is on declining stage. Some of the companys product not gets sufficient market penetration. Demand of Domestic Vacuum cleaner is in declining stage.

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Till now EFL has concentrated its business in Semi-urban, Urban and Metro areas. But, 68% of population lives in rural area, which is not touched by the company. There is ample opportunity for the company to expand its business to rural country to sale especially low cost purifiers and cleaners. Company is known for taking challenge by introducing new products. Company has given trust on R & D for innovations and providing world class product to people. But still more effort required to introduce product like Robocleanz and also to fill the portfolio gap. The position of safe drinking water in the country in not well. 80% of the diseases are water born diseases. This is an opportunity for the company to educate the people for the use of their product. In India only 8%of the people use water purifier. And therefore, it is an opportunity for the company to expand their business to rest of the population. Till two year back companys product price was not in range of lower middle income group and lower income group. The success of low cost purifiers from HUL has given a lesson for company that there is huge demand of low cost purifier and company has great opportunity in low cost products.

When company entered entered into the market there was no competitor in the market. But now-a-days no of competitors are increasing day by day and for company it has become tough to maintain its market share. Three years back Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) launched storage based water purifier. Time Company gained 50% market share in storage based water purifiers. This has become one of the major threats for the company. Higher Income Group is shifting fast for the use of bottled drinking water. Now people have become choosier and are more aware. Living standards of life is also improving. Therefore, customers are searching products as per their requirement.

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Competitor analysis
To start with, Eureka Forbes did not have any completion for years together. Some of the companies which started marketing these products fell by the wayside. It was only after 2005 that competition heated up with the arrival of players such as Kent, Hindustan Unilever, Philips and Tata group. Kent positioned most of their products across the high end segment in RO, UV, and UF . They also unleashed a blitzkrieg campaign across television channels using Actress Hema malini as their brand ambassador. They have been successful in wresting 32% market share in RO type purifiers and 25% in UV type .Unilever had the advantage of being the first mover in low cost storage purifier market. They also used a direct marketing strategy to capture more than 50% in this segment. Tata has also launched their low cost models starting from as low as Rs 700 in this segment so as to capture the vast potential market of lower income groups. Kent, Okaya, Pureit, Swach, Kent grand, Philips intellegent, Whirlpool Pure Fresh, Jaipan, GenPure R.O System, Kenstar water purifier are the main competitors for the Aquaguard. Kent launched its new product Tap Guard priced at Rs 2,300 two months ago. Tap Guard is specially devised to fit into taps and provide safe water even for kitchen and washing purpose. Okaya is also planning big. It has set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Himachal Pradesh with an investment of Rs 72 crore and an overall initial investment of Rs 234 crore. Rajesh Gupta, CEO, Okaya Power, says the company will come up with five new models in the next three months two in the RO and three in the offline segment, which would be priced at less than Rs 1000. The company is targeting about 50,000 outlets through 470 distributors across the country in six months. HULs Pureit, launched nationally in April 2008 and positioned as water as safe as boiled, started off by targeting the lower end of the market with price points of Rs 3200 and Rs 1,000. It went up the value chain recently with Marvella priced at Rs 6900 a fully automatic water purifier which does not need running water or electricity and by automatically filling itself.

According to Economic Times Competition hots up in water purifier business

Jul 4, 2012 Local players at their end are betting on a wider consumer base through products across diverse price points to handle competition. Market watchers say the strategy is justified by the fact that demand is growing faster in smaller towns and cities as compared to the metros. FMCG major Hindustan Unilever ( HUL) recently entered into the premium segment with the launch of Pureit Marvella RO. The company has products from Rs 900 to over Rs 13,000. Tata's Swach sells product priced as low as Rs 499. Despite more than 85% of sales coming from the

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premium segment, Kent RO Systems has a "growing percentage" of its demand coming from tier II and tier III towns. Despite smaller players joining the fray, experts say it would not be easy to take on market leaders like Eureka Forbes, who are increasingly banking on innovation as a key differentiator. Eureka Forbes has a turnover of Rs 750 crore in the water purifier segment. It recently partnered with Water Security Corporation, an American start-up to launch a low-cost purifier and is scouting for firms to partner with to enhance technical innovations. "We are constantly working on technology for new product offerings. Challenge, however, is the after sales service," said Marzin Shroff, CEO, direct sales, and senior V-P, marketing, Eureka Forbes. The company employs 5,000 people to provide services. Eureka Forbes has always been in the headlines for its success, it is always ahead of its competitors. Following highlights proves it a market leader. Eureka Forbes has been awarded with the Platinum Award in the Readers Digest Trusted Brand 2012 Survey: India, in the category of Household Products for both Aquaguard & Euroclean. Business Superbrand 2009, 10, 11:- Aquaguard and Euroclean being elevated yet again to the status of Superbrands, confirming their undoubted leadership of their respective categories. This is the third time in a row that this prestigious status has been conferred on Aquaguard and the second time on Euroclean.

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Market Scenario
Water Purifiers
The Rs 1,500 crore water purifier market, growing at an annual 15-20%. The domestic water purification industry offers three types of water purification technology reverse osmosis (RO), ultra violet (UV) and offline or storage water purifiers. While Eureka Forbes Aquaguard and Kent Mineral RO are the key players in the RO segment, they also operate in the UV and storage category along with others like HULs Pureit and Tatas Swach. The market leader of course is Eureka Forbes brand Aquaguard with 57 per cent share in the RO, 75 per cent in UV and 20 per cent in the storage category. Overall, it has 54 per cent share in the industry.

46% 54%

Eureka Forbes Others

Overall Market Share of Eureka Forbes

In RO, its brands are Aquaguard Reviva (Rs 9,990), Aquaguard Protec (Rs 13,500) and Aquaguard Sensa. In storage purifier, it operates with Aquasure (Rs 1,300-1,400) and in UV, with Aquaguard Classic priced at Rs 7,390 and Aquaguard Infinity priced at Rs 9,590.

Vacuum Cleaners
Indian vacuum cleaner market is worth around 120 crores , The company currently sells 16 brands in the vacuum cleaner segment, including a robotic one, Euroclean Robocleanz, which cleans the dust on its own. Eureka Forbes holds 90 percent market share in this segment.

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Market Share 10%

Euroclean Others


Euroclean Market Share

Eureka Forbes said that it is targeting one-third of its revenues from the vacuum cleaner business by the turn of 2014. "The vacuum cleaner business currently contributes to 25 per cent of our revenues. We would like that to grow to 33 per cent by 2014, because that is definitely a thrust area for our business," Eureka Forbes Chief Executive Officer for Direct Sales and Senior Marketing Vicepresident Marzin R Shroff told PTI.

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PEST Analysis
Political Factors
Every time Government was talking about providing pure drinking water to common man. So, any plan was also introduced. But result was not encouraging and only 5 to 6% population was getting safe water. Therefore, it was Government failure to provide minimum needs of the people. As there was no concrete plan to provide health and hygienic atmosphere in the society. Therefore spending on this front was far below than requirement.

Economic Environment
At the time of introduction of the company India was in development stage. Infrastructure condition was not up to the required levels. As India was in Development stage middle income group was expanding. They were in a position to spend on their basic needs. Also they were able to spend some %age of their income in luxurious items to gain social status Unemployment was in alarming situation at that time. %age of unemployed youth was increasing. This was a ideal situation for a company for getting qualified and cheap labor required.

Social Environment
Only 5 to 6% population in India was getting safe water. This was due to lack of proper infrastructure facilities. Growth rate at that time was high. And population was rising towards undesirable level. And therefore proper plan for cleaning water and hygienic condition was required to prevent from further worsening the problem. Unsafe water is the causing 80% of the diseases and in every one minute 5 deaths was occurring due to water born diseases. Literacy rate was increasing in the country. And therefore, people were becoming more conscious regarding and their health problems. Per capita income was increasing resulting rise in standards of living. And middle-income group was increasing vastly.

Technological Factors
Technologically India was not a good position. And in most of cases we were dependent on developed nation. EFL was not an exception. Because they were planning for complete new product for India, suitable technology was required. For this they collaborated with Electrolux of Sweden, which was a well known company in world.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

EuroAble is Indias first state-of-the-art call centre manned & operated by people with special needs. The centre is a 5000 square feet facility at NASEOH (National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped) in Chembur, a Mumbai suburb and has been specially designed for needs of the differently-abled. The main area of operation is a large hall which has over 90 work stations, including 10 exclusively for people in wheelchairs. Care has been taken to ensure easy mobility. The workstations are roomy, a foot longer than the standard. Moreover there is enough space all around to allow easy access, by both wheelchair and crutches. The desktop computers have also been specially designed with all the controls on top, so employees dont have to reach down. The EuroAble employees were taken through a carefully planned training programme which involved sharpening their communication skills, special coaching in English, voice modulation and a thorough familiarization with all Eureka products. At present, 80 employees work in 3 different shifts throughout the day. Soon the call centre will employ 140 people and will cater to about 20,000 customer calls in a day.

Installation of Water Purifiers when Mumbai was submerged

Our zeal of being Friends for Life is not restricted to just our customers. Corporate Social Responsibility has always been an integral part of Eureka Forbes. Over a period of 30 years we have been undertaking CSR programs across the country. Be it setting up of recreational Parks for the elderly or installing free water purification systems in times of calamities, we have actively contributed towards the welfare of the society. On July 26th, when Mumbai was submerged due to exceptionally heavy rains we installed Water Purification Units across Mumbai to provide safe drinking water to the affected people.

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Water Purifiers installations during Tsunami

On 26th Dec, when Tamil Nadu was faced with the devastation caused by the tsunami, we installed high capacity water purification systems in 30 locations. Eureka Forbes Actively worked with a Leading NGOWorld Vision in this effort.

Jagrut Mumbaikar Program

On November 27, 2008, the day after the Mumbai terror attacks, we installed four water purifications units at St. George Hospital, Mumbai to provide safe drinking to victims and their families. Our Jagrut Mumbaikar Programme, in association with the Mumbai Police and Mumbai Fire Brigade is focused on showing citizens and co-operative societies how to safeguard their living environment. Mumbaikars actively participated in the program which is the first of its kind.

Diwali celebrations with the senior citizens

As a part of our active community service we have also undertaken the work of creating community parks made especially for the senior citizens. Diwali celebrations were held with the senior citizens of Shivaji Park Nana Nani Park, Mumbai.

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Awards and Achievements

Readers Digest Trusted Brand 2012
Eureka Forbes has been awarded with the Platinum Award in the Readers Digest Trusted Brand 2012 Survey: India, in the category of Household Products for both Aquaguard & Euroclean.

Limca : Book of Records - National Record 2012

Eureka Forbes, well-known for their water filters and vacuum cleaners made the largest corporate flag 40 ft X 10 ft called "Flag of Happiness and Friendship" unveiled at Marriot Convention Center in Pune on April 6, 2011.

Business Superbrand 2011

Internet Digital Media Awards - Best use of Technology Eureka Forbes receives the "Best use of Technology" Award for AdRoi Marketing Sciences innovation with Aquagaurd "Paani ka Doctor"

Business Continuity Institute Special Recognition Award, 2010

The Business Continuity Institute has conferred a "Special Recognition award" to Eureka Forbes for efforts in Business Continuity and Disaster Management.

UNESCO Water Digest Award, 2009-10

Super Brand Aquaguard, 2009-10 Aquaguard and Euroclean being elevated yet again to the status of Superbrands, confirming their undoubted leadership of their respective categories. This is the third time in a row that this prestigious status has been conferred on Aquaguard and the second time on Euroclean.

The Frost & Sullivan Environment Excellence Awards, 2009

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Eureka Forbes serves as case study to Harvard students

Eureka Forbes, about 6 years ago became the subject of a new case study at Harvard Business School. At Harvard Business Schools picturesque campus on the banks of the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts, students will now learn how a home appliances company became a household name in India, introducing products once considered impractical for the market. Professor Narayan Das, who authored the case study on Eureka Forbes Limited, says the success of its direct selling strategy in India is equally relevant to students here.

Also.. Aquaguard Total Water Purifiers are the only purifiers in India that are endorsed by the Indian Medical Association. Aquaguard is certified by the Indian Medical Association (IMA), the only representative national voluntary organization of doctors with more than 1,78,000 members.

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Recent Happenings
According to a cover story by Outlook business India, titled Top 25 Best Employers 25 Companies that kept employees smiling even in the slowdown Eureka Forbes made itself at 7th position. At Eureka Forbes, employees who have put in two years in the company are eligible to contest an in-house election for councillors and senators. In 2008, 270 candidates contested for 56 seats (42 councillors and 14 senators); they even drafted their own manifestos, and articulated plans to develop their constituencies. All employees cast their votes through a secret ballot to elect the house of Eurochamps. Councillors meet once a month, the senate once a quarter, to address employee issues. The idea is to ensure the voice of our people is heard in the decisionmaking process, says Suresh Goklaney, Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, Eureka Forbes: The concept has helped us eliminate barriers in the flow of knowledge and communication across hierarchies. For a direct-selling company like Eureka Forbes, employees are its single biggest asset. The company looks to take people with average educational qualifications and turn them into performers through a mix of training and performance-based incentives. The company runs an induction programme for newcomers and a refresher course for front-line employees.

Eureka Forbes tied up with Narsee Monjee Institute of Management In 2000, Eureka Forbes tied up with Narsee Monjee Institute of Management and Higher Studies, and floated an academy to offer management diploma courses to its employees. The academy is still active. The company is now planning to team up with premier B-Schools to codevelop sales-centric training programmes. Eureka Forbes ties up with GE for clean water Eureka Forbes, is tied up with US infrastructure major GE Water for the expansion of its water filter business.

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In a short span of its inception, Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment (EFIF) has achieved some major milestones, like

Tie up with NDTV

EFIE generates and supplies data to NDTV for an on screen plug which is then produced into Report by NDTV and supplied to Star News for a fee, who in turn telecasts the same Report to the cable owners for a change. The result of this consequent with NDTV has been That there was a debate in Delhi on CNG application resulting In to formation of new rules. Various school children have taken an oath to not buy or burn firecrackers. There has also been a good amount of change in the attitude of the Government Pollution Boards, which was earlier skeptical, but now, has become more lenient and cooperative.

Pollution watch Tests have been carried out in various cities Across India such as.. Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Lucknow, Chandigarh.

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Rationale behind the Study

Customer satisfaction, a term frequently used in marketing, is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation. The objective of the study is to analyze the Customer satisfaction of Eureka Forbess product Aquaguard and the services delivered by company to ascertain the performance of the companys product and services and its position in competitive marketplace. Customer satisfaction is the measurement of "the number of customers, or percentage of total customers, whose reported experience with a firm, its products, or its services (ratings) exceeds specified satisfaction goals." Customer satisfaction is very useful in managing and monitoring their businesses. It is seen as a key performance indicator within business and is often part of a Balanced Scorecard. In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers, customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business strategy. "Customer satisfaction provides a leading indicator of consumer purchase intentions and loyalty.

Methodology used for the Study

I chose Market Research to be an effective tool for analyzing the customer satisfaction of Aquaguard. Usually it is said that if marketing would be a train, than market research would be the locomotive. In other words, market research should ideally be the starting point on any marketing exercise. Conducting any marketing exercise- is it related to pricing, promotion or distribution of a product or service. Without researching the potential market is as sensible as setting out sell sand in the Sahara Desert. Market research provides the answers to all the questions that generally occupy the minds of marketers, at every stage of the marketing process.

Sources of data
Two types of data helped in the completion of the project. Primary data Primary data has been collected in two ways through survey. About 100 people participated in the survey. One way, the data is collected from the Residents of Jaipur through one to one interaction with the people, simultaneously the survey was conducted online to involve the people outside Jaipur.

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Secondary Data The information about companys Background, its products and services and key people is collected through companys website www.eurekaforbes.com. Other information such as, current market share, competitive strength, achievements, companys subsidiary , group companies etc. are collected from the websites, www.spgroup.co.in,http://en.wikipedia.org, www.euroforbesinternational.com, www.forbesfacility.com, www.icmrindia.org, http://business.outlookindia.com, www.moneycontrol.com, etc.

Sampling technique used

Judgmental sampling is the most appropriate for the project, as only the customers who are using the Aquaguard or Aquasure can be the sample for the study. Judgmental sampling is one where the researcher chooses the sample based on who they think would be appropriate for the study.

Data collection method

Questionnaire method seemed most satisfactory for collecting information from the people. data is collected by personally interviewing individuals, recording their answers in a structured questionnaire. A set of questions having different segments such as Product Performance, Service, Perception etc. formed the questionnaire. Scaling techniques used for preparing questions Generally the questions were designed with the Likert Scale, where the degree of options for the answer ranging from lowest to highest or vice-versa, with each option associated with a brief description. An example of the Likert scale is given below: Q. Rate the Performance of the TITANIC movie. a. Excellent b. Good c. Average d. Poor e. Bad In other questions direct choices were given, appropriate to the best possible answers.

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Questionnaire used for survey


Address: . Annual Income : A ) Below 2 lakh, B) 2-3 lakh, C) 3-4 lakh,

D) 4-5 lakh,

E) Above 5 lakh

Q1. Have you heard about Eureka Forbes brands before purchasing it? A. Yes B. No Q2. How do you know about Eureka Forbes brand/product? A. TV. Ad B. Print Media C. Internet D. People/friends E. others _____________ Q3. Who recommended Eureka Forbes product? A. Family friend B. Employee of EFL C. Other___________ Q4. On the price of your water purifier? A. Affordable B. High C. Should be Revised

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Q5. While buying any water purifier what comes to in your mind? A. Price B. Health & Safety C. Statics D. All above

Q6. How will you rate product Compared other products of other companies. (Philips, kent, pure it, Aqua sure, Uniliver)? A. Much better B. Better C. Same D. Worst Q7. How will you rate the performance of the water purifier? A. B. C. D. E. 5 4 3 2 1 (Very good) (Good) (Average) (Poor) (Bad)

Q8. How many times it required services? Ans. ________________ Q9. How satisfied are you with the service received? A. Very Satisfied B. Satisfied C. Neutral D. Dissatisfied E. Very dissatisfied

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Q10. Rate the technician knowledge on the scale of 1 to 5. A. B. C. D. E. 1 2 3 4 5

Q11. Do you face inconvenience while using this product? A. Yes B. No (If yes, then please suggest what measures do you think it will help us to improve?)

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Q12. Have you taken Eureka Forbes AMC? A. Yes B. No Q13. Are you satisfied with AMC amount? A. Yes B. No Q14. How many times youve received the service under AMC? Ans.________________ Q15. Are you satisfied with the services under AMC?
A. Yes B. No

Customer Assistance
Q16. Have you heard of Eureka Forbes helpline no. 39883333? A. Yes B. No Q17. Have you ever called on this no.? A. Yes B. No

55 | P a g e

Q18. In how much time call was answered? Ans_______________ Q19. Was your complaint resolved? A. Yes B. Yes, but not completely C. No Q20. Was the person on the helpline no./Eureka Forbes office helpful ? A. Yes B. No

Product Satisfaction & Perception

Q21. Would you recommend Aquaguard product to your friend/ family because of services? A. Yes B. No Q22. Would you buy another Eureka Forbes product? A. Yes B. No Q23. Your Perception about Eureka Forbes before and after purchasing the product. A. Changed positively B. Remained same C. Changed negatively Q24. What is most admirable in Eureka Forbes ? A. B. C. D. E. Technique Approach Product Services All above

Q25. How satisfied are you with Eureka Forbes brand and products? A. B. C. D. E. Very satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very dissatisfied

56 | P a g e

Q26. Your opinion and suggestion about the Eureka Forbes brand and its product.

Areas that dominated the formation of Questionnaire

General awareness of the Brand and Products

Product Performance



Annual Maintenance Contract

Customer Assistance

Brand and Product Perception

Brand and Product Satisfaction

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Survey Analysis
Q1. Have you heard about Eureka Forbes brands before purchasing Aquaguard?

Objective: To measure the awareness of the Eureka Forbes brand. Result:

Yes No


Responses Yes No
78 7

A very high majority of the people said that they were aware of the Brand name Eureka Forbes before purchasing Aquaguard. It clearly indicates that Eureka Forbes is a very well known Brand in the market. Q2. How do you know about Eureka Forbes brand/product? Object: To know about the information media which is most effective in communicating information to the people. Result:

21% TV 4% 75% Print Media People / Friends

58 | P a g e

TV Print Media People/Friend

Responses 64 3 18

About 75% People said that TV is the most effective medium for getting information about the Brand and its Products. Only a small percentage of people said that they saw any ad of the Eureka Forbes in the newspaper/ magazines etc.

Q3. Who recommended Eureka Forbes product? Object: To ascertain the way that made customers to think about Aquaguard and made them to buy it. Result :

25% Family Friend Employee of EFL 10% 65% Other

Family Friend Employee of EFL Other

Responses 55 9 21

Most of the people said that their family friend who was either using the Aquaguard or Heard about it before told them to buy it. 25% people said that they bought it either without any recommendation or with the suggestion of people other than their family. Only 10% people said that EFL employee recommended Aquaguard. Companys employees should also focus on the customers.

Q4. On the price of your water purifier?

Object: To measure whether the Aquaguard is priced high or is affordable.

59 | P a g e


28% 7%

Affordable High 65% Should be revised

Responses Affordable 56 High 6 Should be revised 24 On asking about the price, majority of the people said that Aquaguard is in their budget, and is affordable. And 28% people felt that there should be some changes in the price of the Aquaguard. Only a very small percentage of the people felt that Aquaguard is priced high, but most of the people are okay with the price.

Q5. While buying any water purifier what comes to in your mind? Object : To understand what, in water purifiers, matters for them. Result :

Health and safety 42% 58% All ( Health & safety, Price, Statics)

Responses Health & safety 56 All (H&S, Price, Statics) 6 Most of the people said that they would consider all the factors including safety and price. And unanimously, all considered Health and Safety as their first priority.

60 | P a g e

Q6. How will you rate product Compared other products of other companies. (Philips, kent, pure it, Aqua sure, Uniliver)? Object : To measure the position of Aquaguard among other water purifiers in the market. Result :

39% 61%

Better Same

About 61% users believe that Aquaguard is better than other water purifier brands in market. On the other hand, 39% users felt that there is no difference in the performance of Aquaguard and other water purifiers, it is same as other products.

Q7. How will you rate the performance of the water purifier? Object : To ascertain the performance of Aquaguard and value of money paid for it. Result :

4% 7% 21% Very Good Good Average 68% Poor

Very good Good Average Poor

Response 6 58 18 3

61 | P a g e

A very large percentage of the users reviewed the Aquaguard Good, it gave good value of money to the customers. Only 7% users felt that its very good. 21% of the users said that its performance average. Its a very good sign for the company that large no. of users are satisfied with Aquaguards performance.

Q8. How many times it required services? Object: Another measure of the performance of the Aquaguard. Result:

15, 18% 4, 5%

6, 7%

1 2 3 36, 42% 4 More than 4

24, 28%

1 2 3 4 More than 4

Response 6 36 24 4 15

Different percentages of people have required different no. of time services. Almost 42% people required 2 times services and 28% people required it for 3 times since the time they got installed Aquaguard in their home. This is a normal service requirement for water purifiers. Only 18% people reported service more than 4 times, it is a very rare case but cant be ignored.

62 | P a g e

Q9. How satisfied are you with the service received? Object: To measure the satisfaction level of the users after receiving the services.

2% 2% 21% 11% Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very dissatisfied 64%

Again, a large number of respondents seemed satisfied from the service they received, only 24% people were dissatisfied from the service and rest varied from neutral performance to very satisfied.

Q10. Rate the technician knowledge on the scale of 1 to 5. Object: To measure the companys technicians efficiency in resolving technical problem and attending satisfying user. Result :

4% 40% 35%

21% 1 2 3 4

63 | P a g e

1(least) 2 3 4

Response 18 30 34 3

1 being least rating on the scale of 1-5, 40% users rate the technician knowledge 3, which is good while 35% people rate the technician knowledge 2, and 4% rate the technician knowledge 4 which is satisfactory. 21% users reported technician knowledge to be very dissatisfactory, its a large percentage and cant be ignored.

Q11. Do you face inconvenience while using this product? Object: To identify factors such as features, design, layout etc. that cause inconvenience in using the product, so as to find any possibility of further improvement in the product.

10% Yes No 90%

Yes No

Response 77 8

The results were surprisingly very satisfactory. About 90% people were very fine while using and operating the product. 10% people find it difficult to use.

64 | P a g e

Q12. Have you taken Eureka Forbes AMC? Result:

39% 61%

Yes No

Yes No

Response 33 52

The no. of users taken AMC were only 33, which is very less. Company should make their customers aware of the benefits of AMC.

Q13. Are you satisfied with AMC amount? Object: To ascertain whether the AMC amount is high or fine. Result:

45% 55%

Yes No

Yes No

Response 18 15

15 respondents reported that AMC amount that they paid for the contract for the services is higher than the value of service they are receiving. Company should revise AMC amount.

65 | P a g e

Q14. How many times youve received the service under AMC? Object: To confirm the compliance of the contract Result: Generally most of the users received the services 1-3 times, few users said that they received the service more than 4 times. These figures are very good, as it shows the compliance and validation of the contract.

Q15. Are you satisfied with the services under AMC? Object: To measure the satisfaction level of the customers from the AMC. Result:

15% Yes No 85%

Yes No

Response 28 5

Results were very satisfactory; almost 85% users said that services that they received under annual maintenance contract are very satisfactory. Rest of the users were not satisfied with the services, though it was a very small number of users but cant be ignored as every customer is important for the company.

66 | P a g e

Q16. Have you heard of Eureka Forbes helpline no. 39883333? Object: To identify no. of people aware of the helpline no. 39883333. Results:

35% Yes No 65%

Only 35% users were found aware of the helpline no. this is very less. Company should look for making users aware of the no. because users have no other option for assistance at their home.

Q17. Have you ever called on this no.? Result:

40% 60%

Yes No

About 60% people said no, its either the result of having no problem with the Aquaguard or the users didnt find it suitable. But still its a large number.

67 | P a g e

Q19. Was your complaint resolved? Object: To measure the usefulness of the helpline. Result:

26% 53% 21%

Yes Yes, but not completely No

Yes Yes, but not completely No

Response 7 2 3

Only 53% said that through helpline, their complaint was resolved, but rest of the people said that helpline no. was not so helpful. Again 47% is a large percentage. Company should maintain its complaint through helpline no. also. As in the case of sudden assistance, users dont have any other choice when they are at home.

Q20. Was the person on the helpline no./Eureka Forbes office helpful ? Object: To find out the efficiency of the call attendee to resolve the problem. Result:

29% Yes No 71%

68 | P a g e

Almost 70% users were satisfied from the complaint resolved from the call operator. But still, 30% reported dissatisfaction which is a large number. So company should look for the skills of the call operator.

Q21. Would you recommend Aquaguard product to your friend/ family because of services? Object: To know that whether people trust the Aquaguard that they would recommend for their family or not. Result:

21% Yes No 79%

Yes No

Response 67 18

On asking for recommendation of the Aquaguard, almost 80% users found to be with positive attitude while, 20% users said that they would not recommend it to their family of friend. Positive response was high but that 20% needs to be converted in positive.

Q22. Would you buy another Eureka Forbes product? Object: To measure satisfaction of the customers from Brand Eureka Forbes and Aquaguard. Result:

31% Yes No 69%

69 | P a g e

Yes No

Response 52 33

Again, positive response was higher, people shown green flag for buying another product of Eureka Forbes. Still, almost 30% users said no for another Eureka Forbes product.

Q23. Your Perception about Eureka Forbes before and after purchasing the product. OBJECT: To analyze how people think about Eureka Forbes and its Aquaguard. Result:

22% 39%

Changed Positively Remained Same Changed Negatively


Changed positively Remained same Changed negatively

Response 33 33 19

Almost 40% users said that their perception about Eureka Forbes and its product has been changed positively after using Aquaguard, and 40% users reported the same perception, it indicates that users are satisfied with the Brand and its Products. Only 20% users gave a negative response, which is enough for spoiling companys reputation.

70 | P a g e

Q24. What is most admirable in Eureka Forbes ? Object: To know what in Eureka Forbes is most appealing to users, and has been able to left a positive impression on them. Result:


Technique Approach 17% Product Service All

16% 28%

Technique Approach Product Service All

Response 15 15 24 13 19

It was found that product of the eureka forbes are doing well and has left a good impression on the users. Technique and Approach are also admired by the users. Almost all the categories equally liked by all the users except Product, as it was most admirable thing in the Eureka Forbes.

Q25. How satisfied are you with Eureka Forbes brand and products? Object: To measure the satisfaction level of the users after using Aquaguard. Result:

7% 7% 25%

Very satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied 61%

71 | P a g e

Response Very Satisfied 6 Satisfied 52 Neutral 21 Dissatisfied 6 About 60% users found satisfied after using the Aquaguard, and 7% user were highly satisfied with the Aquaguard, its a very less percentage but overall the satisfaction among the users is good. The product is being appreciated by them. While 25% users gave average response, 7% users found to be dissatisfied after using Aquaguard.

Q26. Your opinion and suggestion about the Eureka Forbes brand and its product. Object: To know users volunteer response, they would like to share. Result: Users gave Mix to positive comments when asking them for their suggestions and complaints. One thing some people commented on, specifically: Service, users asked for much better service quality. Other things were price and technique, where a very little number of people found unsatisfied. Overall, product quality was appreciated.

72 | P a g e

Recommendation and Conclusion

Eureka Forbes is very well adopted by the people. Company should focus on the employees to maintain a good relation with the people.

Current product line is doing well. But there is a need to revise price structure and products both. Company should make their customers aware of the benefits of AMC. Also, Company should revise AMC amount. Service quality is fair enough, little attention is needed. Companys helpline number is not known by most of the users. Overall, Product performance is good, but a little attention is needed to be paid on technology, approach and service.

73 | P a g e

Limitations of the study

Every research is conducted under some constraints and this research is not an exception. Limitations of the study are as follows: Data is collected from a sample size of 100 from a very large population; accuracy may vary with the sample size. Data is collected in two ways, online and face to face, so region wise difference may occur. Users were found unwilling to provide information because of their busy schedule and no. of questions. Due to continuous change, todays findings may be different tomorrow.

74 | P a g e

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