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Factory Reset D-Link DP-301

Yes. In most cases you can reset your D-link DP-300 series or DP-301 series print server yourself even if you don't know the password or IP. This comes in handy in situations such as when the server has made up its own password after being connected to a new router. Cross your fingers and try the following steps... 1) Install the psadmin software if you have not already. If you have lost the psadmin software then search for it on the web. 2) Start the psadmin software and click "factory reset". 3) If the software demands a password, try "SYSxxxx", where xxxx stands for the last four digits of the MAC address located on the underside of your server. (Example: if your MAC address were "63 XE 29 44 F2 96", then your password would be SYSF296.) 4) Click yes to confirm the reset. 5) Follow the non-intuitive instructions provided with your server to set it up again. (Note that a Quick Install Guide will likely be more useful than a manual for this step. If you have lost your Quick Install Guide then try downloading it from D-link's website, http:/www.dlink.com/default.aspx Locate your model via "product quick find" or "find your product" then click on "support resources" and look for a quick installation guide.) As you have noticed there is no "Factory Reset" button on the DLink DP-301P+. That's a shame! In order to recover the password of your DP-301P+ print server, DLink will tell you that the only way is to get an RMA number and ship them back the unit and have them do a factory reset themselves. But before paying a few bucks in shipping and loosing your print server for several weeks, there is hope! Here are two solutions. If the first one does not work, try the second one. FIRST SOLUTION: If you just want to login without recovering your password use this username and password. Username: psadmin Password: SYSxxxx Replace xxxx with the last four (4) characters of the MAC address of the DP-301P+, in uppercase. For example, if the MAC address is 00-0F-AB-03-C1-A7, the password will be "SYSC1A7" After logging in, you may save your configuration and decrypt the password with the method decribed below or just change the password and forget about this unfortunate event! SECOND SOLUTION: What you need is a backup of the configuration of your DP-301P+. (Every good technician is keeping a backup of everything in case of a crash, right?) If you don't have a backup file of the configuration in hand, you're screwed. Your only hope is to send the unit back to DLink or buy a new one, sorry! Just follow these 4 steps and you will be able recover your password from the configuration backup: STEP 1

Open the configuration backup file (usualy named Config.cfg) with an HEX editor. I like to use XVI32 (it's a freeware) Download it from http://www.chmaas.handshake.de/delphi/freeware/xvi32/xvi32.htm STEP 2 The password is located in the file at position 0xC1 to 0xC8, in that order. It has a maximum of 8 characters. Even if more characters where input in the web interface, only the first eight were kept. So if you have put a password of 9 characters or more (and remember it), try putting only the first eight in the authentication windows, it may just work and you wont need to go further in this procedure. STEP 3 Decrypt each character using the table below. By example, if you have 0x26 at position 0xC1, the first character of the password is 'X'; if you have 0x86 at position 0xC4, the fourth character is '8'. You catch the drift? If the password has 7 characters or less, the last character will be followed by 0xBE. So if you hit 0xBE, stop there, you're done! There are some gaps in the table below because I have not tried the whole ASCII table, but the most commonly used characters in english and french are there. 07 08 0A 0B a 1B b 1C _ 1D ` 1E e 1F f 20 c 21 d 22 Y 23 Z 24 W 25 X 26 ] 27 ^ 28 [ 29 \ 2A Q 2B R 2C O 2D P 2E U 2F V 30 S 31 T 32 I 33 J 34 G 35 H 36 M 37

N 38 K 39 L 3A y 43 z 44 w 45 x 46 } 47 ~ 48 { 49 | 4A q 4B r 4C o 4D p 4E u 4F v 50 s 51 t 52 i 53 j 54 g 55 h 56 m 57 n 58 k 59 l 5A ! 5B " 5C % 5F & 60 # 61 $ 62 A 7B B 7C ? 7D @ 7E E 7F F 80 C 81 D 82 9 83 : 84 7 85 8 86 = 87 > 88 ; 89 < 8A 1 8B 2 8C / 8D

0 8E 5 8F 6 90 3 91 4 92 ) 93 * 94 ' 95 ( 96 - 97 . 98 + 99 , 9A 9C 9E B3 B4 B5 B6 C3 C9 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D8 DC E1 NUL BE STEP 4 Now just take your decrypted password and log into the DP-301P+ using the web interface, telnet or PSAdmin. The username is "admin". It worked for me, so it should work for you too! I have not tested this on other DLink print servers but it may also work. At least, it worth trying! Yes! I can Reset Pass for you. No must send it to D-Link: :D Ok. 1. if you have more than one DP 301P: - go to this page (eg: - save as sourcecode it - change line: <FORM ACTION=/NULLCFG.htm METHOD=POST> to <FORM ACTION= METHOD=POST> - at line newpass and config pass value= your new pass :)) - save and run and click image frist bottom left (V button) --> Your divce is have new password :)) (for firmware 3.05)

PSadmin tool is located here: ftp://ftp.dlink.com/Printserver/PS_Admin/PSadmin_app_201.exe Here are some new infos for Print Server D-Link DP-301P+. With firmware 3.70 (2007-10-16) the default login name is admin with NO password.