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Auro Textiles Standard Operation Procedure For Job Work

Job Work Order in Auro Textiles is monthly 10% approx of the Total purchase. These contracts are mainly contains work of, Modification Projects, Fabrication Projects, Repair in or Outside etc. In order to insure prior approval and timely submission of the Bills to accounts the following Procedure is required.

Departments Involved:a) Plant Engineering b) Utility Engineering + c) Civil Department d) Administrative Department e) Commercial Department f) Accounts Department

Procedure Of Job Work Order :-

Request to Material Department from the Other Department--(Annexure I) Duly Authorization by the Head of the department.

Calling Of offer by material department.

Generation of Job Order duly signed by Approving authority

Submission of Bill By the Contractor. Verification of the Job by Department

Passing Of the Bill To accounts by material department. Booking of Expense in Accounting Books. Releasing of the Payment.

Job order Approving Authority

Sr No. Amount

Approving Authority HOD of indenting deptt & Commercial Head GM operation GM operation & CE Operation

10,000/10,000/- To 1,00,000/Above 1,00,000/-



Note:- All the proposals will be first reviewed by both HOD of Indenting department & commercial Department.

Request Form No.

(Eg Form Marking will be like MTC/1,2,3, ELCT/1,2 etc )

(Annexure- I)

(Form No to be manually generated By indenting department) 1.


Department Name Project Name/ Cost centre

3. Area Of Work to be Done (Machine name etc)


Technical Description of Work along with drg.

5. Estimated cost involved a) Material cost b) Job work cost c) Lodging & Boarding 6. Budgeted / Non Budgeted ( If Budgeted approx Value) 7. Nature Of Expense (Capital/ Revenue)

8. Time Period for Completion Of Job 9. Last Time Job Done ( Period- Contractor)
10. Recommended Contractor.

11.Performance of The contractor.

(HOD of) (Indentor Deptt)

( Commercial Head)

( GM operations) (Unit Head)

( Two CopiesOne for material department, One for user department.) Negotiation & Generation Of Job Order. On receipt of Request Form, material department will call for the offers from Various Contractors. Technical & commercial negotiation should be carried out in The combined meeting with the Contractor. In case the Rates are fixed by the baddi or Corporate Committee than the technical negotiation is required to take place. Release of Formal Order After the negotiation , prior to the starting of the Job a formal Order will be released to the Contractor within mentioned the terms & condition along with the Warranty Clause ( if Required) & Stipulated Time to Complete the Job. Material Provided To Contractor. In case any material is required by the contractor to fulfill the job and as per the contract M/s Auro Textiles is to provide the same. Material will be indented by the Department referring the Request form No. and after procurement Contractor will Simultaneously Provide the Issue slip duly signature by Him. Submission Of the Bill The Contractor will submit the Bill Duly signed By the Concern Department along with ESI & PF Deduction (If required) within 15 days of the stipulated time to the material department. Material department will forward the bill to accounts within 2 days after formal checking of the same and prepare the report of Deviation of the amount.