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Display Advertisement by Country Using ASP and MS-SQL Database

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Online advertising is another way to promote company products. It’s very important to
show the right advertisements to the right consumers to have an optimum respond. A
company selling their products in Japan showing their advertisement to visitors from
United States is totally ineffective. On the other hand, localized advertisements catch
visitor attention and improve sales.

In this tutorial, we use the IP2Location™IP-Country database to lookup country of origin

from the visitor's IP address. Instead of loading the full database with 50000+ records,
we could simplify this tutorial with assumption only two different IP address ranges in
the world. IP addresses - originate from United States.
Meanwhile, IP addresses - originate from Japan. Here we
are creating a database "IP2Location" with table "IPCountry" that consists of two IP
address range records.

Step 1: Start SQL Query Analyzer. Create and connect to 'IP2Location' database
USE IP2Location;

Step 2: Create 'IPCountry' table

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[IPCountry] (
[ipFROM] [float] NOT NULL ,
[ipTO] [float] NOT NULL ,
[countrySHORT] [nvarchar] (2),
[countryLONG] [nvarchar] (64)

Step 3. Insert dummy records to the database.

INSERT INTO IPCountry VALUES (0, 2130706431,'US','UNITED STATES');
INSERT INTO IPCountry VALUES (2130706432, 4294967295,'JP','JAPAN');
The full version of IP-Country database is available for subscription at $49/year
from http://www.ip2location.com. If you have the full version of IP2Location™IP-
Country database, import process is easy done by using the Database Transformation
Service (DTS) in MS-SQL.

Dim conn, myDSN, mySQL, rs

' SQL database connection. NOTE: Replace servername, username and

password to your own values.
Set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
<br> myDSN="DRIVER={SQLServer};SERVER=servername;UID=username;PWD=passwor

conn.open myDNS

' retrieve visitor IP address and translate it to IP address number

IPno = Dot2LongIP(Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR"))

' SQL query to lookup valid range of IP address

mySQL = "SELECT countrySHORT FROM IPCountry WHERE " & IPno & " BETWEEN

Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
rs.open mySQL, conn

' assign country name for reference

countryName = rs("countrySHORT")

' close and free connections

set rs = nothing
Set conn = nothing

If CountryName = "JP" Then

' Visitor is from Japan
' Show advertisement from JP
response.write "<img src=\"Japan.jpg\" border=\"0\" width=\"100\"
' Visitor is not from Japan
' Show other advertisement
response.write "<img src=\"US.jpg\" border=\"0\" width=\"100\"
End If
Function Dot2LongIP (ByVal DottedIP)
Dim i, pos
Dim PrevPos, num
If DottedIP = "" Then
Dot2LongIP = 0
For i = 1 To 4
pos = InStr(PrevPos + 1, DottedIP, ".", 1)
If i = 4 Then
pos = Len(DottedIP) + 1
End If
num = Int(Mid(DottedIP, PrevPos + 1, pos - PrevPos - 1))
PrevPos = pos
Dot2LongIP = ((num Mod 256) * (256 ^ (4 - i))) + Dot2LongIP
End If
End Function

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