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Sir Bani Yas Island

Sir Bani Yas Island, United Arab Emirates


The conceptual approach presents the overview of the Story of Sir Bani Yas, the big-picture organization that focuses messaging and defines the design character across the Island. This conceptual approach is instrumental in organizing all exhibits into a unified and thematically coherent visitor experience.

Heritage PreservationHistory Matters

The preservation of Emirati heritage is another active chapter of the Sir Bani Yas Story. Sheikh Zayed placed a priority on the study and preservation of the UAEs past, and initiated development of the Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey to delve into the prehistory of Sir Bani Yas and surrounding islands. The link between the Island and Abu Dhabis formative Bani Yas Confederacy forms an important facet of the Emirati national narrative. The ongoing excavation and preservation of important archaeological sites, including a significant early Christian monastery, reflect the continuing care for Emirati heritage that is an integral part of the Islands current development.

Sir Bani YasIsland in the Making

The proposed concept for Sir Bani Yas is Island in the Making. Essentially, the concept represents the convergence of the manifold arrivals to Sir Bani Yas over timefrom people and wildlife to events and ideas that have defined and transformed the Islands living environment from prehistoric times to the present, continuing to shape and reshape the Island to this very day.

Multiple threads woven into a single story

Natural History, Human History & Sheikh Zayed

As pictured in the diagram opposite, these arrivals can be grouped in terms of three pillars: Natural History, Human History and Sheikh Zayed. Interpretation of the convergence of these pillars makes up the key chapters of the Sir Bani Yas Story.
A Unique Environment

Natural History

An Evolving Place

Environmental Interactions

Sir Bani Yas embodies a unique confluence of essential stories from the Emirati national fabric. Formed by an ascending salt diapir, the island is home to some of the oldest exposed rocks in the UAE. Zayeds ConservationA Defining Vision It also has a long history of human habitation, and has been the Sir Bani Yas as we recognize it today has its roots in the arrival of Sheikh Zayed and the implementation of his conservation vision. It was his approach to meeting place of important historical forces. Most significantly, the conservation that led to the introduction of the Islands signature animals, as well as the major afforestation projects that have transformed the landscape and island stands as the UAEs first articulation of Emirati conservation attracted new migrating and resident bird species. Conceptual principles, establishedEnvironmental as a wildlife sanctuary by Sheikh Zayed in InteractionsAn Evolving Place Organization The story of arrivals is not limited to Sheikh Zayed, however. The arrival of people 1971 to preserve endangered species. APA developed a site wide concept for Sir Bani Yas Island that weaves these components of the islands multifaceted history into a meaningful interpretive concept and overarching storyline. The concept draws connections between the islands many legacies, tying SIR BANI YAS ISLAND SITE WIDE INTERPRETATION | Final DRAFT Concept | June 9, 2011 together its geological, natural, cultural and environmental history. Indoor and outdoor interpretative experiences were conceptualized to inspire wonder for the islands distinct topography, its diverse flora and fauna, its long record of human settlement and its central significance to the nations conservation movement.
and ideas to the Island over thousands of years all make up some part of the Story of Sir Bani Yasfrom ancient pearl divers and fishermen who lived off the resources of the land, to contemporary ecologists and conservationists who are working today to evolve Sheikh Zayeds original conservation vision. Visitors themselves constitute a chapter in the arrival story, as essential participants in Sir Bani Yas latest manifestation.

The Natural History pillar of the Sir Bani Yas Story is a dynamic tale about the Islands environment, which has mushroomed from an austere desert biome to an Island teeming with introduced flora and fauna species. The Human History narrative spans the origins of a regional maritime culture, through to the Islands current status as a conservation centre and visitor destination. The third pillar of the Story is the UAEs Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed. His special regard for the Islandas a place long cherished by, and connected to, his Bani Yas forbears has ensured the preservation of Sir Bani Yas for future generations.

The distinct geology, fauna, ora and ecology of Sir Bani Yas have created an Island like no other in the Arabian Peninsula.

Sir Bani Yas Island has attracted, and been shaped by, diverse inhabitants and visitors.

From Past to Present

Human History

For over 7000 years, Sir Bani Yas Island has welcomed many people to its shores from the Arabian peninsula and around the world.

A Defining Vision

Zayeds Conservation

Island in the Making

Sir Bani Yas

Sheikh Zayeds vision of conservation, rooted in traditional Arabian falconry, has transformed Sir Bani Yas Island into a wildlife sanctuary.

History Matters

Heritage Preservation

Sir Bani Yas Islands developments reect the value Sheikh Zayed placed on Emirati heritage and culture.

The Royal Connection

Sheikh Zayed

Sir Bani Yas Island was a special place for Sheikh Zayed and his family.


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