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Activity 1: Introduction to Programming The Programming Process a) Define the following concepts: 1. Programming: It is the methodology to do programs.

. During this process the program is written according to the syntax of a programming language, it is tested, it is debugged, it is implemented and it given maintenance. 2. Programming language: It is the set of symbols, letters and syntax rules that controls the physical and logical behavior of a computer. It allows the programmer, to specify data that will be processed and stored on it. 3. Program: It is the set of instructions, commands, orders or procedures written in a programming language in order that the computer can perform certain task in a quick and correct way. b) Answer correctly the questions: 1. Types of data used in a program: Constants Variables Data that do not change their value during Data that change or modify their value the development or execution of a during the development or execution of program. a program; also it is the space of memory where values are stored. Numeric Alphanumeric Numeric Alphanumeric Represent the Represent the Store numeric data Store letters, specific numeric specified letters number and value special characters With these data you With these data Working variables can do arithmetic you cannot do Receive results operations arithmetic from operations operations Counting variables Count events or fixed occurrences Accumulating variables Sum or accumulate values Expressions: Combination of constants, variables, operators, parenthesis and name of special functions. 2. Types of operators used in a program: Arithmetic Comparison +Addition = Equal - Subtraction < Less than *Multiplication > Greater than / Division <= Less than or equal to >= Greater than or equal to

Logic NOT Negation AND Conjunction OR Disjuntion

3. Definition of Algorithm: It is defined as a set of ordered steps in a logic way that describe the solution of a problem, or for carrying out certain task. 4. Definition of Flowchart: The flowchart is the graphical representation of an algorithm, is one of the programming tools that permit to visualize in general way the development of the solution of a problem. 5. Types of Algorithms or Flowchart: *Sequential Algorithms: The steps are executed or described from the beginning to the end, without skipping over any line. *Conditional Algorithms: There is the necessity to take decisions without some steps due to conditions or questions that carry us to answer true or false or follow by one way or other. *Cyclic Algorithms: There are actions or steps that are repeated while opr until a condition is fulfilled.