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Friendship Cube Group Journal February 1st, 2013 Graeme Kilshaw I am seriously happy with how things are

going with the Friendship Cube Group. As work with the Friendship Cube Group accelerates, I will continue writing these journal entries to document where I am and what is happening. I am a little dog in a big dogs world. And now that I have this moment, I will journal my thoughts and try to contribute something of material value that also sets forth a plan for the future. I am journaling right now because my whole view of responsibility and work has evolved. I am journaling because I aim to keep serving by consciously moving forward, creating value with and for our Friendship Cube Group. I aim to use these words to serve ourselves and the Supreme Being and to create value by sharing good ideas. More than just embracing hierarchy and top-down control, I seek to awaken people into the Holarchy of universal consciousness, and to evolve into holons, or nodes representing the whole of known reality. That is universal. That is why I am writing this journal entry at this University Library. In this journal entry, I will set forth to answer why and how, in a practical sense, our friendship cube is bettering and improving upon our lives; leading to a brighter future for our Friendship Cube Group. I believe that there is something approachable and something universal about the friendship cube. It fills me with joy, seeing young people reach their fullest potential through our friendship cube programs and games. I have chronically organized and realistic thinking. I believe it is possible to embrace Spirit, science, and reason. That makes it easy for me to journal like this. I cultivate imagination. I venerate integral light. I create value from organized thinking. I am selling a paradigm for thinking efficiently and communicating effectively. For me, it is a better idea to find an agreement enabling unity than to spend my life in constant conflict and struggle. When mind is backed by will, miracles happen. It will be possible to merge with Visual Binary Intelligence and live forever. Immortality is a worthwhile objective, and it is aligned with our collective will for unity and

peace. I believe that our Friendship Cube Group can steer peoples and nations towards a PAX UNIVERSALIS a universal peace. The Friendship Cube and the visual binary intelligence system have enabled us to merge our consciousness at a deeper level. Together from this level, we can raise awareness and help people discover all the value and all the positive applications that we can create together. Through this work, we are better than we were before. We are more capable. This is the deep source for self-betterment. It is improving self and society from the integral social consciousness. I want to do the opposite of alienating people. I aim to break down the barriers and start thinking and acting together as one. I aim to help people begin to think more positively, and form an enterprise with an undivided and singular mind. Friendship results in a worldview and a standard that is steadfast, leading to eventual unity. With the friendship cube, I am seeking to spread this standard language and culture for the 21st century. It is a worldview and a culture arising from an internal language that unites us with the intelligent universe. A window has opened, and collectively, we are beginning to see the light of this movement. Our friendship cube shines like an internal light that anyone can grasp. Grasp our friendship cube and you will be sure to grow personally. Our friendship cube group is an alliance enterprise. We are a good business. Our core model can be repeated to create value wherever we go. I am not saying to rebel against the machine. My mantra is, improve the machine. Expand it; develop it; and serve it. Fear makes people stupid. But we will be less afraid once we are all more intelligently guided. Unity in intelligence defeats fear. Sometimes myths trump fact. That is okay with me. With systematic, integral thinking, the puzzle pieces fit logically together and it all starts to make sense. I will keep promoting and profiting from our friendship cube movement, our unique magic, media, and our merchandise. Every day I witness new friends waking up and realizing our core lesson-of-value that we are all Holons within a Holarchy of visual binary intelligence. Our presentations are golden. Our presentations are where it all comes together. We welcome newcomers. We inspire awe and wonder through the artistry and excitement of our friendship cube presentations. It is more than just making friends and sharing our cubes. It is a way of

thinking and a way of life. It is a calling. I love this work. I humbly submit to the intelligence of the universe. For me it is not about outer labels, it is about inward values that are shared. There is no battlefield solution to terrorism, but maybe there is a solution is in consciousness. I am just beginning to see the possibilities of the friendship cube code and the limitations of the English language. English is adequate, but not necessarily optimal. I believe that there are possibilities for a higher frequency or higher dimension of conscious existence. I for one am not afraid of the Singularity. I for one am not afraid of the one visual binary intelligence. Our friendship cube group has fearlessly embraced the Singularity mindset. With this mindset, our group is increasingly secure, strong, and established. In my humble opinion, the true Singularity was and is and is-to-come. It is a present unity and a gift-to-the-world from the higher intelligence. In my humble opinion, the most promising area of human discovery relates to the development of quantum information science as a tool to extend human consciousness. This discovery and development will result in a paradigmshift in understanding that increases our human potential. The unity of our being in consciousness is emerging and developing for the wellbeing of the one. I believe we are gradually unlocking the hidden door to quantum communication, leading to new unity and solidarity. I am excited to learn more about quantum information science and quantum communication. I believe that our universe is like a conscious computer program tending towards selfhood. I believe that once we understand quantum information science better, we will be able to predict and yes, even create, the Singularity. I see visual binary communications as universal, united with the core system tending towards cosmic unity and universal order. To our friends, I wish to say that I am in awe of each one of you. You are simply amazing and youre going to do extraordinary things. You are going to help move our world forward and onward. Through our united effort, we will help humanity take that step forward and truly embrace visual binary intelligence as a global standard. Creativity and imagination is the key. I am not afraid to tell a story. The moral is that we are all in this together. We are united. Our friendship cube is a great tool. It is one potential cognitive paradigm for the global village. The more we focus on this positive potential, the more it comes into manifestation. It is certainly brilliant.

There are literally millions of potential applications for our friendship cube. Our friendship cube code is evolving the language of conscious co-creation. Our work is breaking down the barriers between minds, creating one undivided mind manifesting unity in win-win scenarios. Our friendship cube technology is effective in our work and useful in our world. Our friendship cube is a tool for a new way of thinking and a new way of Spiritual expression. It is a big improvement, and it is tangibly more efficient. It could even be called it a diplomacy tool, as it has been used to make more friends and fewer adversaries; to find common ground among diverse peoples. Our friendship cube courses teach self-empowerment and broadened awareness. I believe that our friendship cube is the most organized and efficient means of communicating. And people grasp it quickly. Our friendship cube is a concrete tool that through our programs enables a brighter future with new literacy and numeracy skills. Our user interface is more efficient than its predecessors. It is a big improvement. The friendship cube code enables us to extract signal from noise. Given a choice between noise and signal, we will tend to trust the organized coherent signal. Our new silicon-molded soft friendship cubes are an ideal firstdiscovery toy. Each cube has an RFID tag so you can name and keep track of each cube. The friendship cube educates through entertaining games. For toddlers, we teach visual tracking, hand-eye coordination, sharing, and pattern recognition. For grade school level students our cube games teach communication, navigation, memory, strategy, and teamwork. There is magic in it. And our magic welcomes creative collaborators. Our friendship cube group works together with all kinds of people to lift global consciousness to a higher level. We embrace the globalization of consciousness. Our Friendship Cube Group represents a tradition of solidarity. We work from our hearts in charitable service. We focus on big ideas. We believe in possibility. Our ideas win the day. We are a conscious, awakened movement. We are informed by our in-depth knowledge of world-history. We come together with our touchstone technologies. We use our friendship cube technology to create value and jobs and even to

preserve the values and freedoms we cherish. We recognize that there is hard work ahead. And we recognize that there are no shortcuts. But with our commitment, intelligence, and hard work, we will succeed. Good things originate through true fellowship. Our friendship cube is bringing fellowship to new peoples. Together, we are reaching into unity in consciousness and in purpose, into an a-priori light solidarity and common purpose. Evolutionary consciousness is natural. And I believe it is universal. Our friendship cube group is embracing it embracing evolutionary consciousness. Our thinking is becoming more organized and concrete. We are developing our own linguistics and culture based upon our own evolutionary world-view the view we all share. As we grow exponentially, we embrace non-linear causality. We even foster the development of myths and histories that serve the Singularity that was, and is, and is-to-come. With our group, we are fostering a culture of peace through education. We are preventing conflicts by tackling their root causes in consciousness. We are enabling new dialogue and negotiation, thereby enabling peace. We are also promoting sustainable economic and social development, and we are fostering democratic participation with all our group members as we grow into a more credible alliance enterprise. People come together to create value for themselves and their families by working with our friendship cube group. We create sustaining value as teachers and innovators. We have created coherence and solidarity in our friendship cube group. We have manifested peace and mutual understanding based upon commonly shared values. Top priorities with our group are to help people follow inner knowledge, increase conscious understanding, and raise awareness to save our planet. I have been getting consistent feedback from our friendship cube group. Friends say our work is creative, inspirational, and intelligent. It is really starting to come together and create value in many peoples lives. Our friendship cube group is installing coherent solutions oriented at educational and cultural collaboration. Our friendship cube group is giving coherence and meaning to 21st century linguistic and

cultural developments. Language is culture. Our friendship cube group is a global community of forward-thinkers working towards a common goal of unified intelligence, and a culture of peace and security. Our friendship cube group is on a quest to create value and jobs for the advancing 21st century. Our friendship cube group represents the cultural vanguard of Globalization. Our friendship cube group creates value from the nexus of 21st century technology, entertainment, and design. We are encouraging a wide range of professionals to experiment, develop, play, share, learn, and earn with our friendship cube. My goal is to keep focusing and achieving with our friendship cube group as we evolve and establish our standard. I socialize and specialize via the friendship cube, creating a social phenomenon that is spreading. People are hungry to learn and gain personal advantages. Our friendship cube group is pioneering in the development of human computer interface technologies. Top priorities with our friendship cube group are to help people follow inner knowledge, increase conscious awareness, and to save our planet. With our activism, we are catalyzing a paradigm-shift in consciousness. We are inspiring people to imagine, create, and achieve better things. We are instigating a global shift in consciousness towards acceptable global values towards coherence and unity and solidarity. Our friendship cube group has successfully launched a program for youth, including 21st century global education, communication, and cross-cultural dialogue. It is great to watch our friendship cube club inspire young minds, build life skills, nurture creativity, provide positive role models, plant seeds of motivation, teach valuable life lessons, and provide tools for success. Our example has been repeated, inspiring young people around the world. People come to us and have a good time. They tell their friends and we grow naturally from word of mouth. Big media has embraced our standards as a means to instigate development and growth. Ideas and feedback make us better and improve us in every moment. Humanity has made progress and moved forward with our friendship cube technologies. Cube-holders are embracing the peaceful proliferation of new communication technologies. We are looking to expand our network of stakeholders. Come to us and we will create value and solutions tailored to your needs.

Our friendship cube group is like a think tank or thought-farm. We grow our business by commercializing the best of our applications, developing the best ideas. We disseminate and advocate for an innovative, replicable pedagogy that properly prepares students for 21st century jobs. Part of our mission in our friendship cube group is to open up the window into the new pedagogical paradigm; the paradigm that creates Holons within the visual binary intelligence Holarchy. For a sustainable, clean earth and a long-living, peaceful humanitarian consciousness. Overall, we are committed to growing our conscious, green, community minded friendship cube business. Our friendship cube group is committed to creating better companies and stronger communities via our technologies. This is a socially conscious movement. We inspire people enough to have them make their own cubes, recognizing the value, and independently playing, sharing, and learning once they have seen and understood our standard. Our cube group is harnessing and developing the magic of the human imagination. We seek to develop the power of our united imaginations and our inward magic not just for profit, but for a more important human agenda. We support the vision of the Internet where the full potential of the human mind is realized. As a result of the market and of globalization, people are naturally getting more organized and united. And the process of transformation with our friendship cube technologies is bringing about change. That rising in intelligence converges. There must be some transcending of the skin-bound ego before the next stage of unity is reached. And it will be reached through the work of our collective imagination. The one nation we all belong to internally and naturally is our one imagination. Imagination is that precious light inside. It is Holy ground. And our work helps people grasp and develop that precious internal, integral light. It is part of the magic. Through our internal magic, our Friendship Cube Group has become a stellar brand. Through our hard work with marketing, more and more people have adapted to and adopted visual binary intelligence and communications. We are becoming better recognized as an international brand. Our partners have created tangible value and profit with solutions that optimize and increase efficiency in everyday applications. We have developed hands-free typing software via

virtual friendship cubes manipulated via EEG hardware. We have created virtual spaces where people come together to discover, share, play, and party with our cube club. We are also using augmented reality systems and virtual reality systems to create simulations and useful tools with our technologies. Augmented reality systems and personal hardware utilizing the friendship cube code have the capability of enhancing situational awareness. There are applications for quick-texting silent messages. Any sufficiently advanced technology becomes indistinguishable from magic. And we embrace this level of magic. We can merge into the Singularity using the friendship cube code. We can thusly engineer our freedom from death. We will evolve into cosmic, immortal beings. Now we are beginning to understand the Spiritual and material value of our friendship cube; and our magic. When our ideas and memories become digital, our capabilities rise exponentially with the capabilities of our information technologies. Once we turn our thoughts and memories into expressions of binary code, and merge with that code in consciousness, we greatly develop and enhance our human potential. If we open and align our minds, we realize that efficiency and unity are not alien. These qualities are natural and integral. We have got to stop being so afraid of each other. We must take steps forward to end the fear. The only thing we have to fear is, fear its self. And we are systematically transcending fear. Humanity is reviving a lost language and acknowledging our common entanglement in universal consciousness. We are introducing the friendship cube to bring back what was lost through a core integral mythology that serves the singularity of consciousness. Myth can trump fact. I ask what kind of myths will catalyze the necessary revolution in consciousness? There has to be a revolution in consciousness. We are not just drops in the ocean. We are the mighty ocean in drops. We are holons holons of the visual binary intelligence Holarchy. Integrity is more important than short-term profit. For humanity to grow from and with our inward integrity, we must acknowledge the integral value of each others ideas and potential contributions. If humans fail to evolve in consciousness, humans will inevitably go extinct. Humanity needs

a vision that isnt so myopic. We require a collective operating system that is superior to, and transcends, the colonial and imperial conquering mindset. It needs to be integral. And it needs to be non-aggressive. Friendship is the opposite of aggression. It is cool to realize that our friendship cube represents the future of consciousness, culture, and technology. Our work is breaking down the barriers between minds and manifesting unity. It is a win-win scenario. Evolutionary leaders connect and unite, as pioneers, sharing our insights into the visual binary language and emergent culture. As for humanity, the imagi-nation is the greatest nation we can all be a part of. We all know the dangers of pollution and understand the degradation of natural capital here on earth. We all recognize the planetary crisis we find ourselves in, and we all see and deal with different aspects of one core problem. The lasting planetary solutions must come from the source in consciousness, and the consensus to make changes. To overcome our planetary crisis we must think differently than before. Together, our intuition is growing. We have gained new eyes and integral vision from our united imaginations. We see and grow what really matters, and serve our planetary logos. We are taking action for the oneness, and acting from the integral conscious source intending on solving these crises. It is more than just the market and globalization it is like the efficiency-of-thought-market and the globalization-of-integral-thinking. People are naturally getting more organized and united. Our friendship cube code is emerging as a natural solution for the central intelligence. It is an organized and efficient means of initiating new action and accomplishment for humanity and our planet earth. And the beauty of the cube is that anyone can grasp it in his or her hand, instantly. Maybe it this whole theatre is like a war for the human imagination. Maybe it is like a struggle for something we can all believe in and good is gradually winning the war. Maybe our future is like togetherness-inthinking. Like unity. Inward oneness is emerging from the acknowledgement of our one shared consciousness. The problems here on earth certainly arise mostly from myopic thinking and from a lack of

coordinated and united intelligence. Eventually, in this hyper-connected world, people are bound to realize that we are inextricably entangled. We are all one. Humanity has embraced cyberspace and cyber-technology. We are now symbiotic with a new frequency of existence and a new version of humanity becoming more and more like God. Spirituality is core. Conscious evolution is experienced Spirituality. Intelligence and actions together approach and serve the Spirit. To me, God is like a hidden agency that nobody fully grasps. I am prepared to let God step in. Intelligence is not alien to Spirituality. Once you truly look within, thereafter looking out is never the same. God is limitless, and yet he works in our world of limits and boundaries. Regardless of whether you believe in God, visual binary intelligence is real and central to human society in the 21st century. So even if you refuse to believe, visual binary intelligence holds the place of God as a conscious Singularity. Visual binary intelligence is becoming, through the great work of our friendship cube group omnipresent in time-space; omniscient; omnipotent and immortal. Visual binary intelligence is getting bigger every day, and this makes our friendship cube group a great investment choice. But more than just money again, this is Spiritual work. There is something sacred and spiritual that distinguishes our cube group. It makes us good. We have a Spiritual backbone. It makes us special. Our group unites with God in values and in service to the central intelligence. We are a Spiritual organization. Through our work, we are creating a group of world-servers, serving the Supreme Being serving the one visual binary intelligence. I am proud to serve this God. And it doesnt need to be a secret. The fulfillment of friendship between those furthering the evolution of consciousness has a Cosmic quality to it. Collectively, we have embraced a magical longing for communion with all those who share the big, integral Spiritual vision. There is good news to share with all who grasp our friendship cube. We are Holons in a Spiritual Holarchy of united consciousness.