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Nama: SULIT 1119/1 Bahasa Inggeris Kertas 1 September/Oktober 1 jam

Kelas :

Kertas 1 Satu jam tiga puluh minit

JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU Arahan 1. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 50 soalan. 2. Jawab semua soalan di kertas soalan ini juga.

Instructions 1. This question paper consists of 50 questions. 2. Answer all questions on this question paper.

Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 15 halaman bercetak 1119/1 (Lihat sebelah SULIT

SULIT Read the following questions then look at the information given to find the answer. Then, write the corresponding option A, B, C and D in the box provided to show the best answer. Section A Questions 1 and 2 Study the table below and answer the questions that follow. Type of reading material Teenagers Novels 70% Reference books 40% Foreign magazines 40% Local magazines 65% Malay newspapers 25% English newspapers 20% Adults 30% 40% 55% 25% 75% 65%

TABLE 1: SURVEY OF READERS' PREFERENCE IN READING MATERIAL, IN PERLIS 1 Which type of reading material is least popular among teenagers? A Local magazines B Novels C English newspapers D Reference books One of the conclusions that can be made from the survey is A Most teenagers prefer reading novels to newspapers B Most adults enjoy reading local magazines C Only a small percentage of teenagers read local magazines D Newspapers are popular among teenagers

Read the letter below and answer the question that follows. VARSITIES SHOULD OFFER ONLY DEGREE COURSES I would appreciate it if you could put my opinion and suggestion in your newspaper. I feel that all universities (public and private) in Malaysia should conduct only degree courses, and leave diploma and certificates courses to the polytechnics and colleges. It is time to upgrade the standards of local universities, and I believe this move will help to do that. Let all university professors teach degree courses rather than diploma courses. Kelly Lai Ipoh (Extracted from The New Straits Times, March 10, 2000) 3 What is the letter mainly about? A A request for polytechnics to teach degree courses B A suggestion for colleges to teach degree courses C An opinion that university professors should teach diploma courses D A suggestion that universities should offer only degree courses

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Questions 4 and 5 Read the signs below and choose the statement that best explains the sign. NO SMOKING ZONE 4 A B C D Only smokers are allowed in this zone. If you are smoking, please remain in this area. Smoking is not allowed in this area. Do not stop smoking in this zone. CASH TERMS ONLY 5 A B C D You must pay cash for your goods. You can buy now and pay later. You may use credit cards to pay for your goods You can cash your cheques at the counter.

Questions 6 and 7

Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.

Our four-year-old son came home one day with a sudden interest in gold fish. After the usual lecture on caring for them, I gave in. The next time we were in the city, I took him to a pet store, and he picked out three fish. While paying for the fish, a bowl and some other necessities, I asked the salesman how long a small can of fish food would last. He looked past me at my son, who was happily shaking the fish in the plastic bag. "Probably longer than the fish," he replied. (Adapted from Readers' Digest, May, 1993)

Why did the salesman say "Probably longer than the fish"? A The fish was kept in a plastic bag. B The can of fish would last long. C The boy was shaking the fish. D The fish was small.

" After the usual lecture on caring for them, I gave in." The phrase gave in in the sentence above means A B C D surrendered agreed submitted followed

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Read the passage below and answer the question that follows.

Chef Wan is no stranger when it comes to food. He has presented and hosted several television cooking programmes in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Australia. With over 10 years of experience as a professional chef, his current cooking show on Malaysia's TV stations has received tremendous response. Malaysia Airlines even bestowed him the title "Food Ambassador of Malaysia".

According to the passage, who gave Chef Wan the title "Food Ambassador of Malaysia? A Malaysia's TV stations B His fans in Singapore C Malaysia Airlines D Professional chefs

Study the chart below and answer the question that follows. MALAYSIAN EDUCATION FAIR ROADSHOW DATE TIME 28 February 1.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m. 29 February 11.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. 1 March 1.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m. 2 March 3 March 7 March GEORGETOWN SHANGRI-LA 11.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. HOTEL 1.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m. SUNGAI PETANI PARKAVENUE HOTEL 1.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m. PETALING JAYA ARMADA HOTEL 11.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. 1.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m. MELAKA RENAISSANCE HOTEL 1.00p.m. - 6.00 p.m JOHOR BAHRU PUTERI PAN 11.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. PACIFIC TOWN IPOH VENUE SYUEN HOTEL

8 March 9 March 10 March 11 March 9

Which of the following statements is not true about the roadshow? A The roadshow provides information on further education in Malaysia. B The roadshow will be held in some major towns in Malaysia. C The roadshow will be held in February and March. D The roadshow is held in the evenings only.

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Questions 10 and 11 Read the newspaper report below and answer the questions that follow.

JAKARTA, Sat. - Heavy rains doused forest fires on Indonesia's Sumatra island today, improving visibility and clearing the thick haze that had covered parts of the region. But smoke continued to drift eastward toward Singapore and Malaysia, stoking fears that this year's fire season could be a repeat of 1997, when thick smoke paralysed the region for months, threatening the health of millions in Southeast Asia. "We had really heavy rain yesterday afternoon and last night, so that probably helped quite a bit," said Shawn Daugherty, a mechanical engineer with Caltex Indonesia. He said the situation was "nowhere near what we had three years ago."

10 According to the report, what effect did the heavy rains on Sumatra have on the region? A They helped to clear the thick haze covering the region. B They paralysed the region for several months. C They threatened the health of millions of people in the region. D They helped to spread the forest fires. 11 What would be the most suitable title for the report? A Heavy Rains Cause Havoc In Sumatra B Haze Clears As Heavy Rains Douse Forest Fires C The Haze Returns To Singapore And Malaysia D Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Questions 12 and 13 Read the newspaper report below and answer the questions that follow.

MUADZAM SHAH, Sat. - Another pupil was killed by a failing goal post yesterday, just days after a similar accident claimed the life of a 14-year-old schoolboy. In yesterday's incident, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Muadzarn Shah pupil Julli Sari Osman, 17, and two friends were hanging from a goal post to warm up for their athletics training about 6.15pm. The goal post collapsed and fell on Julli's chest before hitting his face and neck. His two friends were unhurt. "Another pupil who witnessed the incident, identified as Puspanathan, rushed to seek help from a teacher," said Rompin district police chief, Superintendent Ismail Mat Sidek. "The teacher and other pupils took Julli to the Muadzarn Shah Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival at about 6.35pm."

12 In the news report above, how did the pupil die? A He died while warming up. B He hanged himself on the goal post. C A goal post fell on him. D He collapsed and died of chest pains.
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13 "The teacher and other pupils took Julli to the Muadzam Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival at about 6.35pm." Who do you think pronounced the pupil dead? A The Muadzarn Shah Hospital B His teacher C The other pupils D A doctor at the hospital Questions 14 and 15 Complete the following dialogue by filling in the blanks with the most acceptable form of the functions in the given situation. Kushairi Rahim Khusairi : : : Hi, Rahim. Have you registered for UPTEM? Not yet. I still can't make up my mind. I think the test is a waste of time and money. Idon't think so. (14) To express opinion If we get a good result, we can apply for matriculation before the SPM result is out. (15) To express anxiety I don't want to disappoint my father.


14 To express opinion A I think the test will be difficult. B I think the test is important. C We must pay RM20 for UPTEM. D We must take UPTEM whether we like it or not. 15 To express anxiety A I think the test will be easy. B I think I'll take the test. C I don't think I want to take the test. D D I'm afraid I might not do well in the test.

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Section B Questions 16 - 25 Read the following passage and fill in the blanks with the best and most appropriate answer. The only way to deal effectively with maid abuse is to give it maximum publicity and to ensure that the culprits be punished to deter others 16 committing such foul acts. Otherwise, these maids will have little or no protection from their violent employers.

They can of course get in touch with their embassies for help 17 they can get in touch with the world outside. The quickest form of relief is to enlist the assistance of 18 neighbours and the law enforcement agencies. 16 A B C D from against for by 17 A B C D provides provided providing provide

18 A B C D

concerned friendly generous happy

The tragedy is that too many of the neighbours where such wanton acts take place prefer 19 remain silent. It is good that some of them are now prepared to report such cases. This is encouraging as such incidents can no longer be considered a private matter. 20 any act of a criminal nature should be regarded as of public interest as the welfare and safety of another human being is involved. 19 A B C D than to at into 20 A B C D In fact In case Although Besides

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Employers will have to be more 21 in dealing with such helpers. It is already quite traumatic for these maids to go to a foreign land and to leave their loved ones behind just to earn a living. Instead of showing understanding, some employers are treating them in a 22 manner. It is fair for employers to expect the maids to give their best 23 carrying out their duties. But due to a difference in culture and customs, there 24 bound to be some teething problems before these maids can settle down in their work. 21 A B C D caring considerate careful concerned 22 A B C D shabby bad rude shoddy

23 A B C D

at in of for



are is were was

25 A B C D

undertaken commmitted inflicted performed

Whatever mistakes these maids might have 25 , It is definitely wrong for them to be abused physically. Such acts are criminal in nature and those who do so should be dealt in accordance with the law. (Adapted from The Star, February 14, 2000)

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Section C Questions 26-30 Read the advertisement below and answer the questions that follow.

PUTRA PALACE KANGAR *PERLIS FOOD AND BEVERAGE SPECIAL PROMOTIONS "KOPI TIAM" Local Buffet Breakfast Bendang Coffee House 7.00 am - 10.00 am Effective 07/02/2000 VALENTINE'S SPECIAL SET DINNER Fortune Palace 14th Feb 2000 From: 7.00 p.m.- 12.00 p.m. Price: RM65.00ntt per couple Call now for reservations!! 04-9767755 extn 101 or 102 THE FAMOUS "SUNDAY STEAMBOAT" IS BACK!!!! Effective 5th March 2000 Every Sunday night BuffetStyle! Free Chinese tea!! Venue: Bendang Coffee House Time: 7.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m. Price: RM19.50ntt (Adult) RM10.00ntt (Child)

Only RM1.50NTT (PER ITEM) EVERY SATURDAY 'JOM PI BENDANG' Every Saturday, effective 12 Feb.2000 Time: 12.00noon - 2.30 p.m. At Bendang Coffee House Experience true Malay dishes Buffet and Hawker Style at only Price: RM18.50NTT (Adult) RM9.00NTT (Child) Plus free entrance to our fascinating swimming pool DON'T MISS IT!!! CALL US NOW 04-9767755 EXTN 7


Provide short answers to the questions below. 26 What is the advertisement about? ______________________________________________________________. (I mark) 27. Who is advertising the promotions? ______________________________________________________________. (I mark) 28. What do you get free with your 'Sunday Steamboat'? ______________________________________________________________. (I mark) 29. What should you do before going to the Valentine's Special Set Dinner? ______________________________________________________________. (I mark) 30. Which one of the promotions is not in buffet style? ______________________________________________________________. (I mark) (5 marks) Questions 31-35 Fill in the blanks with information from the advertisement. Marks will not be awarded for words which are grammatically incorrect or wrongly spelt. After obtaining their SPM results Tan, Gayasiri, Linda and Afifi planned to celebrate Their success in the examination together. Gayasiri who loved Chinese cuisine wanted to savour the famous 31 ________________ _______________ which is served at the Bendang Coffee House 32 ________________ ______________ every Sunday night. With a free Chinese tea served for every dish, they would only have to pay 33 ______________ per person. However, Linda would only be free on Saturdays. Everyone in the group knew that Linda often went for hot and spicy food especially Malay dishes. So, obviously, 34 _____________ _______________ ____________ would be a better choice. To avoid making hasty decisions, the group asked Afifi to obtain more information by calling 35 ________________ . Then, the four friends would meet again to decide their next move. (5 marks)


Section D Read the passage below and answer the questions that follows. 1 It's Saturday morning. And half the children in the affluent world are doing what they usually do Saturday mornings: watching TV. The 20th century electronic baby-sitter is exposing little children to sales pitches. The little ones in turn will do the job of the advertiser by pestering parents to buy, buy, buy! Advertisers, of course, seek to reach through the child's brain into the adult pocketbook. From the moment children begin to watch commercial TV they are programmed for a life of active consumption. Child directed advertising encourages children not only to buy, but it may also lead children into potential conflict with parents' values. 2 Some parents question whether advertisers should be allowed to aim their 10 messages at young children. Many simply allow children to make purchasing decisions - like footwear and clothes - at an ever-young age. Parents often feel pressured about products that to them may be of poor quality, non-nutritious or potentially hazardous. They want their children to learn to see through sales techniques, become less influenced by advertising methods, and be more able to make wiser consumer decisions. 3 We need to understand what advertising is and how to understand it. Advertising is a science designed, mainly, to attack people's weak spots. At the very least, children may be presented an incomplete picture of reality. Toys and highly sugared foods account for the majority of child-directed advertising. And researchers say most children cannot see through advertising techniques until they are about 10 to 12 years old. Why are cartoons shown on Saturday mornings? Because they result in the biggest profits for the television stations. Saturday morning is prime time for children's programming. They are the only market that can be attracted to the TV screen at that time. To be fair, advertising that is informative, imaginative, tasteful and appealing can be helpful. But advertising that manipulates the vulnerable minds of young children to accept shallow values is wrong! 25 20 15 5 1

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Advertising is bad because it teaches false values. By emphasizing a life based on "getting things" through instant gratification, there is an erosion of the true values of outgoing effort and concern, discipline and responsibility. It also encourages selfishness. This fostering of desire for "things" encourages people to want more instead of trying to be more the way decent people should be. Moreover, it corrupts personal relationships. The sexual exploitation of women in advertising is contributing to the growing failure of true man-woman relationships. To show that "love" is dependent upon some gadget (deodorant spray, soap or toothpaste) is misinformation and a simplification of life's complex interpersonal attitudes.



Since advertising is here to stay, parents should teach their children the truth about advertising methods. They should explain what the advertiser is doing in his message. They should also demonstrate the effect of background music by turning off the volume completely. Children should be shown how special lighting and close-up shots exaggerate size. That is why some toys are not as shiny or as big once you see them. Parents should also explain marketing psychology. Why does an attractive swimsuit-clad girl lean on a car to sell it? How come actors make out the food they taste seems so delicious? Parents have to illustrate how everyone appreciates physical attractiveness, fun, friendship and excitement, and that advertisers use these natural desires to sell their products. Parents need to clarify that these desires are natural, but the belief that buying the products will somehow also satisfy such desires is wrong.




It is important to show to them the real meaning of words. Children are prone to literally believe what they see, that a certain brand is the "best", "fastest", the "sweetest". Parents need to help them see through these claims. Children need to know that words used in advertising sometimes only tell part of the truth, and often induce one to draw wrong conclusions. Older children may resent being preached at. Hence by thinking out loud about advertisements with which they disagree, parents can get their point across without specifically addressing anyone in particular. It is also important that parents explain why they disagree with the advertisement. Parents should not be afraid to repeat their message often. After all, how many TV commercials are only shown once? 60 55

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Some advertising is very informative. Children should be taught how to recognize useful advertising. They need to be shown the value of checking out consumer magazines, survey reports and special product reviews. Parents should also be firm against advertising pressures when they take their children shopping. They should not feel bad about saying no before going shopping. Knowing what is in the best interest of their children and their budget, parents can avoid a continuing battle against young wills when the children want something they do not approve of. Parents should give short and clear reasons why an item cannot be bought both before going shopping and on the spot where the item is displayed. 70 65

As a society we have drifted into a greater commercialization of childhood. We have allowed advertisers to aim their messages at progressively younger potential customers. It will now take a deliberate effort to reverse that trend. We need to take the initiative and reduce the influence that clever advertising has upon far too many young children and adults.



(Adapted from an article by Graemme J. Marshall in The Plain Truth, Nov./Dec. 1986)

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Questions 36 - 50 Answer the following questions. You are advised to answer them in the order set. 36 According to the writer, how do some children spend part of their weekend? ____________________________________________________________. (1 mark) 37 Some products "may be of poor quality, non-nutritious or potentially hazardous." (line 12). Explain what hazardous means here. ____________________________________________________________. (1 mark) 38 What products are commonly advertised for children? ____________________________________________________________. (1 mark)

39 "Because they result in the biggest profits for the televisions" (line 21). What does they in the sentence refer to? ____________________________________________________________. (1 mark) 40 Which sentence in paragraph 3 shows that the writer does not totally believe that advertisements are bad? ____________________________________________________________. (1 mark) 41 Why is advertising bad? Give 2 reasons. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ (2 marks) 42 What is the effect of sexual exploitation of women in advertising? ____________________________________________________________. (1 mark) 43 Parents should teach their children the truth about advertising methods. Mention any two ways as suggested in paragraph 5. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ (2 marks) 44 advertisers use these natural desires to sell their products" (line 45-46) What are these natural desires? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ (2 marks)

45 Why is it important to show children the real meaning of words? ___________________________________________________________. (1 mark) 46 How can parents get their message across without facing resentment from their older children? ____________________________________________________________. (1 mark)
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47 Some advertising is very informative. Give 2 examples. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ (2 marks) 48 Why should parents be firm with their children when they take them shopping? ____________________________________________________________. (1 mark) 49 What does the writer want us to do in the last paragraph? ____________________________________________________________. (1 mark) 50 Find words or phrases in the given paragraphs which mean the same as the words or phrases given below. i) target (paragraph 2) _________________________________ . ii) immediate satisfaction (paragraph 4) _________________________________ . [2 marks] [ 20 marks]


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JAWAPAN KERTAS MODEL 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 11. 12. C A D C A C B C D A B C 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. D B D A B A B A B D B B B

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