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Grading Rubric for “Ah, Humanity!” Essay

Analysis and Thesis Textual Topic Introductio Formatting

interpreta- Statement Examples Sentences n and
tion of Conclusion
and conflict
4 Essay cogently Thesis Textual Paragraphs Intro is 12 point font
and carefully statement is examples are include highly cogent, double-spaced
analyzes how precise and highly effective topic contextual- one-inch
the novel’s effective; it is appropriate and sentences at or izes the issue margins
characters and thoughtful or especially near the and smoothly grammar and
conflicts can be provocative fitting for the beginning of and logically punctuation
interpreted as and focuses on context. paragraphs; leads into the exceed CIM
making some a major Evidence topic sentences thesis; standards.
statement statement clearly are clearly conclusion is Page numbers
about humanity about humanity explained and connected to careful and are noted
that the novel tied back to thesis effective; correctly
makes thesis answers the
“so what?”
3 Essay analyzes Thesis Textual Paragraphs Intro briefly 12 point font
and interprets statement is examples are include contextual- double-spaced
the characters effective; it appropriate and effective topic izes the one-inch
and conflicts focuses on a fitting for the sentences at or issue; lead-in margins
but not major context. near the to the thesis grammar and
necessarily statement Usually tied beginning of unsubtle; punctuation
with nuance about humanity back to thesis. paragraphs; conclusion is meet CIM
and not that the novel Evidence is topic sentences effective and standards.
necessarily makes explained, but are connected careful; Page numbers
with consistent not always to thesis briefly, are noted
cogency thoroughly. answers the correctly
“So what?”
2 Essay attempts Thesis state- Textual Paragraphs do Intro. Margins,
to analyze and ment is not examples are not always attempts to spacing and
interpret effective. It not always include topic contextualize font do not
characters and attempts to appropriate or sentences at or issue, but conform to
conflict, but focus on a fitting for the near the does so standard.
lacks major context. Rarely beginning of unevenly; Grammar and
understanding statement tied back to paragraphs; conclusion punctuation
or cogency about humanity thesis. topic sentences lacks a sense meet CIM
that the novel Evidence is not attempt to of importance standards.
makes but consistently connect to of your Page numbers
does so explained. thesis findings are not noted
inadequately or correctly
without clarity
1 Essay makes Thesis Textual Paragraphs do Intro is Handwritten.
little or no statement is examples are not include ineffective; Grammar and
attempt to ineffective or not appropriate topic sentences conclusion punctuation
analyze and non-existent or fitting or are or they are does not do not meet CIM
interpret an nonexistent. vague in their indicate
Page numbers
characters and Evidence not connection to implications
are not noted
conflicts adequately thesis of your
explained findings
Grading Rubric for “Ah, Humanity!” Essay