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Nokia Command List

NOKIA COMMANDS:< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace=""> Hot Keys: Ctrl + B Ctrl + Y Alarm monitoring: ZAHO; ZEOL:#; ZEEI:BCF=#; displays current active alarms in actual MSC and BSC only displays active alarms on BCF (BCF = Site Manager or CF) displays the operational state of the site

repeats last and previous commands on the MML interrupts current command being typed or run

ZEOH:date,time:BCF=#; displays alarm history for site for the date and time listed ZAHO:ET,#; ZAHP:ET,#; ZEEL:BL; displays current alarms for that ET (PCM) displays alarm history for that ET displays locked Sites, Sectors and TRXs on BSC

Checking External Alarms: ZEFO:BCF#:iop;

Investigating Clear Codes: ZTUT:CLR; displays current clear codes on the MSC


displays latest history of clear codes

Canceling Bogus alarms on a Site: (Perform both commands) ZEOR:#:alarm #; ZEFR:#:OMU; cancels alarm on site resets the OMU (Operations and Maintenance Unit)

Canceling Bogus alarms on a BSC: ZACC:####; in ZACA:####; cancels the alarm using the consecutive # in which it came cancels the alarm using the alarm identifier #

Locking and unlocking a Site: ZEFS:bcf #:L; ZEFS:bcf #:U; locks entire Site without Forced Handover unlocks entire Site

Locking and unlocking Sectors: ZEQS:BTS=#:L; locks entire sector down without Forced Handover

ZEQS:BTS=#:L:FHO,#; shuts down entire sector with Forced Handover ZEQS:BTS=#:U; unlocks entire sector

Locking and unlocking TRXs: ZERS:BTS=#,TRX=#:L; locks TRX down without Forced Handover


shuts down TRX with Forced Handover unlocks TRX

Resetting the Site or OMU: ZEFR:#:SITE; ZEFR:#:OMU; restarts SITE restarts OMU

Bouncing Lap Ds on a Site: ZDTI:::PCM=#; ZDTC:lap d #:BL; ZDTC:lap d #:WO; displays Lap D channels for entire site blocks desired Lap D channel places Lap D channel in working state

Error Checking on an ET (PCM): ZYMO:ET,#; ZYEU:ET,#:SLIDL=5; checks error counter for specific ET resets error counter for specific ET

Querying the # of calls on a site: ZERO:BTS=#; ZERO:BTS=#,TRX=#; displays all calls on desired sector displays all calls on desired TRX only

Sparing or Rolling a BCSU:


displays what BCSU the SP was previously on displays what BCSU the BL condition is on spares the BCSU with the BL condition on it executes the command

Statusing Timeslots: ZEEL::BCF=#; Status the timeslots on a BCF

Status ET alarms on a BSC ZAHP:ET,:::; Show all ET's that are in alarm

Taking an ET out of < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" prefix="st1" namespace="">Seperated State ZUSC:ET,#:SE; (SE-NH) Will place the ET in a Separated - No Hardware state

Status session for User ID and commands: ZIGO: Displays commands run for BSC on specific date and time.

Reloading software on a site: ZEWV:BCF #:BU; Reloads the software on a BCF

Checking OMC alarms: Open a terminal and telnet to the IP Log in Run the following command: df k

Taking an ET out of BL state: ZUSC:ET,#: WORKING BLOCKED TEST SEPERATED SEPERATED-NO HARDWARE Go back up the tree to get it back into Working

Rolling the BCCH on a Sector: ZDTI:::PCM=#; on ZDTC:lapd:BL; ZDTC:lapd:AL; ZDTC:lapd:WO; ZDTI:::PCM=#; ZDTC:lapd:AD; ZDTC:lapd:BL; Find out what TSL the radio is on that you want the BCCH Block the TSL on the radio that the BCCH is going to Allow activation of the TSL that the BCCH is going to Brings TSL to a working state that the BCCH is going to Find out what TSL the radio that HAD the BCCH is on Deny Activation of the TSL that HAD the BCCH on it Block the TSL that the BCCH was on


Brings the TSL to a working state

GPRS Command

CEll Barred Command: ZEQO:BTS=#:CEL;

Measurment Data Command


Who locked it: ZIGO:YYYY-MM-DD,HR-MN::CMD=:FORMAT=:;

RUN DIAGNOSTICS TEST< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoftcom:office:office" prefix="o" namespace=""> Zqus:bcf=xx; Then type TOP and hit enter 9 for testing and hit enter 7 for run test and hit enter Once you get printout (No Diagnostic Faults) Type Top and hit enter 1 for fault display and hit enter Should get True (OK) Exit and you will be back out of TRUE card.