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Feb 1 2013 Objective: to learn how to find the empirical formula when the molecular formula and the

experimental mass are given. Preclass: Define molecular formula, compare this to empirical formula. Give some examples o each. See page 244 Agenda: 5 mins preclass 15 minutes lecture 20 minutes practice problems.

PbS - Galena

the molecular formula = the empirical formula of Galena

Acetic acid: Molecular formula C2H4O2 Empirical formula CH2O What is the ratio of the molecular to the empirical?

Formaldehyde: Molecular formula: ? Empirical formula CH2O experimental mass is 30.03 grams what is the molecular formula?

Glucose: Molecular formula C6H12O6 Empirical formula =

C9H18N6 is an anticancer drug called altremine. What is its empirical formula? Benzene a known carcinogen, has molecular formula of C6H6 What is its empirical formula?

Sample problem H page 245 Determine molecular formula from empirical formula Given: empirical formula = P2O5 Molar mass = 284 g / mol molecular formula?? first find molar mass of empirical formula. P2 = 2X 30.97g = 61.94 g O5 = 5 X 16.00 g = 80.00 g molar mass of P2O5 = sum = 141.94

Sample H continued solve for n the factor multiplying the empirical formula to get the molecular formula. n= experimental molar mass molar mass of empirical formula n = 284 g/mol 141.94 g/mol = 2

Objective: To review problems from Chapter 7 for quiz on chapter 7 next week on Thursday. Do now the problem assigned to you on the paper I give you. Do these 4 problems now. They will be graded as a quiz.You must show all the work. Page 253 # 60, #62, 65, 70a Bonus: For one of your problems explain completely how you did one of them.

Multiply the empirical formula by this number to get the molecular formula. 2 (P2O5) = P4O10

Try page 245 # 1,2,3,

N2O4 is the molecular formula for dinitrogen tetroxide. It is a rocket propellant but it is also found in smog. What is its empirical formula?

Iso octane has a molecular formula of C8H18 what is its empirical formula?

10 period Homework Page 254 # 65 - 69 please show all the work. For the first problem explain all the steps you are taking.

2013 January Chapter 7 Objective: Be able to find the molecular formula from an empirical formula and the mass of the molecular formula. Preclass: Calculate the molar mass of each o these compounds: H2O CO2 Fe2(SO4)3

Exit ticket: With the person next to you, make a Frayer model for one of these vocabulary words. Molar mass, empirical formula, mole, or percentage composition

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