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Paper feel thin? We think so, too.

The Plainsman “We have been speaking about this internally for a while now, but our hands are essentially

is dying, and
tied, and it is time to hear some outside voices.”
-The Auburn Plainsman Editorial Board

we thought We feel this decline in coverage isn’t because portunities for the undergraduate students

of a lack of effort from the students who come who work to sell advertisements around the
Editorial Board
in weekly to volunteer for the publication, but Auburn area.
Kristin Oberholzer
because of the failure of the business side of Because The Plainsman’s business staff, Editor
the newspaper to generate revenue. under the guidance of the general manager,
We have lost confidence in the current is not and has not been selling a sufficient Alex Scarborough-Anderson
management of the business side to reverse number of ads, we have been publishing pa- Managing Editor

should know. this dangerous trend. While these are hard

economic times, we believe new manage-
ment of our business operations is needed
pers of decreasing page count, out of pocket,
for several years.
If we continue to operate as we do now,
Natalie Wade Kevin Saucier
Our View Copy Editor Opinions Editor
now. It is because of this belief, we feel our The Plainsman will be unable to support
This is not about us, the current Plains- general manager should be replaced by itself within two years. Lindsey Davidson Mallory Boykin
man staff. those who hired her. The Plainsman is an important training News Editor Campus Editor
This is about salvaging The Auburn If we, the editorial staff, had the ability ground for the industry in which students are
Plainsman’s future as both a learning lab to make this change, it would have been about to enter, and to deprive them of this Lauren Smith blake larsen
for journalism students and a reliable news done without any publicity. But because we entity would seriously cripple the journalism Intrigue Editor Sports Editor
source for the students, faculty and alumni have exhausted our efforts to resolve this in program.
of Auburn University. house, in the interest of the future health of So now you know where we stand, but we Jon David Schein
Photo Editor
For the past few years, this paper has been The Plainsman, we feel compelled to make need to hear from you.
on a decline, and we think you have noticed. our concerns public. We have been speaking about this in-
Every week we hear conversations and The Plainsman has been an independent ternally for a while now, but our hands are Our View
receive calls from students who do not feel organization since 1984. Because we no essentially tied, and it is time to hear some The opinions expressed in this ed-
we are adequately serving them as a news longer take Student Activities Fees from the outside voices. itorial represent the views of the
outlet. We hear people asking each other University, this valuable service we provide What do you miss about The Plainsman? nine Editorial Board members
why we covered event X instead of event Y. to you, the students, faculty and staff, comes What events have we missed? Send letters and do not necessarily reflect the
We know you miss Joe/Jane Random, the at no charge to you. and e-mails to us at editor@theplainsman. Auburn University student body,
crossword puzzle and sudoku, and it boils With that being said, we rely on the com, Dean of Students Johnny Green at faculty, administration or Board
down to a matter of space, specifically a lack leadership of the general manager to create deangreen@auburn.edu and President Jay of Trustees.
of it for us to use. revenue for our paper and to create job op- Gogue at jgogue@auburn.edu.

A Spirit That Is Not Afraid

The Auburn Plainsman Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vol. 115, Issue 19
16 Pages


Thursday’s vote ELECTION D Y

to decide increase

in students’ fees
By BRITTNEY “Look at our student act
WILLIFORD right now,” Hayes said. “You
Associate Campus Editor really get what you pay for.
We think if we were able to
Students have a voice in get $50, and eventually $200,
the plans for the new Recre- we’re going to have a state-
ation and Wellness Center in of-the-art facility and one of
Thursday’s referendum vote. the best in the nation that we
If the referendum passes, can be proud of.”
Auburn’s Student Activity The facility, which will pro- BRUNS DAVIS WATKINS
Fees will increase gradually vide 360,000 square feet of
to fund the center, scheduled recreation space, will be con-
to open in spring 2012. structed around the existing VICE PRESIDENT SGA elections are today, TREASURER
“What the referendum ba- Student Activities Center.
sically is asking is if we are University architect Greg and it’s up to you to vote.
willing to raise our fees, be- Parsons said if the referen-
ginning next year, $50 per se- dum passes, the next step Visit AU Access from
mester,” SGA President Lau- will be to set the budget.
ren Hayes said. “Those fees “It will be one of the three 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. to
would go up annually by $50 largest projects we have cast your vote.
until it caps off at $200.” done,” he said.
Auburn students pay $7.50 The architects will also
per semester toward the Stu- work to complete the con-
dent Activities Center.
Auburn has the lowest fee
cept and schematic design.
Parsons said the design is MISS AUBURN
in the SEC, while other SEC about 25 percent completed,
schools’ fees range from $75 and should be finished this
to $180, according to the summer.
Campus Recreation Web site. Construction could begin
Hayes said the increase in
fees would help create one of For the complete story, go to
the top recreational facilities www.theplainsman.com

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