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The GoingSosthLc\tute

PERSONaT rclt1.r ElrT 6TTf

l'llnever forget lsi lime I sowthe'Thought Across" performed. Joyperformed version lhe Cord Riclq o of it on the DinoShore Showmonyyeors ond it blewmy mind!| hod obsolutely ideohowihe ogo no trick hod beendone, ond could ihink little forlhe next hours. of else few Theplotwos simple enough. Ricky o deckof cords. hod whichif memory ond serves, exomined wos shuffled Dino. by Ricky culoffoboui15to 20 cords lhen whichhe thenfonned focingDinosolhoi she couldmokeon obsolutely mentol free choice onyoneol them. thensquored lhe cords of He up from which seleciion beenmqde lhe hod ondoloced themdowninfullview. whot Onlvlhen heoskDino did lhe cordwosthotshehod menlolly selecled lhenhodherlook He through cordstholherselection the wos from,ond lTWAS GONEI ottentionl wos okeodydifferent This then lNowhe hod my undivided onylhing I hodeverseen.) ihenhodihe reslof thedeckspreod else He wos onecord out,ond lhere reversed. removed ondlurned over- il wos hercqrd! She it it lwos dumbfounded. Using regulor o deck, howcould merely someone THINK o cordond he let of iusi hoveit "invisibly" fromonebunch trovel ofcords onolher. to before selection idenlified? the wos Getting pilelo onother bod enough, wos "pretty thecordfromone wos sure"he didn'lpolmonycords), bnt ll howihe hellcould knowexoclly he whotwosthemenlolly selected cord? I ronit overondoverin my mind, lo noovoil. bul lhen lhe fomous quoiolion Sherlock Holmes cometo mind- "eliminote impossible, lholwhich the ond remoins, motler no howincredible, beihetruth." musl Aflero while,ii suddenly downed mewhotHADTOHAVE on HAPPENED, I wosn'tsureHOWHE but HADDONE Some lTl doysloter, lfound lhe version Ricky usedin the book,'TheCordMogicof E.G. "HAD HAVE Brown".wos righioboutwhot I TO HAPPENED,"didnl feelthe method bul wos suited o to klulz wilh o decklikeme. Aflero few moreweek of reseorch, ocross I ron olhermefhods, for one reoson onoiher, buf or none reolly lo oppeoled me,so lpulon theol'thinking ondmethod "PersonolAtlochment" born. cop, for wos EmCT:Youosksomeone remove cordsfrom hisown deck,ond hondlhem lo you.He mqy io 20 choose cordslhol he wishes, yourequesl Aces, ony bui lhot Jokers, ony olhercqrd he fuelsmoy or siondoul psychologicolly theolhers ovoided. reg oflhe deckis putoside. lrom be The Youfon thecords fqceup ond oskif he is hoppy withlhem.Closing fhe{on,youexploin he is up thqt io lHlNKofo number between ondi0. Youstote youwillshowhiml0 cords. lhenslotethol, I lho't You for exomple, he lhought the number he is lo remember 3rd cordlhot youshowhim.lf he iI of 3, the lhought 8, he isio remember 8lhcordshown. of lhe Holding 20 cordsin yourrighthond,youpeel the off onecordol o iimewilh yourlefthond, counling fromI to t0 os yougo. Atterhe ocknowledges he you hoso cordin mind, ploce l0 cords the fromyourlefthondlocedownon thelobleto yourleft. the remoining cords ploced l0 ore oboulo foolotfto therighiot theothers. Younowoskihe speclolor ifyoumoyborrow ilemlhoi hospersonol on significqnce him,suchos o tor piece iewelry, keepsoke, goodluckpiece. of o or Before hondsil over,he is to holdii tightly ond he concenlrole hismenlolselection. on you When is honded ii over, holdil ond seemlo be'feelingits vibes". lhenploce on lhe leflpileoI l0 cqrds conioins mentolly You it lhoi his selecled cord.

Brocc Bernstcin
"reoding" 'A COID his you You READING). thenoskhimlo move Before conlinuing, givehimo shorl lsee pile, whileimogining hiscordisfrovelthol his cordto theolher obiect fromfhepileconloining seleded you focedown,theomouniof cordsin lhis ingolongwithii. When hosbeendone, oskhimto count, foce in 9 He thelelthondpile. THERE NOW ARE ONLY CARDS. isthento count, down,lhe cords lhe right lhe nqmeof his hondpile.THERE NOWll CARDs. thenosk him,Ior lhe lst lime,to reveol ARE You CARD VANISHED SELECIED HAS mentolly chosen cord.Yousmileondlhenshowhimlhol Hs MENTATLY pilefoceup ond spreod ihem.Inlhe middle the of PILE. turntherighlhond You FROM tEff HAND THE pilelSHlsCARDI lo lhot ALL THE The l{lElHOD: onlywoyfhisconbe doneislo switch OF CARDS wereshown ihe spectaquite io for some lime. tor!When reolized lchuckled mysell I lhis, you up gelyour little finger posilion, into solholwhen squore thecords, ihe lefl Asyouspreod 20 cords, obove wilhyourrighthond youwillhoveo litile Toke pocketfrom lhe lingerobove bottom cords. lhe 2 yourrighf finger. the with litlle ondtokeover breok cut your cords should excluded, lhemfo ihe bollom be ignores suggeslion obvious lhot llthespectoior "proper" pile. willlhenendup in lhe the 2 ofthefoceup cords. bottom cords of fromI to l0 osyoudo so.on ihe coun'l 10,youwilldo o wifhyourleftlhumb,counling Pull cords off swilch follows: os you fromyourlefthondbetween overlhe righthondpocket, griplhe cords As yourleftlhumbcomes yourrighthond. Ihenwilhyourrightmiddle yourrighllhumbond {ingers, fhe in direclly beneolh cords lhe ihe Your hondlhenpinches block left you the towords left. oll obove breok finger swing oflhe cords peoling of the the off yourlhumbondcorries owoy, simuloting previous lhem of cords thecrotch in of firsl9 cords. but oll cordfricl(withoul fhe woo-woo, I this PRESET{IAIION: Obviously, couldbe doneos o regulor personolizes presenlolion mokeit muchmorememoroble. useof lhe obiect The con feelthisslyleof This who wolching, the ond lhose lhe performonce, involves Porticulorly Person gefslhe reoding. will io wiihmenlolism, ihe useoflhe obiedolsooddso "logic" ihe but nol sound weirdlo onyone tomilior pilewilhhisselected fromlhe preseniotion. spedolor is ofo The lhoughi cord.ondos hisobiect moved thot "sympothefic you obouthimself And mogic", cordfollows. since hoveioldhimthings lhe cord,by do o TRICK Why weirddefinitely muslbe hoppening. iust youshouldn't oblelo know, something be whenyoucondo MAGIC?


The GoingSoathLe<tsle COIDREdDIIIG

The concepl Cold of Reoding probobly hos beenoround since beginning history. loctthotALl, the The of of us hovesimilor feorsond desires well knownomongihosewho sludyhumonnqture, we yet is persist feeling eochoI usore unique different everyone in thol ond from else. coldReoding developed serve o fromework builduponond embellish This wos to os to whentryin9 to deduce more specific in{ormolion. meonllobe os brood possible, li is yelolmoslonyone os should lind quife itsstolemenls occurqle. "lines" nolmeont be usedallot once, orelo be usedoslillermqteriol I tryto deduce These ore lo bui os more specilic informolion obouttheperson whomI om doingo reoding. for Reod ihrough following, prelending someone hosnever youistelling the ihoi yourself, who mel obout ond I lhinkyou'll surprised how occurote willfind it to be. Of course, goodColdReoder you be ot o wouldbe obleto deduce muchmoreoboulyouos lheysludyyourresponses hisstotements lo ond you thephysicolcues offer,{i.e., youaredressed, How bodylonguoge, etc.l THE RIEADI],IG: I sense you modest beginnings, ollhough werefor fromdespero'le. the normol for ond needs were met,youreolized quileo lenderoge,lhere ol wereolhers muchbetler offlhonyou. Then sense school I ploce you.Even otherchildren oboul, thot wos notolwoys pleosont o for with oll youwerestillolonein yourmind.li wos though weresetoportfromlhe olhers. you Luckily, didnl this prevenl somehoppiness goodinffuences enlering ond yourlife,events shoped yourloter from thot life greory. you Loier youreorly in childhood hodgreoldifficulfy moking choice over o concerning mofters impor of tonce you. Cought lo your belween urgeio slrike ond explore theneedforsecurity, mind lhe oul ond found hordlo knowwhofihe lrulhwos.'Should be lhis? it I Should do ihol?Howdo I moke right I the choice?" Finolly sifuolion lhe comefo o heod,ond it wos goodfhotyouhod thecouroge moke to ihe bestpossible choice, os growingup hos loughlyou,the otherchoicewouldhovebeenmuch for worse. foct,hod the wrongchoice In beenmode,youlife-style wouldbe so for removed fromyour presenl lhol vouwouldhoveholedit. one Alsoinleresl lhe opposile wos influencing life, bul olthough in your sex new horizons opened o up, greolmonynewdesires needs ond wereleftunfulfilled. Agoin, outside feorpeople ofo wouldseeinside yourormor ond seetholyouwerenlolwoys comos fortoble youocled, os lherewerenewinlerests monypeople your ond hoveinfluenced liielo thjsdoy. I sense onemon'sinfluence poriiculorly thol wos strong during lime. this Then sense stronge I o eveniloteron in yourlife.Youdiscovered q person lhol who youirusted ond "feeiof cloy" greolly looked to hod up ond wosn'treolly whoyouhodthoughl ihemfo be.This you left disillusioned modeyoulhinkthot ond you monyoflhe iudgments hod mqdeeorlier moyhove locked

Broce Bcrnstcin
qn inner moturity thofq chqnge perspeclive ond of wouldseemcolled for. period The next ofyourlifeheldmuchpromise hoppiness, on occosion of bui lherewerevogue discontents. morried)sense slightunhoppiness yourmqrrioge, so muchyourmote, reolly I o wilh not llf but oboulmorrioge iiself. Thoughls on offoirmight yourneeds your lhoi sofue hovepossed through mind. Moretimepossed ond I senseo dislurbing you, scene. incident An shocked ond o sironge Ieeling your you overtook bodymoking teeldizzy perhops physicolly I fhinkit offecied you ond weok, even ill. greoily, you ollhough rorely speokof it,ondyouhoveolmost repressed it. your Youoftenhovedoubts concerning own obililies, you reolized no oneelseconselthe until ihot rules you.ondtholyourown heollh for ond hoppiness weremoreimportontlhon ever. you.for You've become boredwith oll lhe gossiping, bockstobbing, politics theworldoround ond in youoren'i typelo go in for suchbehovior. the I olsosense youorethelypeof person thol whowouldrother workosyour ownboss rolher thonhove o porinerlo dow youdown,or workunder someone else. Youhove lendency tokelhings seriously, lry nofto lei il showonlhesurfoce. o lo loo bul People generolly yourside,ond theoneswho orenl con'thurtyoubytolkolone. ore on Yours nol ore reolly enemies. iuslpeople bul whoore ieolous. you lpickuptholthere someone no motter is fhol howhordyoutrylo pleose, findthem be indifferent lo pressures influlo you. Tholisnl reolly lrue,fheyoppreciole whotyoudo, bul ore underoulside ond ences iholloro whileore unlovoroble you. lo Finolly, lsense yourintuilion excellent lholyoudon'ttendto irustit. lfyouleorn getmorein thol is bui to yourinner youwillleorn iruslyourself louch wilh leelings, lo moreond more eoch doy. prefty O.K. lhough obovestotemenls iruetoriusiobouteveryone, the Even ore iheysure seemed occurote, didnlthey? you Obviously, oflhe"lines" thereoding loo "heow" usein q Mqgic mony in ore lo show, I think gei but iheideo. The moin trick lo putyoursell lhe minds is into ofyourspecific oudience. Whof would YOU lhinking be if youwereoneoflhem? piece iewelry, does lokeher lso womon whoyouosked picko cordweoring unusuol lo on ol ond she person, her lf ond limemqking decision? so, youmighisoy,l'm picking fhotyou're veryortisiic up o people think differenfiy monyof yourfriends. ofienlokedelighlin keeping ihon whoknowyouon You their loesby doing things onewouldeverexpecl. no lso mqnyouchose ossisl on effeci oflhosewhosiisquietly o corner, to in eveMhing in one observing
Poge 6

Tha @ng Swtl, Lc(late

lhof is goingon? You're o personwho lokeshis lime lo mokedecisions. nof thof you doubt lhe |rs you decisions moke,but ore lhe lype of person who likesto hoveos muchinformclion is possible os beforeyoudo. lnfocl, I hovelhe feelinglhol you've beenwoichingme likeon eogle,lryingto figureouf howI do lvhotldo.' f fhislypeof "Reoding' informoiion oppeols you, fo ihereoremonypublicolions ovoiloble fheMogic lo community will go i o greotdetoiloboutthisfoscinoling fhot studyof humon noture,ond outsideof mokingyour performonces more mogicol,will teoch you more oboul yoursetfond othersfhen you couldhovepossibly imogined.


Brsre Bchstain YOg AREWH6T EdTS YOO

"effecl" probobly This encouroges behoviolthot drives crozy, hell,since me but whendo Mogicions lel gel theirownsociol elhics in lhewoywhen theycomeup witho newirick, presentolion. or lf youore oneof lhosepeople whoiuslcon'thelpgiving odvice oboulhow unheolthy olher's lilestyles ore,ond jug howiheycongel heollhy, lhishickisforyou. fhen you potoiochips, lhot EmCT:There ore,woiching someone chowing downsomeBBQ flovored or yourconcem their stople ofpeople wholive thedietory on edge, chocolote ihe donulondsuddenly, for you bloodpressure, ond/orcholeslerol couses to leopinlooclion. level Informing dielory the heothen theinnocenl lhol looking munchie thotfhey enioying in octuolity ore is o ticking lime bomb,youpickup o couple thechipsin youremptyhond.Then, of whileexploining lhe serious effects too muchsohin one'sdiel,yousqueeze olfending of lhe chipsunlilo streqmof solt pouring ofyourhonduntilit comes out creotes whilepileof deolhin lroniof lhem. o presentolion theclossic I lhinkthotthismoywellbetheweirdesl METHOD: for effect, "Solt the Shower", fell since cocoine outoffovor. Allyouneediso rubberlhumb wilho smollXcuiinloil ondsomePopcorn (orsugor, tip soll dependingon youroudience) Fill thetip oboutholfwoywilhlhe soll,or sugor, up etc., stick on yourlhumb, it ondVou?e sel. Pickup o lew of the chipswilh your lefl hond, (ossuming oreraght you lhemon hondedl, ploce ond yourrighthond.Close yourhondoround thumb the ond the chipsond thensqueeze. Squeezing iip ihe willcouse X ihol wos cuJ lhetip to openup, the inlo ollowing soltio pouroui in o coniinuous lhe $reom. Allowpieces chips folldownolong of to withihe sqll to complete illusion squeezing solfout of lhe the of lhe chios. you of Obviously, prefer "donul" voriolion, loodthefhumbtip wilh sugorinsleod soh. ifyou lhe type you freoks", obviously con,(ondI bul I guessyoucon telllhot I hoveon ox lo grindobout"heolih youdo)presentlhiso lighihonded monner. thiswoy,youloo conlive longhoppy o recommend fhol in life! P.s. pqrticulorly NOT I recommend "there's muchFAT yourdiel"presentotion lhe, loo in DO - muchtoo orossl


T|neCoingSwth lnatue

swBouc l'tdTc]l
EFFECT: ungoffed Two decks E.s.P. of cords disployed. symbols seento be rondomly ore The disore tributed lhroughout deck. eoch Youpickup oneoflhe decks youexploin youore goingto lel lhe oudience os thot switch position the procedure: oflhe cords within eochdeckbylhefollowing You slowly will deolthrough deck, eoch dropping cordol o medownlo lhe toble.When chosen o one "srwifch", willverycleorly you speclolor collsoul swilch cordin yourhondwilh ihe nextcordto be lhe deoli. Thisisdoneos mqny osfewlimes wished. or os you procedure, Tobe perfectly cleor, proceed demonstroie switching lo the whichshows howlheposilionsotlhe swiiched cords indeed do chonge. An oudience member chosen colloui "swilch". deolfhrough deck swiiching is io You ihe whenever, ond os monylimesos lhe spedotor chooses. runthrough decko second You ihe lime,offering more oooortunilies lhe cords bes,witched. for lo A ditferent spectolor osked porlicipote. pickup the olherdeckond offerlhe spectotor is lo You lhe optionlo choose whenlo hoveihe cords swilched. loo is gjveno secondrun lhroughto swkh He somemore. you Inspifeof ollthisswiiching cords, nowturnoverthelop cordof eochdeck- lheymofch! of 'lhenyouiurnover next lhe thot cordoniopoleochdeck. They mofch. confinues, il isseen too This ond poir eochond every molches exqclly! 'The IIETHOO: efiect Ihis uses lechnique o entitled, Poul in Curry Swindle Swifch", published the firsl now out of print'PoulCurry Presents". lt olwoys omozes howfew mogicions menlqligs me ond ore oworeof it,ondeven ofthemuseit. less I wonfyoulo trylhisout.Geto deck cords remove Acelhrough them o{ ond lhe Nineofonyonesuii.Put in consecutive fromlhetopdown. order 2 3 4 5 7 I 9


Bro(e Bcrnstein
posilion, yourlefthond. in lhe locedown,in deoling >Hold cords push lop cordto lhe righloboulon inch. yourleftthumb, the >W-rth il >Toke offondholdittocedownwithyourrighthond. up >After pouse, itJoce onddropii on iheloble. o turn push nexlcordover, tokeif withyourrighthond ond your the >W'rlh leftthumb, lhe push nexicordover, ondthenslide cordfromyourrighihondholfwoy yourle{t thumb, lhe >Wrlh resl. lhe the cordonlop ihe lefthondpile,buiobove under iogged lurnlhemfoceup ond plocethemon top ond,os o unit, youi hond, tokelhelop lwo cords >vUrth right ol lhefoceup cordonfhefoble. position You'llnolicelhol lhe 2 ond the 3 hovenowsl^,/ilched bul whereil should, nowlhe 5 ond 6 hovebeens'witched' The the sequence. 4 goes Repeol obove oncemore.The7 is whereit wos, but fhe I ond 9 ore sequence Reoeot 'no s1,itch" "switch' lhe reposilioned. orderfromthetopdown. the cords should nowbefoceup onlhetoble,in fhefollowing 8 9 7 5 6 4 2 3 the chonged order.Now Putlhem bockin slroighl hovesignificonfiy Asyouconsee,thethreesr,/ilches order,loce downA to 9, os before. lo Nowyouoregoing be myspectotor. them "This the 'l'm putling intoo deeP fronce." limeleove cordsfocedownwhenyoupLtt you hypnolic "Deol obove' lhemoneot o timeos unlil on tobb -l don'iwoniyoufo seelhe resuhs we'refinished." As TIMES YoUUKt" YoUWSH- As MANY WHENEVER lhe this only iimeyoumoyswitch cords you whenever like.' 'Gothrough cords three timet ogoinsiwiiching lhe knowwhol order.lhe could I possibly you Betore iurnlhe cordsfoceup,lel me osk youo question. you'll whotI meon! see lhemfoceup, guess could, l con Turn bul l You cords in now? wouldn'l ore NOIHING CHANGED! HAs if Pretty coolhuh?Ihe cordsDOgei siwitched lheygel tumedfoce up os lhey ore deolt,bd if theyore

The GoingSoathLcfitrc
dropped loblefocedownnothing to hoppens! Nowyouhove bosicideq,butwholl'm proud iscoming withlhe concepf siocking cords lhe of up of lhe in lhe qct of demonstroiing howlhe siwitch works. Get2 decks E.S.P. of cords, youcouldusetheAcethrough ofonylwo suits. or 9 Putlhe two pilesin the someorder,so thot oll the poirsmolch.Dolhe obove swilch- switch" "no demonstrolion before. you os Mokesuae turnlhe cords FACE osyoudeollhem UP, down. Turn cords lhe focedown,ond ploce fhemofftotheside. Nowo reheorsol. Showlhe "mlredpile"to be in o rondom pile order. Toke unmixed ond do fhe lhe "demonslrotion sequence". yourimoginory Now oudience convinced the"switching" is procedure lhol yOUSWffCH isloir.Since bothpilesore nowin thesomeordet NOly'lAlltR HOW IIMES MANY CARDS, THE CARDS Att MATCH WIU I ll should be cleornow.lf youwishto ollerlhefoceup "demonshotion" oll sequence, do if wjfhone iusi groupof cords0he"mixed" pile)ond do it exoclly somewoywiththeother the pile. the lf usingE.S.P. cords.shuffleone of the decks,ond ihen pui the oiher in the some order.Do o "demonslrotion" sequence oneoflhemondproceed obove. wjfh os


BluceBcrnstein PEITN|ES ]lEFvEll FROl.l

geniuses In "scom" {one wos firslshownto me by JimSieinmeyer of thelruecreolive wonderful This q qgo Helhenpublished voriqtion yeqrs {our lo mogic),whenhe poido visit Mogictnc oround or five :;Mogic" of goes. hodleorned il fromDoug he Asthestory loyoui. usingo lriongulor Mogozine of itin of on who Henning hodseenit performed ihe streels lndio. in from2 104 pennies wilh formotion. onywhere in ore 13 EFFGCI: pileso{ pennies loidOUt q Squore oddsup of showlhoieochsideoflhe squore coins ond to eochpile. iou lhenproceed cleorly openly to lO.Oflhol,thereis no queslion. piles ol lo ond o, o Younowhqndo sPectqtor bunch extropennies oskhimio odd1coin onyof the13 lhol hosbeendone, After 11 one fhe tnot colns theywisn.Obviously. o.f sidesmuslnowconloin coins. oddedhosvonished! thecoinhe-iust pile You vouop"nfytnitttorn" penniesirom to pile. nowslotglhot ROW! lN ONLY lSSTILL l0 COINS EACH pennies eochside- THERE in i", oi,"nfi .ounttt'" omouniof you ony removing colns' withoul coinio 'l of thepibs As before, Aooin. oskthol he odd onothel vou on the You thot ond to shific;i;s fromI Dile qnother stofe thecoinhosvonished. counl coins eochside RoWl l0 oNLY colNs lNEACH ls fhe oJ souore THEREsTlLllhot ondthenproving ihe coin you obout coins oddingo coin, shifling of Thisorocedure lhe spectolor lime is thotwos iustoddedhosdisoppeored repeoted ondlimeogoin yet keep ihol.iiconl be possible' if you. know They this wolching isquileomusing on Theeffecl people witheochnew coinihol is ond through, iime to thinkthings up-rtr"r"tpd, |heydon'thoie enough so odded, doeslheirsloteof confusionl ond of oids,so gei o bunch coins follow with io This MEIHODT wiltbe mucheosier understond visuol monner: in Loy olong. oulthecoins ihe following


.----V E !..?a"..l::.

F (.']:l'-,:}



The Going Soafl, Lecfire

4 hove coins corners conseelhe2 opposiie AS YOU 1::t" in resPectivelyeochpile I coinond 2 coins -t-:9f piles eochsidehove-eqch of 2 JJ.,1". ...f, cotns In in pile Theol!:l totn"" nouu '

"if".if.r" lheywillodd up to 10. squore' on of lhe lf younowcount omounl coins eochsideo{ the o cornerpilewiihthe 2 rows mind everyone's is ihol iocl thoteochrow of coinsshores Wholskips mindison whoiwe ore "counting quirk ihe humon of iriatiarr,ol "ii"i""ii" 2 of thecenler pileson I oJthesidescount lo I see Trylhisondyou'll who't meqnAddo penny eilher pile 'nou.io gut,irv* nowmoveo coin {romo corner melhot thecoins. rownowtrosti colns, rii-iiii side now hove row,-eoch will onlv pile jitn?l"i ii *',-r,'. ."inwo,oaaei o miJdle ononodlocent lo i, onceTryii' qnd you'll is corner nowonlycounled {romihe lhe Becouse colnyoumoved Why? lo coins! seewholI meon.



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-' ----..-....\




piles eochside Ah' butwholiI' youosk' of io I ofthe2 cenler oddso will This workifthespectolor olong but -coin .t pui dr""i qr"rii;i ft rd morecomplicoled, follow he oddso cointo of tne+ corner " qnd you'll it right owoy get in coinis nowcounled eochofthe 2 rows Thot Add o coinlo o corner Now2 rowshove'llcoins Pile. pile piles o middle on corne-r lo No* tou" o p"nnyod of eochof the2 closest tholend in ihol corner' nowonlyodd *o. p6ted in ond oll i rowswill o sidethoidoesnotsr'or"t".ornerrnot ilJlo-ro-Jn nextPoge) up 10to. (see loid it through wiihlhe coins oulin isn'l Run but complicoled' il reolly exlremery I knowlhollhissounds gel fronlofvouqndyou'll il ofteriuslo fewminutes'

(''--.> A ,----r.\ ,r--!:#\.i-----.;-..<*:-



people cotch sowhol will on, ifyou i to ln performonce. iuslreolign or 2 coins moke'lhecoinvonish," you youneedlo do is moveot leosl3 or 4 coins to eochstoge.Since onlyNEED moveI coinff lhe pile,or 2 if in o corner, you're goingio olsomoveoround ihot somecoins oddsl io o cenier spectolor piles iheolher you lo o fromoneoflhe center lhe For WILL offect oufcome. exomple, conmove coin NOT pilenextlo it wilhout o thecount. couldolsomove coinfromonerowlo onoiher You chonging cenier is The lhinglo remember lhoi lhe corner ondlhenmoveonother bockto compensote. importont one piles wholmoke lrickwork. lhe ore poce. ond AflerI loyoutthecoins show lhings moving olongot o brisk imporlonliouchkeep is Anoiher ond o in howthereore l0 coins eochrowond hoveo coinodded,I offecl lookof concentrolion soy, "Hmm, see,if I move I here, ond,oh lefssee, ond fhisI hereond thotI lhere, ond thisI here, lefs this youos if you ore crozy, ond wiihout will youseeyourcoinhosdisoppeoredl" spedotor lookot The skippingo beol, very openly,counl lhe coins in eoch row fo "prove"il. "Yousee, lhere is coins coins 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 in lhis row ond fhere is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 in this row, ond coins 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1Oin fhisrow, ond 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 in lhis row - seethe coinhosvoncoins coin, ond repeot. the hovehimodd onolher giving limelo survey siluoiion him ished." withorrt And oddshiscoins. lhol you will on Howmony coins con'Vonish" depend theexoctlocotions lhe speclotor "vonish". hove possible, move coins fromcornerslhol you Whenever luck, congeiup to lOcoins'lo Wiih hos is whenone ol thecorners onlyI coinin it. tf you slill The themosicoins remoining. timeto stop you thol lhol the mighlwellplocehiscoinin o locolion wouldrequire to move linol continue, spectoior give melhod owoy. which would fhe coin, oi be ond iry il out.You'll omozed |rs hordto putthisintowords,bulfollowolongwilhcoinsin hond, involved. is howmuch thisroutine foreveryone fun


Although wriltenlhis iiem os o self conioined l've effecl, wouldhopethotlhe reoder iokethis I will qt wrjie-up on obiect os lesson. yeorsit bothered lhoi mosl"Mogicions" For me lookdown disdoin with "Menlolisls'. is notlhe plocefor me lo defend "Menlolisls" "Psychic Ihis I ond Enlertoiners", olthough qnd PROUDI,Y so, but why ihe lechniques the fieldore so underusedhoso{len could eosily do of confused me. Bytheiudicious of theselechniques,feelthol monyoi lhe clossic use I effecls mogic be mode of con much more effective decepiive. following iustthetipotfheiceberg. ond The is ETFECT: hondsomeone deckof cordslo be exomined. isthenio shuffle culihedeck You io o He ond hisheorfscontenl. is lhenlo plocelhe deckfocedownon fhecenter lhe ioble. lhisis being He of As you you done, exploined eorlier hod oskedo lodyto think o cord. could onycord, she thot lt ond of be yourself, wholhersecret is. wosNOTIo wrileii down,or fellonyone, including cord iusl Now, thefrsi time,sheisosked nomehermenlolly for to selecied outloud. exomple, colls cord For she oullhe 8D. ploce obviously You on emplyhondunderneolh toble, youoskherlo ploce hondon iop oi lhe os her "NOW." ihedeck. is nowto thinkof hercordond pushdownonlhe deckwhen soy, you She "NOW." you Woit moment thensuddenly, if lhe moment linolly o ond os is right, collout, pushes you She down,ondlhenyouhondcomes lromunderlhe up ioblewiiho cordwhich ploce foce downoffto lhe sideof thetoble.Younow oskherlo look lhrough deckforthe8D.lTlSGONE! the You nowosksomeone lurnoverlhe cordthot penetroled io lhrough toble. lSIHE8D! the lT you Notbodeh?Before reod"Melhod", thinkobouiit.Conyoucomeup wilho melhod occomplish lo iheobove? Remember, reolly hoveo lololly seleciion onyof ihe 52 cordsin thedeckshe did free of noforce, the deckis toiollylegil.Alsoimogine etfecl youroudience. ond the on There obviously is no "suspicious ploys described. moves" thewholeeffect ond os l{ MEIIIOD: knowlhot lhe vostmoiority mogicions I of reoding qre oboutto cryoul, "CHEATER." lhis you?e oflhem,oll I consoyis "loobqd."fs o shome you'll missing ontechniques ihol one thqt be oui some ihe biggest whofeel of nomesin mogicuselo foolyouoll thetimelftey orethesomepeople bummed whentheyfnd oul lhol Blockione, hispickpocket slogewhispers his"mork" out in lo lo oct, poordisillusioned generolly lhoilhe "effect hondhimhiswollel. My ones. I feel the iusfifies meonsl" you Allyou need do,before slorllo perform, lindoutwhot cordislhol heperson lo islo the willcollout, remove froms regulor il deck, ond put it, heldin ploce wiiho liftle woxif needed, under ioble. the Ah,bulhowdo youknowwhollhe cordwill be?Belore showstortt I osksomeonefheywillhelp the if mein on effecl. exploin I wonl her10thinkof o cord,butiI youiustosksomeone I lhol during show, o people tendlo pickobvious cords, the AS,or lhe OD.Soying youwontherlo comeup wilho like thot irulyrondom you lhemloce selection, giveher o deckof cordslo shuffle cut.Youlhenspreod ond

you downonthetoble ond oskherfoslide onycord slrikes out thot herfoncy. Since oreusing morked o quifeeosy knowwhotcordsheslidoul.You owoyondoskherlolookol, ond rememdeck, ils to lum berthecordsheiusioicked. isthenlo oulbocklhe the no know She cordondshufffe deckso onecould herchoice. istheninslructed to lelionyone She wholhercordis. nol Yes, iustlhotsimple. resiis up lo you. ifs The The Professionol's Cords". These BY ore iypeof mqrked cordsI useis lhe -Ted Lesley Working Morked lhe They be reodquickly eosily, ond eveno few feefowoy.Ted FAR bestmorked cordsoround. con deserves lifelimeochievement o oword"for thisoneof hismonycreolions. Check yourfovorile wilh gei for MogicDeolerto themokings one.You'll delighied. be


ll|P Going Sottth Le<lurc

"Ring Protection" in This rouline bosedon theeffect is of creqled oneofihe greolchoroclers mogic by ond Tony Under nomeTomPolmethe creoted performed ihe - Mosklyn Moge- o.k.o. Ye Andruzzi. ond illusions comedy Tony decided explore lo newhorizons, become ond mogic os iimepossed. bul "Bizqrre mosiofwhich ore THE leoding forcein wholhosgrownto be colled Mogic". monybooks, His "lnvocolionol',convenlion o he nowoutof print,hovebecome sought oflercolleclor's ilems, ond lhe thelield his honded tuteloge, thotheheoded, otioined neorlegendory repulotion. Under neorsingle o grewfromo funtopicof conversoiiono fullffedged form.Tony possed lo ort owoyo few oftheBizorre yeors to ogo,buthisspiriiisolive everyone wonts pul reolmogicbockintomogic. lo who ring in ofl EfFECI: someone commenls {oryouleodtheconversotionlhe direcfion on unusuol lhol on, youoreweoring. ihonk fhqniusto piece lhemfor noiicing ondlhenexploin il is muchmore it, lhol You questions oboutwhol ringof proleclion o ofiewelry,iso Ring Prolection. commenl it of This should elicit you you.Aftero bil of prodding, exploin thol il hostheobility sop to is ondfiom whol il con proiect o energy of iis ondpropose demonsirolion. fromonyone whomightbe thinking horming owner, qnd You forsomeone help. focl,thebigger ln osk lo sironger, betler.Askinghim lo siond up ond lhe holdhisormgroighioutin lronlof him,youlell him ihotyou goinglo lrytopushhisormdown,sohe ore you isto resist lo the besioI hisobility. Holding his ormon hiswrisl,youtryio pushhisorm down,bul ore unoble do so. Younow osk himlo holdthe to thot ring tightly hisolherhond, in exploining it isnow sopping strengih. now pushdown on his his You ouistrelched ond io his,ond everyone orm else's ii surprise,goesdowneosily! you Tolokelhings siepfurther, nowoskhimlo exo lendhisormond close eyes thothewon'lsee his so youpui the ring.Youputlhe ii oboui6leel where owoyfiom him,ond tryio pushdown his orm.Alyou though huffond puff, ormwonl budge. his Ask himto open his eyesond see wherelhe r'ng is. his Hove close eyes him his ogoin, ond exlend orm. You nowmove ringclose himond pushon his lhe lo orm.Although is seenihol you ore usingmuch ii lessenergy lhen before, orm goesdownquite the eqsily. Hovehim openhiseyesond seewherelhe ringis. you his Forlhe demonstrotion, osko 2nd person help. to Agqin, islo extend orm,ond,withhis he finol his olher orm,holdhondswiththe znd person before closing eyes. putlhe ringo lew feeiowoy You ond ondtrypushing ormdown.Although the lryinghord,ihe orm sloysup. Hovehimopenhiseyes holdonto seewhere ringis.Agoinhovehimclose eyes, the his bullhistimeyouhoveihe 2ndperson
Poge l7

lhe ring. This time,youpushdownon hisormwithiustI finger, hisormdropslikeo leodbolloon. ond Hove openhiseyes seetheRing Proiection slruck him lo oi hos ogoin! METHOD:words- Psychology muscle 2 ond fotigue. Somehow I lhinkyouwonlmore, heregoes. so First oll,ifs notthoteosy holdyourormstroight infronl youondresist downword of lo pressure. oui of o pushor 2. the muscles Aiter slrong o getfotigued quite quickly il'so neorimpossibility involved ond lo qmong2 muscle keep extended. ii Anolher imporlontfoctorlhol ifone's is groups, concenkolionsplit is it olsobecomes horder resisl. lo The limeyoupushdownon hisorm,youweoken muscles.Ihen firsl his whenyouoskhimlo "hold the you ring TIGHTLY other in his hond", oresplitting oflention his between orms, boih moking even it eosier to pushhisweokened downthe2ndtime. orm lhe 2nd phoseis whenlhe psychology comesinlo ploy.Ahhough, his becouse eyesore closedit should seemihol hecouldn'f know whereyouprt thering, youoreiolking youlurnowoyfromhim if os osyouputtheringdown,hissubconscious pickup on it.Infhelsi porlof phose youwonthimto will 2, thinkhissfrength relurned, whenyouholdhiswrislto pushdown,yousqueeze wristquite hos so his firmly ond ACT if youore pushing os downwilh oll yourstrength. is quiteconvincing feelsos if ll ond youore pushing downquitehord.Now,whenyouhovehimclose eyesogoin,youfocehimond his lolkos youputihe ringclose him.Believe or nol hissubconscious pickup lhottheringis neor to i't will him.Push downon hisqrm ondwoichit drop! Asyouprobobly hovereolized now,o condilioned by response beencreoted. subconscious hos His nowreolizes ihe firstlime someone thot holdshishond,he isto be 9rong,ond thotthe2ndtimehis ormwilldrop,nolfo meniion howweoklhol orm is now.Repeot wristsqueeze ocling the the for ond iirstpori,ondwhenlhe 2nd person holding ring, willbe obleto push ormdownwilhiust you is the the o finger 2 in themostcosuol, or of{honded monner! Ployed seriously, omozing its howwellihisploys. foct,l'vehodsomepeople so weoklhoi ihey gel In hove sifdown,ondore oblelo describe ringoctuolly io ihe sopping energy. their "Doemon's published hisbook, Tony, lhe originol in version in Diory", someone theirthumb hod hold ondfirstfinger together hewouldiry to seporole ond lhem.I lindlhotlhe ormis moreimpressive ond isoctuollv eosier do. lo , you Obviously, could onytypeotobiectlo the"proleclor", moke use be buf sure qn unusuol thot ifs ilem could up lo itsbuildup. live



ihot moy eosilybe l'm oftenoskedby mogicions recommend simple, to o effeclive menlolrouline lt oddedto theirregulor mogicprogrom.think lollowing I the routine lhe bill perfectly. ploysquite fts yet is eosylo do, leoving freelo concentote the presenfolion.follows you the on lt effecfively, ond presenfotion, doesnolusetheI oheod but lechnique. clossic portprediction 3 of concerning E.s.P. proposed. hondo coinfo o member lhe oudience is You CFFECT: experiment An youremove envelope fromyourpockel ond oskthemlo flip it on lo o ffolsurfoce. thisis done, As on or for to whefher coinis heods toils. ihe ond honditto someone sofekeeping. ihespeclolor collout Ask ond lhe Next,o deckof ploying cordsis disployed, whilespreoding cordsfocedown,from hondto 'to youosksomeone plocehistinger thebockof onycordtholfheywish.Youhondhim his on hond, cord,whichisihenshown oll presenl. 1o 'l you You 9, Forlhe finolphoseof lhis routine, show9 cords, numberedthrough in o rondomorder. lo of The shuffle lhemfurlher, ond osko spedolor givelhemo couple cuts. cordsore lhendeoltoul, lhe lo Eoch to pickup one of lhe Piles, is oneot o lime inlo3 piles.2 speclolors lhenosked help. ore pile remoining beingdiscorded. you in You Picking o podo{poper, oskoneofthe2 speclolors colloui oflhe numbers hispile. to one up os he requesls. thenoskhimif he wouldlikehisnumbers be written lherighlor lhe lefl,Youdo lo on numTheother is to ll nexilo the lsl spectolofs specloior osked colloul oneof hisnumbers.iswritlen his numbers. ber creoting rondom2 digitnumber. tsl specfofor lhento collout onolher The is of o whichyouwrileunderneoth hisfirsfchoice. second of lhe speclolor lhenlo colloul o 2nd number is goesunderhisll choice. 2 rondom, digilnumbers nowoddedtogelher. The ore which, cours, of 2 2 The]sl spedolor thenoskedforhisfinolnumber, then 2ndspectotor oskedfor his.This ond the is is is totol, o unknown, rondom, digil number. 3 digilnumber oddedio theprevious creoiing lotolly for For the Toilsup,lhe cord The3 seledions now recopped lhe oudience. exomple, coinlonded ore creofed rondom ]65. oi wos chosen the6 ol spodes, ihe number wos ond your who hosbeenholding prediclion envelope openil torlhe firsllimeond reod lo Youosklhe person "l inside. siofes, prediclthotthe willlondtoilsup,lhecord It coin outloudlhe prediction wosseoled lhat will willbe lhe 6 ofSpodes, lhe number be 165!" ond rondom, cordseleclion, number forced. the ond ore METHOD: fhecoinflipis truly Only the 1 the will 2 prediction envelopes needed. ot lhemsiorls, coin londHeodsup,ihe otherstorts, ore coinwill londToils up. Deck", melhod", lfeellhot Pop-Eyed Popper bul o Eye Youconlorce cord"byyourfovoriie lhe {bosicolly your goodchoice ihisrouline. course, forcecordis writlen of is for o rough- smooth svengoli deck) o on bolhprediclions. os forcerequires cords, numberedlhrough butlheirorderis nolquileos rondom it I 9, Thenumber 9

lhe lhe in whotI meon.Put 1,5.9 one Plle' 2'6'7in withcordsin hondondyou'llsee looks. Follow olong odd up to 15 Togel thecordsin thol Nofice eochol lhe 3 piles o 2nd pile,ondfi; 3,4,8in o 3rdpile. pilel, ihenputo cordfrompile2 on top of ii, lheno cordfrom order, tokeo cordfiom lhe proper iust Then 2ndcordfrompile1 goeson lop, then1 frompile2, ond o pile3 goeson topof lhe lst 2 cords. io reody go putonlop in order, you?e ond ore finolcords olso lhenpile3.The yet times youwish, whendeoltout,lhe 3 pileswilleochstillodd os con Thecords nowbe cutos mony uplo'15. 'l5,il doesnl mofter is whichoI the 3 Piles io be cordstholwill odd up to eochpile conloins Since discorded. choices, lheir undemeoth Previous diredly ore numbers writlen BecoUse lhe loclthoteochperson's ol ore to lhe lotolHAS be i65. Here o lewexomples:

The overfhe yeors. ideooI ond London, Becker, ofhers [orry hovebeenusedby.Jock concepls Similor The Terry Nosek. orrongemenfoi lo Mentolist, iofoll5belongs o clever hoving eochgroupof numbers is con inloo slocklhol beculrepeoledly my moinimProvemenl. ihesenumbers


The Going so.t , Lc<llttQ

lhemfromI to 9 number ond openly cords, You EfFECT: lokeoui nineofyourbusiness in whichis ploced full writedowno prediction oI cord,or piece pqper,elc.,yousecretly On onolher proceThe youthenexploin youwishsomeone "rondomize" orderof ihecords. "swkhing" lhe to thol you the ore ond dureis demonslroted thenthe speclolors to helpyou 'tondomize" cordsby lelling cords. whento s,wilch culs of give you Aftelthecordshovebeen"rondomized", hovesomeone lhe cordso series stroight into one ore Thecords lhendeon, ol o time, threepiles. one to is o up Tomixihings evenmore, sPectoior osked discord of lhe lhreepiles on pilesYouwriteihotnumber o out lo Youoskforo number be colled fom oneol thetwo remoining piece poper. of is Pile. A differenl spectotor oskedlo collouto numberfromthe otherremoining He is oskedif his or numbers, lo of in to should ploced the righi(i.e. the one'scolumn) thefirslsPeclobrs be numbers hos A column). two digitnumber iustbeenformed ihe lhe left(i.e. Ten's ol numberfromhis pile.lt is wriflenunderneoth hisfirst lo is Thelirstperson osked colloff onofher selecwhichiswrilienunderhisfirst of person thencollsoutonother hisnumbers, Tie choice. second

firsl their two choices downunder whichorewrillen numbers now speclolors collofitheirfinol Boih qre is Thenumbers oddeduP- ondthenthePrediction reod predided lotol! the correcflv Youhove ond in of lJtEIlloD:Thisis o combinolion the numberprediction 'ulilityMentolRoutine" the switch Molch". from technique 'Symbolic qlo Prediction" cords '"Number lo sequence slocklhe you voriotion, usethe"demonstrolion" In.this to olongwithcordsin hond,ilwill be eosier grosp if Asusuol, youfollow remembenng sequence, focedownin orderfrom1downio 9 Dofhe"demonstrolion" lhe Hove cords os fqceup os voudeolthem, follows: to lurnthecords I >Deol singly. >Deol singly. 2 >Deol singly. 3
Poge 2l

4 >"Swifch"ond 5. 6 >Deol singly. singly. >Deol7 >-Switch' ond 9. 8 order: The cords should nowbe foceup,in thefollowing

7 5 1

up will nowshowhowtworunthroughs mixlhings ond Pick thecords, turnthemfocedown.You uD os more. flmedothe"demo" follows: This even 5 >l fhrough corddeolfsingly. >'5\/itch" 4 ond6. lhe 7 >Switch'lhe ond9. on foce >Ihe8 isturned uPonddropped loP. up, should foce inlhisorder: be Ihe cords

a 6


Predidion'. with fo slock Proceed "Number cords nowin o proper ore The ond of I hopeyou enioyfhis combinotion methods.n ploysquite eJfeciively, hos servedrne \ l b( monyyeors.

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lhol fo ot theyoretwo groups seem be forever eoch It sureseems the Hotfields lhe Mccoys. like ond lhemgetqlong. other's lhrools ond nothing evermoke con lhol ore Mogicions olwoys seemlo ronlond rovethotMentolists ripoffortists ployuponthegullibility performonce, ore people possibility E.S.P. if ot o Mentolisfs ihey of And who octuolly believe fhe in oi "fooled".lhe ofsetup or slooge whol howDARE theycloim And cry rings loudondcleor. worslololl, out theydo is reol. hove on Menlolisls, lhe ofherhond,oftenmoonond groonobouthowMogicions lokenoll ofthereol "Mogic" otlheirperformonces, lurnwholol onetimewouldhove o beenconsidered "mirocle" oui ond 'trick". or put downo regulormogicshowos o "porode poinledboxes", o of intoo Often fheywill disploy "iuggling" o deckof cords. of with |rs is beiween these fields o sodstoieof offoirs. nol wholstyle It seems me thollhis locko{ respect lo Bui lhol shouldbe the moinconsiderolion. whotoflen ils donein, bui whether donewith slyle, ifs fromil. gels for stondintheirwoyof leorning REAI-LY fo me,isfhol bofhfields letlheir dislike theolher of lechniques Menlolism someoflhe bosic lf I congetonlyoneideoocross you,islhot by opplying io moredeceptive, wellos moreMogicol. os to yourMogic, conbecome it you slick os Mysticol, wellos pretly doesnlexpecl to be somewhot Anddon'tthinkthoflhe oudience performed of evenlhe mod siondord mogicshowsis ollen wiih o deckof cords. Anyone who hqs osked theyconreodpolms. if "Personol ploysquitewellos o stroight cordlrick,bd I is exomple. effeci The Atfochmenl" o perfecl reis whensomeColdReoding lhrownin. Alwoys hopeihot you reolize how muchsfronger ploys it you.ff youconsomehow on effecl moke then membel people morelnteresled themselves in ore in in morepersonol someone, will enioyil oll lhe more.lf youmokeii morepersonol, o more to they lhonoll lhe better. mogicol monner, by the obout speciotor you somefoctsyoushould hoveno woy of knowing When ore obleto discern oboui of or lhem inloo fromework belief, ol leoslcuriosity merely holdingher ring,you ore helping whotis to follow. lo TONS methods of There obviously ore ond on Through Toble", itseffecl on oudience. Think "Cord o{ peoPle think ony lhot deck. Most chosen cordondo regulor wilh,butnoiwiih o menfolly do thiseffect ond encouroging beliefs!), conmoke folse oboui musl be o whizwiih o deckof cords0olk Mogicion menlolseleclion youpickonyonelhofyouwont'ihem sofheimpoct lo to, ofwhoiseems be o rondom plot. to ony oddso loyer myslery almosl clqssic of is lo o ColdReoding to do o quickreoding one of lhe beslwoysI knowfor o Mogicion proclice liifle q color, in lhot or eic.), on effect he is olreody wheno speclqtor oskedto nomeo cord{ornumber, is wouldbe: doing. simple A exomple