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These 4 emails have been sent out during/for the project:-

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From: zaiwin kassim <zaiwin@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 8:00 AM
Subject: Kuching 2009 Calendar – Smile!

Salam & Morning,

Kuching 2009 Calendar Wallpaper!

This is the best that we can do with what is left. Not as good as the original plan, but we hope it
still can make you smile. Enjoy!


To end your curiosity; we call our team 7771 because 7 weeks before the new year's eve, 7 of us
decided to tackle 7 stages aiming for this 1 goal. Now it's done. Hooray!


As we love to share this with you, we would love it as well if you were to decide to share
this with others. Spread the love! :)

Love 2009!

Zaiwin @ 7771

ps; I can share 2008 Kuching population by age, sex & ethnic group if you need ones. :)

password; THIS . Absolutely . Rocks!

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From: zaiwin kassim <zaiwin@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Dec 26, 2008 at 6:23 PM
Subject: Kuching 2009 Calendar – Arrrrrrrgh!

Computer crashed! That is the last thing we could have ever imagined happening to
us. Especially not when it only a day before we hit the printing house. No back-up. No recovery.
No luck.- Just plain Arrrrrrrgh!

Yet, we have to be rational as we still have to face you.

We really feel bad about this. Thousands of apologies to all parties that are directly & indirectly
involved. Especially to the sponsors, bands & the cars' owners because we know that you want
this project to succeed as much as we have.
Though we are no longer able to offer that value, perhaps our lessons might be valuable - back-up your data!
May such thing wouldn't happen to any of us in future as it's simply Arrrrrrrgh!

Truly sorry,
zaiwin @ 7771

ps: All orders are cancelled & sponsors will be refunded asap.

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From: zaiwin kassim <zaiwin@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 7:22 AM
Subject: Kuching 2009 Calendar - Good News!

Salam & Morning

Surprisingly we have received very good responses from many. We really appreciate the support
& those kind words as well. You rocks! :)

Here are a few more things that would surely widen your smile;

Since there were requestsss for advertising slots on the Kuching 2009 Calendar, instead of
turning them down we have decided to embrace the idea:-

1. We'll let you advertise on any particular month of your choice.

2. We'll give you HIGH-value-LOW-price offer. (No kid! Its stupidly low! :P)
3. You will surely love the deal! - Now only 5 months left up for grabs!

Since, we have advertisers on this calendar project, we thought more guitars would bring more
smiles - So, we met two NGOs & they love our plan! :) :) :)
1. We give them guitars, they give us time-slots to visit them
2. We call youth to visit them & have fun playing/teaching music there.Volunteering is
3. www.ilovekuching.com will be the platform for this "youth volunteering program."

Last but not least:

Secure your copies of the Kuching 2009 Calendar NOW!

Come join the others

Come support us gaining more smiles
Come say "I Love Kuching!" :)


ps/ for those that love their brand to be on this happening stuff, do contact me asap (first come
first serve). All the details on space, volume & price will be briefed. Bonus:artworks, scripts &
designs will be consulted by young talented creative minds. :)

pps/ Please refer below for more buzz! :)

Kuching 2009 Calendar

Band: Evenstarr
Location: Spring
car: BMW Z4

Band: Slap
Location: GoKart Race Track
Cars: Honda Civic, Toyota MR-S, Mitsubishi Lancer

Band:United Kids of Oi!!
Location: Waterfront
Cars:Ferrari 328 GTS

Band: URS
Location: Dewan Undangan Negri/ Wisma Bapa
Cars: Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Land cruiser (Ninja Turtle/King)
Band:Stoic 4 life
Location:Crown square
Cars:BMW 3series coupe

Band: Absolutely Girls
Location: Travillion
Cars:Subaru Imprezza WRX ver 9 STi

Location:Stadium (cub prix track)
Cars:Nissan Skyline R34 GTR Nismo Spec

Location: Old Court House

Car: Porsche 911


Band:Lipgloss Shaver
Location:Friendship Park
Car:Toyota MR-S Ferrari bodykit (Japan Motorshow)

Location:Kuching International Airport
Car:Nissan Fairlady 350Z (DamD Black Metal Bodykit)

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From: zaiwin kassim <zaiwin@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 7:16 AM
Subject: Kuching 2009 Calendar - Up for grabs!

What is this all about?

An "I Love Kuching" themed calendar featuring 3 elements on every picture of the month:

- Nice spots in Kuching

- Nice cars in Kuching
- Nice music bands in Kuching

*Yeah! You got it right, Its all about Kuching! :)

How do I get it?

This calendar will be on the streets in January. Though, you should order now as this is self-
funded project, the number of prints are limited. By ordering now, you SECURE your copies &
pay LESS for it!

What is tHe offer for this pre-order?

A. Tabletop Calendar 7 7/8" X 6" (hard stand okies! ;) = RM15.00
B. Poster Calendar 19" X 28" = RM5.00
C. Combo (A+B) plus something special from us! = RM20.00

The best thing is order NOW! pay LATER!

What is this for?

We want to buy guitars! Not for us, but for kids that *long story* :P
Anyway, Trump taught us that to earn some money, you have to give it some value. Since we
have hardly ever seen any calendars that ROCKS! Kuching - Why not start making one?

Dont you think it's a little late to sell calendars in January?

Yup! We had think about it but all of us agree that we'd rather be one month late than to regret for
one year! :)

Who are "We"?

Zaiwin Kassim, Faruqi Jeniri, Abang Aslan Abang Kassim, Seth S.Peli, Fahri Izzad, Alisya Hon
& Fiq Heezwan. We are all Kuching people that want to bring some value to Kuching AND its
people! :)

How can we know that your calendar is good?

When you have creative young people from LimKokWing, UITM, Segi College & Swinburne in
the team, it cant go wrong! It will surely be a piece of art. A piece that you wouldn't want to