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Our Annual Awards Banquet is on Sunday, February 24th. More details and registration form is on Page 2 of this newsletter. But hurry registration deadline is February 13th. If you have questions, contact 2d Lt Christina Morgan at:

2/3 2/8 2/9 2/10 2/10 Group 14 Operations Meeting Squadron Meeting 7PM UOD: BDUs / Polo & Slacks (Seniors) GTM/UDF/MO/MS Map & Compass Course AFRC Forest Park, IL 7402 W. Roosevelt Rd Group 14 CPR Trainer Class Cadet Orientation Ride and Drill Day Schaumburg Municipal Airport (06C) Squadron Meeting 7PM UOD: BDUs / Polo & Slacks (Seniors) Aerial Photography (AP) Class Tentative Only (2/23 Alternate) Squadron Meeting 7PM UOD: Blues CAP Form 5 Training Session - KDPA Squadron Awards Banquet (2-6 PM) POC: See more events on Squadron Calendar at: See more events on Illinois Wing Calendar at: To have events added to the calendar, send e-mail to Lt. Gary Brown at CADET FRIDAY NIGHT MEETINGS: 1st Friday Testing 2nd Friday PT Testing 3rd Friday Aerospace Education, Moral Leadership 4th Friday Review Boards/Promotions 5th Friday TBD SENIOR FRIDAY NIGHT MEETINGS: 1st Friday Aircrew Safety / Wing cleaning 2nd Friday Professional Development Training 3rd Friday Emergency Services Training 4th Friday Commanders Choice* 5th Friday Commanders Choice* *Suggestions always welcome and considered UNIFORM OF THE DAY (for Squadron Meetings): At all Friday Night Squadron Meetings except the last Friday meeting of each month which is Blues uniforms (if you have them) the Uniform of the Day (UOD) for is any valid and complete CAP Uniform: BDUs, Blues, Polo Shirt/Grey Slacks (Seniors only), or Flight Suits (Seniors only) See Uniform Regulations at:

FVCS Flying Record-Setting Paper Airplanes in Near-Space?

Fox Valley Composite Squadron is going for a world record well, several of them in fact. 2d Lt Gary Brown challenged the cadets to attempt the worlds highest paper airplane launch and, simultaneously, the worlds longest paper airplane flight. The challenge came on the heels of the squadrons second Near-Space Balloon project meetings and the plan is to shoot for the world records by dropping the paper aircraft from the high-altitude balloon at over 100,000 feet altitude (thats over 18 miles). On Friday, February 2 , both Seniors and Cadets competed in a paper airplane contest to design, build and fly the longest flying paper airplane. The top three longest flying aircraft would then be selected to launch aboard the squadrons next near space balloon and hopefully set new world records! Everyone submitted amazing aircraft designs and had a grand time competing to fly their aircraft the farthest distance. But top-honors were taken by the following Cadets: 1 PLACE: C/2dLt Rameez Baig -- DISTANCE: 65ft, 6in ND 2 PLACE: C/ Daniel Lin DISTANCE: 60ft, 8in RD 3 PLACE: C/ David Xaykosy DISTANCE: 59ft, 7in
ST nd

2/15 2/16 2/22 2/23 2/24

These winners will now construct their aircraft designs using vellum drafting film which will allow the aircraft to withstand months of being outdoors (until someone hopefully discovers and notifies us of their locations) and will be ready to attach to the Balloons Payload NiChrome Wire Cutaway System (which was demonstrated at the competition).
Photos by C\2dLt Skylar Brooks and 2d Lt Gary Brown

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Fox Valley Composite Squadron Newsletter

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Fox Valley Composite Squadron Website: Fox Valley Composite Squadron Facebook Page: Group 14 Website: IL Wing Website: Region Website: National Website: US Air Force Website: US Air Force Air University:

2013 National Emergency Services Academy (NESA)

This message is being sent to all CAP cadet and adult members that will be at least 13 years of age by the 21st of July. We know some of you have only joined CAP in the last few months, and probably thought you would not be able to attend any national events this summer. Or maybe youre a long time member looking to get additional training. Applications are now being accepted for the 2013 National Emergency Services Academy (NESA) held at Camp Atterbury in Edinburgh, Indiana. Applications will be accepted through the 2nd of June for courses being held during our two session weeks from the 20th of July through the 3rd of August 2013. There are courses for all members interested in emergency services, and this is a great opportunity for both new and old members to come train with hundreds of other personnel from across the country that have already signed up to attend. Slots fill up fast though. Apply online at: %2fDefault.aspx Slots will be filled on a first come first served basis through the 2nd of June or until slots are filled. We encourage you to apply soon to get into the course or courses you desire. Some courses only have a limited number of slots and some traditionally fill up fast. NOTE: Registration is hosted in eservices, and you will need to login in order to register. Please note that participants can register to take multiple courses back to back, but not at the same time. Additional information about NESA and the courses available this year can be found at: In addition to our normal complement of courses for ground teams, aircrews, and the incident staff we have several short courses this year to allow personnel to participate if they have limited vacation time or need training in varied areas. There are also a limited number of staff positions available for the 2013 NESA as well. Generally, staff members are prior NESA graduates, but some exceptions may be made by the NESA Director to ensure the best qualified personnel are used to provide this training. The current early bird registration fee to attend NESA available through the 17th of February is $90 for the short courses, and $180 for a full course. In order to receive this discounted rate members must register and pay their registration fee by the 17th of February. The registration fee includes, meals, lodging on site, printed training materials and aircraft and ground vehicle sortie costs for training on site. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from NESA, though many personnel are able to travel in corporate vehicles and aircraft as they are needed on site for training. If you have any additional questions please direct them to the NESA staff at or call 1-888-211-1812 extension 323. We look forward to seeing you at the 2013 NESA!

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2013 Illinois Wing Spring Encampment Cadet Exec Staff Announcement

Selection for the 2013 ILWG Spring Encampment Cadet Executive Staff is now completed. The dates for the activity are 19, 20, 21 and 26, 27, 28 April at Naval Station Great Lakes - Recruit Training Center (RTC). The selections are as follows: Cadet Commander: C/LtCol Keenan Wresch (IL282) Cadet Deputy Commander: C/Capt Michael Christopher (IL329) Cadet Executive Officer: C/Capt Mitchell DeMaeyer (IL049) Cadet First Sergeant: C/CMSgt Matthew Wallace (IL329)

Currently, applications for line staff positions are closed and slated to be selected/filled NLT 3-Feb13, so watch your emails for updates. The application process for Basic Cadets will open tonight at midnight. The Encampment command staff want to thank all who applied for these positions, and wish those staff above all the best for a successful activity. Brian Pokuta Maj, CAP Commander, Illinois Wing Spring Encampment email:

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Photos from ILWG Ice Bowl SAREX (26 JAN 2013)

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Map & Compass Course 09 Feb 2013 Forest Park, IL

1. The Forest Park Flight will be hosting a map and compass course focusing on the use of topographic maps, aeronautical sectional charts, and compass use on Saturday 09 Feb 2013 from 0900L-1600L at Armed Forces Reserve Center Forest Park, IL 7402 W. Roosevelt Road Forest Park, IL 60130. This will be mostly a classroom event. However, depending on class interest we may set a compass course outside in a local forest preserve. 2. This course would be useful for Ground Team and UDF personnel pursuing ratings as well aircrew personnel interested who are in need of training on the sectional charts. Task Credit will be given for those personnel successfully demonstrating the skills required for the task. 3. Students should bring their compass from their field equipment, water bottle, note paper and pencil, and any map cases/tools that they use on a regular basis. They should also be appropriately dressed for the weather. We will be doing lunch in the classroom. Please make sure that you pack a sack lunch as there is no cafeteria or restaurant on the installation. There are vending machines for drinks. 4. IAW CAPR 60-1 1-10(e) Cadets are invited and encouraged to attend this event. We ask that units sending more than 2 cadets please provide a senior member escort to this event. 5. Please fill out the attached spreadsheet and return to Maj Welch at to sign up. As a reminder all personnel must be safety current and have notified their chain of command on their intent to attend this activity. Your 101 card and any trainee SQTRs must be current in order to get task credit at this activity. 6. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Maj Welch at 773-294-2052 or ANDREW J. WELCH, Major, CAP Deputy Commander

G1000 Training/Form 5 Weekend

We have now established additional training dates for G1000 Ground Instruction for the Spring, classes being offered are described below. If you plan to become G1000 qualified the ground instruction is a prerequisite to the flight training. Mission Observers are welcome as the class is also beneficial in performing Observer tasks on the G1000, however, depending on response and class size limits, priority will be given to CAP pilots pursuing G1000 qualifications. If you are in the Southern and Western Regions (PIA, SPI, ALN, MWA, etc.) send responses to me and I will coordinate through respective Check Pilots based on responses. If you plan to attend, you must contact the respective instructor by email to secure a seat. Class: G1000 Ground Date/Time Feb. 04 1800-2100 VFR Date/Time: Feb. 05 1800-2100 IFR Place: DuPage Airport, Wing Conference RoomInstructor: Capacity: 18

Joe Kotowski


Class: G1000 VFR and IFR Ground Date/Time Feb. 09 0800-1500 Place: Chicago Executive Airport, Signature FBO Conference Room Instructor: Lou Wipotnik email: Capacity: 18

Class: G1000 VFR and IFR Ground Date/Time Mar 2 0800-1500 Place: DuPage Airport, Wing Conference Room Instructor: Ron Falcon email: Ronald Falcon ( Capacity: 18

There will be a Form 5 weekend established on March 9 and 10 at various locations throughout the Wing. Purpose is to match pilots with Check Pilots and make it easier and more efficient to complete a Form 5. Logistics are still being worked out in regards to specific locations, Check Pilots, and aircraft depending on responses. Please Forward to Joe Kotowski the following information if you wish to participate: NAME/CAPID: Aircraft: Endorsements Sought (IFR, Instructor, G1000): Initial or Annual Form 5:

I apologize if you receive two emails, wanted to make sure that this got to all MO and Pilots, Joe Kotowski ILWG DOV 630-805-3588 (Cell) Fox Valley Composite Squadron Newsletter Page 5

ES Qualifications: Mission Participation & New SET Module

1) Mission participation Per CAPR 60-3, two "missions" must be successfully completed under the evaluation of a current and qualified SET in order to complete a respective ES qualification. To clarify this, the only activities which are considered a "mission(s)" are those that have an assigned "A", "B" or "C" mission number. Ad hoc activities such as FTXs, air shows, pancake breakfasts, etc., are eligible for mission numbers through the normal ILWG request process, however unless they are approved in WMIRS, they may not be used for the qualification evaluations. In most cases, ILWG will continue to allow members to complete two sorties on the same mission number for their completion credit, though the preference remains that they actually participate in two distinct separate missions. In all cases there must be distinct sorties indicated in the mission records, etc. Mission base staff, due to the nature of their "sorties" will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 2) Renewals To renew an ES qualification, a member must complete at least one successful mission sortie every three years, which is evaluated by a current and qualified SET. Simple "participation" does not comply per 60-3, and substantiation of evaluation which includes a sampling of advanced tasks must be uploaded in eServices, as well as matched in the eSQTR. 3) SET System Upgrades As many of you have heard by now, the Operations Qualification system will be upgraded in two phases, with the end result being full online validation of tasks and qualifications, including approved SETs being requested to personally validate entries made in their name. This will significantly simplify and streamline the process of ES qualifications and approvals, but to prepare our members, we need to make sure everyone has the same baseline understanding of the requirements. Phase 1 was completed this week. Numbers entered into the CAPID field are now checked against those who have been approved by the Wing CC. During this phase, a number entered which is not on the list will generate a warning to the submitter, but still allow the member to continue. ILWG has been ahead of the curve on this in that we already have a fully validated and approved list of SETs, all existing ILWG SETs have already been entered into OPS Quals and approved so no one in ILWG should be encountering these errors. The process of submitting the existing list popped up a number of discrepancies, and these members have been removed from the lists, or notified of correctable issues. The current list can still be found here:, though at some point this document will be retired. Phase 2 will occur in late April, at which point entering a CAPID for a task will generate an email message to the respective SET. The SET will then need to accept or reject the success evaluation. This upgrade is expected on or around 22 APR 2013. More detail can be found here: When you are being evaluated for a task, ask to see the SETs 101 card. If the member is an approved SET, a black diamond will appear next to the qualification(s) they are approved for (see: If any of you have questions or concerns, please contact me directly. ROBERT J. WILLIAMS, Lt Col, CAP Emergency Services Officer (DOS) Illinois Wing, Civil Air Patrol, USAF Auxiliary 630-660-5634 Mobile - 630-584-0177, x106 Office Email:

New Illinois Wing Chaplain

I am pleased to announce that Chaplain Lt Col Marcia Strahl assumed the position of Illinois Wing Chaplain as of this morning. I wish her the best in her new post and look forward to working with her to meet the challenges of our wing. Chaplain Lt Col Jimmie Boozer served 5 years as Wing Chaplain and I want to personally thank him for his service. Chaplain Boozer has transferred to Group 1 and will continue his service to CAP as the Group 1 Chaplain. RICKEY OETH, Col, CAP Illinois Wing Commander Civil Air Patrol

First Aid Instructor Course Part 1 10 Feb 2013

Maj David Picek will be hosting a First Aid Course as part 1 of instructor Certification on Sunday 10 Feb 2013. The 2 part of the course will be the instructor certification course in March of 2013. The reason for this is that all instructors first have to be certified in First Aid. There are 10 slots available. We would like to see every unit represented with an instructor Candidate. Second slots for units will be allocated on a first come first served basis after all units are given a chance for one in house instructor. The certification will be through the American Safety and Health Institute which meets the criteria in CAPR 60-3 for a First Aid Course. Please submit instructor candidates to Maj David Picek at We need to have the students identified by 1 Feb 2013. We are looking for personnel who are willing and able to give courses on an ongoing basis 2-4 times per year to support the needs of the units. As a reminder we set out the goal of each unit hosting at least one classroom type training every year. Please ensure that the personnel you are submitting for instructor certification are willing to assist Civil Air Patrol in this manner. Andy Welch, Major, CAP Deputy Commander, Group 14 Illinois Wing GLR-IL-033/DC Fox Valley Composite Squadron Newsletter Page 6

2013 Spring Encampment - Registration Now Open

The 2013 Illinois Wing Spring Encampment is now accepting applications for Basic Cadets. Full instructions and details on how to apply are available on the encampment web page at What: ILWG Spring Encampment 2013 When: 19-20-21 & 26-27-28 April 2013 RST (for both Cadet and Senior Staff) - 16 March 2013 Where: Naval Station Great Lakes, RTC

Important dates: Basic Cadet Applications MUST be received by: 05 APR 2013 TAC Officer Online Pre-Apps: 01 MAR 2013 (Note: As a Senior Staff Position this is by invite only. If you are interested please contact me directly) Brian Pokuta Maj, CAP Commander, Illinois Wing Spring Encampment email:


This is a reminder that ILWG will be hosting the first Illinois Wing Cadet Training and Education Program. The school will include a Non-Commissioned Officer Academy and Officer Training School. The goals of this school will be: To provide phase-specific training to Cadets in order to supplement Squadron and Group-level Cadet Programs. To encourage networking and camaraderie between Cadets from around the Wing. To give Cadets an opportunity to have practical, hands-on leadership training with larger groups of Cadets than they may typically encounter at the Unit level.

Cadets attending the course will be given the opportunity to learn directly from Cadets and Senior Members with extensive experience in leading and administering the Cadet Program. ILWG CTEP will be held March 22nd-24th, 2013 at ILWG Headquarters at DuPage Airport. Registration is due by February 15th, 2013. The registration fee is $50, which will be used to purchase food for the event as well as course t-shirts. To register, please send a CAPF31 with a check for $50 made out to "Civil Air Patrol Illinois Wing" attached to: Ethan Peterman 220 E Hillcrest Dr, Apt 5330 DeKalb, IL, 60115 More information, including report times, packing lists, etc will follow. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly at this address, thank you for your time.
ETHAN PETERMAN, 1st Lt, CAP Project Officer, ILWG CTEP (210) 863-9011

New Issue of FAA Safety Briefing Available

The January/February 2013 issue of FAA Safety Briefing focuses on aerospace medicine. Articles cover key issues that affect medical certification for pilots, discuss the pilot's role in this process, and explain the FAA's responsibilities. Among the feature articles in this medically-themed issue include: understanding what your medical can (and cant) do for you, (pg 14) how to fast track your medical certificate with FAAs online MedXPress system, (pg 20) what pilots should know about refractive eye surgery, (pg 24)and how the FAA evaluates drugs for aeromedical use, (pg 28)

Theres also a special two-page pullout infographic (pgs 18-19) that details the medical certification process. The link to the online edition is: FAA Safety Briefing is the safety policy voice for the non-commercial general aviation community. The magazine's objective is to improve safety by: making the community aware of FAA resources helping readers understand safety and regulatory issues, and encouraging continued training

Produced by the editors, FAA Safety Briefing, Address questions or comments to: Follow us on Twitter @FAASafetyBrief or

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