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Recommended Books for UPSC Civil Service Prelims

Paper I - General Studies 1. History (Indian History and Indian National Movement)

Essential: NCERT books IX, X, XI, XII Modern India by Bipin Chandra Additional: History of Modern India by A.C Banerjee 2. Geography (Indian and World Geography)

Essential: NCERT books IX, X, XI, XII General Principals of World Geography by Charles Farro School Atlas Additional: Certificate Course in Geography by Goh Cheng Leong 3. Economics (Indian Economics and Economic Theory)

Essential: An Evolution of Indian Economy by I.C. Dhingra Economic Survey of India by Govt. of India Economic Dictionary by Penguin Additional: Indian Economy by Dutta and Sundara Indian Economy by Mishra and Puri

Economic Dictionary by Collins 4. Polity (Indian Constitution)

Essential: An Introduction to the Constitution of India by D.D. Basu Additional: Our Constitution by Dr. Subhash Kashyap 5. General Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) Essential NCERT books IX, X Additional: Anatomy & Physiology by Evelyn Pearce 6. Environment (Ecology, Bio-diversity, Climate Change)

Essential: Biology and Geography NCERT Books plus current events on Environmental Issues 7. Current Affairs

Essential: Hindu and Economic Times Newspapers Frontline, Political & Economic Weeks Periodicals Additional: India Year book

Paper II Aptitude



Essential: NCERT Mathematics VII, IX, X 2. Data Interpretation

Essential: Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency by Tyra and Kundan 3. English Comprehension and Communication

Essential: Objective General English by R.S. Agarwal 4. Logical Reasoning

Essential: A Modern Approach to Verbal Reasoning by R.S. Agarwal Additional: A new Approach to Reasoning by Sijwali and Sijwali

Quick Study Lists

We all need to remember a lot of facts, names, dates, places, events for the UPSC General Studies. This page is a collection of such Lists: Recommended Books for UPSC Civil Services Prelims

Awards, Honors, Records and Achievements.

Literature and Press

Famous Books by Indian Authors, Foreign Authors, Indian Newspapers

Indian trophies, International sports trophies, and more

Topics in Indian History, time lines, events, dates

Indian Geography
Power Plants in India, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, Historic Monuments in India

Indian Polity
Constitution of India, Committees, Laws, Government

Scientific Names of Common Animals, Plants

General Awareness
All General Awareness topics relevant for UPSC

Paper 1
India's struggle For Independence Bipan Chandra NCERT Modern India ( Old) Geography NCERT Std. 10th 12th Geography of India Gopal Singh Certificate Physical and Human Geography G. C. Leong Our Constitution Subhash Kashyap Our Parliament Subhash Kashyap Constitution of India D.D.Basu NCERT Economic Development of India

Indian Economy Dutta Sundaram/Mishra Puri Economic Survey of India Science Reporter Science NCERT 6th to 10th Chronicle, Wizard, Frontline, Yojana PRITHVI Notes & Exercises -

Paper 2
Quantitative Aptitude R. S. Agrawal Reasoning R. S. Agrawal Highschool Grammer & Comprehension Pal & Suri /Wrein Martin 8-10th Books of Mathematics & Geometry N.D.A., C.D.S. Past Year Question Papers PRITHVI Notes & Exercises -

Main General Studies

Paper 1
History of Modern India and Indian Culture India's struggle For Independence Bipan Chandra NCERT Modern India ( Old) Culture of India NBT Geography of India NCERT Std. 10th 12th Balbharati Std. 10th Geography of India Gopal Singh India Year Book Constitution of India and Indian Polity Our Constitution Subhash Kashyap Our Parliament Subhash Kashyap

Constitution of India D.D.Basu Constitution of India B.L. Fadia Current National Issues and Topics of Social Relevance PRITHVI Current Events The Hindu Frontline Social Issues Social Issues in India Ram Ahuja PRITHVI Current Events

Paper 2
India & World PRITHVI Current Events The Hindu Frontline India's Economic Interaction with the World NCERT Economic Development of India Indian Economy Dutta Sundaram / Mishra Puri Indian Economy Uma Kapila Economic Survey of India International Affairs and Institutions PRITHVI Current Events The Hindu Frontline Developments in the Field of Science & Technology, IT and space S & T - Spectrum / M n M Science Reporter Newspaper Supplements Statistical analysis, graphs and diagrams Practice of Old Question Papers NCERT

Geography (Optional)
List of Books / References NCERT Std. 9th 12th Atlas TTK/ Orient Longman/ Oxford Physical Geography Savindra Singh Modern Physical Geography A. N. Strahlar Climatology D. S. Lal Oceanography Vattal & Sharma Environmental Geography Savindra Singh/ Saxena Geography made simple Rupa Publication (Both Volumes) Human Geography Majjid Hussain Regional planning Mishra Economic Geography K Siddharth Geography of India Khullar Geography of population Chandana Urbanization and urban system Ramchandran Regional planning in India Chand & Puri Economic and Commercial Geography of India C. B. Mamoria The Hindu survey of Environment, Agriculture, Industry Magazines Yojana, Kurukshetra, Down to Earth.