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For the Android MID, how to use the 3G network

1All of our Android MID supports 3G networks, either interior 3G or external 3G. The Settings for both interior 3G & external 3G are the same, step by step as below: 2Step by step: SettingsWireless & networksturn off WIFIselect Mobile networksselect and turn on Data roamingselect Access Point NamesPress ICON or MENU keypop out

windowsselect New APNselect Name input 2 or 3 numbers or letters (Never more than 3 numbers or letters) press OK select APN input the APN of your local 3G carrier/operator ask your local 3G carrier/operator for the right APN codePress OK Press Press MENU keypop up windowspress save. 3 the MID is Q689/Q699/Q700/Q703/Q704/Q705, go ahead the setting: settingWireless & networksselect If 3G, to turn on the 3G. 4If your MID is Q695, if the 3G carrier/operator is in the list, no need step 2 or step 3. Directly settings assettings wireless & networks3G settings, in the list of 3G settings , select the 3G carrier/operator which is matched with your 3G sim card. For example, if you are using the 3G SIM card of China Union, then just select China Unicom 3gnet. If the 3G carrier/operator is not in the list, then go ahead the settings according to the above Step 2. ICON or

Important Notices: For name of APN, at least 2 numbers or letters, but not more than 3 numbers or letters. If you are using the interior 3G module, please ALWAYS INSERT THE 3G SIM CARD OR TAKE OFF THE 3G SIM CARD WHILE THE MID IS POWERED OFF. Before using the 3G networks, please turn off the WIFI at first. The good signal of 3G is necessary & basic to set the above STEP 2 successfully. If without good signal of 3G, MMC field must be 3 digits will be displayed. So, before go ahead of STEP 2, please make sure your place with good signal of 3G. Q689 Q699 Q700 Q703 Q704 Q705 or Q695 be displayed in the Taskbar,and will

it means the MID recognized the USB 3G dongle. White color of the arrow means there is data transfering via 3G networks. To turn off the 3G. For the Q695, just disconnect the USB 3G dongle from the MID. For the other MID, there are 2 ways. One ways is, please refer to FIG2, settings->Wireless & networks->3G, press 3G to display as 3G disable. The 2nd ways is to disconnect the USB 3G dongle from the MID. For the MID with interior 3G module, power off the MID, and take off the 3G SIM card. The steps of select and buy the 3G SIM card? 1st, confirm your MID is with interior 3G or not. 2ndly, to know the type of your 3G module or USB 3G dongle. If it is interior 3G, confirm it is EVDO(CDMA2000) or WCDMA? If your MID without interior 3G module, then contact with the MID factory or agent for the USB 3G dongle list, ie, the factory and model number of the USB 3G dongle. Buy the USB 3G dongle. 3rdly, carry your MID and USB 3G dongle to your local 3G carrier/operator, and buy the appropriate 3G SIM card. Attach: The USB 3G dongle is like the USB disk. Refer to Fig3. You can buy it easy from the market. Please make sure your MID supports the USB 3G dongle. The 3G SIM card, is like the normal SIM card for normal mobile phone. Refer to Fig4. Normally, there are 2 types of 3G SIM card, one is supports both voice and data transfer, one is only supports data transfer.

MID-how to connect the USB 3G dongle with the MID?

1 According to the different MID, there are 2 different connectings as below. 2 The first way, is to plug the USB 3G dongle directly to the standard USB port of the MID. Refer to Fig5. 3 The 2nd way, is to connect the USB 3G dongle with the MID via a special USB cable. (Please only use the USB cable coming with the MID. The general USB cable bought from the market can not be used, because the cable is not shield cable. Refer to Fig6. Taskbar

Fig1Q695 interface Taskbar

Fig2Interface of Q689/Q699/Q700/Q703/Q704/Q705