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UAE United Arab Emirates The Emirates Sometimes simply called the Emirates or the UAE, is an Arab country

in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf HISTORY&TRADITIONS The UAE is a country rich in culture and traditions Fishing In the UAE, a land where rain rarely fell and little grew, harvesting fish was the traditional lifeblood of the community. As a result, Emiratis were intimately connected to the sea, only taking from it what they needed. The practice of splitting and drying fish (small fish e.g. jashr (anchovies) or uma (sardines) were dried whole, spread out on the ground), and of salting the largest specimens meant that resource was available to the population inland

Music and Dancing The Emirates enjoys a strong tradition of music and dance which played a vital role in many aspects of its people's lives. Songs were composed to accompany different tasks, from hauling water at the well, to diving for pearl-oysters out in the Gulf. In the evenings, around a fire in the desert, men would meet to talk and exchange news. It was also an occasion for story telling and for reciting poetry. During celebrations singing and dancing also took place and many of the songs and dances, handed down from generation to generation, have survived to the present time

The camel - God's gift to the Bedouin The Bedouin like to say that God has been fair because He gave them the ideal tree for their desert, but He has shown His bounty by giving them the camel as well. This animal is not only as superbly suited to the desert environment as the date palm, but it also provides for almost all the further needs of it owner. Other traditions include Pearling, Traditional uses of plants, boating etc CLIMATE

The UAE has a hot desert climate with very little rain. You can count on daily sunshine and blue sky yearround. There are basically two seasons hot and cool. The best time to visit is from November to May when the weather is pleasant with cool evenings. POINTS OF INTEREST

If you love shopping then you will absolutely love the shopping experience in Dubai, and if you like gold jewellery, then you can't beat Dubai. Places to see are the Heritage village, Dubai museum, Global village, Wonderland, Dreamland Aqua Park, Wild Wadi Water world, or go skiing at the Emirates Mall. UAE is known for its beautiful architecture including buildings like the Abu Dhabi Corniche, Burj Dubai & Business Bay , Mall of Arabia etc

Archaeological Sites You can visit the excavation sites at Al Ghusais, Al Sufooh and Jumeirah where you will find arte facts from the seventh to 15th centuries.

WonderLand The 18-hectare Wonder Land family fun park features a wide range of water attractions. Capable of accommodating up to 8,000 visitors at a time, Wonder Lands water rides include speed slides, surf hills, twister, wave runners and a Caribbean cruise. It also has a water mist show and water cinema, with videos projected on a thin film of water, plus a full complement of on-land attractions.

FOOD Emirati cuisine is a blend of many Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines. Due to harsh desert conditions, the traditional food of the United Arab Emirates uses a lot of meat, grain, and dairy. Vegetables are easy to grow in some areas, and are strongly featured in the diet. Traditional dishes include Ma'louba, Margooga, Harees,Machbous, Frsee'ah, Fireed, Jisheid, and Mishwy. Meats traditionally used were chicken or small fowl, such as Houbara bustards, and goats

FESTIVALS AND HOLIDAYS The UAE celebrates and organizes various festivals and events that play great role in boosting up the countrys economy as well as its capability to earn more revenue from travel and tourism industry. The festivals are usually based on event and activities like shopping music, arts, sports and movies. Following are some of the world renowned Dubai Festivals.

Some of the UAE Festivals include: Abu Dhabi Festival Dubai International Film Festival Dubai Lynx International Advertising Festival UAE Awafi Festival Tropfest Arabia

Some of the Holidays include: Jan 24th: Milad un Nabi (birth of Mohamed) Oct 14th: Eid al-Adha (feast of sacrfice) Al-Hijra (Islamic New Year)

DUBAI Dubai is one of the most beautiful, modern and well kept city of the world. In this country the tourist can experience everything from rugged mountains and awe-inspiring sand dunes to sandy beaches and lush green parks, from dusty villages to luxurious residential districts and from ancient houses with wind towers to ultra-modern shopping malls. The Emirate is both a dynamic international business centre and a laid-back tourist escape. FUN FACTS It has the worlds best malls

America perhaps invented the mall, but it was Dubai that set the standard. Malls in Dubai are extremely luxurious affairs, with unsullied leather sofas, marble floors, beautiful fountains, and restrooms rivaling those of 5 star hotels. It has the worlds most ambitious, well, everything Tallest Man-Made Structure? Yep. Tallest Hotel? Yep. Biggest Mall? Yep. Worlds biggest Aquarium? Yep. Second largest man-made Marina? Yep. It has even broken the record for being the city with the largest number of people named Mohammed

In Dubai a new skyscraper is built everyday Dubai is considered the fifth safest city in the world Dubai is the Englishmens most popular weekend destination. It exceeds even Paris Dubai is one of the most visited city in the whole world The UAE has a great booming business Environment