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Here with the Solution for RTL 8185 windows 7 Here with solution for windows 7 RTL8185 AP mode

________________________________________ Before you start go to the ta bar and exit the running REALTEK RTL8185 Wireless LAN Utility The follow the following steps 1) Go to my computer 2) Open the the drive where the program is installed, in most cases it is drive c:\ 3) Browse to C:\Program Files\REALTEK\RTL8185 Wireless LAN Utility 4) Find the following ini file 8185.ini if itis 64 bit windows 7 os the fie will be 8185x64.ini 5) Open to double clic to open it will open with notepad 6) Delete all the contets of the file and copy and paste the following or create a text file on the des top and rename it to 8185.ini then copy the detail below and replace the ini file in \Program Files\REALTEK\RTL8185 Wireless LAN Utility Below is the detail to copy [Country] AutoSelected=1 xxnCountry=2 [WLan Utility] WZC=0 RtWLanTitle="REALTEK RTL8185 Wireless LAN Utility" MANUFACTURER="REALTEK" Model_Name="REALTEK RTL8185 Wireless LAN" NO_Adapter_TEXT1="REALTEK RTL8185 Wireless LAN Utility" NO_Adapter_TEXT2="Realte Semiconductor Corp." NO_Adapter_TEXT3="Copyright (c) 2003-2009" [UI Config] ICS_Page_SHOW="1" MACfilterPage_SHOW="0" AP_Mode_ENABLE="1" AP_Mode_WPA_PSK_ENABLE="0" WPA2_ENABLE="0" AP_WPA2_ENABLE="0" WDS_AP_Mode_ENABLE="0" RT_SET_ENABLE="0" 802_1X_SHOW="1" Lin _ANY_ENABLE="0" EzConfigPage_SHOW="1" SimpleConfigPage_SHOW="1" WiFiProtectSetPage_SHOW="1" External_Registrar_SHOW="1" AdvancedPage_SHOW="1" DbgWnd_SHOW="1" WLANModeTo90="1" PowerSave_SHOW="0" TurboMode_SHOW="1" WirelessMode_SHOW="1" PREAMBLE_SHOW="1" Channel_Plan_SHOW="1" XLin _SHOW="1" WMM_SHOW="0" RTS_Threshold_SHOW="1" Fragment_Threshold_SHOW="1" WOL_SHOW="0"

DATA_RATE_SHOW="0" Throughput_SHOW="0" VWiFi_SHOW="1" [98UI Config] AP_Mode_ENABLE="1" AP_Mode_WPA_PSK_ENABLE="0" WPA2_ENABLE="1" WDS_AP_Mode_ENABLE="0" RT_SET_ENABLE="1" 802_1X_SHOW="1" EzConfigPage_SHOW="1" SimpleConfigPage_SHOW="1" WiFiProtectSetPage_SHOW="1" PowerSave_SHOW="1" TurboMode_SHOW="1" WirelessMode_SHOW="1" PREAMBLE_SHOW="1" Channel_Plan_SHOW="1" XLin _SHOW="1" WMM_SHOW="1" RTS_Threshold_SHOW="1" Fragment_Threshold_SHOW="1" WOL_SHOW="0" DATA_RATE_SHOW="0" 7)You should be an administrator to this in windows 7 8)Disable and enable the wireless adapter 9)Satrt the REALTEK RTL8185 Wireless LAN Utility. 10) Voila you even have more contro over your card. For more detailed info why this wor s, please advise and will let you now.The e ntire answer for those who are tech inclined is in the details above. compare th e old ini and the new one you will get all the answers. Please advise if this was useful.