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Izzy Tolsma Mr. Kim 6 English 9 30 January 2013 Lord of the Flies: The Big Questions 1) A When given a chance, people often single out and degrade another to improve themselves. To make themselves look better, often times people make fun of or insult others; by doing this, people point out the others imperfections, drawing attention their superiority over the other. The victim of this degradation usually is an easy target. When thinking of this, many would imagine a school setting, with a bully. This is a commonly used, but accurate example; the bully shows power over their victim through many types of violence, believing that they are, thus, improving themselves. 2) A Society is what holds everyone together and without these conditions, our ideals, values, and the basics of right and wrong are lost. Society is a binding a binding that holds together the culture of a population; within this culture are values and morals. If this binding were to fall apart, over time these ideas that were held together by society would begin to lose their importance and, eventually, would be replaced. Picture a civilized world, if something major were to happen, per say a nuclear attack, society would become disbanded. Upon this disbandment, no longer would people have to do what was

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accepted in society, a new freedom of sorts would arise, this freedom would lead to power, and most people would do what was best for themselves, leaving their past morals and ideals behind. 3) A The power of fear and control can overwhelm a person. The power of fear is a very strong power. People who are afraid of something will do anything to feel safer. Those who can instill fear in others have great control over the others. Ever heard the term power mad? Upon having this control and power of fear in the hands of a person, this can prove to be overwhelming. On TV, many shows/movies have a villain who attempts to rule the world. Their motive is usually their lust for power and control. Without knowing, the control actually begins to control them because it becomes so overwhelming. 4) A If humanity is to survive, innocence may have to be sacrificed. There may arise a time in which innocence may have to be sacrificed to save humanity. A bad case scenario would be the need for child soldiers. If humanity depended on it, the childrens innocence would have to be lost to save humanity. 5) A When the institutions of law and order slip away or are ignored, human beings revert to a more primitive part of their nature. Law and order keep the world out of chaos. If these institutions were to slip away or be ignored, the world would fall into pandemonium, people would panic, and they would do whatever they need to to survive, often reverting to a primitive nature. If, all of a sudden, the inmates of prisons and jails were released (an institution of law slips away), fear would sweep the nation. No longer would they feel the need to be ethical citizens, but survival would rather become their first priority.

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6) A Whenever groups of people coexist, there will be a struggle for power. Its human nature to want to have the most power, simply to be the best. In history, different conquests were made to gain more territory, hence acquiring more power. This is also evidenced in todays culture. For example, the Olympics - through these games of strength, coordination, and skill satisfy peoples need to prove themselves. Today, groups of people may not express their want for power or to be #1 in the world through war or violence, but there still exists this desire. 7) A Its better to examine the consequences of a decision before it is made, than to discover them afterwards. When making a decision, it is best to first think of the consequences. If not, a person acts on impulse and instinct, if one doesnt think of the consequences of an action, later they may grow to regret their decision. Impulse and instinct can be dangerous, things can be said or done that most likely wouldnt have been said or done if the person was thinking levelheadedly. An exaggerated example would be if someone got in an argument with someone and it escalated to the point in which a member of the fight killed the other. Once they calmed down, soon the person would realize their mistake and greatly regret their act. 8) A Children are capable of horrific behavior. If a child is stripped of their innocence, they no longer maintain their very strict idea of right and wrong. A change of maturity takes place, and they can commit acts just as heinous as any adult. For example, children who have been through a lot (they might come from an abusive family or a similar situation), can sometimes join gangs and get in trouble with the law at a very young age.

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9) NS Everyone is capable of murder. Physically, everyone is capable of murder, emotionally, its a different matter. Some people just cant bring themselves to take another humans life, but they have the physical capability to do so. Religion can also play a part in it, if the religion values human life at a great level, followers of the faith are much less likely to commit murder. 10) D The reason most people hunt is that they need the meat. People hunt for a variety of reasons, but to say that most people hunt for meat is in my opinion, untrue. Today, meat is readily available at just about any supermarket you go to, but still, there are hunters. The hunters dont need the meat, they can easily buy it, they want the kill.