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World bids ^welcome to new year

Associated Press People around the world greeted the new year with parties, revelry and pri. vatc resolve to face the fresh challenges of 1974. j ;Aboul 50,000 celebrants braved rain and chilling \\Hnds to . gather in New York's Times Square and watch the traditional ball of light descend at midjiight New Year's Eve. ;Hugc billboard and display lights at the midtown Manhattan intersection, previously d i m m e d to ..conserve energy, were turned up to full brilliance Jlor the occasion. - Bad weather kept the 'crowd much smaller than last y e a r ' s turnout of some 300,000. '.ORBITING hundreds of miles above the weather, astronauts aboard Skylab 3 shuttled back and forth 1C times between 1973 and .1974 as they crossed'the International D a t e Line and each of the world l i m e zones every 93 minutes. Mission Control at the Houston Space Center radioed a variety of New Year's greetings to astronauts Gerald P. Carr, Will i a m R.,Pogue and Edward G. Gibson as they 'marked their third holiday in space. They were also aloft on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Eai'thbound t r a v e l e r s , trying to use highways across the United States today o f t e n had to be w a t c h f u l and patient. They were faced in many areas with a near-total shutdown of gasoline stations. IN I S R A E L , troops were on full alert along the Egyptian and Syrian baltlcfronts while the Jewish state voted in a national election. Midnight New Year's Eve came and went in Jerusalem without bell-ringing, horn-blowing or other public celebration, Most Israelis observed the new .year by the Jewish calendar in September. In France, New Year's is Revcillon and tradition called for a midnight supper usually with oysters and pate de fois gras. The Year of the Tiger reverberated over Japan with the customary 108 gongs to drive away the 108 passions catalogued by Buddhism and with calls to forget material affluence.

St. Louis float winner

(Continued from Page A-l) an Italian' : born high school coed, was the 1974 Rose Queen. The first.float in the parade "Happiness Is a Bed of Roses". portrayed "Peanuts" characters. Snoopy, Linus, Lucy, Woodstock and Charlie Brown. The parade ended two hours later with "Happiness Is the Circus Parade," a g i a n t bandwagon pulled by a hitch, of 40 Belgian draft horses.' : The p a r a d e also featurcd the usual number of celebrities among them Lt. David Rehman, a former prisoner of w a r ; sports stars Bobby Riggs, Rosemary Casals, Randy Williams and Dwight Stones; musicians Lawrence Welk and, the Jackson Five, and beauty queens Maria Margarita Moran, Miss Universe, and Amanda Jones, Miss USA. Most of the spectators, along the parade route arrived early today, filling thousands of grandstand seats and pressing behind blue lines painted eight feet in from the curbs on both sides,of the street. The Sweepstakes-winning float from St. Louis was a tableau in wintry white featuring 10,000 white roses, b a b y ' s breath, Queen Anne's lace and starburst chrysanthemums. F o u r icy trees were'decorated with white stock and pompons and falling snow was created by l.unaria strung on monofilament fish lines. The bands and floats of the University of Southern California and Ohio State University, which met later in the day in the Rose.Bowl, got the biggest cheers of all the units in the parade. Tennis player Riggs also got many cheers but a few boos too. Few of the spectators apparently recognized Miss Casals, who was on the Florists' Transworld Delivery Association float with Riggs. N.either did many of the spectators recognize Lt. Rehman who represented all the prisoners of war who were freed early last year. Rehman, who spent six years in a North Vietnamese prison camp after he was shot down Dec. 2, 1966, was on the San Diego float.

Times Square at midnight

About 50,000 celebrants braved rain and chilling winds to gather in New York City's Times Square and watch the traditional ball of light descend at midnight as they welcomed the New Year. Huge billboard and display lights at the midtown Manhattan intersection, previously dimmed'to conserve energy, were turned up to full brilliance for the occasion. . -AP wirita'

6th mutilated body found; tied to L.B. area killings

He had been strangled, his head was beaten in, and his hands were severed, San Bernardino County detectives said at a press conference they and Los Angeles officers held Monday afternoon. Investigators officially linked the killing with five other murdrers of young men since Dee. 26, 1972 in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Los Angeles Investigator John St. John said the murders were linked by "identical evidence," including, the method of attack. He called this the most grisly s e r i e s of homicides in Los Angeles area history. San Bernardino County officers described the latest victim as a Caucasian, 20 to 25 years old, with a tattoo on his foot. They said the tattoo appeared to be of an astrological signprobably Virgo. The earlier discoveries of bodies, and appeals to the public for help, left police without leads to the killer.

A homicidal m a n i a c who has killed and mutilated five young men in the Long Beach area, in the past year appears to h a v e murdered a sixth victim,- detectives said Monday in Los Angeles. The l a t e s t victim in what police call a string (Continued from Page A-l) of sex-related killings was elusive. In some states, there have been court cases found Saturday in the Sarf dating back to the late 1800s that have upheld the right Bernardino Mountains. of a married woman to use her maiden name, but some Hikers found the batterjudges are still ruling otherwise. Hawaii actually is the ed body of a young man in only state with a. statute specifically requiring a a gully 150 f e e t below woman to adopt her husband's name. In a number of Highway 18, between San countries, including France, Norway, Sweden and Is- Bernardino and Crestline'. rael, a woman's right to retain her maiden name is guaranteed by law.


Street people
I saw the puppets from Sesame Street on the Julie Andrews' television show Nov. 23, and I'd like to know how these little creatures are maneuvered. :E.W., Long Beach. . The larger muppe!s, not puppets, have adults inside them and the smaller ones are maneuvered by fingers, hands and arms of one or more muppeteers, .according to a spokesman for the Children's Television Workshop in New York City. The muppets are created by James Henson, chief muppetccr, for CTW, and he and three other veteran muppeteers provide the energy and voices for the lovable assortment of Sesame Street characters. The 8-foot-tall Big Bird covers a much 'shorter man who supports the bird's head with a raised wrist, moves the beak with fingers; and uses an outstretched arm and wires to move the wings. A new muppet, Snuffle-Upagus, who is a big fantasy character seen only by Big Bird and the children and not by the adults on the show, takes two men inside him to produce his lumbering gait. The CTW spokesman said muppetcering is "a physically demanding job." The muppets and Sesame Street is seen on KCET, Channel 28.

SAN FRANCISCO Iff! Standard Oil Co. of California is starting the New Year off with price hikes oh its petroleum products including a 2-cent-agallon increase in gasoline. W. G. Toland, a company spokesman, said the increases effective today follow the announcement Monday by the energy czar William Simon that service stations could raise prices 1 cent a gallon to increase profits. Toland said the 2-cent hike was permitted under Cost of Living Council rules allowing recovery of increased costs for raw materials. He said domestic crude oil had gone up ,?1 a barrel during December. The company also said it would raise diesel fuel prices by 3,5 cents a gallon and No. 2 heating oil would go up 3 cents -a gallon. Meanwhile, Shell Oil announced it would charge 1 'cent a gallon more for gasoline and Union Oil of California said a gallon of its gas would cost an additionaM cents. Motorists also were expected to h a v e trouble purchasing g a s o l i n e on New Year's D a y , especially in urban areas. "Only 10 to 15 per cent of the gas stations will be open New Y e a r ' s Day," said a spokesman for the California State Automobile Association. PITTSBURGH (UPI) The 17-year-old daughter.of Frank Thomas, who played for six National League baseball teams, was killed early today when she fell 35 feet down an elevator shaft at a restaurant-motel in surban Ross Rownship. Police said Sharon Thomas and six others were in the elevator of the Sheraton North motel when it got stuck between the second and third floors. A man forced open a ctoor and jumped to the second floor to summon help. A witness said Sharon tried to land on the hallway floor but fell 35 feet down the elevator shaft. Sharon was taken to North Hills Passavant Hospital where she died an hour later. The victim's father began his major league career with the Pittsburgh Pirates and later played with the Cincinnati Reds, the Milwaukee Braves, the Chicago Cubs, the Philadelphia Phillies' and the New York Mets.

What's fare is fair?

In November'the Long Beach Unified School District purchased roundtrip tickets from Los Angeles to Fresno on PSA for four of us to attend a reading conference. 1 We flew to Fresno on Nov. 8. On Nov. 10 we presented our return tickets and were told that our flight was canceled and the only other flight was full. We turned our tickets in and received a refund. 1 We had to rent a car to return to Los Angeles. Does the airline have any liability to pay for our transportation and, if so, who should we contact for reimbursement? B.M., Long Beach. Since PSA is an intrastate airline it falls under the jurisdiction of the California Public Utilities Commission. Under commission regulations the only legal liability the airline has is to refund the unused portion of your ticket. However, a spokesman for the commission told ACTION LINE that if you would send an informal complaint to the Public Utilities Commission, Air Carrier Unit, 350 McAllister St., San Francisco 94102, it would be referred to the airline to see if some adjustment could be made because of your circumstances. The company has made such concessions in response to complaints in the past.

.New. Watergate indictments due

In August my 1965 Volkswagen stopped running while I was driving on the freeway. It was towed to Bill Barry Volkswagen, 3940 Cherry Ave. Due to financial difficulties I did not authorize any work to be done on the car. Later my co-signer on the loan for the car assumed payments and went to get the car. He found the engine had been removed and parts of another engine put in. Also, many parts on the car were missing including the starter, generator, gear shift, front bumper guards and spare tire and rim. The service manager professed ignorance as to why the parts were missing. In addition, my co-signer was told he owes storage charges of $225. Now they say they are having difficulty getting replacement parts. I don't think the agency intends to replace the parts and fix (he car. Could ACTION LINE please help? F.M., Wilmington. . Chick Sisler, vice president and general manager of Bill Barry Volkswagen, offered to waive the storage fees and charge you only for towing. But he maintains that you virtually abandoned the car when you failed to contact the agency about it and (he agency doesn't feel responsible for any parts missing after it placed a . mechanic's lien against the car for the towing and storage charges. Your co-signer has refused to accept (he offer to waive the storage fees if he will take the car away in its present condition or authorize the agency to rebuild If.

Dick Van Dyke is now a grandfather

P H O E N I X (UPI) Comedian Dick Van Dyke b e c a m e a grandfather today and the new arrival was the first baby of the year in Phoenix. The baby girl, named Jessica Lee, was born at 1:09 a . m . at P h o e n i x M e m o r i a l H o s p i t a l to Caroline Van Dyke, wife of t h e star's son, Christ i a n . The y o u n g Van Dykes live at Carefree, a desert community n e a r here.

WASHINGTON W - peachment 'to the House Special Watergate prose- by April 1. cutor Leon Jaworski said Congressional RepubliMonday that grand juries cans are known to wish are expected to vote on t h a t the impeachment indictments in January question be settled well and February "in a sub- before the fall elections of stantial number of major House and Senate meminvolvements." .. bers. Jaworski did not say Jaworski's year-end rewho or what the indict- p o r t said investigations nienfs would involve but it are continuing "in various is known that several one- areas within the special t i m e t o p p r e s i d e n t i a l prosecutor's jurisdiction aides and intimates have . . . including the review been the target of grand of White House files." jury investigations. Meanwhile, Nixon faced THE ORIGINAL grand a subpoena by the Senate jury, impaneled June 5, W a t e r g a t e c o m m i t t e e 1972 12 days before the seeking around 500 White second Watergate breakHouse documents and in has been hearing tapes. Aides have indicat- evidence about the incied the White House will dent and cover-up. attempt to block any efAnother grand jury fort by (he committee to soon to be joined by a gain wide access to presi- third has been investidential files, perhaps trig- gating the White House gering fresh court battles. plumbers, including the THE COMMITTEE is Ellsberg p s y c h i a t r i s t Winds buffet due to wind up its investi- b r e a k - i n ; f i n a n c i a l asgation and report its find- pects of "the Nixon re-elec- Borrego Springs ing by Feb. 28, but the tion campaign, including BORREGO SPRINGS tf! deadline may have to be the ITT and milk fund Furious winds which extended. cases, a n d c a m p a i g n swept portions of SouthIn addition, the House e s p i o n a g e and d i r t y ern California with the adJudiciary Committee is tricks. vent of 1974 tore a roof off studying whether there is I n d i c t m e n t s in the a house in De Anza Coune v i d e n c e warranting im- Watergate case were first try Club and blew winpeachment action against reported imminent after dows out of several Nixon. Chairman Peter the resignation last April homes. W. Rodino says his com- of top White House aides No injuries were reportmittee hopes Jo submit its H. R. Haldeman and John ed in the winds clocked at recommendation on im- D. Ehrlichman. up to CO miles an hour.

Detectives theorized a sex butcher was loqse in (Continued from Page A-l) the Long B e a c h area, probably a homosexual. Laborites who oppose reHowever, they didn't rule turn of any of the occ-. out the possibility the kill- upied territory. He claimer was a woman. ed only 52 members would Of the five earlier vic- support Mrs. Meir's more tims, only two have been conciliatory policy. identified.) A n a l y s t s suggested The first was Edward three possibilities for a government: 1. The t r a d i t i o n a l alliance of Labor, the National Religious Party and the Independent Liberals. The election returns indicated this coalition would have about 65 seats in the Daniel Moore, a 20-year- Knesset, or a majority of ....'. old Marine on leave from- 1 0 . . . Camp Pendleton. His 2. The exclusion of Debody was found Dec. 26, fense,.'Minister Moshe 1972, on .Seventh Street Dayari from''the prospecnear the San Diego Free- : five government by Laborites who hold hifh-'responi way, in Seal Beach. sible for Israel's initial He had been strangled. On Feb. 6, the nude setbacks in' the Octoberbody of a second youth, war, followed by him and known only as "John Doe his f o l l o w e r s j o i n i n g No. 16," was found on the .Likud, the Religious Terminal Island Freeway P a r t y and independent right-wingers in a coaliin Wilmington. John Doe 16, a youth 18 tion t h a t would h a v e to 20 years old, also had about 60 seats. been strangled. 3. A minority coalition of Likud and the Religious VICTIM number three Party which would take was found April 14 at a over if Labor could not lonely Huntington Beach form a g o v e r n i n g alintersection. His body was liance. nude, and had been mutilated. GLOOM HUNG over the The fourth victim, still Labor P a r t y headquarknown only as "John Doe ters, and Mrs. Meir reNo. 52," was found in fused to .comment. parts. One piece after Begin elatedly told apanother, each wrapped in paluding supporters: "A a plastic trash bag, turn- fateful, crucial, historic ed up in Wilmington, Long event has befallen us ... Beach, Sunset Beach and Let the world know, let Carson, from April 22 to Washington and Moscow April 26. know, that the national A fifth body was found majority is against dividin Seal Beach July 30, a ing the Land of Israel." few hundred yards from About 80 per cent of Iswhere the first victim's rael's more than two milbody was found. lion voters turned out for L a t e r i d e n t i f i e d as the election. No Arab terRonnie Jean Weibe, 21, he rorists attacks were rehad been strangled and ported but the troops on the front lines voted amid beaten on the head.. the u s u a l intermittent TODAY police under- shooting. In some forward stand little m o r e than positions, a soldier took they did a year ago when the ballot box to the men (he first body was found. in the trenches. In others, the troops voted singly to The Independent, Press- keep f r o m f o r m i n g a Telegram's Secret Wit- crowd for the Arab gunness program will pay ners to shoot at. $2,000 for information leading to the arrest and A TOTAL of 21 parties conviction of the mass or factions competed in murderer who killed these the elections. One of the young men. minor leaders who apparIf you have such infor- ently was elected was mation, call Secret Wit- Rabbi Meif Kahane, leadness at 436-2526 between 8 er of the militant, righta . m . and midnight on wing Jewish Defense weekdays or between 3 League who emigrated and 11 p.m. on Saturdays from the United States in and Sundays. Or write to 1972 after a JDL camSecret Witness, P.O. Box paign of harassment and 67, Long Beach, Califor- violence against Soviet^ representatives in Amerinia, 90801. ca. Municipal elections also were held Monday, and the government was disappointed by the response among the Arabs of East Jerusalem, which Israel seized from Jordan in the 1967 war and says it will n e v e r relinquish. Only 10 per cent of the 43,000 eligible voted. ' Teddy Kollek, Jerusalem's blunt, autocratic mayor for the past eight years, was re-elected.

loses ground

Warren at rites for dead jurist

I A K L A N D (UPI) Former U.S. Chief Justice Earl Warren was among the m a n y persons connected with the judiciary who Monday paid last respects to the late Judge Oliver D. Hamlin Jr. of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth District. It was Warren who succeeded Judge Hamlin as deputy district'attorney of Alameda County in 1920, when the latter returned to private priactice. It was Warren; who, as governor, named Judge Hamlin to the Superior Court bench in Alameda County, from where he went to the U.S. District Court' and later the district appellate court. The 81-year-old jurist died at his Piedmont home Friday after a piece of meat lodged in his throat. The Rev. Jerrold Kennedy officiated at Monday's requiem mass and said in his eulogy that Judge Hamlin's long career had been devoted to the pursuit of justice and expressed the hope that. "justice be pursued in memory of this good man;"

Fire marshal killed by blaze

WALLA WALLA, Wash. Ufl The city's fire marshal was killed and three firemen seriously injured early today while battling a tavern fire, authorities said. A fire d e p a r t m e n t spokesman said Fire Marshal Gabriel ,Tichi died when a two-story wall collapsed into the street.