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Unit 3 Education.

V1 Word Formation agent 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 invite

Use the correct form of the words on the box to fill the gap. believable ambitious architecture special qualify technical

Julia is only fifteen but she has been offered a job by a top modelling __________________. She has also received an ___________________ to work in Australia. She thinks the work would be _____________________ exciting. However, her big ____________________ is to work in the same field as her father. Her father is an expert on ________________________ design. Laura hopes to ____________________ in Architecture at university. She wants to get some good ______________________ before she leaves school. She is studying Design and _____________________ at the moment.

V2 Adjective/noun + noun collocations Match a word (1 6) with a noun to form collocations to complete the text below. Use the explanations in brackets to help you. 1 2 3 4 5 6 bright late lucky screen spare talent ___________ ___________ break ___________ ___________ ___________ time break scout lights test nights lucky break (= big chance) came six months

Lucca Chiesa has become quite famous in the film world. His

ago when he was still only sixteen. Lucca was spotted by a _____________________ (= someone looking for new actors) when he was in a school play. He flew to the USA the next day for a ______________________ (= a short film test to check someone's suitability as an actor). Then they gave him a role in a major film. The film was a great success but Lucca has decided to resist the _______________________ (= attractions) of Hollywood for a while. He spends all his ______________________(= hours when he is not working) in the local film studios, but school comes first at the moment. His real ambition is to study medicine and he knows if he has too many ____________________ (= times when he doesn't go to bed early) he will spoil his chances of going to Medical School. GU1 -ing form or infinitive? 1 2 Choose the correct verb form from the options in brackets. My teacher expects me (doing / to do) well in the exams. Our study trip to England was fantastic! It was definitely worth (going / to go). I really enjoyed (to see / seeing) all the places we'd read about in school. But at the end of the week, I hated (leaving / leave) all the friends I'd made. 3 4 I forgot to put my name on the list for swimming. Remind me (doing / to do) it tomorrow, will you? Would you mind (helping / to help) me to move this desk? It's really heavy.

5 6 7 8 0

Do you fancy (coming / to come) to my house after school this evening? I'm not keen on Science lessons. I don't mind (doing / to do) experiments but I hate learning formulae! When my grandparents were at school, teachers made them (to wear / wear) a uniform. Pupils were made (learn / to learn) everything by heart, too. They don't let us (use / to use) the school tennis courts during the holidays, which is really annoying. A: Has your daughter got a role in that movie? B: No, I regret to say (say) (= I'm sorry to say) that she hasn't. In fact, I think she regrets leaving (leave) (= she is sorry that she left) school now.

GU2 Change of meaning Put the verb in brackets into the correct form.

1 2

A: I'll never forget __________________(dance) with you, Alicia. It's been a wonderful evening. B: Oh, Marco! You won't forget ____________________(phone) me tomorrow, will you? A: Do you remember ____________________(lock) the back door before we came out this evening? B: No, I don't. I hope we haven't been burgled! A: Oh, well. It's a good thing that I remembered ___________________ (turn on) the burglar alarm!

3 4

A: Stop _________________(drive) so fast! We've got plenty of time. B: Sorry! Look, I'll have to stop at this garage __________________(get) some petrol anyway. A: Tom and I played tennis yesterday. The match lasted for ages; in we went on _________________ (play) until it got dark. I won the first two games but Tom went on _________________(win) in the end!

A: Sorry, I didn't mean ______________________(interrupt) you! I didn't realise you were still working. B: That's OK. I've nearly finished. I've got to have this project ready for tomorrow, which means _________________(check) I haven't made any silly mistakes.

A: What's going on? B: The car's broken down. Dad's trying __________________(start) it. A: Well, why don't we try __________________(push) it? That often works.

Like a red rag 1 2 3 4 5 6 Don't talk to him about politics because it's like a _______ rag to a bull. a) blue b) white c) red d) black He takes the optimistic view and talks about a _______ skies scenario. a) red b) blue c) white d) yellow She hasn't worked here very long and is therefore a little _______ on matters of procedure. a) red b) blue c) white d) green Now that they have read it in _______ they believe me. a) red and blue b) blue and red c) white and black d) black and white

The reason why I feel so _______ today is because it's my birthday and nobody remembered. a) red b) blue c) white d) black She lost the company a lot of money and as a result has got a _______ mark against her name. a) red b) blue c) black d) white