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We, the senior class of 1961, of Ouray High School, Being of sound body and questionable mind do hereby

make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. The class of 1961 wills its ability to make money to the class of 1972 being that the yare the only possible class which has not been cheated, robbed or swindled during our high school years. David Halls wills his ability to sleep in every class to Ardis Sam Silvers. Anna Montano bequeaths her small feet to one who needs them mostMr. Weatherill. Monika Slany wills her ability to be late for anything and everything to Mary Spencer. The class wills Mary Lowe back to the junior class and Donna Kessler back to the sophomore class. Buddy Zanett wills his red shoes to Robert Dickson. Mac Spencer wills his car troubles to the class of 1962. This shall be executed on the day of their sneak trip. Linda Shaffer wills her Perfect 36 figure to Mary Lowe. Leo Williams wills his ability to flirt with other girls while his girlfriend is away to John Jones. Dolores Gonzales wills the last dance at the Prom to Jim Penasa. The class of 1961 wills its ability to have 8 members on the honor roll to the class of 1963. Lawrence Hudgens wills his long, blond, curly hair to Coach. Sharon Peck wills this jar of pickles to Charles Waldrum, Joe Gianetto, and Dennis Orcutt. (A jar of pickles was actually presented.) John Armstrong wills his typing ability to Claudia Forbes. Trudy Best wills her ability to scramble red eggs at 2 A.M. and honorary title of Ann Pillsbury to Sherry Bell and Anne Hutchinson. Buster Fay wills his charm with girls to Mike Griffiths. Curtis Kitchen wills his height to the little people to have ad to hold forever and ever. Dolores Gonzales wills her dramatic ability to Barbara Yates. Jerry Watson wills his luck to get on the A-Team to John Jones.

Trudy Best, John Wise, and Steve Kinney will this key to Charles Waldrum as an award commemorating his hard fought battle of the keys and pins in Student Council which he valiantly lost, (Actual presentation made) Bob Werber wills his ability to overcome his fear of girls to Joe Gianetto. Steve Kinney wills the good luck scarf to next years basketball manager on condition he will pass it on to his successor. (Actual presentation made to Dale Hutchinson.) Carol Spangler wills her way with boys to Donna Kessler. Buster Fay wills his ability to bum gum to Geary Dougherty. The class of 1961 wills its dram of Hawaii to the class of 1962, hoping they have worse luck. John Wise wills his ability to chase ice to Geary Dougherty. Anna Montano wills her long hair to Coach. Roxanna River wills her ability to get along with Mr. Weatherill to the present seventh grade class. The class wills this pencil to Geary Dougherty so he will not have to borrow any next year. (Actual presentation made) Roxanna River, Sharon Peck, Linda Shaffer, Trudy Best, John Wise, Jerry Watson, David Halls, Steve Kinney, Buster Fay, Lawrence Hudgens will the ability to melt coffee pots at after Snow Mist breakfast to Linda Wise, Donna Kessler, Ricky River and Mary Spencer. (Actual presentation made) David Halls wills his ability to get into jams without getting sticky to Nick Peck. The Class of 1961 wills its superiority to the class of 1962 to replace the inferiority complex and jealousy the now have. The Class of 1961 wills its memory to the school so we will never be forgotten as long as man may live. In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hand and seal the 16th day of May, A.D. 1961. Signed, sealed, published, and declared by the said testator as and for our Last Will and Testament, in the presence of us and each of us, who in his presence and in the presence of each other at their request have hereunto subscribed our names ad Witness herefor, the 16th day of May, A.D., 1961.

(Signed), John Hancock B.C. Kritch