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Federal Register / Vol. 68, No.

84 / Thursday, May 1, 2003 / Notices 23291

Alternatives, which identify the range of Engineers under the Formerly Utilized 3. Availability of the FS and PP
potential final site remedies, have been Sites Remedial Action Program Copies of the FS and PP are with the
developed and evaluated in the St. (FUSRAP). The alternatives to address site Administrative Record File and may
Louis North County Feasibility Study contamination at this site are evaluated be reviewed at the following locations:
(FS). USACE has identified Alternative in the FS and are summarized in the PP. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis
5, Excavation with Institutional Controls District, FUSRAP Project Office, 8945
Under Roads, Bridges, Railroads and 2. Project Alternatives
Latty Avenue, Berkeley, MO 63134
Other Permanent Structures, as the a. Alternative 1—No Action. Required between 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m., Monday thru
preferred alternative in the Proposed by CERCLA for baseline comparison. Friday; or the St. Louis Public Library,
Plan (PP) based on the information Requires periodic environmental Government Information Room, 1302
available at this time. The final remedy monitoring. No soils excavated. Olive Street, St. Louis, MO 63103
will be selected and identified in a b. Alternative 2—Partial Excavation during normal business hours.
Record of Decision (ROD) only after and Capping at SLAPS and HISS/ Electronic copies of these documents
consideration of all comments received Futura. Excavate impacted soils only are also available at: http://
and any new information presented. from the VPs for out-of-state disposal.
DATES: The FS and PP will be available Cap SLAPS and HISS/Futura with stone home2.htm.
for public review from May 1, 2003 and clean soil. Use institutional controls
through May 30, 2003. Written Sharon R. Cotner,
to restrict future land use at SLAPS,
comments must be received before June HISS/Futura, and to control soils FUSRAP Program Manager.
1, 2003. A public meeting, regarding all beneath roads, bridges, railroads, and [FR Doc. 03–10686 Filed 4–30–03; 8:45 am]
of the alternatives presented in the FS/ other permanent structures. BILLING CODE 3710–55–P
PP, will be begin at 6 p.m. at the
c. Alternative 3—Partial Excavation
Hazelwood Civic Center—East at 8969
and Treatment at SLAPS. Excavate
Dunn Road in Hazelwood, MO on May DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION
impacted soils from HISS/Futura and
29, 2003. Oral and written comments
VPs. Consolidate excavated soils at [CFDA No. 84.336A]
will be accepted at the meeting.
SLAPS for treatment (soil sorting and
ADDRESSES: Submit written comment to
washing). Use soils meeting Office of Postsecondary Education;
Ms. Sharon Cotner, FUSRAP Program supplemental standards as backfill at Teacher Quality Enhancement Grants
Manager, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, SLAPS and cover site with clean soils. Program—State Grants; Notice Inviting
St. Louis District, 8945 Latty Avenue, Soils not meeting supplemental Applications for New Awards for Fiscal
Berkeley, MO 63134 before June 1, 2003. standards disposed out-of-state. Use Year (FY) 2003
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms. institutional controls to restrict future
Jacqueline Mattingly at (314) 260–3924 land use at SLAPS and to control soils Purpose of Program: To provide
or (314) 260–3905, or Jacqueline. beneath roads, bridges, railroads, and grants to promote improvements in the other permanent structures. quality of new teachers with the
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: ultimate goal of increasing student
d. Alternative 4—Institutional
achievement in the nation’s K–12
1. Proposed Action Controls. Limit future land use at
classrooms. State Grants are designed to
The USACE, St. Louis District, is SLAPS, HISS/Futura, VPs, and for soils
improve the quality of a State’s teaching
issuing the St. Louis North County FS beneath roads, bridges, railroads, and
force by supporting the implementation
and PP for public review and comment. other permanent structures using deed
of comprehensive statewide reform
The North County Site became notices, land use restrictions, and
activities in areas such as teacher
contaminated as a result of activities zoning restrictions. Institutional
licensing and certification,
supporting the nation’s early atomic controls and site maintenance would be
accountability for high-quality teacher
energy program. From 1942 to 1957, the implemented to prevent unacceptable
preparation, and recruitment.
Mallinckrodt Chemical Plant extracted exposures to site contamination.
Eligible Applicants: States, as defined
uranium and radium from ore at the St. e. Alternative 5—Excavation with in section 103(16) of the Higher
Louis Downtown Site in St. Louis, Institutional Controls Under Roads, Education Act of 1965, as amended
Missouri. From 1946 until 1967, Bridges, Railroads, and Other (HEA).
radioactive process byproducts were Permanent Structures. Excavate
impacted soils from SLAPS, HISS/ Note: A State that received a previous grant
stored at an area adjacent to the under this program is not eligible for a FY
Lambert-St. Louis Airport, which is now Futura and VPs for out-of-state disposal. 2003 grant. The following States are eligible:
referred to as the St. Louis Airport Site Use institutional controls to control Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa,
(SLAPS). In 1966, the SLAPS wastes soils beneath roads, bridges, railroads Montana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New
were purchased, moved to, and stored at and other permanent structures. York, and the Commonwealth of the
a property on Latty Avenue. This f. Alternative 6—Excavation at all Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, the
property later became known as the Properties. Excavate impacted soils from Republic of Marshall Islands, the Republic of
Hazelwood Interim Storage Site (HISS) all locations, regardless of accessibility, Palau, and the United States Virgin Islands.
and the Futura property. During this for out-of-state disposal. Based on Applications Available: May 1, 2003.
move, handling and transportation of available information, the Corps of Deadline for Transmittal of
the contamination resulted in the Engineers’ preferred alternative is Applications: June 16, 2003.
material being spread along haul routes Alternative 5, Excavation with Deadline for Intergovernmental
and to the adjacent vicinity properties, Institutional Controls Under Roads, Review: August 18, 2003.
which are referred to as the SLAPS Bridges, Railroads, and Other Available Funds: $7,645,000.
Vicinity Properties (VPs). The North Permanent Structures. Although Estimated Range of Awards:
County Site, which generally consists of Alternative 5 is preferred at the present $2,000,000–$3,000,000 per year.
SLAPS, HISS/Futura, and the VPs, is time, public comments are welcome on Estimated Average Size of Awards:
being managed by the Corps of all alternatives. $2,500,000 per year.

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23292 Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 84 / Thursday, May 1, 2003 / Notices

Estimated Number of Awards: 3. Grants is one of the programs included your application on the closing date
Note: The Department is not bound by any in the pilot project. If you are an because the e-Application system is
estimates in this notice. applicant under the Teacher Quality unavailable, we will grant you an
Enhancement Grants Program—State extension of one business day in order
Project Period: Up to 36 months.
Grants you may submit your application to transmit your application
Page Limit: The application narrative
to us in either electronic or paper electronically, by mail, or by hand
is where you, the applicant, address the
format. delivery. For us to grant this
selection criteria reviewers use to The pilot project involves the use of extension—
evaluate your application. the Electronic Grant Application System (1) You must be a registered user of
If you are submitting an application
(e-Application). Users of e-Application e-Application, and have initiated an e-
for a State grant, you must limit your
will be entering data on-line while Application for this competition; and
narrative to the equivalent of no more (2)(a) The e-Application system must
completing their applications. You may
than 50 pages and your accompanying be unavailable for 60 minutes or more
not e-mail a soft copy of a grant
work plan to the equivalent of no more between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:30
application to us. If you participate in
than 10 pages. Submit the work plan as p.m., Washington, DC time, on the
this voluntary pilot project by
an appendix. In addition, you must deadline date; or
submitting an application electronically,
limit your budget narrative to the (b) The e-Application system must be
the data you enter on-line will be saved
equivalent of no more than 10 pages and unavailable for any period of time
into a database. We request your
your evaluation plan to the equivalent during the last hour of operation (that is,
participation in e-Application. We shall
of no more than 5 pages. for any period of time between 3:30 and
For the application narrative, work continue to evaluate its success and
solicit suggestions for improvement. 4:30 p.m., Washington, DC time) on the
plan, budget narrative, and evaluation deadline date.
If you participate in e-Application,
plan, the following standards apply: The Department must acknowledge
• A ‘‘page’’ is 8.5″ x 11″, on one side please note the following:
• Your participation is voluntary. and confirm these periods of
only, with 1″ margins at the top, bottom, • You will not receive any additional unavailability before granting you an
and both sides. point value because you submit a grant extension. To request this extension you
• Double space (no more than three must contact either (1) the person listed
application in electronic format, nor
lines per vertical inch) all text, elsewhere in this notice under For
will we penalize you if you submit an
including titles, headings, quotations, Further Information Contact or (2) the e-
application in paper format. When you
references, and captions. GRANTS help desk at 1–888–336–8930.
• Use a font that is either 12-point or enter the e-Application system, you will
find information about its hours of You may access the electronic grant
larger or no smaller than 10 pitch application for the Teacher Quality
(characters per inch). operation.
• For tables, charts, or graphs also use • You must submit all documents Enhancement Grants Program’s State
electronically, including the Grant Program at:
a font that is either 12-point or larger or We have included additional
no smaller than 10 pitch. Application for Federal Assistance (ED
424), Budget Information—Non- information about the e-Application
Our reviewers will not read any of the
Construction Programs (ED 524), and all pilot project (see Parity Guidelines
specified sections of your application
necessary assurances and certifications. between Paper and Electronic
• Exceed the page limit if you apply • After you electronically submit Applications) in the application
your application, you will receive an package.
these standards; or
automatic acknowledgement, which Applicable Regulations: (a) The
• Exceed the equivalent of the page
will include a PR/Award number (an Education Department General
limit if you apply other standards.
identifying number unique to your Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) in
Application Procedures application). 34 CFR parts 74, 75, 77, 79, 80, 82, 85,
• Within three working days after 86, 97, 98 and 99. (b) The regulations for
Note: Some of the procedures in these submitting your electronic application, this program in 34 CFR part 611.
instructions for transmitting applications Priority: This competition focuses on
fax a signed copy of the Application for
differ from those in the Education projects designed to meet a priority in
Department General Administrative Federal Assistance (ED 424) to the
Regulations (EDGAR) (34 CFR 75.102). Under Application Control Center after the regulations for this program (34 CFR
the Administrative Procedure Act (5 U.S.C. following these steps: 611.13).
553) the Department generally offers (1) Print ED 424 from the e- The Secretary provides a competitive
interested parties the opportunity to Application system. preference on the basis of how well the
comment on proposed regulations. However, (2) The State’s Authorizing State’s proposed activities in any one or
these amendments make procedural changes Representative must sign this form. more of the following statutory
only and do not establish new substantive (3) Place the PR/Award number in the priorities are likely to yield successful
policy. Therefore, under 5 U.S.C. 553(b)(A), upper right hand corner of the hard and sustained results:
the Secretary has determined that proposed copy signature page of the ED 424. (a) Initiatives to reform State teacher
rulemaking is not required. (4) Fax the signed ED 424 to the licensure and certification requirements
Application Control Center at (202) so that current and future teachers
Pilot Project for Electronic Submission possess strong teaching skills and
of Applications • We may request that you give us academic content knowledge in the
In Fiscal Year 2003, the U.S. original signatures on all other forms at subject areas they will be certified or
Department of Education is continuing a later date. licensed to teach.
to expand its pilot project for electronic • Closing Date Extension in Case of (b) Innovative reforms to hold higher
submission of applications to include System Unavailability: If you elect to education institutions with teacher
additional formula grant programs and participate in the e-Application pilot for preparation programs accountable for
additional discretionary grant the Teacher Quality Enhancement preparing teachers who are highly
competitions. The Teacher Quality Grants Program’s State Grants Program competent in the academic content
Enhancement Grants Program—State and you are prevented from submitting areas and have strong teaching skills.

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Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 84 / Thursday, May 1, 2003 / Notices 23293

(c) Innovative efforts to reduce the Dated: April 28, 2003. 20426, in accordance with sections
shortage (including the high turnover) of Sally L. Stroup, 385.314 or 385.211 of the Commission’s
highly competent teachers in high- Assistant Secretary, Office of Postsecondary Rules and Regulations. All such motions
poverty urban and rural areas. Education. or protests must be filed in accordance
Under 34 CFR 75.105(c)(2)(i) we [FR Doc. 03–10765 Filed 4–30–03; 8:45 am] with section 154.210 of the
award up to an additional 10 points to BILLING CODE 4001–01–P Commission’s Regulations. Protests will
an application, depending on how well be considered by the Commission in
the application meets one or more of determining the appropriate action to be
these priorities. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY taken, but will not serve to make
Special Funding Considerations: The protestants parties to the proceedings.
program regulations (34 CFR part Federal Energy Regulatory Any person wishing to become a party
611.3(c)) provide that when two or more Commission must file a motion to intervene. This
applicants are ranked equally for the filing is available for review at the
last available award, the Secretary [Docket No. RP03–347–000] Commission in the Public Reference
selects the applicant whose activities Chandeleur Pipe Line Company; Room or may be viewed on the
will focus (or have most impact) on Notice of Tariff Filing Commission’s Web site at http://
local educational agencies and schools using the ‘‘FERRIS’’ link.
located in one (or more) of the Nation’s April 25, 2003. Enter the docket number excluding the
Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Take notice that on April 22, 2003, last three digits in the docket number
Communities. Chandeleur Pipe Line Company field to access the document. For
For Applications and Further (Chandeleur) tendered for filing as part assistance, please contact FERC Online
Information Contact: Luretha Kelley, of its FERC Gas Tariff, Second Revised Support at
Teacher Quality Program, Office of Volume No. 1, the following tariff or toll-
Postsecondary Education, U.S. sheets, to become effective July 1, 2003: free at (866) 208–3676, or TTY, contact
Department of Education, 1990 K Street (202) 502–8659. The Commission
Fourth Revised Sheet No. 2
NW., Room 7096, Washington, DC Fifth Revised Sheet No. 3 strongly encourages electronic filings.
20006–8525. Telephone: (202) 502– Original Sheet No. 17A See 18 CFR 385.2001(a)(1)(iii) and the
7878, FAX: (202) 502–7864 or via Sixth Revised Sheet No. 18 instructions on the Commission’s Web
Internet: Fourth Revised Sheet No. 18A site under the ‘‘e-Filing’’ link.
If you use a telecommunications First Revised Sheet No. 18B Comment Date: May 5, 2003.
device for the deaf (TDD), you may call Original Sheet No. 18C
Seventh Revised Sheet No. 19 Magalie R. Salas,
the Federal Information Relay Service
Eighth Revised Sheet No. 19A Secretary.
(FIRS) at 1–800–877–8339.
Third Revised Sheet No. 19A.01 [FR Doc. 03–10773 Filed 4–30–03; 8:45 am]
Individuals with disabilities may
Third Revised Sheet No. 19A.02
obtain this document in an alternative Original Sheet No. 19A.03

format (e.g., Braille, large print, Eighth Revised Sheet No. 19B
audiotape, or computer diskette) on First Revised Sheet No. 19B.01
request to the program contact person DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY
Fifth Revised Sheet No. 19C
listed under For Applications and First Revised Sheet No. 19D
Federal Energy Regulatory
Further Information Contact. However, First Revised Sheet No. 32A
Fifth Revised Sheet No. 34 Commission
the Department is not able to reproduce
in an alternative format the standard First Revised Sheet No. 34A [Docket No. CP02–60–003]
Original Sheet No. 34B
forms included in the application
Original Sheet No. 34C CMS Trunkline LNG Company, LLC;
package. Original Sheet No. 34D Notice of Filing
Electronic Access to This Document Fourth Revised Sheet No. 45
Second Revised Sheet No. 46 April 25, 2003.
You may view this document, as well First Revised Sheet No. 46A Take notice that on April 17, 2003,
as all other Department of Education Third Revised Sheet No. 47 CMS Trunkline LNG Company, LLC
documents published in the Federal First Revised Sheet No. 52A (Trunkline LNG), Docket No. CP02–60–
Register, in text or Adobe Portable Second Revised Sheet No. 56A
Fifth Revised Sheet No. 65
003, P. O. Box 4967, Houston, Texas,
Document Format (PDF) on the Internet filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory
at the following site: Third Revised Sheet No. 65A
Third Revised Sheet No. 67A Commission (Commission) an
legislation/FedRegister. abbreviated application pursuant to the
Original Sheet No. 68A
To use PDF you must have the Adobe Eighth Revised Sheet No. 69 Natural Gas Act (NGA) to amend the
Acrobat Reader, which is available free Seventh Revised Sheet No. 69A authority granted for its LNG Terminal
at this site. If you have questions about First Revised Sheet No. 69A.01 Expansion Project by Commission order
using PDF, call the U.S. Government First Revised Sheet No. 69A.02 dated December 18, 2002 in Docket Nos.
Printing Office (GPO), toll free, at 1– Third Revised Sheet No. 69B CP02–60–000 and CP02–60–001. The
888–293–6498; or in the Washington, Chandeleur asserts that the purpose of application is on file with the
DC area at (202) 512–1530. this filing is to comply with the Commission and open for public
Note: The official version of this document Commission’s order issued March 12, inspection. The filing is available for
is the document published in the Federal 2003, in Docket No. RM96–1–024 (Order review at the Commission in the Public
Register. Free Internet access to the official No. 587-R). Reference Room or may be viewed on
edition of the Federal Register and the Code Any person desiring to be heard or to the Commission’s Web site at http://
of Federal Regulations is available on GPO
Access at:
protest said filing should file a motion using the ‘‘FERRIS’’ link.
index.html. to intervene or a protest with the Enter the docket number excluding the
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, last three digits in the docket number
Program Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1021 et seq. 888 First Street, NE., Washington, DC field to access the document. For

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