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1. Why is there need for an educational planner to have a basic knowledge and understanding of his society?

Answer: It simply because the educational planner is involved in our society, she/he needs to study his/her society so that she/he can easily to think and decide what is the best way to solve the problem or the development that needed on particular area( society). 2. Present a situation showing the impact of planning on society. Answer: The impact of a present situation is that people in our society becomes more updated when it comes to technology. We are not behind whatever changes of life style, technology and even the culture, some of us are adapting other culture and I can say that we are adjustable especially the young ones. They can easily adapt the very changeable society. And also the modernization that we have is very contagious because the young ones is easily to adapt and to learn the computer world instead of studying their notes, reading the books, they prefer to use the computer (the internet) they browsing their assignment and copy and paste. So that their learning is not good enough to answer the following questions that the teacher was given to them. 3. What are the principal cost elements of education? Answer: - Investments in capital - Current costs - Indirect cost

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4. What do you understand by education as consumption and as investment? Give specific examples. Education as a consumption is good because this consumption is for your future, its a process or consuming a year to gain your knowledge, to enhance your skills, to develop your attitudes all of these is your consumption it will be your investment when you are finished your study and pursue to your work/job. When you study very well in your elementary, high school, and college life it has a possibility to have a good job because you have evidence that you gain all of that. And when you get job you can contribute in economic growths in general and particularly the income of the individual. 5. Why should an educational planner know the educational system? Answer: As a planner you should know all the factors that needed in your educational system because youre the one who will facilitate all the materials will be needed in your system and also you have a big responsibility for this because you will handle and you will implement the suited goals for your system. 6. How should educational planners respond to the challenge of population dynamics? Answer: Educational Planners will respond to the challenges of population dynamics by exploring a new avenue, including major reforms of educational structure and contents, and then they will innovate rather than to expansion. It is appropriate that planners know their role in population education. One of the most significant contributions of education to national development is to inculcate in our people the awareness of the vital and pressing need; to control population growth or decline and to manage population processes and to explain the national development is not exclusively economic development.

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