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6952 Federal Register / Vol. 69, No.

29 / Thursday, February 12, 2004 / Notices

been considered for closure or criteria if they directly relate to the C. Previous Federal Register References
realignment. elements of criteria one through four.
(g) The United States General (i) A few commentors asked the 1. 55 FR 49678, November 30, 1990: Draft
Accounting Office (GAO) stated that the Department to consider the social as selection criteria and request for comments.
2. 55 FR 53586, December 31, 1990: Extend
draft criteria, if adopted, would add an well as the economic impact on existing
comment period on draft selection criteria.
element of consistency and continuity communities. The Department 3. 56 FR 6374, February 15, 1991: Final
in approach with those of the past three recognizes that its installations can be selection criteria and analysis of comments.
BRAC rounds. It noted that its analysis key components of the social fabric of 4. 57 FR 59334, December 15, 1992: Final
of lessons learned from prior BRAC the communities in which they are selection criteria.
rounds affirmed the soundness of these located, in both a positive or negative 5. 59 FR 63769, December 9, 1994: Final
basic criteria and generally endorsed sense. For instance, the BRAC statute selection criteria
their retention for the future, while requires that the Department consider 6. 68 FR 74221, December 23, 2003: Draft
recognizing the potential for improving any notice received from a local selection criteria and request for comments.
7. 69 FR 3335, January 23, 2004: Extend
the process by which the criteria are government in the vicinity of a military
comment period on draft selection criteria.
used in decision-making. It suggested installation that it would approve of the
that DoD clarify two issues: (1) The closure or realignment of the Dated: February 10, 2004.
Department’s intention to consider installation. Additionally, because L.M. Bynum,
potential costs to other DoD activities or social impact is an intangible factor that Alternate OSD Federal Register, Liaison
federal agencies that may be affected by would be difficult for the Department to Officer, Department of Defense.
a proposed closure or realignment quantify and measure fairly, issues of [FR Doc. 04–3247 Filed 2–10–04; 2:04 pm]
recommendation under the criterion social impact are best addressed to the
related to cost and savings, and (2) the BRAC Commission during its process of
extent to which the impact of costs receiving public input.
related to potential environmental (j) A few commentors wanted to
restoration, waste management, and ensure that, as the Department considers DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION
environmental compliance activities the ability of community infrastructure
will be included in cost and savings to support the military, DoD view that Office of Elementary and Secondary
analyses of individual BRAC ability as evolving, and consider the Education; Overview Information;
recommendations. willingness and capacity of the William F. Goodling Even Start Family
As discussed above, DoD recognizes community to make additional Literacy Programs: Grants for Indian
that the BRAC legislation required it to investments. The infrastructure Tribes and Tribal Organizations; Notice
consider cost impacts to other DoD provided by the communities Inviting Applications for New Awards
entities and Federal agencies in its surrounding our installations is a key for Fiscal Years (FY) 2003 and 2004
BRAC decision-making and will issue component in their efficient and
implementing guidance to ensure that effective operation. As the BRAC Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
such costs are considered under legislation has established a stringent (CFDA) Number: 84.258.
criterion five. timetable for the Secretary to arrive at DATES: Applications Available: February
On the second point raised by GAO, recommendations, the Department must 12, 2004.
which was echoed by a few other focus on the existing, demonstrated Deadline for Transmittal of
commentors, DoD policy guidance has ability of a community to support its Applications: April 2, 2004.
historically stipulated that installation, especially as potential
investment actions may not translate Eligible Applicants: Federally
environmental restoration costs were
into reality. recognized Indian tribes and tribal
not to be factored into analyses of costs
organizations. Applicable definitions of
and savings when examining potential (k) One commentor requested
the terms ‘‘Indian tribe’’ and ‘‘tribal
installations for realignment and clarification that criterion eight ‘‘
organization’’ are in section 4 of the
closure, since DoD was obligated to environmental impact ‘‘includes
Indian Self-Determination and
restore contaminated sites on military consideration of the impact of the
Education Assistance Act, 25 U.S.C.
installations regardless of whether or closure or realignment on historic
not they were closed. DoD concurs with properties. As has been the case in prior
GAO that determining such costs could rounds of base closure, the Department Estimated Available Funds:
be problematic in advance of a closure will consider historic properties as a $4,370,000. This is the combined
decision, since reuse plans for BRAC part of criterion eight. estimate from both FY 2003 and FY
properties would not yet be determined (l) Several commentors stated that the 2004 funds. We are inviting applications
and studies to identify restoration criteria should consider the effect of at this time for new awards for both FY
requirements would not yet be closures and realignments on the quality 2003 and for FY 2004 to make the most
completed. As suggested, DoD will issue of life and morale of military personnel efficient use of competition resources.
guidance to clarify consideration of and their families. The Department The Department may use the funding
environmental costs. agrees that the quality of life provided slate resulting from this competition as
(h) A few commentors suggested that to its military personnel and their the basis for future years’ awards.
criterion seven—the ability of both the families significantly contributes to the Estimated Range of Awards:
existing and potential receiving Department’s ability to recruit and $150,000–$250,000 per year.
communities’’ infrastructure to support retain quality personnel. Military Estimated Average Size of Awards:
forces, missions, and personnel ‘‘be personnel are better able to perform $200,000 per year.
included in military value and receive their missions when they feel Estimated Number of Awards: 17–29.
priority consideration. DoD has comfortable that their needs and those Note: The Department is not bound by any
demonstrated in previous BRAC rounds of their families are taken care of. estimates in this notice.
that factors falling within this criterion Quality of life is captured throughout
can be applied within the military value the criteria, particularly criterion seven. Project Period: Up to 48 months.

VerDate jul<14>2003 14:33 Feb 11, 2004 Jkt 203001 PO 00000 Frm 00020 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\12FEN1.SGM 12FEN1
Federal Register / Vol. 69, No. 29 / Thursday, February 12, 2004 / Notices 6953

Full Text of Announcement childhood educational services can be detailed in section 1234(b) of the
I. Funding Opportunity Description provided to a group of children from Elementary and Secondary Education
multiple households. Act of 1965, as amended by the No
Purpose of Program: The William F. Waiver of Proposed Rulemaking: Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (ESEA).
Goodling Even Start Family Literacy Under the Administrative Procedure Act 3. Other: In general, a family is
Programs (Even Start), including the (5 U.S.C. 553) the Department generally eligible to participate in an Even Start
grants for Indian tribes and tribal offers interested parties the opportunity project for Indian tribes and tribal
organizations, are intended to help to comment on proposed priorities, organizations if they qualify under the
break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy section 437(d)(1) of GEPA (20 U.S.C. following requirements: (a) The
by improving the educational 1232(d)(1)), however, allows the parent(s) is eligible to participate in
opportunities of low-income families by Secretary to exempt from rulemaking adult education and literacy activities
integrating early childhood education, requirements rules governing the first under the Adult Education and Family
adult literacy or adult basic education, grant competition under a new or Literacy Act, the parent(s) is within the
and parenting education into a unified substantially revised program authority. State’s compulsory school attendance
family literacy program for federally This is the first competition for this age range (in which case a local
recognized Indian tribes and tribal program under the No Child Left Behind educational agency must provide or
organizations. These programs are Act, Public Law 107–110, and therefore ensure the availability of the basic
implemented through cooperative qualifies for this exemption. In order to education component), or the parent(s)
activities that: Build on high-quality ensure timely grant awards, the is attending secondary school; and (b)
existing community resources to create Secretary has decided to forego public the child (or children) is younger than
a new range of educational services for comment on the rule in this notice eight years of age. More specific
most-in-need families; promote the under section 437(d)(1) of GEPA. These information on family eligibility is
academic achievement of children and rules will apply to the FY 2003 and FY contained in section 1236 of the ESEA.
adults; assist children from low-income 2004 combined grant competition only. IV. Application and Submission
families to meet challenging State Program Authority: 20 U.S.C. Information
content and student achievement 6381a(a)(1)(C).
standards; and use instructional Applicable Regulations: The 1. Address to Request Application
programs that are based on scientifically Education Department General Package: Education Publications Center
based reading research and on the Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) in (ED Pubs), P.O. Box 1398, Jessup, MD
prevention of reading difficulties for 34 CFR parts 75, 77, 80, 81, 82, 84, 85, 20794–1398. Telephone (toll free): 1–
children and adults, to the extent such 86, 97, 98, and 99. 877–433–7827. FAX: (301) 470–1244. If
research is available. A description of you use a telecommunications device
the required fifteen program elements Note: The regulations in 34 CFR Part 86 for the deaf (TDD), you may call the
for which funds must be used is apply to institutions of higher education Federal Information Relay Service
only. (FIRS) at 1–800–877–8339.
included in the application package.
Priority: We are establishing this You may also contact ED Pubs at its
II. Award Information Web site: http://www.ed.gov/pubs/
priority for the combined FY 2003 and
FY 2004 grant competition and any Type of Award: Discretionary grant. edpubs.html or you may contact ED
future awards made on the basis of the Estimated Available Funds: Pubs at its e-mail address:
funding slate from this competition, in $4,370,000. This is the combined edpubs@inet.ed.gov.
accordance with section 437(d)(1) of the estimate from both FY 2003 and FY If you request an application from ED
General Education Provisions Act 2004 funds. We are inviting applications Pubs, be sure to identify this
(GEPA). at this time for new awards for both FY competition as follows: CFDA number
Absolute Priority: For this 2003 and for FY 2004 to make the most 84.258. You also may obtain a copy of
competition, this priority is an absolute efficient use of competition resources. the application package on the
priority. Under 34 CFR 75.105(c)(3) we The Department may use the funding Department’s website at the following
consider only applications that meet slate resulting from this competition as address: http://www.ed.gov/programs/
this priority. the basis for future years’ awards. evenstartindian/applicant.html.
This priority is: Estimated Range of Awards: Individuals with disabilities may
$150,000–$250,000 per year. obtain a copy of the application package
Early Childhood Education Services in a Estimated Average Size of Awards: in an alternative format (e.g., Braille,
Group Setting $200,000 per year. large print, audiotape, or computer
A project must offer some center- Estimated Number of Awards: 17–29. diskette) by contacting the program
based early childhood education contact person listed under section VII
Note: The Department is not bound by any
services. of this notice.
estimates in this notice.
The research in early childhood 2. Content and Form of Application
education shows that educational Project Period: Up to 48 months. Submission: Requirements concerning
services for young children that are the content of an application, together
provided in a center are more likely to III. Eligibility Information with the forms you must submit, are in
be intensive and therefore result in 1. Eligible Applicants: Federally the application package for this program
significant learning outcomes than non- recognized Indian tribes and tribal competition. Page and Appendices
center based services. The Third organizations. Applicable definitions of Limits: The application narrative (Part
National Even Start Evaluation showed the terms ‘‘Indian tribe’’ and ‘‘tribal III of the application) is where you, the
that children who participated more organization’’ are in section 4 of the applicant, address the absolute priority
intensively in early childhood Indian Self-Determination and and the selection criteria that reviewers
education scored higher on Education Assistance Act, 25 U.S.C. use to evaluate your application. In
standardized literacy skills. A center is 450b. addition, the budget narrative is where
defined, for the purpose of this 2. Cost Sharing or Matching: Cost you provide an itemized budget
competition, as a place where early sharing requirements for these grants are breakdown, by project year, for each

VerDate jul<14>2003 14:33 Feb 11, 2004 Jkt 203001 PO 00000 Frm 00021 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\12FEN1.SGM 12FEN1
6954 Federal Register / Vol. 69, No. 29 / Thursday, February 12, 2004 / Notices

budget category listed in sections A and 4. Intergovernmental Review: This database. We request your participation
B of Budget Form 524. You must limit program competition is not subject to in e-Application. We shall continue to
your application narrative (Part III of the Executive Order 12372 and the evaluate its success and solicit
application) to the equivalent of no regulations in 34 CFR part 79. suggestions for its improvement.
more than 25 typed pages and limit the 5. Funding Restrictions: Recipients of If you participate in e-Application,
budget narrative to the equivalent of no an Even Start Indian tribe and tribal please note the following:
more than 3 typed pages, using the organization grant may not use funds • Your participation is voluntary.
following standards. awarded under this competition for the • When you enter the e-Application
• A ‘‘page’’ is 8.5″ × 11″, on one side indirect costs of a project, or claim system, you will find information about
only, with 1″ margins at the top, bottom, indirect costs as part of the local project its hours of operation. We strongly
and both sides. share. (section 1234(b)(3) of the ESEA.) recommend that you do not wait until
• Double space (no more than three Grant recipients may request that the the application deadline date to initiate
lines per vertical inch) all text in the Secretary waive this requirement, an e-Application package.
application and budget narratives, however. To obtain a waiver, a recipient • You will not receive additional
including titles, headings, footnotes, must demonstrate to the Secretary’s point value because you submit a grant
quotations, references, and captions. satisfaction that the recipient otherwise application in electronic format, nor
You may single space information in would not be able to participate in the will we penalize you if you submit an
tables, charts, or graphs, and you may Even Start program. (section 1234(b)(2) application in paper format.
single space the Appendices. of the ESEA.) Information about • You may submit all documents
• Use a font that is either 12-point or requesting a waiver is in the application electronically, including the
larger or no smaller than 10 pitch package. We reference regulations Application for Federal Education
(characters per inch). You may use other outlining additional funding restrictions Assistance (ED 424), Budget
point fonts for any tables, charts, graphs, in the Applicable Regulations section of Information—Non-Construction
and the Appendices, but those tables, this notice. Programs (ED 524), and all necessary
charts, graphs and Appendices should 6. Other Submission Requirements: assurances and certifications.
be in a font size that is easily readable Instructions and requirements for the • Your e-Application must comply
by the reviewers of your application. transmittal of applications by mail or by with any page limit requirements
• Any tables, charts, or graphs are hand (including a courier service or described in this notice.
included in the application narrative commercial carrier) are in the • After you electronically submit
and budget narrative page limits. application package for this your application, you will receive an
• You must limit the Appendices to competition. Application Procedures: automatic acknowledgement, which
the curriculum vitae or position will include a PR/Award number (an
Note: Some of the procedures in these
descriptions of no more than 5 people instructions for transmitting applications identifying number unique to your
(including key contract personnel and differ from those in EDGAR (34 CFR 75.102). application).
consultants) and endnote citations to no Under the Administrative Procedure Act (5 • Within three working days after
more than 2 pages for the scientifically U.S.C. 553) the Department generally offers submitting your electronic application,
based reading research upon which your interested parties the opportunity to fax a signed copy of the Application for
instructional programs are based. comment on proposed regulations. However, Federal Education Assistance (ED 424)
these amendments make procedural changes
• Other application materials are to the Application Control Center after
only and do not establish new substantive
limited to the specific materials following these steps:
policy. Therefore, under 5 U.S.C. 553(b)(A),
indicated in the application package, the Secretary has determined that proposed 1. Print ED 424 from e-Application.
and may not include any video or other rulemaking is not required. 2. The institution’s Authorizing
non-print materials. Representative must sign this form.
• Our reviewers will not read any Pilot Project for Electronic 3. Place the PR/Award number in the
pages of your application that— Submission of Applications: We are upper right hand corner of the hard
• Exceed the page limits if you apply continuing to expand our pilot project copy signature page of the ED 424.
these standards; or for electronic submission of 4. Fax the signed ED 424 to the
• Exceed the equivalent of the page applications to include additional Application Control Center at (202)
limits if you apply other standards. formula grant programs and additional 260–1349.
In addition, our reviewers will not discretionary grant competitions. Even • We may request that you give us
read or view any Appendices or Start grants for Indian Tribes and Tribal original signatures on other forms at a
enclosures (including non-print Organizations—CFDA Number: 84.258 later date.
materials such as videotapes or CDs) is one of the programs included in the Application Deadline Date Extension
other than those described in this notice pilot project. If you are an applicant in Case of System Unavailability: If you
and the application package. under Even Start grants for Indian elect to participate in the e-Application
3. Submission Dates and Times: Tribes and Tribal Organizations, you pilot for Even Start grants for Indian
Applications Available: February 12, may submit your application to us in Tribes and Tribal Organizations and you
2004. either electronic or paper format. are prevented from submitting your
Deadline for Transmittal of The pilot project involves the use of application on the application deadline
Applications: April 2, 2004. the Electronic Grant Application System date because the e-Application system is
The dates and times for the (e-Application). If you use e- unavailable, we will grant you an
transmittal of applications by mail or by Application, you will be entering data extension of one business day in order
hand (including a courier service or online while completing your to transmit your application
commercial carrier) are in the application. You may not e-mail an electronically, by mail, or by hand
application package for this program electronic copy of a grant application to delivery. We will grant this extension
competition. us. If you participate in this voluntary if—
We do not consider an application pilot project by submitting an 1. You are a registered user of e-
that does not comply with the deadline application electronically, the data you Application, and you have initiated an
requirements. enter online will be saved into a e-Application for this competition; and

VerDate jul<14>2003 14:33 Feb 11, 2004 Jkt 203001 PO 00000 Frm 00022 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\12FEN1.SGM 12FEN1
Federal Register / Vol. 69, No. 29 / Thursday, February 12, 2004 / Notices 6955

2. (a) The e-Application system is national origin, gender, age, or responsibilities, timelines, and
unavailable for 60 minutes or more disability. In addition, the Secretary milestones for accomplishing project
between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 considers the following factors: tasks.
p.m., Washington, DC time, on the (1) The extent to which the training or (f) Quality of project evaluation. (15
application deadline date; or professional development services to be points) The Secretary considers the
(b) The e-Application system is provided by the proposed project are of quality of the evaluation to be
unavailable for any period of time sufficient quality, intensity, and conducted of the proposed project. In
during the last hour of operation (that is, duration to lead to improvements in determining the quality of the
for any period of time between 3:30 p.m. practice among the recipients of those evaluation, the Secretary considers the
and 4:30 p.m., Washington, DC time) on services. following factors:
the application deadline date. (2) The likelihood that the services to (1) The extent to which the methods
We must acknowledge and confirm be provided by the proposed project of evaluation are thorough, feasible, and
these periods of unavailability before will lead to improvements in the appropriate to the goals, objectives, and
granting you an extension. To request achievement of students as measured outcomes of the proposed project.
this extension or to confirm our against rigorous academic standards. (2) The extent to which the methods
acknowledgement of any system (3) The extent to which the services of evaluation will provide performance
unavailability, you may contact either to be provided by the proposed project feedback and permit periodic
(1) the person listed in section VII of involve the collaboration of appropriate assessment of progress toward achieving
this notice under FOR FURTHER partners for maximizing the intended outcomes.
INFORMATION CONTACT or (2) the e- effectiveness of project services.
(c) Quality of project personnel. (10 VI. Award Administration Information
GRANTS help desk at 1–888–336–8930.
You may access the electronic grant points) The Secretary considers the 1. Award Notices: If your application
application for Even Start grants for quality of the personnel who will carry is successful, we notify your U.S.
Indian Tribes and Tribal Organizations out the proposed project. In determining Representative and U.S. Senators and
at: http://e-grants.ed.gov/. the quality of project personnel, the send you a Grant Award Notification
Secretary considers the extent to which (GAN). We may also notify you
V. Application Review Information informally.
the applicant encourages applications
1. Selection Criteria: The following for employment from persons who are If your application is not evaluated or
selection criteria for this competition members of groups that have not selected for funding, we notify you.
are in section 75.210 of EDGAR, 34 CFR traditionally been underrepresented 2. Administrative and National Policy
75.210. Further information about each based on race, color, national origin, Requirements:
of these selection criteria is in the gender, age, or disability. In addition, We identify administrative and
application package. The maximum the Secretary considers the following national policy requirements in the
score for all of these criteria is 100 factors: application package and reference these
points. The maximum score for each (1) The qualifications, including and other requirements in the
criterion is indicated in parentheses. relevant training and experience, of the Applicable Regulations section of this
(a) Quality of the project design. (30 project director or principal notice.
points) The Secretary considers the investigator. We reference the regulations outlining
quality of the design of the proposed (2) The qualifications, including the terms and conditions of an award in
project. In determining the quality of the relevant training and experience, of key the Applicable Regulations section of
design of the proposed project, the project personnel. this notice and include these and other
Secretary considers the following (3) The qualifications, including specific conditions in the GAN. The
factors: relevant training and experience, of GAN also incorporates your approved
(1) The extent to which the design of project consultants or subcontractors. application as part of your binding
the proposed project is appropriate to, (d) Adequacy of resources. (10 points) commitments under the grant.
and will successfully address, the needs The Secretary considers the adequacy of 3. Reporting: At the end of your
of the target population or other resources for the proposed project. In project period, you must submit a final
identified needs. determining the adequacy of resources performance report, including financial
(2) The extent to which the design of for the proposed project, the Secretary information, as directed by the
the proposed project reflects up-to-date considers the following factors: Secretary. If you receive a multi-year
knowledge from research and effective (1) The adequacy of support, award, you must submit an annual
practice. including facilities, equipment, performance report that provides the
(3) The extent to which the proposed supplies, and other resources, from the most current performance and financial
project will establish linkages with applicant organization or the lead expenditure information as specified by
other appropriate agencies and applicant organization. the Secretary in 34 CFR 75.118.
organizations providing services to the (2) The extent to which the budget is 4. Performance Measures: The
target population. adequate to support the proposed Government Performance and Results
(b) Quality of project services. (25 project. Act (GPRA) directs Federal departments
points) The Secretary considers the (e) Quality of the management plan. and agencies to improve the
quality of the services to be provided by (10 points) The Secretary considers the effectiveness of their programs by
the proposed project. In determining the quality of the management plan for the engaging in strategic planning, setting
quality of the services to be provided by proposed project. In determining the outcome-related goals for programs, and
the proposed project, the Secretary quality of the management plan for the measuring program results against those
considers the quality and sufficiency of proposed project, the Secretary goals. Program officials must develop
strategies for ensuring equal access and considers the following factor: performance measures for all of their
treatment for eligible project (1) The adequacy of the management grant programs to assess their
participants who are members of groups plan to achieve the objectives of the performance and effectiveness. The
that have traditionally been proposed project on time and within Department has established a set of
underrepresented based on race, color, budget, including clearly defined indicators to assess the effectiveness of

VerDate jul<14>2003 14:33 Feb 11, 2004 Jkt 203001 PO 00000 Frm 00023 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\12FEN1.SGM 12FEN1
6956 Federal Register / Vol. 69, No. 29 / Thursday, February 12, 2004 / Notices

the Even Start program, which Tribal Dated: February 6, 2004. Technology Laboratory, P.O. Box 880/
Even Start projects will use to measure Raymond Simon, 3610 Collins Ferry Road, E-mail
increases in the: (1) Percentages and Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Address: crystal.sharp@netl.doe.gov,
numbers of adults achieving significant Secondary Education. Telephone Number: 304–285–4442.
learning gains on measures of literacy [FR Doc. 04–3123 Filed 2–11–04; 8:45 am] SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: While the
and mathematics, and percentages and BILLING CODE 4000–01–P mining industry uses many of the latest
numbers of limited English proficient evolutionary technologies in their
(LEP) adults who achieve significant operations, further revolutionary energy
learning gains on measures of English DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY efficient processes and technological
language acquisition; (2) percentages advances in extraction, materials
and numbers of Even Start school-age National Energy Technology handling, and beneficiation/processing
parents who earn a high school Laboratory; Notice of Availability of a are needed to enable the mining
diploma, and percentages and numbers Funding Opportunity Announcement industry to remain competitive. The
of Even Start non-school-age parents objective of the targeted announcement
AGENCY: National Energy Technology
who earn a high school diploma or a is to support the stated national
Laboratory (NETL), Department of
General Equivalency Diploma (GED); interests by funding research and
Energy (DOE).
and (3) percentages and numbers of development (R&D) projects that
ACTION: Notice of availability of a
Even Start children entering address technology needs presented at
kindergarten who achieve significant funding opportunity announcement.
the Grand Challenge workshops in 2003
learning gains on measures of language SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given of the as well as those described in the Energy
development and reading readiness. All intent to issue Funding Opportunity Analysis. The Energy Analysis is a
grantees will be expected to submit an Announcement No. DE–PS26– presentation showing the results of an
annual performance report documenting 04NT42064 entitled ‘‘Mining Industry of energy analysis study to demonstrate
their success in addressing these the Future Grand Challenge Technology where the largest energy saving
performance measures. Concepts for the Mining Industry.’’ opportunities are in mining and is
VII. Agency Contact NETL, on behalf of the Energy located at http://www.oit.doe.gov/
Efficiency Renewable Energy (EERE)– mining/pdfs/energyanalysis.pdf. The
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: ITP Industrial Technologies Program Grand Challenge Technology Concepts
Doris Sligh, U.S. Department of (ITP), is seeking cost-shared research for the Mining Industry ‘‘focuses on
Education, 400 Maryland Avenue SW., and development applications for developing revolutionary energy
room 3W246, Washington, DC 20202– technologies which will reduce energy efficiency improvements in the areas of
6132. Telephone: (202) 260–0999, or by consumption, enhance economic extraction, materials handling, and
e-mail: Doris.Sligh@ed.gov. competitiveness, and reduce beneficiation/processing in the mining
environmental impacts of the domestic industry.’’ The three key industry-
If you use a telecommunications mining industry.
device for the deaf (TDD), you may call identified research areas are the Energy
DATES: The draft funding opportunity Efficient Alternatives to Current
the Federal Information Relay Service
announcement will be available on the Technologies in Extraction, Materials
(FIRS) at 1–800–877–8339.
‘‘Industry Interactive Procurement Handling, and Beneficiation/Processing
Individuals with disabilities may System’’ (IIPS) Web page located at that offer the largest opportunities for
obtain this document in an alternative http://e-center.doe.gov on or about energy savings presented in the Energy
format (e.g., Braille, large print, February 9, 2004. The final funding Analysis. The areas of interest are
audiotape, or computer diskette) on opportunity announcement will also be activities in the mining industry that is
request to the program contact person available on the ‘‘Industry Interactive integral to the operations of Surface
listed in this section. Procurement System’’ (IIPS) Web page Mining, Underground Mining, and
VIII. Other Information located at http://e-center.doe.gov on or Mineral Processing. Surface Mining,
about March 1, 2004. Applicants can also called strip mining, placer mining,
Electronic Access to This Document: also obtain access to the draft and final trench mining, opencast, opencut
You may view this document, as well as funding opportunity announcements mining, and/or open pit mining is done
all other documents of this Department through DOE/NETL’s Web site at http:/ at or near the surface where the
published in the Federal Register, in /www.netl.doe.gov/business. Questions overburden can be removed without too
text or Adobe Portable Document and comments regarding the content of much expense. Interests include but are
Format (PDF) on the Internet at the the announcement should be submitted not limited to: solution mining,
following site: http://www.ed.gov/news/ through the ‘‘Submit Question’’ feature materials handling, systems integration
fedregister. of IIPS at http://e-center.doe.gov. Locate and automation/robotics for all mining
To use PDF you must have Adobe the announcement on IIPS and then at or near the surface where overburden
Acrobat Reader, which is available free click on the ‘‘Submit Question’’ button. can be economically removed.
at this site. If you have questions about You will receive an electronic Underground Mining is generally done
using PDF, call the U.S. Government notification that your question has been where the valuable mineral is located
Printing Office (GPO), toll free, at 1– answered. Responses to questions may deep enough where it is not
888–293–6498; or in the Washington, be viewed through the ‘‘View economically viable to be removed by
DC area at (202) 512–1530. Questions’’ feature. If no questions have surface mining. Interests include but are
been answered, a statement to that effect not limited to: Near face (such as
Note: The official version of this document will appear. You should periodically intelligent or remote controlled
is the document published in the Federal check ‘‘View Questions’’ for new
Register. Free Internet access to the official
robotics), ancillary (activities not
edition of the Federal Register and the Code
questions and answers. directly involved in ore mining such as
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