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Order of Worship

Announcements & Prayer John 2:1-11 Psalm 36:5-10 #28 Jesus Is All the World to Me Great Are You, Lord You Are Holy Offering: Offertory by Joe Ridderheim: You Love Me Anyway Know Your Neighbor: Andy Oberlin Children (up through 4th-graders) Dismissed for Childrens Church Message by Pastor Scantlin: You Pack Your Own Lunch Luke 6:45 #172 O to Be Like Thee

Flu to You
The NMC family has had our share of those battling the flu, sinus problems, colds and the other assorted ailments that are prevalent this time of year. The restrooms and common surfaces throughout the building are sanitized every week; however, all of you brought germs with you today. There is hand sanitizer available for your use by the parking lot entry door, in the lobby by the cabinets; also for workers, helpers and participants sanitizer is also available in the nursery and most classrooms. Please feel free to use the sanitizer but remember to still wash your hands often.

Prayer & Encouragement

A Few More
OK, perhaps more than a few people still have material waiting to be picked up in the lobby. If your name is on the list below, you have things waiting for you; please check the table in the lobby. Thank you for helping us get this taken care of. C. Beavers H. Shepherd A. McCray N. Skinner B&M McCray A. Thatcher K. Shelton R&S Waikel R&C Wiersema

Group 53
A simple investment of time in my spiritual growth With Gods help I am committing to: Read the Bible for five minutes a day Pray for five minutes a day Talk to others about Jesus for five minutes a day If you want to be a part of this group and did not remember to sign up last Sunday, print your name and email address on a slip of paper indicating you are committing to the three simple tasks above. Drop the paper in the offering or give it to Pastor Ryan. Building & Grounds This Week: Bret Pressler Childrens Church Next Week: Linda Smith & Lisa Burgh

Scripture & Song

John 2:1-11 Jesus reveals his glory at a wedding celebration. Psalm 36:5-10 Praise to the Lord for his abundant care and provision Jesus Is All the World to Me We sing of Christs love and care for us. Great Are You, Lord We praise Jesus for his transcendent greatness and holiness. You Are Holy We declare our allegiance to the Lord Jesus.

Building & Grounds This Week: Bret Pressler Childrens Church Next Week: Linda Smith & Lisa Burgh

January 20-27 at Northside

Today: Sunday School 9:30am Worship Service 10:30am Youth to Winter Jam 1pm Baby Shower for Dawn Densmore 2pm Monday: Prayer Mtg 10am Mens Shooting League 6:30pm Tuesday: Men @ McDonalds 6am Dorcas 9am Self Defense Class 6:30pm Ginnys Ladies Bible Study 7pm Wednesday: Kids Club 7pm Youth Group 7pm Adult Bible Study 7pm Thursday: Mens Fraternity 7pm Next Sunday: Sunday School 9:30am Worship Service 10:30am

Welcome to Northside
Our prayer is that God will use our time together for His glory. If you are new to NMC it would help us if you would fill out a visitor card from the rack in the pew. Drop the card in the offering plate or hand it to one of the pastors. Thank you. Our goal is to be people who are passionately worshiping God, effectively reaching our neighbors, and continually building believers, all for Gods glory. If you have questions about NMC or any of the information in this bulletin, please ask one of the pastors and we will do all we can to help you.

You may still join us for the McDonalds morning meetings on Tuesdays @ 6am. We are focusing our discussion on the devotions from The Uncommon Life Daily Challenge by Tony Dungy and Nathan Whitaker. We are meeting at the McDonalds on Coliseum across from Glenbrook Mall.

Sermons, Outlines, Bulletins, & Calendar Online

The sermons will be available for audio playback each week. Also available are copies of the sermon outline and the bulletin. www.northsidemissionarychurch.org and going to the sermon archive tab. www.northsidemissionarychurch.org
Office: 484.2321

Missionary Church
January 20, 2013