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Colegio Tcnico Profesional Daro Salas Donde viven los verdaderos valores CHILLN

English PreSimce 2010

School Name: RBD: Students name: RUN:

N Grade: 2 Age: Gender: Male_____ Female______


Use the Word below to fill in the blanks in the dialogue. Cicle THE correct alternative.

Agent: Cathay Pacific Airways. Can I(1) ________you? Ani: Yes, I (2) ________a (3)__________ from Tokio to New York on Friday. Do you have any (4) _________? Agent: Let me (5)________.Yes. I (6)__________one on the 5:30 flight. Ani: Five Thirty! Whats the check-in (7)_________? Agent: One hour economy. Thirty minutes business class. Will you(8)________that? Ani: No. I wont get to the (9)________ in time. When will the next flight (10) __________? Agent: There wont be another (11)________ flight on Friday. There will be one on Saturday at the same time. Ani: Fine. Ill(12)________that. Agent: Just let me(13)________. Oh Im sorry, that flights full. (1) A- Take B- Need C- Flight D- Help (2) A- Take B- Need C- Flight D- Help (3) A- Direct B- Need C- Flight D- Help (4) A- Direct B-Need C- Seats D- Check (5) A- See B- Time C- Flight D- Airport (6) A- Have B- Leave C- Direct D- See (7) A- Take B- Airport C- Time D- Flight (8) A- Take B- Direct C- Flight D- Time (9) A- Leave B- Help C- Take D- Airport (10) A- Leave B- Help C- Take D- Airport (11) A- Seats B- Time C- Direct D- Leave (12) A- Flight B- Help C- Take D- Leave (13) A- Direct B- Check C- Time D- Need


Choose the best option considering the following information

Please follow the signs for Car Ferry. All drivers with ferry tickets should report to the vehicle check- in office situated in the vehicle loading area next to the main ferry terminal. The latest reporting time is in one hour before departure

1) Where should drivers show their ferry tickets? A. On the car ferry B. At the check-in office C. In the loading area D. In the main ferry terminal Questions 2 4 refer to the following letter.
The Director International English Institute 71 Bealey Avenue Christchurch Dear Sir, Re: Festival of Japan Preparation is currently under way for the 2004 Festival of Japan to be held from the 16 - 25 August. The festival is an unprecedented opportunity to put the culture and arts of Japan on show and it has a wide program that relies on support from the Japanese community here in Christchurch as well as international visitors and groups. We are currently approaching groups and individuals in the community who may wish to be involved in some way with the festival, either running their own event, being part of an event, or contributing volunteers. All the events and activities are coordinated by The Events Company and we can make all the necessary arrangements needed to run the event. I have attached a draft program for the festival this year. Should either your school as a whole or any of your students wish to be involved in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me. To register, I have attached an event registration form. Kind regards, Peter Piper Festival Director

2) What is the main purpose of this letter?

A. To promote festival events to the public B. To ask for participation in the festival C. To ask for financial contributions D. To ask international visitors to support the Japanese community

3) How many documents are attached to this letter?

A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 3
4) Who is organizing this festival?

A. The Japanese community B. International visitors and groups C. Students D. A company Questions 5 - 6 refer to the following information

Every year, New Zealand welcomes thousands of new residents, workers, students, businesses and visitors. The New Zealand Immigration Service is here to assist those who qualify for entry to New Zealand. New Zealand is an exciting place to live, work and play, but moving to a new country can be challenging. So, before exploring the range of policies under which you may qualify to enter New Zealand, we recommend that you thoroughly research different aspects of living in New Zealand, including health, education, housing, employment and community networks. Living in New Zealand - a guide for Migrants and The Ethnic Community Directory are designed to help you do just this. If you are considering doing business in New Zealand, our website will provide you with a range of information about the New Zealand business environment and regulations.

5) Who is this text written for?

A. New Zealanders B. Business people C. People who want to come to New Zealand D. Immigration officers

6) . If you want to live permanently in New Zealand, what should you do first? A. Look at the website B. Read "Living in New Zealand" and "The Ethnic Community Directory". C. Contact The New Zealand Immigration Service. D. Explore the range of policies under which you may qualify


Vocabulary: Consider the given definition to choose the right Profession or Job. 1) Person who drives a bus a) Bus driver b) Teacher c) Police officer

2) She/he works in a school and teaches students. a) Teacher b) Accountant c) Bus Driver 3) Works in hospitals and helps doctors a) Nurse b) Accountant c) Doctor 4) Flies on airplanes a) Pilots b) Chef c) Actress 5) Works in a police station and maintains public security. a) Bus driver b) Nurse c) Police officer 6) Answers phone calls and does office work for his/her boss a) Accountant b) Secretary c) Manager 7) Manages the affairs of a company for business a) Manager b) Accountant c) Bus driver IV. Look at the signs in each question. Someone asks you what it means.
2 3 4 5

A) B) C) D)

1 Drinks cannot be ordered at the bar. Use this machine when the bar is closed. There is a drinks machine in the bar. This machine is not working at the moment 2 Only use this entrance in an emergency. Do not park in front of this entrance. Always keep this door open. Permission is needed to park here

A) B) C) D)

A) B) C) D)

3 Return your books before you leave the library. The librarian will show you where to put your books. The librarian needs to see your books before you go. Make sure you take all your books with you. 4 Supersaver tickets cannot be bought before the weekend. Supersaver tickets can be used every day except Fridays You can save money by travelling on a Friday. ZYou need a special ticket to travel on a Friday. 5 Lock the room when it is not being used. This door must always be kept locked. Keep the key to this door in the room. This room cannot be used at present . Look at the text in each question. What does it say? Mark the correct letter A,B or C

A) B) C) D)

A) B) C) D) V.