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Leadership Week Three Study Notes The Law of Respect People naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves.

. People dont follow others by accident, they follow individuals whose leadership they respect. Natural Order in a group o Leaders immediately take charge o Others recognize the strongest leader o Everyone either follows the strongest leader or leaves the group to pursue their own agenda The greatest test of respect comes when a leader creates major change within an organization. o Willingness to embrace change determined by several factors. Examples- Harriet Tubman and Moses

The Law of Intuition Leaders evaluate everything with a leadership bias This law is dependent on more than just facts. Based on facts, PLUS instinct The leader has to read the situation and know instinctively what play to call Leadership bias is defined as an ability to get a handle on intangible factors, understand them and work with them to accomplish their goals. Intuition helps leaders become readers of numerous intangibles. o Leaders are readers of their situation. o Leaders are readers of trends. o Leaders are readers of their resources. o Leaders are readers of people. o Leaders are readers of themselves. Three levels of leadership intuition o Those who naturally see it. o Those who are nurtured to see it. o Those who will never see it. Examples- Steve Jobs, King Josiah

The Law of Magnetism

Who you are is what you attract The followers you get are not based upon what you want, but based upon who you are. Areas that leaders have in common with those who follow them. o Attitudeo Generationo Backgroundo Valueso Life Experience o Leadership abilityThe better leader you are, the better leader you attract. Examples- Robert E. Lee and King David

Homework Assignment: Answer the following three questions on a separate paper with 1-3 paragraphs EACH. The questions require self-reflection and honest answers. Please put as much thought into your answers as possible, and use specific examples to support your answers. 1. According to the Law of Respect, People naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves. Give an example of a time you were forced into a group of people. Discuss how the natural order of leadership happened as outlined in the lecture, and talk about your role in the group. (ie. Were you the leader, follower, left the group to pursue other interests. Etc) 2. The Law of Intuition states Leaders Evaluate everything with a leadership bias. In order to be an effective leader you must be a reader of situations, trend, resources, people, and yourself. Evaluate yourself and give an honest evaluation of your strengths, skills, weaknesses, and current state of mind. 3. The Law of Magnetism is Who you are is who you attract. Think of a time you chose to submit yourself to a leader- an employer, a mentor, a pastor, etc.. Discuss the reasons you were drawn to this leader and what areas you had in common with them. Be specific! Remember that Davids band of men did not immediately start off with his same brave characteristics, but developed them over time with him. If this was your situation, discuss how you began to change to become more like your leader.