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Total Daily Points Allowance: 19 Total Points Consumed: 22 Points Earned: 4 I used all my daily points and 3 of my 4 activity

points. I also did really well with the Weight Watchers Good Health Guidelines:
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7. 8.

Activity: Check! Water: Check! (At least 14 glasses.) Healthy Oils: Check! (I had 2 oil servings: sesame and coconut oil*.) Fruits & Veggies: Check! (I had tons of them!) Vitamins: Check! (I had them after dinner) Dairy: Check! (Soy milk and calcium supplement) Whole Grains: Check! (Bob's hot cereal) Protein: Check! (2.5 Bean servings & 1 Tofu serving)

http://guidedescourses.atspace.com/#topinform ation that I pick on the blog of flora (floresita.m6blog.fr) before you begin you must calculated the

number of points you are entitled aixquelles Calculate your points daily This simple 2 minutes in answering this short questionnaire: 1. You are .... a) a woman --- 7 b) a man --- 15 2. How old are you? a) 18-20 --- 5 b) 21-35 --- 4 c) 3 36-50 --d) 51-65 --- 2 e) more than 65 years --- 1 3) how much you weigh? note as a result the number (or number) of the ten corresponding to your weight. Ex: 70-79 note 7 4. how tall are you? a) less than 1.60 m --- 1 b) 1.60 m 2 and over ---

5. your daily activity is: a) work almost exclusively seated --- 0 b) mostly sitting and sometimes standing / traveling up of a couple --- 2 c) an activity practiced primarily standing --- 4 d) work very physical --- 6 6. you want .... a) lose weight --- 0 b) begin to adjust your weight --- 4 breastfeeding A 100% your baby (it takes only breast milk) add 10 percentage points higher. Your baby is breastfed but diversification is or is mixed feeding (breast milk and industrial) add 5 points must also give you too many points you updated as soon as you change your weight in ten (losing hope) and also when your age changes also see above

Add the results and you find your daily points. then: we must cosommer day - 3 servings of starchy Example: 25 g of bread, pasta satiety and 150 g of mixed vegetables - Minimum 3 servings of vegetables, or about 300 grams - Minimum 2 servings of fruit, 200 grams - 2 servings of fat. An example of 1 tablespoon oil and season with 1 tablespoon butter for cooking or spreads. Remember to vary the oils to enjoy all their qualities. - 1.5 liter of water about - 3 servings of dairy products Example: 1 cup milk + 1 yoghurt + 1 piece of cheese

- 1-2 servings of meat, eggs, fish _________________ the hands that help are as sacred as the lips that pray (Sai Baba) CENSORSHIP: Useful, we might say. (Gustave Flaubert. Dictionary of Received Ideas) My morphotypes RUBENS beginning on 9/05/10 http://muslimahfitness.com/category/illustrate d-videos-exercises/