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Lista de Verbos en Ingles

INFINITIVO to answer to anger to ask to ban to be to behave to believe to become to begin to bite

PASADO SIMPLE answered angered asked banned was/were behaved believed became began bit

PARTICIPIO PASADO answered angered asked banned been behaved believed become begun bitten

PRESENTE PROGRESIVO answering angering asking banning being behaving believing becoming beginning biting

SIGNIFICADO responder enojar pedir prohibir ser, estar comportarse creer llegar a ser empezar morder

to bless





to blow to break to bring to build to buy to catch

blew broke brought built bought caught

blown broken brought built bought caught

blowing breaking bringing building buying catching

soplar el viento/boca romper traer construir comprar coger

to can to come to choose to cover to decide to defeat

could came chose covered decided defeated

be able to come chosen covered decided defeated

being able to coming choosing covering deciding defeating

poder venir elegir, seleccionar, escoger cubrir, tapar decidir derrotar, vencer

Lista de Verbos en Ingles

to do to dream to drink to drive to drop to eat to fall to fear to feel to find to fight

did dreamed drank drove dropped ate fell feared fet found fought

done dreamed drunk driven dropped eaten fallen feared fet found fought

doing dreaming drinking driving dropping eating falling fearing feeling finding fighting

hacer soar beber conducir dejar caer comer caer, descender temer sentir encontrar pelear

to fly to forget to forgive to freeze to get to give to go to guard

flew forgot forgave froze got gave went guarded

flown forgotten forgiven frozen got/gotten given gone guarded

flying forgetting forgiving freezing getting giving going guarding

volar olvidar perdonar congelar conseguir dar ir guardar

to happen to hate to have to hear to hold to help

happened hated had heard held helped

happened hated had heard held helped

happining hating having hearing holding helping

pasar odiar tener. haber oir sostener ayudar

Lista de Verbos en Ingles

to hit to hope to hurt to keep to know to lack to leave to let to lie

hit hoped hurt kept knew lacked left let lay

hit hoped hurt kept known lacked left let lain

hitting hoping hurting keeping knowing lacking leaving letting lying

pegar esperar herir conservar, guardar, mantener conocer, saber faltar, carecer salir permitir mentir

to like to live to lose to love to mean to make to meet to mistake to mind mistake to move to need to pay

liked lived lost loved meant made met mistook minded moved needed paid

liked lived lost loved meant made met mistaken minded moved needed paid

liking living losing loving meaning making meeting mistaking minding moving needing paying

gustar vivir perder amar significar hacer conocer (gente) equivocar obedecer mover necesitar pagar

to perform to please

perfomed pleased

perfomed pleased

performing pleasing

ejecutar agradar, gustar

to pour




verter, echar

Lista de Verbos en Ingles

to praise




Alabar, adorar

to pray




rezar, orar

to provide





to put to read to refuse

put read refused

put read refused remembered said seen sold sent sung

putting reading refusing remembering saying seeing selling sending singing

poner leer negar recordar decir ver vender enviar cantar

to Remember remembered to say to see to sell to send to sing said saw sold sent sang

to sit to sleep to spend to start to stay to stand to see to seem

sat slept spent started stayed stood saw seemed

sat slept spent started stayed stood seen seemed

sitting sleeping spending starting staying standing seeing seeming

sentar dormir gastar, consumir comenzar permanecer pararse ver parecer

to sell





Lista de Verbos en Ingles

to send to set to sit to speak to spend to suffer to talk to take to teach to tell to think to throw to tread to try to understand to use to wait to walk to want to watch to wear to win to wish to worry to work to write

sent setted sat spoke spent suffered talked took taught told thought threw trod tried understood used waited walked wanted watched wore won wished worried worked wrote

sent setted sat spoken spent suffered talked taken taught told thoght thrown trodden tried understood used waited walked wanted watched worn won wished worried worked written

sending setting sitting speaking spending suffering talking taking teaching telling thinking throwing treading trying understanding using waiting walking wainting watching wearing winning wishing worring working writing

mandar colocar sentarse hablar gastar sufrir hablar tomar, llevar ensear decir pensar tirar, aventar pisar intentar entender usar esperar caminar desear observar usar ganar desear, anhelar acosar trabajar escribir